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ACTIVITIESCapture the FlagMake a kids capture the flag game around Nailsea using pedestrian paths and common grounds. One off event.All around Nailsea, maybe a day or a week. It would help get the community out and have a communal game. Maybe have an event at the end to celebrate.£10,000After the pandemic we need to get the community come into contact. It could help people get back into exercise and make for social interaction. Have the inhabitants get into teams and work together and get to know other inhabitants too. It would also help Nailsea inhabitants to learn more about their town and all the footpaths around us. It’s a great maze and perfect emplacement for a game like this. It would be great publicity for Nailsea and the Town Council.I am a Game Designer and have studied Gamification at a Masters. We could do a trial run and then run it every year. You don’t need to be supper fit, as it could be done walking pace. But he bigger the number of people the quicker they could “grab “ the flag! I would need to know what the main aims of the Townhall would be and make it fun. There are other designers too that we could propose the idea to. I could provide contacts if you wished several options.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. This is already carried out by the buddy service with the community group

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