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GroupQuick ReferenceWhat is the idea?Where will it be?Cost?Why do you think we need this in Nailsea?Additional InformationNumber of
consildated responses
Short DecisionCouncil Comments
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAllotments - East EndA new allotment for the East end of Nailsea.The East end of Nailsea. Or failing that, there are lots of small patches of land in housing estates which are "breaks" between houses which if unused by immediate residents could be designated allotment spaces.
Trendlewood Way - field for sale
The cost to purchase or rent land (potentially the field at the junction of trendlewood / Station road). If this field has planning permission I suspect it will cost more.The waiting list for allotment space is years long, especially now after covid. There was never any allotment provision made the this side of Nailsea, only the older part. A previous project to get a Wraxall/ elms allotment started failed some years ago.2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAllotmentsIMPROVEMENTS TO THE ALLOTMENTS The following ideas are submitted by Nailsea Allotments Association on behalf of their members who are all residents of Nailsea (except those living in Wraxall who have a specific approval to hold allotments in Nailsea). Proposal 1) The installation of a disabled-friendly composting W.C. at the Engine Lane Site. Proposal 2) The installation of additional mains flow and pipework to feed additional water tanks at the Whitesfield Road Site. Proposal 3) The provision of 2x lockable metal sheds; one each at Whitesfield Road and Engine Lane to provide storage for high-value electrical and petrol equipment used by members at the two allotment sites. Proposal 4) The provision of secure perimeter fencing to prevent/deter thefts such as happened recently at both the Whitesfield Road and Engine Lane sites. Proposal 5) Applying a tarmac surface to the internal road and carpark at the Engine Lane site.
As the money that is now available has come about through the sale of land that was to be used for allotments, I suggest that NTC should re-use some of the funds to provide more allotments. There is a long waiting list at the moment, and this can only get longer when the new housing becomes active (most of the new houses will have small gardens, or no gardens at all). Were the Council to purchase one and a half acres of agricultural land (ie not allocated as suitable for housing development), this would provide space for approximately 50 small plots (8m x 12m) plus access and parking for cars.
7. Retain & up grade allotments
Proposal 1) The composting toilet will be within the curtilage of the Engine Lane site, on or near the car park. Proposal 2) The proposal is to have 9 additional water tanks at the Whitesfield Road Site of which 4 will be adjacent to the south (Wareham Close)boundary and 5 will be adjacent to the north (Whitesfield Road cul de sac) boundary. Proposal 3) The sheds will be located in a visible position within the curtilage of their respective Allotment Sites. Proposal 4) The secure perimeter fencing is envisaged along a) the west boundary of the Whitesfield Road Site and b) most of the Engine Lane Site boundary where access is possible from public land or the roadside/pavement.
Proposal 5) Engine Lane allotment site existing internal road and parking area.
This is difficult to specify, as I have no idea what land the Council currently own or have purchase options, but geographically, it would be best located to the north or east of the town, possible off Causeway View or Pound Lane (the most sensible site at the end of Lodge Lane having already been vetoed)
Proposal 1) c£5,000.00 inc. installation Proposal 2) c£10,000 inc. a new mains connection pipework laying and water tank purchase/installation. Proposal 3) c£10,000 covering 1x medium unit (for WR) and 1xsmaller unit (for EL) with enhanced self-locking mechanisms or similar and installation costs. Proposal 4) c£15,000. A very rough guess based on installing a total of 250m of 6’ chain link fencing and posts at two sites. Proposal 5) c£13,000. A rough guess based on road surface of 250m2 and carpark of 50m2 at
£45 per m2. It is assumed that the current surface will need some modest repair (undertaken by plot holders) to make it fit for taking a tarmac top surface. These are lay estimates, not competitiverly priced quotes.
With fencing, preparation and car parking etc this would cost approx £20k
Proposal 1) This will provide a convenience facility for use by those Nailsea residents holding allotment plots at Engine Lane. The proposal is for a disabled-friendly facility. Proposal 2) The current 6x water troughs at Whitesfield Road are some distance from a significant number of plots and are linked in series. This means that during the warm months the usage is high resulting in a slow fill at the furthest tanks in the chain. This is exacerbated by the inadequate size of the existing pipework. As a result many of the Nailsea residents holding plots have to spend a significant time transporting water to their plots not to mention visiting early in the morning in order to obtain water. It also limits the water inflow provided to the on-site WC potentially causing a health hazard. Proposal 3) Recently, there have been two separate theft attacks of high-value machinery, one each at the Engine Lane and Whitesfield Road sites. In the case of WR, this involved multiple break-ins to a significant number of sheds resulting in a number of equipment thefts as well as damage to sheds. This proposal asks for two metal units (e.g. Shipping Containers) of a size appropriate to the expect usage. There is an alternative of using one of the two existing buildings close to the Wareham Close entrance should either tenant wish to move.
Proposal 4) Over the years there have been several incursions to the WR site over the wall from Whitesfield Road such that appeals to allotment members to ensure the gate is locked at night has been met with the rather cynical (but accurate) response that people simply climb over so what is the point? It may be that the recent thefts may galvanise members to be a bit more thoughtful but the point about easy access over the existing wall is well made. The alternative of automatic site lighting and CCTV would probably be difficult to manage, would require electricity to site and is probably unacceptable to neighbours in Wareham Close and Whitesfield Road.
Another possible alternative would be to plant a substantial hedge of spikey plants but this would require the agreement of a number of plotholders. The Engine Lane site has also suffered from site thefts accessed through minimal security protection. Better and higher fence protection will help and, like Whitesfield Road, the alternatives may be equally problematic. Proposal 5) The current road and parking area surfaces consist of loose gravel and bare earth and should be improved to ensure that cars are not damaged and vehicles (particularly heavier commercial vehicles such as those delivering maure and compost by the lorry-load) don’t cause further damage to the already inadequate surfaces.
The existing allotment space in Nailsea is obviously inadequate. It is universally recognised that outdoor activity is beneficial for one's well being, and allotments provide recreation and relaxation, with some physical exercise thrown in for free. The current waiting list demonstrates that current facilities are inadequate, and the situation can only get worse.
3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSSplash ParkAddition of splash park splash pool/fountainMillennium park£50,000Very few splash pads ocally, water play shown to improve child development, would also bring visitors to the town in the summer from surrounding areas- currently summer visitors tend to go to Weston/clevedon1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the negative environmental impact and risk of waterborne illnesses due to the rat problem faced in Millennium Park.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSLakeA lake for recreation/ wildlife/ swimming Boating LakeOn one of the areas of flood land around Nailsea, for example the field overlooked by causeway view, or down by jacklands lakeNot really sure on the cost of the land, maybe up to 2 million in totalThese areas are too wet to build on without drainage, and draining causes flooding further down the rivers, so a lake will improve the natural environment as well as providing a beautiful outdoor space for residents health and well-being, a sanctuary for wildlife encouraging better biodiversity, and provide wild swimming for those who really want a pool in Nailsea but it’s not really affordable2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAdventure PlaygroundAdventure playground with various playing areas / equipment for a wide range of ages. Potentially even to include an outdoor fitness area with outdoor gym equipment. There should also be picnic areas with benches/tables. I am thinking something along the lines of Hengrove Park, Pitville Park (in Cheltenham), Blaise Castle playground, the playground/splash park by the seafront at Weston Super Mare or even further a field - the amazing Princess Diana memorial playground in Kensington Gardens, London. Maybe even to include a small splash park area. I envisage this to be a beautiful, natural space with equipment made from sustainable materials which will last, where families (and anyone!) could go and enjoy nature, listen to the birds, look at beautiful tree's and flowers, meet friends and have fun outside and spend the whole day. The scheme would importantly include areas of natural landscaping, think
...swaying bamboo, grasses, shrubs, hidden stepping stones and also areas for wildflowers and areas for pollinators.
I do not know which areas of land in Nailsea belong to the council and what restrictions / clauses would be on areas but off the top of my head; - The land behind Budgens - off Lodge Lane - The rear of Golden Valley fields which is under utilised (Trendlewood side) - The land off The Perrings - Land behind the Uplands - Land behind Sedgemoor Close - Land off youngwood Lane - Land the other side of Engine Lane (behind rugby club) Land behind Causeway View - Land the other side of Pound LaneI really have no idea but it should be relatively easy for the council to work out a Rough Order of Costs based on information shared by other councils who have created similar schemes such as the examples given in section one.
I imagine circa £100k - £200k depending on the scope but that is a guestimate.
We have so many families in Nailsea and only a few small playgrounds, many of which are very small so only appeal to perhaps young children and do not take much time for children to get bored (and are tired and not overly appealing). There is particularly limited to no play areas for children of 8/9 years and over. I would absolutely love for somewhere we could go, in our own town, where we could spend the day (my kids are 5, 7 and 11) - take a picnic and that has something for all ages of children. There could even be a small café or at least the opportunity for a pop up café in peak season / school holidays etc. People often move to Nailsea from Bristol , London etc because of it's convenience, in terms of commuting and being close to the city, but then they get here and there is not much here. It's not a place people 'love to live' because of whats here. This is an incredible opportunity to make Nailsea into a town where people want to live.. because of the town (not just because 'it's close to Bristol and has a train station')! We already have brilliant schools, so we attract families; lets give all these children somewhere special and exciting to spend their days and create happy memories. Lets give all the Grandparents in Nailsea a place to take their grandchildren, a place where their grandchildren and children of the family look forward to visiting. I envisage this to be a central and integral place in the community, where you would always see someone / many people you know. Children would interact with eachother and play alongside children from different schools. You could arrange to meet friends and other families there. Parents and grandparents could enjoy the surroundings whilst watching their children play. And children would have the freedom to play and explore in a relatively safe environment. As well as the huge benefit to residents of Nailsea, there would also be a benefit to the neighbouring towns and villages. It would also bring people into Nailsea and give them a reason to visit. Visitors would then go on to spend money in the town, so would have a knock on effect on the local economy. It would make the town a more desirable place to live as well as the neighbouring towns and villages.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlayrgrounds - generalImprove children's parks
Improve the condition of the play areas in Nailsea which are in a sad state of repair.
To encourage young families to live in Nailsea, the children’s play areas need a total revamp. Many more pieces of equipment are required to encourage outdoor play, but key to this would be to fund a small team to maintain the equipment and keep the areas tidy and well maintained. More seating for parents is also required. I’m a grandparent and don’t find sitting on picnic benches very comfortable, or standing around because there is nowhere to sit.
Improve the condition of the play areas in Nailsea which are in a sad state of repair.
1. Upgrade all existing children's playgrounds to current safety standards - many are in poor and dangerous conditions 2. Add, where feasible, new play equipment to highest standard
Improve all the play parks in the area. The one by tesco and behind Kingshill school are very old and could do with an freshen up with new play equipment .
Our town’s playgrounds and open spaces desperately need investment. Everything is old and broken and dirty. More equipment in our playgrounds would be very welcome to make our outdoor areas more user friendly and attractive to young families. More facilities for children in general would be great. Some of our open spaces and playgrounds feel rather run down. Please please invest in some new equipment and enjoyable play space to help us have free family fun and enjoy the outdoors.
Better playground equipment in all playgrounds.
Design two seperate playgrounds, one for nursery/preschool children and the second one for older children. These playareas should be adjacent to one and another with a fence between the two to prevent small children running into the path of older children/play area.
Park for older children
To encourage young families to live in Nailsea, the children’s play areas need a total revamp. Many more pieces of equipment are required to encourage outdoor play, but key to this would be to fund a small team to maintain the equipment and keep the areas tidy and well maintained. More seating for parents is also required. I’m a grandparent and don’t find sitting on picnic benches very comfortable, or standing around because there is nowhere to sit.
I think the play equipment for young children and the immediate surrounding areas could really benefit from improvement and expansion. A focus on access to sports for young people would also be welcome.
Whilst visiting San Sebastian de los reyes, Madrid recently i came across an amazing new children's play area which had only just opened last September. This play area consisted of flume style slides as well as traditional slides of various sizes for different age groups. Swings of different designs from traditional to double swings and circular ones for a number of children to use at once.There was also sit on toy cars, rocking toys, trampolines, rock climbing, tunnels, roundabouts, puzzles.Climbing frames etc. This facility was constructed with the use of EU money, and is being used by the local community with great enthusiasm, despite having numerous very high quality play areas nearby. Nailsea has a very poor record of providing suitable facilities for younger children. The play area opposite where i live has one piece of equipment only. The Scotch Horn Site is the best in town, and has very limited equipment as well. I would propose that funds are now spent on providing a very upmarket play area that is modern, high quality and safe for children to use. I have taken a number of photographs of the Madrid play area and would be happy to share them with you to demonstrate what could be done
I have also noticed the lack of outdoor play areas for children to play in I really would of thought there would be more local parks. It would be fantastic to have a large play area with a good age range of equipment. I know parks do tend to see anti social behaviour with older children on weekends and evenings where they can gather but I feel a play park is something people with young children would really appreciate. A great location which I’ve heard previously did have a park there was on the perrings. I think this location is fantastic as you get visitors to Backwell lake and this would encourage families to venture up to the play park whilst walking around the lake.
2. The children's pay areas I.e local parks need updating and cleaning. Expand the park in town centre a bit
The ideal place for a new play area would be at The Scotch Horn Site. The size of the play area would accommodate a similar design to Madrid. The layout i would estimate would be about 100yds by 30 ydsAccording to signage at the Madrid site the new play area cost E408,073. So i would hope that a project like this would be approximately £500,000There is very little for young families here. Both parents and children could be better catered for.
Good quality children,s play area is desperately needed in the town. This equipment would be very well used i am sure, With suitable additional seating for parent etc this would provide a good meeting area for families and friends as wewll.
22YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - Millenium ParkPlaygrounds, spaces for teenagers, outdoor sports Parks, play areas, less rat-infested play parks.
An upgrade to millennium Park play Park. This will include new more challenging play equipment, a new upgraded surface as well as a new boundary (hopefully a permanent structure) to eradicate rats.
Improve all of our parks, they appear run down and old. Would be great to include more toddler climbing frames too.
New adventure play equipment for older children (wooden) in millennium park.
Replace sand in scotch horn play area with safety ground cover
Different parts of Nailsea to encourage people to walk rather than drive
Where the existing millennium play Park is. An upgrade to existing Park.
I'm not sure, but a Google search shows a case study of this park was £240k as an example. gb/case-studies/faye-elizabeth-park-bensonChildren need extra safe spaces to play and exercise. Teenagers also need safe areas to socialise. Outdoor sports facilities would benefit everyone.
A great central park is a must and my family and others use this space alot. But it's hard to see rats running through the play area with your children and see them fall over the cracks in the existing play surface or into mud piles where the existing surface is dipped. There is a big age gap of equipment between 4 upwards apart from the giant climbing frame which is so grimy that it is hard for smaller climbers (with low confidence who do want to try it) to tackle it and grip it.
7YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - PerringsImproved playgrounds/indoor play equipment for children, including replacing the playground missing from the Perrings.
Replace the park at the perrings
Sports and recreational facilities, access to green spaces are great for child development and fitness for all3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlayground Improvement - PrecinctMy idea is to put coloured paving slabs around the children's play area and troughs of flowers around Nailsea.Somerset Squarec £20,000Somerset Square can feel quite dull with all the grey paving/concrete - this will help brighten up the area.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlay Park - Toby RileyFor you to help build the park for remembering Toby Riley, kids need more space to enjoy their life’sIt will help the children in the community1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - KingshillOur local park by kingshill school is very much used and loved by kids of all ages in the community, from the preschoolers at Greenslade to to older year 5s and 6s at Kingshill. Its been a great source of fun (and relief for parents) all across the area. However it’s in need of a refurb. Some of the activities are often out of action, swings are missing, most is either damaged or rusting, and most are getting quite dilapidated as time goes on. It’s a large space so perhaps we could include a basketball hoop or football goal as many of the kids play football in amongst the space anyway.
Some investment into the play parks particularly the park behind Kingshill school. There is a lot of broken equipment. It’s missing a larger slide for the older children. And some more benches for parents around the perimeter would be nice
We are in desperate need of a proper clean and fun play area. With that kind of money we could go big.
A new playpark to replace the broken one at Pound Lane. Equipment has broken over the years but never replaced. The main climbing object has had tape around it for at least six months, the roundabout also has tape on it for well over a year. One toddler 'seat on a spring' has snapped off altogether so that leaves just 2 out of 4 swings and the seesaw for my 2 year old to place on!
The existing park outside kingshill Church School.
Pound Lane playpark
Without much knowledge of how much parks cost, I would hope between £20-50k at most (that being said I’m not an expert in park construction!)
£5,000 depending on which items where chosen
It’s vital that our young children and older children have outdoor spaces to call their own, to occupy themselves, play, have fun, but also to keep themselves fit and healthy. Parks can be such centre of the community, and if we leave this park to progress further into a worse state of disrepair not only will families abandon it, worse still a child could get hurt on the older units. I know that the families and children in the area would be incredibly grateful if we were able to give this park a new lease of life.
The park behind Kingshill school is used daily by lots of children, it is very tired looking and run down. The equipment in there is breaking and has not been repaired.
The existing one is old and mostly broken!
7YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - The ElmsImprove children playground in Elms development. The Yeo Valley Way playground (which is off the public footpath) has only two aged see-saw swings . It would be nice to have more equipment which children can enjoy while using the park.Yeo Valley Way Playpark5KThe playground is on the public footpath frequently used by families at the weekend.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSOutdoor Education siteBuild outdoor education site in Nailsea, with a building / classrooms and outdoor area with woodland if possible. This could be utilised by schools on a rota basis with education staff available to help onsite or to visit schools . In addition to educational resources the site could be utilised to run family days and holiday clubs during school holidays, getting child and adults outside and away from screens. Outdoor activities have a huge benefit for physical and mental health.most likely on the edge of town, subject to suitbale site
e.g. off youngwood lane, by rugby club, near nailsea dn Tickenham football club, near Touts PFS,
unsureSchools have limited resources and providing this would help all of them, being able to access provision without the cost of travel via coach which typically exceeds the price for a course. Understanding the benefits for getting outdoors is great for all ages / abilities and its free.1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects for education or religious establishments.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSZip Wire - Morgan's HillAs the cost of maintaining a swimming pool is high unless a trust was formed once it had been built suggest a zip wire installed at the top of Morgan Hill to the bottom for children to experience some uncossested thrills.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the site being an unsuitable location for a zip wire.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAge Restricted Skate ParkA smaller age restricted skate park for younger age children.Scotch horn playing fields or the Grove sports ground.No ideaBecause the younger children going in the skate park irritate the older children by getting in their way. It can be dangerous. Also it will provide a safe space for younger children to enjoy without the bad language and other things happening around them. This will spit the younger children feeling intimated and can enjoy themselves more.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined with the intention that the Council should work harder to make our
skatepark more inclusive.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSCommunity GardenA community garden/space with areas for children to have free play and for community to get together to grow flowers/vegetables etc. (case study- redcatch park in Bristol)- brining sustainable living to the forefront and making it accessibile for groups that currently meet at no.65 - mental health/bereavement, disabled groups/those who are lonely….. a place to care for and be part of. Or a play park/cafe area like the ones developed at hengrove, Bristol- for all ages and abilities with on site facilities (toilets/cafe)
Community garden(s) with space for people to relax, gather in small groups and learn about nature and growing food and plants.
A community garden/allotment would be great for those who don't have access to much outdoor space, and it would be great to see someone teaching gardening skills
I’m not sure what lane is available- but somewhere easily accessible for allNo idea- but I’d guess £100k plus maintenanceThe parks in nailsea aren’t the most accessible. None have on site cafe/toilets, and most are in need of a spruce up.
These gardens can benefit people of all ages. They can be a place to relax, learn new skills, socialise and make new connections. They provide a home for nature and equipping people with the knowledge and skills to grow some of their own food is good for the environment as a whole. They help people improve their physical and mental health.
I think research would be needed as to the groups in the community that are currently not catered for, or where the current provision is inadequate. The upkeep or replacement/staffing of any new projects needs to be considered as it’s always a shame when capital investment it made but no funds available for maintenance.5YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TRANSPORTCyclepathsI would like to see more safe cycle paths in Nailsea particularly an off road direct cycle path between Nailsea and Backwell.
A largely off-road cycle path to continue the Festival Way from Millenium Park to Clevedon to link up with the new Coastal Cycle route from Clevedon to Weston Super Mare
There is significant traffic around nailsea which will only get worse. Many roads, eg queens road are potentially wide enough for cycle path/pavements could be realigned to create. The walkways/cut throughs are too narrow for bikes, and the roads too fast/too many parked cars to be safe
A cycle path around Nailsea going on to join up with the new Clevedon to Weston route Improve road infrastructure around new builds, add more cycle routes and school crossings.
An improved network of cycle-ways and footpaths. Keep what we have, spend more on their maintenance, start to reduce the capacity of roads for cars. Improved signage and painted cycle-ways to get around the town would be great. Nailsea is just the right size and shape for active travel, but there is a danger that more cars and roads will be encouraged - we can discourage those and encourage easy active mobility
Between Nailsea and BackwellNo idea!There are I believe many potential cyclists are like me; I have a bike and keen to ride again but am nervous of the parked vehicles, tricky junctions and volume of fast moving traffic around Nailsea and between Nailsea and Backwell. For instance I would like to ride to the railway Station and back safely.
The pathway needs reviewing due to roots pushing up through the asphalt making it very difficult for those with mobility problems / scooters etc.
7YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTCycle Path LightingProvide lighting along the cycle path between Nailsea and long Ashton. It is currently not appealing for cyclists and walkers in the darkNCN 33, between Nailsea and long Ashton£10k?This will encourage more people to walk and cycle, reducing the strain on the road network1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as Nailsea Town Council are unable to implement this, but contact will be made with Sustrans and North Somerset Council to see if they can take it on.
TRANSPORTElectric Vehicle/ Van ClubElectric Vehicle Car / Van Club in Nailsea, allowing residents to 'hire' an Electric vehicle to undertake car journeys more sustainably in addition to potential for a number of EV vans also to be provided so residents can transport furniture / goods.Would probably work best with a number of vehicles located within the town centre / neighbouring car parks in addition to a few standalone cars / spots within the outer areas to maximise take up.Unsure - but I believe following the initial outlay the car club operate may cover the ongoing costs.A lot of people cannot afford a Electric Vehicle but want to travel more sustainably, this might be a sensible option with the growing population and allows households to potential reduce from 2 cars to 1 car with the flexibility to hire a car through the car club as and when required. Reducing car numbers can only be a benefit to the local community.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the fact Nailsea is different to large cities like Bristol where the service is well utilised, and intention for one to come to The Uplands development as part of the planning application.
TRANSPORTCycle RouteA connection of NCR 410 and NCR 33 through the south-west of Nailsea using a non-NCN cycle route created by Nailsea Town Council. This will require only one hard tweak to the infrastructure on Beckets Lane, opposite the entrance to Ash Hayes Road on Queen's Road, to allow through-riding.This will start at the Junction between Chelvey Road and Netherton Wood Lane and will follow Netherton Wood Lane Eastwards, then along St. Mary's Grove, Old Church Road, Haslands, Beckets Lane, Ash Hayes Road and then, Finally, North along Station Road until it reaches NCR 33 next to Golden Valley School.NCR 410 and 33 are in relatively close proximity to each other, yet haven't been linked. By putting in this link, people who have followed NCR 33 from Bristol will now have another option to continue cycling, other than turning back. It will also cut a corner for people who don't know the area well or aren't particularly confident when NCR 33 is extended to effectively meet with 410, if they want to make for Nailsea from the direction of Chelvey or vice versa without having to head towards Clevedon. It also offers another route up to the tithe barn by bike without needing to cycling up Queen's Road or climb the Perrings.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTCycle RouteI'm going to suggest hard tweaks to some of the infrastructure in Nailsea to both improve the convenience of cycling around Nailsea, but to also legitimise it in some areas. Some roads in Nailsea have been blocked off at some point to prevent through-driving, but I see no reason not to open them up to cycling, particularly if it makes cycling more convenient or perceivably safer to an inexperienced (and therefore unconfident) rider. The way I'm going to suggest achieving most of these is to effectively cut and paste what has been implemented where Whitesfield Road meets Queens Road, which allows cycling straight across Queens Road, all the way up to Old Church Road. Farler's End and the current end of NCR 33 being the two exceptions to this rule. Farler's End only needs a RoW change (maybe; it could legally already be cycle-able in full, but I don't know for sure), but could also do with being made a bit smoother for cycling at the point where the bollard is. In fact, taking out that kerb-bollard combo and just having a bollard would be the way to go in my eyes. The current end of NCR 33, where it meets with Brockway, only needs a drop kerb, as the only way to access it NCR 33 through that avenue is to mount the kerb, which isn't necessarily practical on, say, a road bike with skinny 23mm tyres (23 is supposed to be dead, but there will always be that one guy who still runs it) or by mounting the drop kerb at the entrance to Scotch Horn's car park, which would technically be illegal because the pavement there isn't designated shared use (and never should; shared use pavements are terrible and should be avoided at almost all cost), as well as less-than-optimal from the point of view of actually having one of the few decent sections of an otherwise not-very-good cycle route, nor is it as safe as it could be for pedestrians. Signposting for NCR 33 there would be a good idea too. The point at which NCR 33 crosses Trendlewood also needs some changes, me thinks. Replacing the barriers there (or moving them around) with bollards may be a good idea, as well as implementing a full drop kerb. At the moment, the Golden Valley side of Trendlewood has you ride onto the pavement at a point where you're blind to anything coming along that pavement to your right. Similarly, the Wraxall side has you come at the pavement at a point where your blind to everything coming along that pavement to your left. I will acknowledge that the odds of you colliding with something are lower because that set up does slow you down a lot, but slowness is one of the enemies of convenience and convenience is key to get Nailsea cycling. With bollards, most riders will tend to stay fairly central rather than heading towards the "blind" points at this crossing, improving safety for pedestrians walking along Trendlewood, while improving the quality of our segment of NRC 33.- At the current end of cycle route 33 on Brockway. - The end of Becket's Lane, opposite the junction between Queens Road and Ash Hayes Road. - Fosse Lane, where the road is split into two halves by a kerb- bollard combo. - Station Road, where Station Road meets Brockway. - Nailsea Park, opposite the entrance to Golden Valley bridleway. - Little Meadow End, where is meets Wedmore Road and Rickford Road. - Farler's End - NCR 33 crossing TrendlewoodI think this needs to be implemented in Nailsea in order to improve the convenience of cycling and therefore make perceivable strides towards actually looking like we, as a town, are actually taking action on the climate emergency we have declared, as well as reducing the number of cars on the road in Nailsea, reducing demand for car parking, which will only be getting greater with the new developments around Engine Lane and helping to improve the health of our residents. It will also help promote a form of transport that is very, very cheap to run compared to a car, which is going to be very important, given the cost of living crisis this country is going through. As for each suggestion, I will go through the rationale behind each. - The tail end of NCR 33 has no dropped kerb, which makes no sense, given that it's meant to be part of a continuing cycle route, which, if the plans from 10 years ago are still valid, is meant to carry on through Nailsea through the Highstreet service road and Stockway South before leaving town via North Drove. In the short term, putting in a dropped kerb will allow for legal, safer and more convenient accessibility by bike - The end of Becket's lane would benefit from having bike access put in, as it would enable the potential creation of a relatively convenient and relatively fast-flowing non-NRC link cycle route from NCR 33 to NCR 410 through the South-West of Nailsea, as well as offering an alternative, lower traffic, route into the commercial part of Nailsea by bike without having to cycling along either Queen's Road or Mizzymead, or, alternatively, making access to the Tithe Barn, the seat of Government in Nailsea, or the Grove (once it has either been pushed over or had it's lid taped back on) from the North and East of Town a whole lot quieter by bike. It could also give a much nicer route to the southern side of Queens Road from the east of Nailsea in particular if combined with changes to Farler's End and Little Meadow End, because it will allow cyclists to take a Road that is quieter than Queen's Road and that is less steep than both Queen's Road and the Perrings. It will also make cycling to the station or, indeed, Backwell (dare I say Backwell pool?) more palitable, as the return journey wont need to involve Queens Road or the Perrings as much. - Fosse Lane is mainly to give a very low traffic alternative to an already relatively low traffic road. That being said, it would allow residents on that road easy access to the opposite end of it on which they live, as well as giving residents near the Pound Lane end of Fosse Lane (on Pound Lane, Causeway View, Godwin Drive etc) a slightly shorter route to the shops on the High Street by bike. This is more of a "why not?" than anything else, but I wouldn't over look it. - With where Station Road meets Brockway, this is primarily to legitimise access from the part of Station Road behind Nailsea School onto the part that joins with Brockway, but also make cycling into the school more attractive through either it's front entrance or through it's Station Road entrance. Whatever is put in here will need to be considered carefully, as vision for oncoming traffic from the Lane closest to the Car Park is not very good coming around the corner in the road. - With Nailsea Park, opposite the Golden Valley bridleway, this is to help make our sections of NCR 33 one of the better sections by making it faster and improving safety, mainly for pedestrians, but also for cyclists. How does this work? Well, basically, by having a bike entrance into the park opposite the Golden Valley bridleway, you eliminate the need for cyclists to use the lights (most of the time), reducing the odds of a cyclist-on-pedestrian or cyclist-on-cyclist crash, while giving good vision of what is coming along the bridleway, hopefully reducing the odds of getting your front wheel bent in by a car that just happened to be exiting the road to the vets at the wrong moment. It will also offer a more direct route, improving the speed, and therefore quality, on our section of NCR 33. - Little Meadow End and Farler's End I've covered above. - NCR 33 crossing Trendlewood is to improve the quality, speed, convenience and safety of our segment of NCR 331YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTCycle Route - BackwellI am now going to pitch to a swimming pool idea, but not as you would expect it and now with 100% more bike. I am going to propose converting the footpaths that link Backwell Common (woolley's farm) and the Swimming Pool car park over to shared use path and putting an all-weather surface on it.Backwell, unfortunately.So, basically if you want to cycle to Backwell pool, you will either need to cycle along Station Road or Cycle along Backwell bow. In both cases, you will also need to cycle varying amount of the A370. This eliminates that altogether. Yes, you could drive to Backwell pool, but by doing this, you give the swimming pool brigade one less reason to have one in Nailsea by making the Backwell one highly accessible by bike.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTBike Trail around town - Family FriendlyA parkland or recreation area where children could learn to ride safely on their bikes. A bike trail around the town would be even better linking up to the Festival Way or if possible to schools.YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTElectric Car Charging PointsMore electric vehicle charging points for public use.
Electric Vehicle forecourt (multiple bay rapid charging point) e.g. 6-8 charging bays Develop an infrastructure of electric recharges for e-vehicles
More electric car charging points to help transition Nailsea to carbon neutral
As the number of electric vehicles increases, Nailsea will need an increasing number of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging points (EVCP). The Town Council should take the lead, with stakeholders such as North Somerset Council, Local retailers, Railtrack, other businesses and other interested organisations.
On Council land. High Street/Car parks etc. Car park behind High St, or Stock Way car park
The Nailsea car parks - maybe section of similar to sections reserved for disabled parking or one particular car park
The handling of this infrastructure project could be similar to the approach that was taken to street lighting many years ago when a working party was set up to determine locations and manage ordering and payment.
Most operators will pay the Council rent!
£1k per point (Tesco could advise), multiplied by ambition ...
£100k? Again, direct income could then be generated with a potential for indirect increase to business rates.
There would be at least two funding streams, one for partnering and giving advice and guidance and another stream to pay directly for the purchase and installation of EVCPs As the units will involve ongoing costs, a capital sum could be invested, the dividends from which would provide revenue funding.
Demand likely to increase hugely over coming years. Attracts visitors to the Town.
To bring people into the town centre (pollution free) who will spend ~30 minutes shopping, at coffee shops, library, browsing shops, socialising. To encourage EV uptake and the "green" credentials of the council.
The e-vehicle trend is clear and the likes of Tesla are improving their offering, but recharging points in the psyche of the common person remain dispersed, infrequent, and even if you find some, there are always too few. Think of the message a car park full would send. We have always retained the large car parks and free use because of the argument they draw those from the local area to Nailsea. We can't compete with the Clevedon promenade or the Portishead Docks, but we have excellent parking and a well-laid out shopping area with excellent cafe culture potential. We can make a statement that brings visitors to Nailsea as part of an environmentally positive drive.
the maples has limited off up street parking for homes to set up charging points for electric cars which puts people off getting electric cars
There are a number of factors that make this important to Nailsea. Most of these are related to what has been called range anxiety: 1) As a result of past patterns of development, cars are the main mode of transport for residents and visitors. Realistically, this is unlikely to change. In compact Urban areas such as Bristol, most people will be able to walk or catch a bus to their destinations. Consequently, as a result of its car culture, Nailsea will need a higher proportion of EVCPs per head of population than is the case in more compact urban areas. 2) As a destination for visitors, Nailsea has to compete with other local towns. Without a sufficient number of EVCPs, Nailsea will become relatively less attractive. With the funds now at its disposal the Town Council has the opportunity to make the town more attractive by promoting and procuring EVCPs in Nailsea. 3) People who commute to the town will need charging facilities while they are at work. 4) A climate emergency has been declared. The presence of sufficient number of EVCPs in the town will promote the transition to a lower carbon economy.
This could be a joint venture between proper job and the council whereby proper job employees can charge their electric cars in the day and local residents can charge their cars in the evenings. Approx 20 charing points would be ideal. This would help encourage people to transition to electric cars removing the worry of not being able to charge their car.
An good analysis of the anticipated shortfall in EVCPs can be found at in the Financial Times article “UK faces charging challenge in race to switch to electric vehicles” on 19th February at 4b50-9789-0496f6379f53. Amongst other things, the article mentions government subsidies for EVCPs and their promotion.
6YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' - a project is currently underway to look at the installation of electric vehicle charging around Nailsea as part of a Climate Emergency Committee project.
TRANSPORTBus SheltersSensible Bus shelters that allow you to be out of the rain and cold winds, with an informative information system that provides up to date information regarding services due in the following 60 mins.
Improve the bus shelters particularly at the Link Road
At the bus stopsBecause local services are so unreliable.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TRANSPORTCar Parking - DisabledDisabled car parkingOn the piece of waste ground on edge of car park that used to be the Esso garage. Still close to the shops and Health Centre. Would free up the current disabled spaces for other parking or safe place for ambulance ito stop should there be an emergency.Struggle to park and also this piece of land is unsightly and needs something doing with it.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
TRANSPORTElectric Bus/ Community/ bus serviceI'd love for there to be an electric bus servicing the town's needs. Everything from school runs to a regular service around the town.
An electric Community Bus running regularly around Nailsea which can be pick up and drop off residents during the daytime and from the railway station into town in the evenings - timed in with train arrivals, particularly at weekends.
Subsidise local public transport Community bus that goes in a 'circle' around town
Expansion of community bus service
Improved Community Transport - work with Nailsea and District Community Transport to improve community transport provision and options for residents living in areas not served or poorly served by the commercial bus operators by funding the acquisition of green vehicles and staff . The services would link the outlying areas of Nailsea with the Town Centre and the commercial bus routes at the Link Road, link outlying areas together and possibly link to the railway station and commercial bus routes on the A370.
We need a frequent minibus service which connects the main areas of housing in Nailsea with the station (timed to connect with the trains) and Backwell crossroads where a short walk would allow connection with the X1s (every 20 min frequency to both Weston and Bristol). The bus could use Church St Backwell to turn back onto the A370 and return to Nailsea.
We would both like to support the proposal, made by Nailsea and District Transport, for improved Community transport across the town and beyond. We are both volunteer drivers for Nailsea Availables and take passengers to appointments within Nailsea as well as further afield. Since taking on this role we have come to realise just how difficult it is to make simple journeys in and around Nailsea. This is particularly the case for older or less mobile residents. Not only would this improve the lives of many Nailsea residents, it could also have the effect of revitalising the Town Centre as more people would be likely to make leisure visits to the shops, cafes and restaurants than at present, when transport is such a barrier. Gerald's submission provides all the details that are needed and we hope that the Town Council will give serious consideration of his proposals.
As Nailsea grows, more and more people will need help with transport to link them to the services of the town centre and to the railway station. I therefore support Nailsea and District Community Transports idea of extending their existing services to provide easy and affordable access and to avoid people having to use their own cars, thus clogging up the existing car parks. Provision of walkways and cycle paths is all very well for the physically able, but the distances will be too great for many. They are also aiming to replace some of their existing vehicles with electric ones, which will be good for the environment.
We need better local transport. Perhaps a minibus circling around Nailsea and Blackwell and covering Clevedon and Portishead - maybe linking up other places. I do not drive so cannot get to Backwell swimming pool or the train station. (bus only every 2 hours during the week and not at all over weekends) . It is a challenge to get to the Curzon cinema and home again. Portishead is virtually impossible. Getting into Bristol is easy but visiting a friend the far side of Nailsea is a challenge. Are we really working to cut down use of cars.
Would like to see a direct bus service to Cribbs Causeway.
(3) Improve local bus services around the town but make them very cheap (or free).
Better/more frequent bus services and more integrated public transport links into Bristol and Weston. Buses could be smaller to reflect time of day and usage. Public consultation about the services would be a good idea
It could travel around the town on a regular route, all day long. It would also be able to be rented to organisations at a not for profit rate to allow schools help on school runs etc.
Plotting a sensible route taking in obvious points like station, maybe backwell crossroads, crown glass, maybe rugby club, co-op (hannah more road)
The cost of an electric bus (£70,000?) Cost of someone to drive it though there is potential for this service to be run by volunteers Insurances needed Running costs Could be funded by a local transport scheme/grants
I guess minibus would cost £50-100K? And then would need to hire someone to run it let's say £35K salary. Ideally it would be free to ride on but there could be a small charge, though this makes it complicated...
Costs would depend upon the the routes, frequency of service, and the degree to which the services are subsidised and/or fares paid. It would require a capital investment of around £100,000 per electric vehicle or a commitment to a three year lease at around £30,00 per annum per vehicle.
We have a huge car-based carbon footprint in Nailsea from people using their cars for short journeys. We also have a large amount of older people who rely on their cars to get to town. A regular, clean bus service would help with our carbon footprint, free up parking, provide an alternative to cars for local people.
We have no really local service for able bodied residents. The bus company buses can be useful at times but I think a circular route bus would be an effective green alternative to using our cars for these journeys especially in poor weather conditions.
Many short journeys made by car could be avoided. It's important the bus comes often enough that it's like the Tube in London - you don't check a timetable, you just turn up and know you won't need to wait long. Another contribution to zero carbon
Nailsea already has a growing elderly population increasing the number of people in our community who are unable to easily access public transport due to disability, vulnerability, or financial circumstances. Community transport already seeks to reduce the resulting effects of loneliness and isolation by improving access to the town's facilities and allowing people to live independently for longer. Continued development on the periphery of the town will increase the number of younger people who are similarly disadvantaged.
Would run during shopping hours, no need to run at nights or Sundays. Also could have Nailsea Town Council (and/or climate action) branding on it.16YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TRANSPORTBicycle ParkingBicycle parking
More cycle storage around Nailsea would help with this too.
At the Grove, on the high street near John Brown's/Posh Spice etc, between the skatepark and the path on the camera side, next to most of the benches in the millennium park "ring", at the allotments and outside the Premier on Old Church Road.I've seen bike parking of the type that have been put in by the council, be that NTC or NSC, going for ~£75 per hoop, including VAT.NTC have declared a climate emergency and encouraging cycling is a cost-effective way to help combat climate change. Nailsea is a fairly cycle-able place, depending on who you are and how confident you are on a bike in Nailsea-level traffic. This suggestion doesn't seek to change the to-and-from side of things; this aims to make cycling places more convenient through providing place to lock up you bike. I will go through the individual locations now. The Grove lacks bike parking altogether (I think; there does seem to be some metal stuff bolted into the wall, but it doesn't look like it's actually designed for bikes, being too high and not giving a secure fit.
Dogs, maybe?), which seems very odd for a sports centre. Thankfully, I know that NTC own the land there, so NTC may be able to rectify that problem. One end of the high street has a reasonable amount of bike parking, but there is a distinct lack of parking between the giant clock and Tesco, which is a shame, but can also make shopping in any of the shops there (or going into PS or the Oak) inconvenient if you're riding a bike rather than driving or walking. I would suggest putting quite a bit in here, including at least one dedicated hoop outside of John Browns, as well as as many as you can fit on the undeveloped "indent" in the road outside of and across from New Garden. Bike parking next to the skatepark is aimed at both Skatepark users and non-skatepark users. Sure, you could just lock your bike to the railings in the skatepark, but what if you're not a skatepark user and you don't trust those kiddos or you want to keep your bike out of the way? That's where that bike rack comes in. It also helps that it's right under a camera. It will also give people who do things like "boot camp" in the park another alternative to driving. Putting in a singular hoop next to most of the benches on the "ring" in Millennium park seems like a good idea to me, as it will allow NCR 33 users to go off to Tesco (other stores are available) and get food, then come back and consume it while sitting next to their secured pride and joy. It will also hopefully stop bikes from falling over when leant against benches, as well as giving people who do things like "boot camp" in the park another alternative to driving. Putting bike parking at the allotments will allow allotment tenants to cycle up to the allotment to do lighter work, rather than getting in the car to do it. It will also be helpful for those who would go and, say, water their potato crop or check on something else on their way back from something they were biking for anyway. As for by the premier on Old Church Road, there is simply no bike parking there for those shops. Not even railings. Yes, there is bike parking by the Tithe Barn, but it's A.) primarily meant for barn-users, B.) potentially not always accessible and C.) 80 metres from the shops. It would make sense if the convenience store was convenient to cycle to and park up.
2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
TRANSPORTDisabled access to N&B StationDisabled access to Weston platform
I know this is not really the feed back you need but, our train station needs some form of ramp on the Weston -super- Mare side and instead of beautifying it with artwork (which I admire) it really does need to be made accessible. I am an older person and travel a lot to my daughters (Sherborne or Swindon) on a regular basis as I no longer drive. Last week, having been to Sherborne for a week, I was using a large suitcase due to the length of my stay but on arrival at Nailsea station from Temple Meads, without the kindness of a young man, I could not singly have either gone over the footbridge steps or down the exterior staircase. I do use the ramp on the other side of the station but even that I'm sure would be a problem for wheelchair access. Please consider spending a little money on this as we are lucky to have a station of our own, but not if it isn't accessible for all! Also it would encourage visitors to Nailsea to visit Tyntesfield, our precinct etc. (once there's more open shops, of course!) I hope you've received some really great ideas in this poll!!
Access for disabled people at the Nailsea and Backwell station time it was sorted.
A ramp for disabled and pram pushing mums + dads.
Accessibility to the train station for ALL
I know this is not really the feed back you need but, our train station needs some form of ramp on the Weston -super- Mare side and instead of beautifying it with artwork (which I admire) it really does need to be made accessible. I am an older person and travel a lot to my daughters (Sherborne or Swindon) on a regular basis as I no longer drive. Last week, having been to Sherborne for a week, I was using a large suitcase due to the length of my stay but on arrival at Nailsea station from Temple Meads, without the kindness of a young man, I could not singly have either gone over the footbridge steps or down the exterior staircase. I do use the ramp on the other side of the station but even that I'm sure would be a problem for wheelchair access. Please consider spending a little money on this as we are lucky to have a station of our own, but not if it isn't accessible for all! Also it would encourage visitors to Nailsea to visit Tyntesfield, our precinct etc. (once there's more open shops, of course!) I hope you've received some really great ideas in this poll!!
Nailsea Station?At the moment, disabled travellers are discriminated against for SW journeys6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. The station is not owned by Nailsea Town Council and GWR have quoted
£10million for this project!
TRANSPORTUpdate Railway StationTo update the railway station in Station Road - (NAILSEA)!... Plus the bridge**Nailsea Station1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as improvements
would need to focus on disabled access before anything else.
TRANSPORTCar ParkingMaintaining free accessible car parking, eg on the high street and surrounding car parks, at the train station.
The Station road carpark has become quite uneven and dangerous for vulnerable pedestrians in places. The parking lines are no longer visible leading to haphazard parking and wasted spaces. Lighting in the far corner of the carpark (there is often suspect activity there) as threatening when working late in the winter on returning to your car. The long stay is very much appreciated but often inaccessible to those who work or run businesses in the town. Even when looking to buy a permit for a business, which is not available, we are forced to risk fines. Many small businesses are struggling, these businesses provide local employment and could really do with assistance with seemingly trivial things like this.
2. Do not allow Car Parking charges
2) Nailsea is very good in that we have a fair provision of parking in the town centre (providing none of it is developed). But a lot of it is looking the worse for wear with poor surfaces and green borders in some areas, however
the worst aspect is that many of the white lines, particularly in the Station Road car park are virtually obliterated meaning with no lines for guidance parking is often irregular, nconsiderate and wasteful meaning less cars can be accommodated. Some white lining would help.
Extra parking . For Tynesfield medical centre. & shops .
4, Station Road car park desperately needs resurfacing with the pavements dug up and relaid. 8. Improve parking facilities, not everyone is able or willing to walk or cycle due to age or health issues and finding somewhere to park is often difficult if you want to spend more than the two hour limit to meander round the shops and take in lunch or coffee.
My suggestions are as follows; * Keep parking free in our town centre * Consider increasing the parking space at Clevedon Road Car Park by building up (multi-storey)
Improvements made to Station Road Car Park and make the pavements made safe Keep parking free to encourage people in and stay to shop.
invest enough to ensure free parking continues indefinitely If possible employ youth worker
Station Road Car ParkFree and convenient parking keeps everyone using the town’s facilities and maintaining the businesses we have and attracting new ones.
Safety. We have a high number of elderly population who use this car park. As previously mentioned - ways to help businesses with staff parking.
11YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TRANSPORTMultiStorey CarparkA multi-storey carpark to encourage the 1000s of new residents to shop and use town centre amenities and servicesDemolish the redundant and derelict eyesore building complex adjacent to Tower House Medical Centre??The town centre parking facilities struggle to cope with the current usage and will be totally inadequate to cope with the influx from the new housing developments which have provided this money1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the land is not owned by Nailsea Town Council and has a planning application on it at the moment. There is a lack of location where a multi-story car park could be raised due to the coalmines under the town.
SPORTS FACILITIESWomen's SportI would like to see more facilities prioritised for womens sport, e.g. football. This could be upgrading already built stands but womens sport always seems to be looked over whenever another group comes into play (mens or children prominently). I am also aware of a new womens football team in Nailsea, ‘Woodsprings Womens FC,’ and as a supporter of the mens rugby and football teams in Nailsea, I can honestly say, for home games, the ladies football team has more spectators than any mens team I’m aware of.
Have sporting facilities dedicated for women. Ideally a sporting ground where womens sport get prioritised along with changing rooms
This could be in the fields by the fire station around where the other pitch is (Nailsea and Tickenham FC) or a new pitch built entirely that focuses on hosting more womens sports. I truly believe it would build more of a community in Naileea if we all support each other.I think depending on whether it’s a new pitch or just adapting current ones, the price could range hugely.
However, I think even the smallest amount of money would make a difference to womens sport.
All sport in Nailsea have their priorities towards mens sport. I think this is old-fashioned and when womens sport is raising just as much of a crowd as mens, there is no reason for Nailsea as a whole not to support both.
No current space for women and girls to engage in sport or outdoor activities such as football, netball, hockey etc
Sport amongst women is becoming increasingly popular, specially with a new successful women's football team, thats just about to be promoted in its first ever year. Over 30 plus women train weekly. There is not one site they are permanently based because men's clubs take priority.
Womens sport have always been demonetised and over tan with mens sports. Examples including how little womens football teams get priories within nailsea and surrounding areas, this has happened because of the lack of sporting facilities dedicated to womens sport.
6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESRunning TrackRunning trackGrove Sports CentreIncreased populations need things to do. Current facilities are either old, non-existant and cannot cope with the additional population.8YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESAll Weather Sports SurfaceAll purpose Sports pitch suitable for hockey, football, rugby, etc. This idea is particularly aimed at bringing ‘home’ Nailsea Ladies Hockey Club, back to Nailsea.The Grove or other suitable location within Nailsea - new or existing.£250,000.00 (surface only) assuming an existing location can be utilised.The only all purpose, all weather sports pitches are at Nailsea school and these are in greater demand than is currently available, and used mainly by our local football and rugby teams of all ages. Nailsea Ladies Hockey Club have been exiled to Gordano school for many years now and this is a great opportunity to bring them home. The club has a junior action and two ladies senior team and play to a high standard in the local leagues.
As it approached its centenary, it would be great to have a plan to accommodate them locally where they are still well supported even though it means a trek to a lovely new facility at Gordano school. Since the surface at the Nailsea school facility does not meet fully the league requirements, a new facility that could be used by other clubs/sports would be much utilised.
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea Tennis ClubNailsea tennis club , replacement of old lights with more energy efficient led lights , and purchase of a ball machine for training
Nailsea tennis club needs new floodlights, a ball machine and rebound wall to help the coaching programme
The Nailsea Tennis club has seen a recent growth in members, with more people working from home it’s become a really important social connection for those who’s lifestyles have changed. My idea would be to help the tennis club grow and continue to thrive. One aspect of growth is to do with peoples comfort in their ability to play with others. Training can be expensive but something as simple as a ball machine gives new and existing members a chance to improve in their own time and subsequently feel more confident about playing in teams. Additionally the floodlights are well below the standard of f neighbouring clubs like backwell for example. All three courts are used in group sessions and on one side particular the lights are the old style.
Mizzymead clubBetween £10k and £20k
£60 - 70k
Tennis club membership at nailsea has declined in recent years these measures will help to revitalise the club.
Tennis is well documented as greatly improving mental and physical wellbeing for all ages
The tennis club is currently thriving after years of stagnation with a large coaching programme. The lights are old, expensive to run and cause light spill problems for the neighbours). The investment will benefit generations to come
6NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the money needs to be spent on facilities that would benefit the whole town and not just a private club, but this does not exclude the club from applying for a grant.
SPORTS FACILITIESTennis CourtsImproved leisure facilities, such as a multiple purpose basketball/ football court. Free tennis courts. Similar to what is available in Clevedon.These courts could be in one or more of the many parks in Nailsea.To provide freely available sporting facilities. At present these are not available in Nailsea, unless you have the funds to join the tennis club. The courts would also brilliant for families and adults, providing a place to meet, be active and most importantly have some fun. At present, we have to drive from Nailsea to Clevedon to play basketball and tennis and the courts are often full. Therefore, these popular activities would be a very welcome addition to Nailsea.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESSkatepark - lightsit would also be a good idea to have lights for the skatepark too so they don’t get hurt when it’s dark1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESMizzymead Recreation CentreMizzymead Recreation Centre is an established social and sports club in the centre of Nailsea supporting active tennis, bowls, skittles, table tennis, snooker, and bridge clubs, etc. I am the treasurer of the Nailsea Lawn Tennis Club and we have recently resurfaced our three tennis courts which we have paid for out of members subscriptions and a loan from the LTA. However our club building is in a deteriorating state and needs major investment in the roof.
The whole place is now overdue for a facelift so that it can continue to flourish and attract new members.
6) investment in the struggling Mizzymead recreation centre. Again a good facility for attracting people to Nailsea with tennis courts , Bowling club, table tennis and snooker.
Mizzymead£100kThere is only one tennis club in Nailsea. We have an active junior coaching section. It is very important to encourage sport for young people. The Mizzymead Recreation Centre, with its variety of clubs, attracts people of all ages. There was a risk of it folding last year due to lack of a viable financial plan. A recent change of management has rescued the centre, which is a registered charity. It needs to improve its facilities to continue attract members and thrive.4NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the money needs to be spent on facilities that would benefit the whole town and not just a private club, but this does not exclude the club from applying for a grant.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea and Tickenham FC
- Car Park
Expand the existing car park and include a dedicated bicycle parking area. Also improve the surfaces of the access lane to the ground and the pedestrian footpath to the pitch perimeter pathwayNailsea and Tickenham Football Club, Fryth Way, Nailsea, BS48 2ASAn estimate from a local Civil Engineering Company indicates cost will be circa £30,000 (Vat Ex).The number of home and away supporters visiting the club has grown steadily over the past few years. When the car park is full, supporters have no option but to park on the public roads around the club. This puts pressure on the amount of parking available for our neighbour’s and their families and friends on match days. We have received a number of complaints from our neighbour’s bringing this to our attention and feel it would greatly alleviate the problem if funding to improve car parking, access lane and the pedestrian footpath was approved.
It should also be noted that we have applied for promotion to play in the prestigious Western League next season. If this is approved, far greater numbers of home and away fans will be visiting the ground thereby exacerbating an already unsatisfactory situation.
The improvements to the surfaces of the access lane and pedestrian footpath will help wheelchair users and disabled supporters get into and out of the ground more safely. The provision of a dedicated bicycle parking area will encourage greater use of bike transport with the net gain of both reducing pollution and keeping people fitter.
It should also be noted that this project only requires Capital Expenditure to be approved without the need for any further year on year maintenance costs to be factored in.
25NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the land is owned by North Somerset Council and is listed as a potential development site. Previously a loan has been provided to the club to undertake works on the site.
SPORTS FACILITIESFunding for Sports/Social ClubsThe social and sporting clubs and facilities within Nailsea should be encouraged to bid for part of the funds for upkeep/improvement projects.
More sports facilities
There is an opportunity to use the money to make a generational change to sports and recreation facilities in the Town. There are numerous projects that are proposed online in various forums. These should be assessed in terms of need and a strategy for the Town produced. The strategy should link to other local, regional and national strategies which would enable funding options to be explored and attract additional investment to Nailsea. An example of this is in relation to the football facilities for all (girls, boys, men and women) which need to be improved at a number of sites. Some of these are identified in the North Somerset Local Football Facilities Plan, which can be found here - plan/#tab-section-introduction. This could lead to potential funding from the Football Foundation.
I would like the money to be divided up between all the existing youth & childrens clubs/groups in Nailsea, ie sports clubs/scouts & guides/youth club etc
There are various locations in the Town including The Grove, Millennium Park, Golden Valley Playing Fields, Greenfield Crescent, Nailsea School where investment is needed. This would increase the capacity at some of these sites as well as improving the variety of activities on offer in Nailsea.Costs will vary and need to be developed.Nailsea has some fantastic clubs and organisations however the quality of the facilities does not meet the required standards or in some cases even exist. The new housing will put further pressure on the current facilities. The Town Council has an opportunity to help deliver transformational change for the Town. Many Town Councils are now playing proactive roles in helping to facilitate investment in their areas and this is an opportunity to do this.4NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as it does not fall under the remit of capital expenses and so is not something that the money can be spent on.
SPORTS FACILITIESOutdoor GymOutdoor gym Outdoor exercise equipment.
A callisthenics park built to support excercise for all ages It should include an athletics track
To provide several outdoor public gym areas for free exercise with weather resistant gym equipment, with information boards showing correct ways to use the equipment safely.
For example could there be some engagement or partnership with the rugby club for use as an outdoor active space
/ outdoor gym / for outdoor clubs etc that would allow the wider Nailsea population to use as well as secure the land from any future development?
Tesco Park
Only needs a small square area so can be placed in any of the parks in nailsea
In park areas, ie. 1, Millenium Park or Golden Valley fields, 2.Clevedon Road green by the Police/ambulance stations, 3.Green space near Lodge Lane roundabout,
4. the green space near Hannah Moore Scout hut. 5. The Perrings park.
About £10k for a good all around facility
A total guess , may be £15k per site? The project could be extended if necessary depending on popularity and available open spaces. Money should also be put a side for the future maintenance and up keep of the facility.
It would be something for older children and the whole community
Supports outdoor activities, it can be used by all ages, no other equipment is needed as it's about using your own body weight to exercise. There is a lack of facilities for ALL ages in nailsea and we have a very active outdoor community. As this can be used by all ages it supports the demographics for nailsea
To encourage more people to get active, without the costs of expensive gym memberships.
Many other countries have these outdoor exercise activity areas, where people can use gym equipment for free all year round. To name a few Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand. Providing this facility to Nailsea people will help improve and maintain their physical and mental health and also benefit the NHS in the long term.10YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' - a project is currently underway for outdoor fitness equipment to be installed around the town.
SPORTS FACILITIESPadel Tennis CourtsInstallation of 1 or 2 Padel Tennis courts (possibly at the Grove?)Grove Sports Centre , or other available Nailsea Council owned siteApproximate cost for 1 court (excluding groundworks) is £25 to £28000Padel Tennis is a sport that is suitable for all ages . It has social and therapeutic benefits. It has a low land use
footprint. Padel Tenis is growing at great pace in the South east of the country, Nailsea would be at the forefront of Padel tennis development in the South west.
Padel is good for your brain Your brain is challenged Padel tennis is a ball game and that means the sport contains speed. The speed of tactical changes between players and the speed of different ball exchanges are all much more than in tennis. That has a lot to do with the fact that the court is smaller and you are closer to each other. Also, the ball has less speed than in tennis so there is a much better chance that your opponents can return the ball. Third, the walls may be used, this means the ball is in play much longer, with less dull moments.
In tennis, the ball is often out and has to be fetched which creates a lot of pauses. Mentally, the higher speed of changes in padel means that the brain has to calculate more and quicker where the ball will come and what has to be done to return the ball. Padel clearly is more dynamic than tennis. Your brain is challenged more than in tennis. Padel is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical capacities are demanded and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily as accurately as in tennis. Your brain is rewarded So there are more challenges in padel but you don’t have to have extreme technical skills and so the challenges are more easily met. More challenges means more adrenaline in your brain. More challenges met means more dopamine (reward center) and endorphines in your brain. You will get more rewards in padel than with other ball games which are technically more difficult. That is the simple reason that once you have played padel you get hooked to it much more easily. It is no coincidence that people who try padel play it more often and for longer than any other sport they used to play. Padel is one of the easiest ball games to pick up, everyone can learn padel in less than an hour. With tennis you will need several lessons taking up to several months to play it to a reasonable level. So padel gives you self confidence much quicker than tennis. Increased hand eye coordination In padel a lot of hand eye coordination is required, therefore the visuo-spatial capacities of your brain are trained, of course this is the case with tennis as well. However, padel is easier than tennis so the visuo-spatial training is more intense and frequent than in tennis simply because you get more rallies between players. Because the padel racket is shorter than the tennis racket (so closer to your body and hand) it is closer to your reaching space. This personal space is very well represented and trained in your brain because of its frequent use everyday.
Therefore it is handled much more easy than the extra-personal space in which the tennis racket is moved in. It takes considerable more practice to hit a high velocity ball correctly with a longer tennis racket and smaller blade than with a padel racket. Another factor intensifies the visuo-spatial training in padel more than in tennis; the use of the walls. In padel there are many more bouncing effects and calculations for your brain to make than in tennis, so it is more challenging for the brain. This makes it more exciting as well, more adrenaline and alertness is called for than with just a lost ball out or in the net. In padel with a strong ball of your opponent you always have two chances; Hitting the ball directly after it has hit the ground Hitting the ball after it bounces off the back or side wall The second option gives you more time to react and is especially used by somewhat slower people
(e.g. elderly, children). That’s why padel is very friendly for elderly and younger children. Better concentration As
In padel, the velocity of the ball is less, the blade is much closer to your wrist and body so there is less force on these parts of your body. There are much less known reports of padel players having problems with their wrists or elbows. Of course, when playing extremely frequently even in padel these problems can occur, but less often than with tennis. Better for the elderly and people with injuries Padel puts much less strain on your body parts than tennis, squash or even hockey. Whereas in these sports a lot of ankle, back or shoulder injuries are seen, in padel this is hardly the case. Up till a very advanced age you could play padel without serious physical problems.
At the same time it still challenges your total body, all muscles are involved and your heart/lung condtion is being challenged as well. Better for your eyes Although eye injuries are rare in tennis as well, in padel due to the slower ball speed, there is a lesser chance of a serious eye injury. Furthermore, control of emotions and more emphasis on ball placement even make it harder to hit someone in the eye.
1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESPump TrackAn all-weather 'pump track'. Initially designed for push bikes, these asphalted tracks are both a playground and training facility for BMX riders, mountain bike riders, skateboards and scooters at any level. The track can be used to practice the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed pump around the track - perfect for young and or new to the sport riders. This would be a landmark for the bike community locally and within the region, appealing to adults and kids and for people of all abilities.
All-weather asphalt pump track designed for bicycles, skateboards and scooters.
There is a large bike community of all ages in Nailsea, Backwell and the surrounding area. There is also a large amount of bicycle through-traffic in the town due to its location on the National cycleway. Not only would an all- weather pump track appeal to the bicycle community, but it would be also be useable by skateboarders and scooter riders. It will be a location where anyone is welcome, children learning to ride, adults new to the sport, through to more accomplished and experienced riders. The NSP (Nailsea Skate Park) has been extremely popular and is busy throughout the day. The pump track would extend the offering the town/park has to skaters and scooter riders, but would also open Nailsea to mountain bikers and BMX riders, of all ages. The dirt jumps/mud ramps currently situated in Millennium Park, although built with good intentions have not been maintained, have deteriorated and are now dangerous (even for accomplished riders). Not only are they hazordous for more experienced riders but have nettles, brambles and puddles in certain area's meaning they are not welcoming for younger riders. Ideally they need removing and this location would be ideal for a new, clean and safely designed pump track that doesn't require frequent maintenance.
Millennium Park. Where the deteriorating and dangerous dirt jumps/mud ramps are currently situated. Between the parks circular path and the Nailsea Park main road.£100k (including vat)My husband, son and lots of our friends are big biking fans. It's an excellent outdoor activity to keep the children active and away from screens! We visited the pump track at the Cumberland basin on the weekend and loved it.
One in Nailsea would be absolutely brilliant.
We really need facilities for our young folk. Also something that encourages outside activity. The skate park is busy so this woudk be great as an addition to encourage more outside.
Bikes have been a big part of growing up for my children & family. It is such a healthy, active hobby. Gets people outside enjoying the fresh air. Great for all ages. Something my husband and son can do together. We’ve visited pump tracks across the uk. Also been to quite a few across Europe. I think all small towns should have these facilities to get people outside and enjoying the fresh air.
Nailsea is a comunity of young cycling families and on the national cycle route. The current track needs to be removed as it has fallen into disrepair.
There isn't enough outdoor activities for young children for active outdoor play. The skate park often full with teenagers means it gives more places for both children and teenagers to keep fit
This would be wonderful and I’m sire many youngsters would use it and be encouraged to spend more time outside being active. We have a rich culture of cycling, happily aided by Olympic success. Let’s build on our strengths and encourage a free-flowing space for people to exercise and be creative
It would be widely accessible and utilised by the community. The skate park is already well used by all ages, and this would extend the outdoor activities in the same area. There is already a large bike community in Nailsea.
Healthy outdoor activities for young people, getting them outside and away from screens, socialising in person.
The skate park proves the popularity of this kind of facility.
I've always had to travel to get to a decent pump track. The one in the Cumberland basin is good and tends to be in use the majority of the time. The jumps that are currently in Millennium Park are good fun, but don't encourage pump technique. My 4 year old and 9 year old both love the jumps that are there currently but would be even better if replaced with a permanent all weather solution.
Amazing outdoor space idea for children and adults to use. It would be a pull to bring more people to nailsea and celebrate the area. There is a real lack of outdoor space that can be used in Nailsea other than for walking and running
Kids if all ages need this so badly in Nailsea My toddler loves the one the other side of Bristol but it’s so far to go, this is perfect for all ages and right in the cycle path also for older people to have some fun!!
Help kids get into cycling and exercise A place for them to go and enjoy away from the skatepark
As mountain biking is a growing sport in and around nailsea this will be a great way for people to learn and progress at any age and in all wethers
Nailsea has an active population of young families that like to explore, love the outdoors and adventure. There is increasing interest in the pump track from the Nailsea Active facebook community, as well as other local cycling facebook pages and people are excited about the prospect of the addition to the leisure facilities and the improvement of the Millennium Park area. Information and research regarding the pump track has been done with the help of Architrail Velosolutions an international company with a home in Bristol, who are also extremely passionate about working within the local community.
Younger generation really need something to do in nailsea as the town provides very little for them
44 (14 responses copied and pasted)MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESLeisure Centre - Scotch HornBetter leisure centre accessible for all with more children’s activities. Investment in to children’s outdoor play areas - improving parks and maintaining some.
The town needs more sporting facilities and a rejuvenates children's play park. There is a resurgence in exercise that gets back to nature so perhaps an outdoor lido with an attached nature play park for children and splash park and a community room that could be used for a number of activities, art shows, yoga classes, childrens groups, dancing etc.
A public sports centre and arts centre with theatre. New leisure centre to include a swimming pool.
To develop the auditorium at Scotch Horn Leisure Centre for local drama, dance, musical theatre and choir groups to perform. The auditorium requires pack away retractable raked seating, redevelopment of dressing rooms, updating the stage, replacing curtains and space to house costumes and props.
Demolish present Scotch Horn Centre + build 1. Swimming pool + sport centre, using land behind include 2. Cafe & garden for locals
build on and expand Scotch Horn Centre to provide a swimming pool for both exercise and recreation, including children's learning pool. This could be used by all schools in Nailsea and form base for swimming clubs, hire for parties etc. Could be positioned to overlook Millennium Park with cafe, lavatories etc
Scotch Horn
Scotch Horn Centre demolished and rebuilt
Current parks are falling apart and do not have half the items in even of some nearby smaller villages. There is very little for kids or families to do within nailsea. It’s impossible to get booked on to swimming in outlying pools due to oversubscription (been on a waiting list for nearly 3 years for toddler sessions at backwell)
Nailsea has been promised better leisure facilities for a long time, the facilities need improving a pool is needed. An arts centre would be of great benefit , the town has lots of heritage to celebrate. Both these ideas combined enable locals to spend their money in their community and draw in people from neighbouring towns to spend their money in ours!
18YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESSwimming PoolSwimming Pool
Swimming pool / better facility with maybe a diving pool.
We need a swimming pool- backwell pool is not fit for purpose and nailsea is the only NS town without it's own pool.
A new leisure centre that has a swimming pool in it. This would be a valuable asset to Nailsea and be available for everyone, without the need to travel to Portishead, David Lloyd etc. the pool at Backwell is so old and dated. In the 21 years I have lived in Nailsea this has been discussed so many times and now with £4 million pounds available this has to be the time for it.
swimming pool hot tub relaxation area
A swimming pool with a cafe on any school grounds where there is room to build it open it to all school children for lessons in school time After school swimming lessons and open to the public evenings and all weekends .Also for birthday parties .Do 2 pools one large and one small for younger children with activities.The cafe just basic not expensive for families to afford.
Nailsea could do with a swimming pool. It has been talked about on a number of occasions to be situated at Scotch Horn but nothing done. It would cover all age groups and seems unbelievable it hasn't happened so far. Backwell has one and is a smaller village than Nailsea. It could also service local schools.
Build a swimming pool with good access to the water for people with disabilities.
A swimming pool please, but one with good easy access into the water for less mobile, older/ disabled people, ie steps with rail, and a strong hoist. Pools are the only truly inclusive sports facility, catering to tiny babies to those on late 90s plus, and enable many who can't exercise by walking, cycling, running etc to stay active. If Backwell pool was sold by NSC running costs could be affordable if the large part of construction funding came from the £4M . Help keep the people of Nailsea ( and surrounding areas) fit, engaged, and healthier! Thank you for considering this idea.
Swimming pool with sauna, steam room & jacuzzi
New, improve sports centre with swimming pool and cater for more Olympicsports.
The obvious need is a leisure pool with slides. There is nothing like this in the local area even extending to Bristol.
Outdoor heated Swimming pool
We've been promised a decent swimming pool for many years. The pool at Backwell has served its purpose and is now not a pleasant place to visit - poor changing facilities, recent structural challenges, etc. Maintain it for the use of local schools but rather than spend money on future refurbishment for a local population of 4,250 it is time a new pool was constructed for Nailsea's much larger population of 16,000 (and growing)
A pool with flume's and waves this would be more popular and bring in more money (like Bridgewater Splash).
4. A new swimming baths saunas, and streamrooms would be good not a gym as we can use Scotch horn.
Scotch Horn
Scotchorn the industrial estate, even revamp the current pool in backwell.
Not sure where the swimming pool would go but if we can find space for hundreds of new houses. ?
Whereever you can find a sensible site- hopefully Scotch horn Alternatively the north of the town, potentially taking advantage of the geothermal springs in that area to provide outsdie swimming as well as inside- a real destination
The pool on any free land at a school or scotchorn
Approx 12 million Here is a similiar idea which cost 10 million. work/leisure/haverfordwest-leisure- centre/#:~:text=The%20project%20was%20completed%20a t,the%20slope%20of%20the%20site.
No idea but well within the money £4 million you have.
Affordable Sports Centres with Community 25 m Pool Options - Sport England 2015. An essential reference for community sports centre projects. The review follows on from previous Sport England publications on ‘Affordable’ swimming pools and sports halls. Indicative Base Construction Cost to Sport England standards from £1,749 / m2 Base construction costs for 'Affordable' sports centres (4Q2014): 25 m swimming pool + sports hall + health and fitness gym + studios £5.44m - £7.89m Typical procurement period 2 - 2½ years from inception to operation Potential community use income from £1.07m - £1.88m / year1 Potential throughput over 560,000 users / year . However, it might cost less if built as an addition to Scotch Horn centre as the sports hall and health and fitness facilities already exist.
If the pool is done correctly then monies will come in and pay for itself.if every school child paid so much a year even as low as 10 pound a child that would add up plus adults paying plus parties the cafe could be run by volunteers with 1 paying manager.Also include outside seating .you could ask local builders to help with the build include the locals keep the price down make it a community project
A swimming pool is desperately needed. A leisure fun pool would be fantastic and an additional lanes pool (i.e. separate from the leisure section) for those wishing to exercise during the day and for school children to learn to swim. It is awful that they still have to get buses to Backwell pool when Nailsea serves a significantly larger population.
Good for exercise, swimming lessons for children, swimming clubs etc
Backwell pool has most certainly had its day I feel and is in desperate need of some TLC, perhaps a nice new swimming pool in Nailsea would be of benefit to the town.
To enable the community to have the facilities to hand without having to travel, thus reducing air pollution and further impact on climate change .
Nailsea had a swimming pool adjoining Nailsea school in the 70’s.! Christ have we gone backwards!
For the heath and fitness of the whole community. Backwell pool is very dated and hard to reach on busy roads for the younger and older generation by foot.
Definitely especially as buses don't run on weekends to Backwell pool. The growing population needs its own pool. Local kids and adults alike could walk there.
Swimming is a skill for life and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Much need facility for the whole community but in particular to encourage youth participation in swimming. Most towns the size of Nailsea already have a swimming pool. Although the Backwell pool is only one mile away it is a 1970's structure and requires a lot of investment
We always needed a pool the school children will get lessons and it's somewhere local for families to go parties would be welcome for the children the cafe would do well to get a drink after and a lunch. All swimming pools near have waiting lists for school children to go.
To help keep the people of Nailsea fit and active, but a facility that potentially caters to everyone, not just a limited group of age/ability/interest.
Backwell pool is dated and Cadbury club too far and too expensive
Backwell leisure centre is in dire need of knocking down or refurbishing. Nailsea is such a big town now, lots of new houses being built, more people in the area. By having a new swim centre, you would also be getting people from neighbouring towns to visit
I would love to see a sports hub to included a swimming pool and fairly priced gym ( gyms membership in Bristol is from £9.99 but Nailsea its £40.00) for all local sports clubs to have a home,
147YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESRefurbish and expand The Grove Sports & Social Club to bring improvements for the benefit of the general public to encourage sport social intercourse and good health.
£4m is a lot of money but in terms of large projects I dont think it would go very far. The Grove Sports centre is clearly in need of a refurb but do NTC own it? If so perhaps buy some additional land and develop i
Improve Grove sports centre, include day time coffee bar possible swimming pool.
New Building at the Grove - somewhere that can house all the stuff that already happens there but also new things for the community too
The cricket club needs investment in facility's and these Sports hubs with modern day facility would be a needed to support the new family's moving to the area as part of the new homes. I think a facility to included everybody (not just one club or sport) with different sporting interest would be the way forward. The grove would be prime site to redevelop - it would support - The cricket club, The football club, add a gym and a swimming pool,outdoor astroturf
As original para.Maybe
SPORTS FACILITIESThe Grovepitch for hire plus a decent facility for the pre school a social entertaining/Bar space and a kids play area - It would
bring the community together and create a income for the council to fund more works around the area.
The Grove Sports Club is a rather old and dilapidated building that has served Nailsea well since the 70's/80's. As there is already a number of housing projects approved in the South-West of Nailsea and will probably be more on the south and west sides of Nailsea over the next 10 years then it would be good to see a plan for replacing this with a more modern facility to meet the needs of the increasing population. I'm not suggesting replacing it with a like for like facility but rather something that widens the offering for all and includes some of the offerings currently available at Scotch Horn (eg health club) which may not be able to cope with increased demand within a growing town. I'm also not suggesting that it be all done at once but rather over a period of no more than 10 years and as and when funds become available including section 106 funding. There should be opportunities for additional funding to come from other financial streams including the National Lottery as it would be a community facility.
My suggestion is to make better use of The Grove and use the money to rebuild/create better facilities which can benefit a much wide range of local people and groups. It would be great to see a revamped/new multi use site which encompasses sports (a recreational facility for use by local clubs), space for workshops/courses, art / craft gallery, a meeting place for anti natal groups, community groups, a small business centre for people who work on their own but would like contact with other sole workers, as well as changing rooms and facilities for teams. This could be a real local hub with a cafe during the daytime / bar in the evening.
I support the idea of improving facilities at The Grove Sports Club, to include a swimming pool, in order to make it THE sports centre for Nailsea. With the predicted increase in the population, due to the various house building projects in the area, a state of the art sports/leisure centre would be of a benefit to all, improving the overall health & well-being of Nailsea residents - both young and old.
With all the new houses at West end Nailsea I would like to see the Grove sports centre rebuilt so it fit for purpose for the expanding population
Nailsea is crying out for a sports and social hub facility to replace the existing dilapidated and tired facilities.
Essentially, a large and modern contemporary building to incorporate changing rooms, showers and plant rooms, internal flexible open plan space for functions, bars, cellar and meeting/conference rooms. Should funds accommodate further facilities, an outdoor all weather floodlit sports area at the same location. Despite commendable and 'against the odds' efforts of the various clubs and societies, in terms of community sporting and social facilities, Nailsea has significantly fallen behind towns of similar size and prosperity over the past 30 - 40 years.
A lack of Town Council action/support, Ill conceived local authority schemes and a total lack of consultation with local clubs and organisations has produced a very fractured approach and complete lack of long term sporting strategy for the town. Here is a fantastic opportunity to put this right and provide a facility the people of Nailsea (of all ages) can fully utilise, enjoy and be proud of, rather than the make do approach of the past.
Grove Sports Centre
The Grove Sports Centre would seem to be an ideal site. The existing building (Grove Sports & Social Club) is dilapidated, well past its sale by date and a complete eyesore. Its interior layout is not fit for purpose and has very limited scope to raise revenue and self fund.
Demolish the existing building and build a new one, consulting local Clubs and Societies about layout. Nailsea deserves better - it has thriving Adult and Junior Sports Clubs who do great things despite the proliferation of of poor facilities - this needs to change. The existing users would be increased by many with new and additional sports and pastimes evolving. The location would also compliment the new housing development adjacent to the site.
Who knows? this is a bit of a silly question isnt it!
£3 million ish
It would depend on the building design and what you included but it could be in the region of £20m and it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume a 1st phase cost of £10m. I realise the town council doesn't have this amount of money to invest but it could make a commitment of £2m towards the project providing funding can be raised elsewhere as well as requesting a % of section 106 money from future developments also goes towards this.
I have no trusted idea, but I wouldn't estimate at least circa
If developing Grove is in any way realistic NTC would then need to come back to the community to ask what they would like inside it
The Grove building needs updating/rebuild and with all the new houses on this side of town improved facilities for all ages.
The Grove is falling down and it is a huge eyesore - with all the new houses it needs a new building that will serve everyone
The town will have a growing population over the next 10 years and this facility would be ideally located to where the majority of this growth is likely to be. It would also hopefully reduce car journeys to Nailsea's other facilities including Scotch Horn.
This area has so much potential but seems to be under promoted and under used by local groups but this might be due to its condition. I think what it offers and how it offers it, needs to be brought up to date. With the Town growing and trying to attract new younger residents, a multi use venue like this would be a real draw, especially if all the groups were promoted centrally through one website.
Multi-use community sports/activity facility.
1. The Grove Centre is probably near the end of its useful and sustainable life. It will either need a massive re- furbishment or replacement anyway in the near future.
Updated preschool for new families18MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESCommunity Sportshall/Hydrotherapy Pool - Ravenswood SchoolA new community sports hall / hydrotherapy pool
To build a dual use sports centre. Ravenswood School has a large field space and has been for a while trying to build a new sports hall. The idea would be that the young people could run the space during the day and it could be used for both school community use. The facility could support the whole community as it could be used weekends and evenings as well as a community sports centre. Ideally it would have a large sports hall that could be used for football, badminton etc, a hydro pool for swimming lessons and a community cafe. It would be an ideal place for young people to build their employability skills, whilst helping them feel part of the community whilst providing a much needed sports facility for the people of Nailsea.
I think more sports and leisure facilities would be good. Something for older people , mums with babies, dog owners and everyone else. I know that Ravenswood school are hoping to build a sports centre and this could be a community facility. Add a dog swimming pool somehow and you'd be inundated with bookings. There are many funds that could help with funding that look to support community projects, If you opened up the parameters to include the elderly and lonely in the area, then again you would be providing something that could make a huge difference to so many people. The idea is for the older children in Ravenswood to work in the sports centre and therefore gain useful work experience. Maybe Weston college would also like to be involved and use it for training on other courses.
Ravenswood school has a big pond area and this could be used for community groups to use for Brownies etc. Preschool groups could use it as a forest school. I think the site of Ravenswood is undeveloped and is not currently part of the community.
A bigger community centre for groups in Nailsea. In particular for a youth centre, which provides a youth and young adult service which includes youth clubs, advice services for young people eg post 16 options, counselling, support groups, drug:alcohol support , support for mental health. A non-judgemental hub where all teenagers and young adults are welcome to come and explore the way forward in their lives.
It would be good to have a Sports Centre at the Fire Station end of the town, to increase the leisure facilities in the town as a whole and to provide facilities for that part of Nailsea
Hydrotherapy pool
Ravenswood School
Ravenswood school site. Pound Lane . This site would be free with no land purchase. It is land belonging to school and North Somerset
Possible sites:- Scotch Horn Blackfriars trading estate Southfield trading estate Weston College building
2.5 to 3 million
£2.5million (excluding vat)
The school is in desperate need for an upgraded sports hall. The local town is in need of a top of the range facilitie, that would not only benefit the school but the local community It would be open 7 days a week and provide opportunities for the pupils to support with the running of the facilities. This would help people in the wider community understand more about pupils with disabilities and break barriers. Adding a hydrotherapy pool would also offer local groups to access swimming therapy for babies and a exercise intervention for older residents or rehabilitation for those who need recovery
We have a small sports centre at scotch horn, but it is not large enough for the growing Nailsea community. The local community also lack any swimming facilities and have to travel to clevedon or Blackwell for this. The Venture would be a joint one between the local special schools and the community so would increase links between the two and provide employment options for young people with learning difficulties who currently struggle to gain voluntary or employment jobs within the community. It would also provide a safe community cafe type space for mother and baby groups etc to meet and relax.
The sports centre at Backwell and the Scotch Horn centre in Nailsea are not modern and do not bring the community together like this project could. As previously mentioned it would be designed with a café hub where Mums with toddlers, older people and maybe even business people could meet . There is an example of the café part working well at 3 ways school in Bath. Families are struggling to keep their children healthy and a skate park or outdoor fitness trail could also be included for those who wanted a more cost efficient option. I think older people could be bussed in for regular events to combat loneliness. A hydrotherapy pool could be included which would support the physical health of the most vulnerable, Dog owners spend so much money pampering their pets so if you could add in a dog swimming pool, I am sure you would make a profit. I have looked for such a thing but it is not available locally.
I continually see large groups of teenagers hanging around Nailsea, smoking cannabis in and around the skate park or shouting, playing loud music in Nailsea town centre close to older persons residence s. There’s nowhere for teenagers to go, they are unsupervised and bored. Provide a positive place for them to go, appropriate people for them to talk with. Mental health problems have risen hugely in young people over the last few years, we are constantly hearing about the suicides of young people. Nailsea could support young people by providing them with a place to go, people to talk with and information and suggestions of how to achieve their goals and ambitions.
I am happy to be contacted at the school to discuss this proposal and visits to the school would be most welcome. Mark Senior Headteacher
Prior to covid the school started fundraising for this project and has raised some money towards it. The basic plans have already been drawn up and the project had a lot of local support. A new sports centre is regularly discussed/asked for in Nailsea community groups so would be an invaluable resource for the school and the local community.
6NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects for education or religious establishments.
SPORTS FACILITIESTown PavillionA town pavillion to increase opportunities for physical activities and sport within the town, with at least part of it having specific target of giving women a protected space for activities. A pavilion would allow people to change, use toilets and store maintenance equipment on the the site allowing access for all members of the community and its ensured upkeep. This would allow more activities and sport groups to invest and grow in the town and also become a centre for community out door events and festivals held throughout the year.There are two ideal sites. The first is golden valley which has plumbing and electric under the surface as there used to be a changing block there. The school and north Somerset are also keen for its use provided the current lease can be looked at. The other obvious site are the fields behind budgens which are currently controlled by North Somerset Council. This will cost slightly more to level off the field, but both these sites would have the added bonus of protecting them from future housing development. There are other sites in Nailsea but these are the two obvious options.The average cost of a pavilion of this size is between
£250,000-£400,000. However, there are various grants and funds available for such projects. Sport England, National Lottery, Football Foundation and local sport charities such as Wesport are all able to contribute, support and develop projects of this nature. Football foundation and Wesport also have employees who live within the community who would be keen to provide extra support for such a project
It is needed for a few reasons. Firstly the town has a lack of outdoor space for organised outdoor activities. Nailsea junior football club are a great example of this where they are struggling to meet the needs of their users. The fact that there is a long waiting list for the Nailsea school 3g pitch further shows how there is a lack of supply to meet the local demand for sport. More importantly, Nailsea hockey no longer are a Nailsea club, Nailsea and Backwell women's rugby no longer exist, which is also true for Nailsea united women and Nailsea rounders. There is now only one outdoor women's sport group left in the town, so a women's space will stop the decline in female participation and provide a fairer access and opportunities to girls and womenI the person writing this, have had to spend almost £10,000 of my personal money to get the remaining women's sport group up and running. The lack of access or easy access accounts for around 60% of this cost and is a huge reason why other groups haven't been set up. I work for a sport charity and have the knowledge of how get such projects running and find financial and physical support. What I can't do, is act without the support and permission of either the local or county councils.2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESBasketball CourtsA basketball court
Basketball hoops in a few of the playparks or atleast the Millennium Park. Where you can just come with your kid and throw a ball. Doesn't have to be a full size pitch. I am a mum of 2 and I would go with my boys to throw a ball
As a PE coach at one of the town primary schools I would love to see the money invested in the children of our town.
Namely something sporty for them to do. At my school a lot of the children are desperate to play basketball but unless the join a club, which is expensive and can involve a lot of travelling, they don’t get the opportunity. So some outdoor basketball courts would be an amazing addition to the community. I for one would take my kids there a lot!
Thanks in advance…
a larger outdoor playing courts with basket ball hoops and football post for everyone to play i hope they could also have lights so you can still play when it gets dark earlier in the evening
Caged football/basketball area (like at Clevedon Front).
Millennium park, Hannah more park, kings hill parkNo idea. Not much more than a concrete tennis court. But you’d have to have the rims fixed in the concrete to avoid thefBecause Nailsea needs more spaces for children to do sports.
See above. Kids need the opportunity to play sports without being supervised. As a sports coach of 30+ years it’s a great way for the kids to learn on their own. It would also encourage some people to try something new…
7MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea Jr Football ClubGive Nailsea Junior Fc a permanent fixed home , like the rugby club, so we can can grow our current 378 membership wider to encourage more girls to join. Also to provide a safe, fun environment for kids to play football in the town ages 5-18 with FA qualified coaches. Need a building with changing rooms facilities and storage, some car parking and football pitches that range from full size to junior pitches. To have the club on one site rather than across 4/5 sites like it is currently would be great. We are miles behind other towns like Clevedon, Weston and Portishead. Currently as we do not own a home or have a long term lease we miss out on funding every year. its depressing especially as we play such a huge role in the community to 378 kids to give them physical and mental health wellbeing. Please help.
I’d like to see a location for Nailsea Juniors FC to call their own. With over 300 players registered it would be great to have a ground dedicated to them.
A permanent home and clubhouse with appropriate facilities for Nailsea juniors football club including enough pitches for all teams to use
Nailsea Junior football club has 378 kids signed on but no permanent home and miss out on funding every year. Nailsea Juniors are looking to set up a clubhouse with pitches for the whole club in one location. This is something that would benefit the children of Nailsea now, and for years to come
Nailsea could do with a decent football clubhouse complete with pitches in one location that the whole club can use A permanent football club location with clubhouse to benefit Nailsea JFC and the thousands of local people involved.
The clubhouse should be large enough to double up as a conference venue and have enough space for 6 grass
pitches and an all weather Court similar to Nailsea School to allow professional clubs to scout the many talented youngsters our town produces all year round. We have the enthusiasm and talent from both people who have grown up here and also the thousands of new families who have relocated here. The club is a big reason why families continue to move here and we welcome all new kids, wherever they come from.
Appropriate pitches, storage and equipment for Nailsea Junior Football Club. This would need to include all weather, floodlit training facilities, grass pitches and storage facilities for goalposts and nets, ride on lawn mower, line painters etc.
Golden valley playing fields or Grove sport centre or any other location that suits in BS48.£400,000-£500,000 building costs and pitch preperation.Physical and mental health of our children in Nailsea should be top priority, especially after the last two years
during covid. Our community football club provide this to all kids 5-18 of any gender. We are run by a volunteer workforce.
Nailsea Jfc are a big part of Nailsea community
For the football team to have there own base where they can have a changing room clubhouse for after wards.
The club is a very popular part of the Nailsea community and fantastic for young kids to find joy in a hobby that is great for both their health and social skills. The club is Expanding year on year & needs its own place for the whole club to be together
I think that Nailsea Junior FC need to be given a permanent home in Nailsea and a share of the money available. We have 378 kids signed on but no permanent home and miss out on funding every year. It would be great to have a clubhouse with pitches for the whole club in one location.
Currently Nailsea juniors play in positions all over Nailsea and rely on the good will of other clubs etc.
There are many children that play football in Nailsea, without the permanent facilities that most other local towns and villages enjoy.
Nailsea junior football club has been in Nailsea for over 40 years but has no permanent home. There are hundreds of lads. It would be so much nicer if there was a permanent home.
My daughter is football mad and started playing for the mixed Boys and girls U6's team, then just before covid struck an all girls team was set up and she joined that and still attends NJ GIRLS U11's now. The only problem had been pitches for training seasons and games. sadly there are not enough in Nailsea and our girls (& I'm
sure boys teams too) miss out on training/games/tournaments due to lack of pitches. Also in winter / autumn we have the problem with well lit up areas to continue playing outside, so then have to use our fundraising/funds to pay for the outside flooded pitch at Nailsea School which is not cheap & takes a large chunk of the money which could be used for the girls equipment etc. Football has got bigger over the years and Nailsea Junior are really lucky to have so much support by the parents. It has a great name and when ever we travel away they talk about NJ club and how well all ages / teams are doing.
We moved to the area about 4 years ago. Soon as my little Boy was old enough we signed him up to nailsea juniors football club. It’s been brilliant for him but also for us to get to know people as we were new residents. A permanent home for the club would be beneficial to a lot of different age groups in the local area. The under 7’s who I’m involved with don’t really know the history or that there are other age groups involved in the football club as they are all training or playing matches in different locations of nailsea. An all weather pitch will be massively beneficial not only for football but for all kinds of activities.
The creation of an areas with enough space and pitches where the junior football teams of Nailsea can play at the same 'home' venue at the same time, with a club house and facilities to promote a greater sense of community and fun for the boys and girls of Nailsea. The current situation is that the matches are played at different locations across Nailsea with different standards of playing conditions for the children and no facilities at some of the venues. One of the impacts of this is that there is no sense of community across the age groups
and no heart to the junior footballing community which encompasses hundreds of boys and girls from across
Please feel free to speak to me Ben watts NJFC - Vice chair124YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESPetanque CourtCouple petanque courtAnywhere. Just need 4x15m per court£2k per courtGreat community game, can be played at any age and will make us feel like we are in Provence on sunny days.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as there are already 12 available and free to use at the Ring o' Bells,.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSOpen SpacesInvest all in land to protect open spaces for future generations.
Protcted green spaces, free from development
Preserve/conserve remaining greenbelt habitats. (by not selling further land for development) please
I and many friends and neighbours would like you to stop selling off lush green fields to housing developments. It will not be long before there will not be any fields between Nailsea, Backwell, Clevedon, Yatton, Bristol etc. Nailsea infrastructure cannot cope with the current amount of cars and juggerbauts using its narrow roads. Every house being built now will result in a minimum average of two extra cars per house. The council members are also extremely hypocritical. On one hand telling residents how caring they are by planting trees (many of which do not survive) and stopping grass cutting (probably meaning the laying off of low paid workers.) This supposed happening for the preservation of wild life and the natural environment, whilst selling off hundreds of acres of lush green fields to building developers. This is an obscene way to "come into a large amount of money."
What Nailsea now needs is some public open space to replace all the open spaces being built on at present and planned. This space needs to have a covenant put on it to protect for future generations so that it can never be sold or built on. Buying agricultural land is far cheaper than land earmarked for building and should be number one for the future of Nailsea. There is no where safe from developers now that the land adjacent to Engine Lane has been sold and is being developed. The park land behind the Uplands is going to be built on despite the population of Nailsea and the local Council being against it. If we don’t have a say or any power to stop these unwanted developments then we need protected land that will stay in the community for the community.
I think Nailsea needs more open green spaces to walk in. Ideally fenced off so safe for dogs and children. We’re losing public land to developers, I want more green space: it’s the reason I moved to Nailsea!
A private small piece of land for organisations to enjoy outdoor space. - I run guides and we have nowhere to practice putting up tents, outdoor sports, teaching if nature and wildlife. This is just one example for an organisation. Many elderly groups would use it for safe outdoor space for members Other youth organisations can use it / safeguarding is so important - using a general open files isn’t always an option.
Park with lake and flower beds.
First point is please don’t waste it on some vanity project! It would be really good if it could somehow be used to safeguard the remaining green countryside that surrounds Nailsea that makes it that special place to live. For example could there be some engagement or partnership with the rugby club for use as an outdoor active space / outdoor gym / for outdoor clubs etc that would allow the wider Nailsea population to use as well as secure the land from any future development? The rugby club is a great asset to the town but maybe needs better publicity and overall use.
buy some land that is not sport related where people can walk and children can play
2) Buy land to create a landscaped park and help replace at least some of the open spaces we have lost to developers who are gradually choking off Nailsea from the surrounding countryside which was always its most
desirable feature - the two fields below The Grove down to Youngwood Lane Farm containing public rights of way would be a good start.
The town needs to keep open spaces for walking, especially as so many more people have dogs.
We need cleaner parks,
maintaining public open spaces like the 'Tesco park', 'the grove' , hannah more park and so on We are so lucky to have plenty of open spaces and footpaths away from roads - we need to maintain these to keep our town such a pleasant place to be. Some towns have allowed some communal areas to grow wilder with wild flowers etc. This is a great idea. There are plenty of spaces where this could be done.
better to keep the green fields than build on them + then "nod" to conservation e.g. planters + other token gestures.16YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSPark WardenHow about a warden in the parks, to monitor the dogs not kept on leads . This would enable people like myself being able to take a walk around the Millennium Park and Grove Park, without having dogs run up to people like myself who are very afraid of dogs.1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects which pay for a salary.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSOpen Water Wildlife ReserveCreation of an open water wildlife feature to support insects, amphibians and bird life as well as improving the appeal of a little used the area that tends to be overgrown. There is a stream in a culvert running under the site. I propose that in the area mentioned below the culvert is removed and a small weir built to create a pond retaining water at a depth of perhaps two or three feet. If properly designed and built the site would quickly attract amphibians and aquatic insects becoming a pleasant dipping pond for young children to explore.In the small landscape dip that is part of Trendlewood Park next to The Old Farmhouse public house.I do not know the actual cost but I suspect it to be a few tens of thousand of pounds.There are very few ponds within Nailsea. Trendlewood Park does have two seasonal areas of water but these are of poor quality and dry out. There is a permanent pond in Nowhere Wood but that is in private land and deep due to it being an old quarry. There is also a pond in the grounds of Nailsea School, again no public access and of poor quality. A good size pond exits in the Elms Estate (technically not part of Nailsea) but that is big enough to be home for a number of ducks and access is limited to just a small part of the edge of the pond. There is of course Backwell Lake but that is very large and supports many Swans and Geese. What Nailsea does not have is a small accessible pond safe for young children to go pond dipping.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as these spaces are already available at Moor End Spout Nature Reserve, Stockway North Nature Reserve and Trendlewood Park.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSNature ReserveA nature reserve / wetland rewilding project, with bird hides, accessible boardwalk paths and picnic area. The area would need to be split in three, one viewable only, one accessible outside of breeding season and the picnic and hide area accessible always. I believe there are people in the community who would enjoy being involved in planting and management, it would be a fantastic learning resource for schools and scouts and guides groups.
Boosting biodiversity in Nailsea. The idea would be to give funding to local parks and nature reserves in Nailsea to plant an array of native pollinator friendly plants to enhance these beneficial plants and insects in our area.
A nature reserve / wetland rewilding project, with bird hides, accessible boardwalk paths and picnic area. The area would need to be split in three, one viewable only, one accessible outside of breeding season and the picnic and hide area accessible always. I believe there are people in the community who would enjoy being involved in planting and management, it would be a fantastic learning resource for schools and scouts and guides groups.
The two fields popular with dog walkers, which always flood, at the corner of Hanham Way, alongside North Drove and the Parish Brook.We know the benefits of time outdoors for our health and wellbeing, whilst being connected to nature also helps us to recognise the pressures we are putting on the planet, this will be a positive place for the people, and wildlife, of Nailsea. This is already a popular location for walking, a bit of infrastructure and a destination will enable more people to get out and about and enjoy the countryside we are lucky enough to live beside. With all the new housing under construction I think it is important to set some space aside for the opposite, as balance.3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSRestoring the GreenPartial restoration of the Green with information plaques.Knocking down defunct loos opposit THE MOOR END SPOUT, creating a grassed area oritectd frin traffic, and with information signboards. Maybe even reproduction Stocks? This would add greatly to the
local Kingshill trails
A few thousand, probablyIf you don't conserve your history it is forgotten, and we lose our heritage. Very important for education and tourism and the economy.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as there is currently a planning application from a developer on this
section of land.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSUplandsTo buy the uplands from NSC and provide an area for recreation and sport for everyone to enjoy. It could have benches and a flower area to encourage wildlife
Buy back The Uplands. This open space is in use all day, in all weathers. Nailsea NEEDS this space to be kept available for the public to continue to use now and in the future.
The uplandsUnknownThere are still sports clubs unable to find playing areas. With the increase in houses nearby we need recreational facility where people can play relax, socialise where wildlife can flourish
With all the other new housing there will be even greater need for open spaces for exercising and to maintain wildlife corridors.
5NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the land is not for sale and has agreed planning permission on it, so cannot be progressed.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSMillenium ParkI think Millenium Park could be improved, next to Tesco. There is a good play park and skate park there but I think it would be good to renovate the central area to make it an appealing place to spend warmer days, for adults to hang out while supervising young ones and to socialise. It could have a water feature (much like Millenium square or St.
Andrews park in Bristol) and lots of benches and picnic benches. Walled flower beds with seats around them.
Interesting sculptures or something like that. Ideally a little (independent!!) cabin that sells proper coffees and cakes!!
Extra seating in Scotch horn park little cafe stall!
Regarding the fencing in Millenium Park alongside Station Road end, quite a bit of fencing is rickety and broken in places, and part of the fence is missing at the far end of the Childrens play park allowing dogs not on a lead to run straight in. May be this could be rectified please.
There are also many muddy patches which need seeding. At the Station Road/Nailsea Park side of the park where vehicles drive in through the big gate and drive on to the main grassed area there are quite deep muddy indents in the ground which really need some sort of filling in material, this looks most unsightly.
I think Millenium Park could be improved, next to Tesco. There is a good play park and skate park there but I think it would be good to renovate the central area to make it an appealing place to spend warmer days, for adults to hang out while supervising young ones and to socialise. It could have a water feature (much like Millenium square or St.
Andrews park in Bristol) and lots of benches and picnic benches. Walled flower beds with seats around them.
Interesting sculptures or something like that. Ideally a little (independent!!) cabin that sells proper coffees and cakes!!
Millenium Park NailseaI don’t knowI think the town is a lovely safe residential area and is attractive at the moment for people wanting to be close to Bristol but have more space. It is fairly large and sprawling though and needs a sense of community. Honestly the town centre is a bit drab and gray and “concrete-y”. Millenium Park has the potential to be a gem of the neighbourhood and be a real community meeting point.5YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSActivity ParkA Comprehensive and Free to use activity park for everyone- e.g tennis courts; outdoor gym; bowling green; golf putting green: designated outdoor activity space (eg for yoga classes or boot camps): archery; climbing wall; climbing boulder; table tennis, basketball court, 5 a side football pitch.Scotch horn/the grove/fields by clevedon Rd2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSDog ParkPlease could we have a properly enclosed field safe for dogs to run freely? The fields in the middle of the town are often very busy with young children or football pitches and surrounded by busy roads. The fields on the outskirts often have access to farm animals. A safe enclosed field would give dog walkers the freedom to let dogs off lead without the worry of the above.
Secure dog field
A Bark Park , free run fenced of areas with undulating grass for dogs to play in , an example can be found in Bedminster , Bristol next to South Street Park , very little.uo.keep required just a reasonable size bit of land ,fencing and Dog bins
Bordering development west or south west Nailsea. Close to a footpath but with no footpath going through so access was solely intended (but not limited to) exercising and training dogs.
A secure dog exercise area with bins and something like a sand/ very fine gravel floor
Hi, I would like a dedicated dog walking field in Nailsea. Somewhere that is fenced and with a dog bin, parking would also be useful for those of us who want to exercise our dogs but can't walk long distances to the dog walking area, depending where we live. There are more and more places that are banning dogs or where dogs can only be walked on 1m leads and there are no dedicated dog walking fields around Nailsea where dogs can safely roam free without encountering sheep, cows or horses.
Perhaps the area of land in the corner of Golden Valley field? (next to Station Road end)? In line with the pedestrian gate.
Anywhere with sufficient space and perhaps room for parking
Areas to consider could be land near /rear of Ravenswood and the otherbscools off pound lane or a section of land within millennium park
A few public park locations that could be made secure
What about the grass area next to the children's play park opposite the maples?
No idea 🙂 Whatever it costs to securely fence in the area, ensure there are no big holes for dogs to run safely without breaking ankles and probably situate and the upkeep to empty a couple of dog waste bins.
I would imagine £5000 for fencing /landscaping and Bina but to be fair that's total guess work and is based on land being provided for free
I guess the cost would be fencing, extra poo bins, substrate and labour... £2k?
There is currently nothing like this in the area and I often see people asking for suggestions on safe places to walk dogs off lead on Facebook. Unfortunately, there are not many places in the middle of the town.
These are popping up all over the place but the closest seems to be clevedon. They are very popular especially with owners of dogs who are anxious around other dogs or young dogs who need a secure area to work on recall. This is a really nice way to be able to let your dog off the lead without any worries.
A free fun fenced if dog park allows dogs more natural excecise it also prevents dog incidents of the running around child based areas of leads so is better for safety , it helps with dog training and developa a dogs social behaviour . The amount if dog owners seems to have exploded after the lockdowns and having seen it at 1st hand in Bedminster I can't express enough how brilliant it is and great to watch , kids watch and learn dogs natural behaviour and again this helps both filys and dog owners , a few benches over looking the park is a good idea and can provide some entertainment for those who can sometime need something to watch and do it's great for mental health to watch a dog having fun
There’s a large demand for local dogs only parks, as in Southville’s Bark Park. If there was a coffee van there it would bring in revenue. It would keep dogs out of other spaces where children are more likely to be disturbed by them. We’re losing a lot of previously useful dog walking space over by Engine Lane and the Uplands due to planned development.
There has been an increase in dog ownership and a safe space to train them would benefit dog, owner, and community. Amenity land previously used for dog walking has been sold (Uplands); the Grove is lead only, Backwell Lake is lead only; Nailsea/Tichenham Football club has restricted access to a previously very popular site. Dog ownership has increased so too have people's dislike/fear of them off-leads near children. However, dogs need to be off leads for exercise and not everyone has the luxury of a vehicle to travel out of the town. We spend council funds on play equipment for families with children to socialise and exercise, a space to do so with a pet would be a credit to the town. At present, the nearest enclosed field to hire is in Kingston Seymour and is in demand.
There could be a small charge involved in using the fried which could be put back into maintanance and perhaps other worthy causes. Shows great view of its benefits
The site could include wildlife initiatives and trees/shrubs for rewilding which benefit the environment and also provide stimuli for dogs.
A few leveled logs or tractor tires could provide basic agility courses.
9NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as it was felt that the logistics of maintaining the asset would deem to be too great.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSFlower PlantingMore dramatic public planting1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSWild flowersGreen spaces/ trees / wild flowersEverywhere! 🙂£10,000s I guess - not huge amounts of money.We are so lucky to have some lovely green open spaces which are a great resource. Some lovely trees have come down in the recent storms - let's replace them. Trees help with air quality and help control flooding They provide amazing ecosystems for 100s of animals. Some councils have introduced wild flower verges to encourage bio diversity. They look lovely too.Why not involve local schools, and other open spaces1NoThis item was declined as this is not a project that is a capital expense.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSBlackthorn Way - RewildingTo return the open space on the junction of Blackthorn Way and Nailsea Park, from re-wilding to its previous status forthwith. This area is now extremely scruffy, which is most unfortunate, being situated on one of the main routes into town. I am in no ways against protecting the environment, but surely more care should have been taken in selecting suitable sites. The planting of trees, as is happening in other parts of Nailsea,would surely have been more appropriate for this site.
I would like to suggest that the “rewilding scheme” at the corner of Hawthorn and Blackthorn Way is abandoned and the area is restored to its former state as this scheme has been a complete failure and the area is an eyesore and impacting on the surrounding properties.
As aboveNegligible. The planting of trees would be more, bu mucht more beneficial.We need re-wilding to be in unobtrusive, and in areas which are melded into its surroundings. Not 5 foot from pavements.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSRewildingNo more re-wilding - it looks a mess, will just collect litter and we need our usable green spaces now more than ever
* Give proper consideration to where trees are planted. Recent planting is awful with far too many trees planted too close together - these areas will become an unsightly impassable thicket and nothing else. *
We don’t need anymore rewinding.
2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
All the roads made up to class A standard and all roads which have been reduced to bumpy tracks resurfaced, especially The Uplands.Because we are a rundown village, completely lacking in infrastructure.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSParking Restrictions - Church LaneMore restrictions for parking on the bend at the top of Church Lane BS48 4NG - by Holy Trinity Church + The Tithe Barn.The lane suddenly becomes very narrow on the bend and viewing (with all the parked cars) is very restricted for drivers who approach from either direction.
Obviously there is a safety issue for pedestrians.
Costs would be minimal.People who use the Barn + the Church should be encouraged to use the car parks of both establishments. The Barn has a small car park. The Church has a large car park further down the lane. Both are often empty while the lane is blocked causing difficulties for residents, tradesmen + dustbin lorries etc.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSNo Parking - Church LanePlease put a 'NO PARKING' sign at the bottom of CHURCH LANE - BS48-4NG. As a dead end lane this area is intended to be a 'turn around' for all the lorries, vans, cars (including dustbin lorries) who service the lane.AT the DEAD END of CHURCH LANE (between 42 and 43)The price of a sign + its installation.To enable all the services to get to the various house holders - particularly - rubbish collection1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSSpeed Reduction - Queens RoadReduce speeds along Queens Road to 30mph to create a sustainable and safe transport route for all users through our town.Queens RoadDepends what you do but reckon with some road markings the carriageway width could be reduced and signage installed (the islands already exist) - £50,000??This is a major route through our town. It is used by many, particularly school children crossing at different points, but cars and lorries hurtle along it. It bisects the town. there is no need for such a fast road through a residential area. Slowing down traffic along this road, which will get busier as a result of new development, will encourage more walking and cycling. Not only will this improve the health and wellbeing of people, but it will be better for the planet and the general environment of Nailsea.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - Pedestrian CrossingsPavements and pedestrian crossings on the busiest section of road in Nailsea, along with traffic calming. If the 20mph and HGV route is being introduced in central Nailsea this road needs calming.Between Nailsea Park Junction and roundabout at Tesco along B3130. A A crossing at the bus stops by Nailsea Park B Pavement created along the length from bus stop to Webbs Autos (between 9-15 High Street) C Speed limit reduced to 20mph also and/or speed bumps. D Review of dangers at junction at top of The Willows. Bearing in mind rules of Highway code seem to be about to change giving pedestrians priority and this junction is crazy busy with commercial and domestic trafficNo idea 100k ? Knowing that crossings seem to be ridiculously expensiveIt is only going to get busier with new housing, something needs to be done now to protect more vulnerable road users, cyclists, children, other pedestrians. Road is far too fast for its width.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - Zebra CrossingZebra or other safe crossing really needed.At entrance to millennium park on nailsea Park end near the Masonic Hall.A lot of people of all ages and with children and dogs try to cross there to Trendlewood and the traffic is too fast and busy. When the schools come out people park all along that road and at all other times it’s like a race trackIt’s near a junction so that makes it even more busy with a lot of traffic using that junction to get to the main road from Trendlewood area.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - North StreetIntroduce traffic calming measures on North Street. With the introduction of the new estates at the top of Engine Lane the street on the West End side is now dangerous. Heavy goods, overflow from the development should be directed through the industrial estate permanently and not down the one lane street with no pavements.
More speed ramps to slow down traffic especially where there are no pavements ie parts of North street. and near schools.
Cut access to North Street from Engine LaneNo detail on how to cost thisSafety first and foremost, North Street is no equipt for large levels of traffic/ HGV2No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - Clevedon RoadA pedestrian crossing - this is urgent - I have been asking for 35+ yrs.On the Clevedon Road outside Greenfield Crescent. - There are 2 schools/park/playgroundl across this road, in Pound Lane etc.A tin of white paint etc: - cheaper than a swimming pool.To protect the predestrians crossing to Junior + infant to the 2 schools, playground and park. - One person has already been killed on this stretch of road,
To provide safe route to school and also safe route to the park for families and children.
My granddaughter wrote to the Council when she was 8 years old - she is now nearly 22 yrs old. - Portishead & Backwell get priority.2No
I suggest TRAFFIC LIGHTSat thge top of Wraxall HillWhy? we avoid near misses.......1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Lights - Queens RoadTraffic lightsJunction of Queens Rd, Mizzymead and Perrings.Measures are insufficient currently, huge number of children cross this junction for school and I have witnessed many near misses of traffic collisions and children at this hazardous junction.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic LightsTraffic lights at the junction of Nailsea Park and High Street with a right turn filter1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSYoungwood Lane - Access onlyMake Youngwood Lane access only. Ban all motor vehicles except for resident and business access.Entire length of Youngwood Lane from Netherton Wood Lane to The Perrings.Cost of new signage. New traffic order.Youngwood Lane is a well used area of recreation for Nailsea residents of all ages. Walking, cycling, and horse- riding are all popular activities using the Lane. However, the Lane already suffers from rat-running of vehicles between Nailsea and the surrounding area. This is likely to increase as higher numbers of people move into the new housing developments in the area. Conversely, the new residents are likely to want to use Youngwood Lane for the recreational purposes the current population already enjoys. I would remove vehicle access from the entire length of Youngwood Lane and restrict its use to recreation, and access only to the businesses and homes along its length. This will help to manage conflicting uses of the Lane, health and safety of users and reduce wear and tear of the road surface. It would also help to maintain the rural and historic character of the Lane by keeping motor vehicle use low. The Lane is only usable for one lane of traffic. An increase in motor vehicle use would create congestion and risk an unsafe environment for all users of the Lane.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSWraxall to Backwell BypassMajor road improvements. Exit from the town is limited with pinch points at Nailsea/Backwell Station Railway arch, B3130 just before junction with B3128 and certain points on B3130 through Wraxall. An 'A' road quality road needs to be developed from the Long Ashton By-pass through to the M5 Clevedon junction to provide a quality egress from Nailsea to Bristol and the M5. This has been discussed for many years and action needs to be taken NOW. This road will provide a much needed reduction of traffic volume on the A370 and at the same time as effecting a by pass for the villages of Flax Bourton, Wraxall, Tickenham, Backwell, Cleeve, Claverham, Yatton, Congresbury and Hewish.On a route from the end of the existing A370 Long Ashton by-pass at Flax Bourton, across land between Wraxall and Backwell, through Nailsea before all routes are blocked with further housing developments and joining up with the existing M5 Clevedon exit roundabout.Millions of poundsSo we can get out of Nailsea sensibly.1No
3) The mini roundabout by Iceland for the Station Road car park is very badly damaged surface-wise and has no
paint markings. This should be improved.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Connections/ Safety - West EndImprove road connections by avoiding single track country lanes - A new road or improved wider roads between Nailsea and Clevedon to the motorway. The traffic through West End and Tickenham is only going to get busier with the new housing developments. Currently the narrow single track roads are not fit for the volume of traffic. A road that could connect Nailsea to Clevedon via a bi-pass of the West End and Tickenham would take the pressure off narrow lanes, reduce the risk of large HGVs getting stuck and causing major disruptions and it would stop residents paying thousands each year to rebuild garden walls that have been knocked down by cars/vans/lorries trying to pass each other or navigate tight corners. Widening the existing roads would be an option and providing a small footpath would make walking safer.
Widen some of the country roads to the West End.
Spend something - anything - on safety in West End, that's the area of Nailsea which is totally forgotten about unless it involves house building plans by Nailsea Town Council, North Somerset Council, Developers, Land owners. I've read your Council Minutes, West End is never mentioned apart from building houses. It's already a nightmare for local residents who might want to walk out of their own gate without the risk of being run down by speeding cyclists and traffic which is only going to worsen every time another house is built on the west side of Nailsea. It's not just dangerous for local residents but all the people who walk, cycle and ride horses around the lanes.
Access Only and speed restriction signs on both roads leading out of Nailsea to the West End. Also at the Clevedon junction for traffic coming in from the Motorway
A new road is required to take all the extra traffic from new houses being built on west side of Nailsea.
West end of Nailsea connected directly to the M5 junction 20 roundabout/slip road.Lots!It would make Nailsea a more desirable commuter town with better and faster links to the motorway. It would entice businesses to the trading estates with direct links to the motorway via safer routes for HGVs. It would allow for quicker bus links between From Weston and Clevedon. There are lots of nervous drivers who won’t travel at night or in the dark if it means a journey down single track roads. Having footpath access would allow people to walk safely between the neighbouring towns and villages.Widening of existing single track roads and adding footpaths to links out of Nailsea to Clevedon and Tickenham would make journeys safer for vehicles and pedestrians5No
A link road to the motorway junction at Clevedon from the end of Queens Road running approximately parallel to the
road through Tickenham
1NoThe Council Voted No because traffic and Roads are the remit of North Somerset Distrcit council. However it was agreed that all of the comments will be passed to NSDC for consideration.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSSpeed Reduction - Sawyers Arms2) There needs to be either Speed reduction measures such as road bumps or a speed camera, as well as a zebra crossing on the high street (part between Tesco and the Sawyers arms pub)1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSQuiet Lanes - Netherton Wood LaneQuiet Lanes for Netherton Wood Lane, West End (hamlet) Nailsea, North Somerset. would benefit everyone who lives in, works in and visits West End, by creating Quiet Lanes we could encourage more active forms of travel such as walking, cycling and horse-riding. Not only will this improve people’s wellbeing it will support the drive towards making Nailsea carbon neutral by 2030 in response to the climate emergency.Netherton Wood Lane is a single-track road (i.e. no line markings), typically with less than 1,000 vehicles using it per day in West End hamlet. It is a routes where visitors and locals can enjoy the natural surroundings and use them for activities such as cycling, horse- riding, jogging and walking. The idea is not to restrict motor vehicles on these rural routes, but to encourage considerate use of the road, so they can be shared and enjoyed by
A 'Quiet Lane' will encourage drivers to exercise caution when travelling along it to respect other users, it isn’t a traffic calming measure.
The 'Quiet Lane' is a signed road where there are no speed restrictions. Is it safe for walkers/cyclists/horse riders to use. 'Quiet Lane' designation does not impose traffic calming or create access restrictions for any residents or businesses along the route. 1,760 additional homes are being built adjacent to Netherton Wood Lane 'Quiet Lanes' would prevent it becoming a Rat Run.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - Netherton Wood LaneEnsure Netherton Wood lane is modernised to the very least that two vehicles can pass throughout it length.
Widen Netherton Wood Lane etc. from Engine Lane right down to the A370. It is too narrow and needs more room to accommodate the extra traffic caused by this housing
Signage for West End Lane and Netherton Wood Lane indicating that it is unsuitable for lorries, that it is single track with passing places. Also imposing a speed limit.
Signage for West End Lane and Netherton Wood Lane indicating that it is unsuitable for lorries, that it is single track with passing places. Also imposing a speed limit
Netherton Wood LaneNothing if Taylor Wimpey carry out. £100 to 200K if carried out by councilMain West exit from South West Nailsea by new developments
If not improved, there will be collisions & jams down these lanes - used by tractors. Other traffic will use White Oak Way, causing issues past schools and at The Perrings/Queens Rd junction
This road infrastructure improvement has always needed doing, even more so now to avoid congestion throughout Nailsea.5No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSCrossing - Trendlewood/Festival WayZebra or light signal pedestrian crossing. Can council invest in safety by improving pedestrian crossing on Trendlewood way meeting Festival Way footpath. There were previous public requests including residential petition to improved this crossing for children but it has been turned down due to lack of funding. The current crossing is on a slight bend which doesn’t allow children to cross safely and slowly. You need to run across the road during rush hour , while the cars are speeding through. This is the main crossing for children from Trendlewood and Elms area to Golden Valley school/ Nailsea school while it’s also frequently used by public visiting Wraxall countryside.
Additionally the housing development at west end of Nailsea will increase traffic through the area, for people reaching exit roads from Nailsea. This would make this pedestrian crossing even more risky.
Trendlewood way /festival way crossingDirectly improving safety of public through the better road/path management.2No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSEastway SquareBecause the road in Eastway Square us very bad I find it hard going on my mobility scooter. Please look at the right hand side as well = thank you.(Road) Eastway Square Nailsea.?1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - St Francis SchoolFor a pedestrian crossing to be installed outside St Francis Catholic Primary school.
A pelican crossing outside St Francis school. This is a very busy road in the mornings and would be made much safer with a more defined crossing
I would like to see traffic calming measures and speed limit reductions on Station Road between Golden Valley Primary School and St Francis Primary School for safety and to encourage walking and cycling to both schools. At present, it's unsafe and the speed of traffic, layout and lack of traffic calming measures are dangerous for children and parents to cycle and walk. This is also the case along Trendlewood
For safety reasons, a zebra crossing or pedestrian crossing is needed outside St Francis' School on Station Road. This route is used by many people every day, especially school children and their parents. It is particularly difficult to cross from the Nailsea town centre side of Station Road because of the bend in the road which prevents pedestrians seeing what is approaching. The lack of pedestrian crossing is, put simply, a serious accident waiting to happen.
School drop off times correspond with peak commute times and pedestrians are left battling a constant stream of traffic, with parents and children having to take it into their own hands to enable safe passage across the road. The provision for pedestrians near to this junction is woefully inadequate, not only for schoolchildren and parents alike, but also for the many residents of Station Road who may be looking to cross Station Road as they head towards/back from town. Vehicles regularly travel along this road at higher than the national speed limit which makes crossing the road even more dangerous.
To be installed at a safe and suitable location on Station Road near St Francis SchoolCurrently the school does not have a dedicated crossing location. Station road is a main through road between the towns of Nailsea and Backwell. The volume of traffic is very heavy throughout the day and on this part of the road there is a slight bend, which makes crossing of the road for pedestrians very unsafe.
Safer way for parents and children to cross road into school.
Many parents at the school (including myself) are conscious that the speed of cars is far too high on this road (especially near the blind corner near Ash Hayes road) and it is not very safe especially with younger children. A small school in a small town deserves better help with this issue before we see a serious accident. Sinusoidal speed humps and signage has reduced speeds near Backwell school and traffic calming measures here would help greatly. This is the only school in the town without adequate road safety controls.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Control - Silver StreetAdditionally as I live facing Silver Street, the speed the traffic from the traffic lights to the turning opposite the Care Home is uncontrolled, several accidents have happened. Although not of personal interest perhaps1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSVisibility MirrorIdea 1. Visibility mirror opposite public footpath next to 41 Whitesfield Road Idea1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSResurfacing - Station Road2. Resurfacing of Station Road near St F school (between Ash Hayes Rd and St F school) Idea1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRights of WayA tweak to the rights of way in a couple of places around town. Specifically, changing Youngwood Lane to an access only road to motor vehicles (and adding a 20mph speed limit), changing Quarry Way to a bridleway, lowering the speed limit on Silver Street/Kingshill/ Union Street/North Street to 20mph, as well as the road past the social club and converting the paths in the "open" parts of the park to the south of Kingshill school over to shared use path. I'm also going to suggest converting part of Whitesfield Road over to 20mph and allowing cycling through the bottom end of Church Lane.Youngwood Lane, Quarry Way, Silver Street, Union Street (North of Yew Tree Gardens), Kingshill, North Street, Watery Lane. Whitesfield road, Church Lane and the park to the south of Kingshill School.Unknown to me, but whatever the cost of changing the rights of way, plus ~£50 per sign needed.Youngwood lane needs to become an access only road to motor vehicles because it is very narrow, the bends are blind and to protect it's other users (primarily equestrians and walkers, but also cyclists). It's generally ill- suited to being anything more than access only for motor vehicles. A 20mph speed limit would also improve safety somewhat. Converting Quarry Way over to bridleway would offer a potentially more convenient, faster and quieter route into the heart of town by bike for anyone living in the roads behind Quarry Way. Nailsea Town council even proposed this as a part of the potential route for NCR 33's missing link between Nailsea and Weston. This could be converted over to shared use path instead, but, given how wide the footpath end of Quarry Way is, it appears practical to me for it to be converted to bridleway. Three of these streets (Union Street, Silver Street, Kingshill) are narrow and the pavements are too, when they exist, particularly in the case of Union Street. A 20mph speed limit could help discourage through motor traffic to an extent, improving safety in itself by reducing the volume of traffic, but also improve safety for pedestrians and unmotorised road users in the event of a collision, which is particularly important, given that there are two pubs on these streets and that drunk people are poorly coordinated and can be erratic. North Street, east of the junction with Queens Road, and Watery Lane should be added into this, as should the road down the side of the social club. The paths in the park to the south of Kingshill should become shared use primarily because it would then legitimise the use of bicycles by the kids going to school in part of the school's immediate catchment zone, integrating with the shared use path on their grounds or entering the park to use the play facilities there. It would also provide another way of getting into town for the people who's houses back on to that park. It's open enough that it shouldn't be an issue. There is a short segment of Whitesfield Road between it's most southerly exit onto Ridgeway and Goss Lane with no pavement. As there are going to be pedestrians in the road on an otherwise residential street, it would make sense to lower the speed limit here for ~70 metres. The bottom of Church Lane seems like a prime candidate to be opened up to cycling. Indeed, it may already be legal to cycle there, but I cannot find any information as to what kind of right of way it is. If it was down to me, I would convert it to bridleway if it was anything less than that already. This will offer another low-traffic route to the tithe barn, as you only have to cross Queens Road. These promote cycling, walking and increased safety for all road users, which both make Nailsea safer and make sense, given that we've declared a climate emergency.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - Greenfield CrescentCan someone resurface the roads in my area (greenfield crescent) as it looks like we’re neglected …it’s embarrassing when we have visitors. It doesn’t reflect on Nailsea well. We are homeowners and the houses are worth well over £260 000 but you’d never know looking at the state of the roads!Greenfield Crescent1No
Engine Lane, Chelvey
Better road infrastructor - to cater for increased housing.Engine Lane, Chelvey, Youngwood Lane, also in and
out of Nailsea.
No idea - over to you.Over development with existing road structure - schools, doctors, dentist, NHS services.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - PrecinctRepairs and improvements to the ‘public realm’ especially along the service road and car park behind the high st (station road side, and the area out under the tunnel alongside MayNews out onto Stockway where School Togs is.
Including making treacherous uneven pavements safe, and ensuring more dropped kerb crossing places for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs.
Improved pedestrian safety.
All pavements need re doing around the shops they are a dangerous disgrace.
Repair the main road in the High Street
Within the overall budgetBecause the town needs smartening up to be more attractive to potential businesses, residents and those who visit for leisure purposes. Because Nailsea is and has been for decades the ‘poor relation’ to Weston, Portishead and Clevedon, massively under invested.4No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - GeneralDeal with pot holes and poor road surfaces, some side streets are worse than a third world country and are dangerous (Vynes Way for example)
(1) Road repairs ( not just patches) are long overdue, especially Pound Lane and many other locations. (2) With all the new houses being built an improved road system is definitely required.
Decent roads to get into and out of Nailsea safely. Station Rd is not fit for purpose, the Wraxall/Bristol road is narrow and dangerous and the lanes are not the way to enter a town the size of Nailsea.
3. The road surfaces on our Local Roads are a disgrace especially the one I live in Ash Hayes Drive, also the pavements.
Improve the condition of the roads which are worse than roads in the third world
Station Road5No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic control - Engine LaneThe problems being created by extra traffic from the Engine Lane housing and Netherton Grange. Following more proposed housing from Netherton Lane and Grove Farm. We live on Chelvey Road and the already increased traffic is a real problem. The houses I have stated aren't even finished yet. I shudder to think what it will be like when it is.
Introduction of bollards to the south end of engine lane from the trading estate to prevent industrial vehicles using North Street also to reduce traffic from the new developements using this road where there are not pavements.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSResurfacing - Engine LaneA complete re-surfacing of Engine Lane, the pavements and construction of speed ramps and speed limit. Similar to what was done in Station Road, Backwell.The entire length of Engine Lane.I don't know but as some of this large amount of money has come from the sale of land in Engine Lane, why not let Engine Lane have some of the benefits as was previously quoted in North Somerset Times.The Head of the Town Council was quoted in the North Somerset Times saying this development should have happened years ago. Well he appears to have got his wish but he can also see from his visits to site along with other Councilors, that the lane is taking a considerable bashing from the construction. Therefore, if the infrastructure is just muddy badly maintained roads, who will want to live in Nailsea? A further encouragement to new families will be the installing of speed ramps and a 20 MPH limit as the lane will return as the rat run shortcut to Chelvey when this is all completed.1No
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTAmphitheatreI would like to see an open air amphitheatre built in the Millennium Park at Scotch Horn. This would give everyone young and old the opportunity to enjoy the performing arts from touring Theatre companies to music concerts. During the pandemic Theatres, concert halls etc were all forced to close, having an open air amphitheatre gives everyone the chance to enjoy the outdoors, socialise and be entertained at the same time. There could be many uses for schools, youth Groups and the local theatre Groups in Nailsea.
Outdoor stage/cultural area in precinct or where the old barn is (this was a real community hub with lots of nature around it and such a shame we lost it when it closed)
Millennium Park or somewhere suitable.
Old barn
I have no idea unfortunatelyI feel we need something to bring the community together, this would be an ideal opportunity. I really enjoy open air theatre, sitting with your family sharing a picnic and watching good entertainment on a summers afternoon or evening is uplifting. And I think we all need that at the moment.
We need more culture and community in Nailsea accessible to a wider age range. Currently we go out of Nailsea for this. Some facilities are run down or non existent. I’ve lived in Nailsea most of my life and chose to bring my children up here but there are more facilities in Clevedon or Weston. Also, working arrangements have changed and we should facilitate those high earners who may work from home in the future. We do well with nature and blooms.
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTSoft PlayBetter soft playsWhere ever you find the room for all the ridiculously priced houses you could use that land for more facilities for the younger ones!
Maybe Blackfriars road or another industrial estate
The kids in nailsea have absolutely no where to socialise with friends, or parents to go that's warm and let the kids play with out spending a fortune. Children's football teams have to beg for places to train and play and would be nice for them to have a club house to use after games.
There’s no where for children to play indoors when weather isn’t good
There is very little for young families here. Both parents and children could be better catered for.
9NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to ths facility is already provided for at the Scotch orn Centre and may just need publicising.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTFamily Entertainment ComplexFamily social leisure facilities swimming pool hot tub relaxation area cinema complex, restaurants all under one roof all things for our children and families to do independently and together. Nee shopping centre with new shops for clothing and footwear one of those multi store the outfit store at avonmeads in Bristol would be good.Scotch horn areaWe work hard in this area and our children work hard at school. As above no shops that you feel you can go out and enjoy a shops. No clothing or shoe shops in nailsea need an outfit at the above. Family Leisure facilities required for relaxation fun and entertainment1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMulti Sports Activity CentreA multi sports building to include Bowling Arcade games Pool tables Cafe/bar Indoor parkour area Laser tag climbing walls Chill out zone where music can be played Indoor football courts Disco/roller skate room Outdoor seating/bbq area with fire pits?? Somewhere teens can go until 11pm/12am without judgement and so they are safe, open to families and everyone else aswell.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTCinemaCinema and arts centre
A cinema for Nailsea! Like the Curzon in Clevedon. It doesn't have to be huge but something showing the recent films and we could show locally made films as well.
1. Possibly on scotch horn site 2. Possibly an area of the park 3. I don't know
Some abandoned site in town, perhaps one of the trading estates?
A place for people of all ages to use. Nailsea needs to be a destination in itself rather than just a commuter town. We need something to put it on the map
We need something for the young people of the town and this will bring jobs and entertainment locally.
13MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMuseumA museum to house the artifacts that are being stored in various places. It would give residents an insight into the lives of those who have lived here over the years. A centre for education and sponsor a feeling of community
A museum would be great.
A museum to show and celebrate Nailsea Glass, so it’s all under one roof in the town, hopefully bringing together all the displays scattered around the area.
I think Nailsea deserves a Museum, we have so much history and other than the telly tubby mound there’s not much else. The Glass works , bottle factory, Coates cider, coal mines and Hannah Moore is so much of Nailsea
A museum. Nailsea has a rich heritage and lots of history, some of which can be viewed on the Nailsea History Group on Facebook, but we are in danger of losing historical photos, artifacts and maps because we have nowhere to put them. The museum would be good for young and old alike, with opportunities for children and the whole community to join in with projects and share information.
I really think we need a museum to celebrate the glassworks and the coal industry, plus the visit of Hannah More and the history of Holy Trinity Church. This has been mooted several times before and has always been vetoed when push came to shove. There is the Iron Age Hillfort at Cadbury Camp, and the Romans were also there and had villas nearby. John Whiting's cottage and the history of methodism in the town, the fact that Parliamentary troops came here in the English Civil War and the fact that the railway station was the first on the line (1841) - and visited for 8 minutes when Isambard Kingdom Brunel was on the first train could also be included. It could go in one of the empty shops - Nat West Bank would be very suitable.
Museum/Heritage Centre/N. Glass Display Facility
Somewhere that the town's heritage can be explored and artifacts displayed - a mini museum if possible. The display at Scotch Horn is OK but many people aren't aware that it is there. During the local history meetings before lockdown it became apparent that there is a wealth of material held by individuals who would like to see it properly stored and curated
Perhaps in an empty shop in the precinct. It might encourage visitors to the area.
In one of the empty premises in the Town Centre Ideally central Nailsea
We have the Tithe Barn, so perhaps round there, or maybe convert another old building in Nailsea. It doesn’t need to be huge and could even be attached or built into one of the schools
Empty shop - NatWest Bank would do
A heritage grant could be applied for. It would only need help to set up, then could be self funding.
No idea, but hopefully the Town Centre company might be persuaded to donate some premises
I am not an accountant, you need to ask someone. But lots of local museums have lots of volunteers. I would certainly volunteer and have lived here since 1970, plus you have a thriving Local History Society.
I would love to see a small museum of some kind in Nailsea celebrating its past and looking towards the future. Nailsea is constantly changing and it would be good to reflect on where it has come from to today. Something interactive for schools would be amazing too as I know there is interest.
If you don't conserve your history it is forgotten, and we lose our heritage. Very important for education and tourism and the economy
Because with so much expansion going on, we need to foster a feeling of community. It would be a shame not to share the unique story of our area.
Informative for residents and visitors
It is a vital part of the history of the town.
Because lots of people in the very popular Nailsea History Group (which has over 4,000 members) have asked about having one and we have the unique heritage of the glass works, which could bring more people to Nailsea as tourists if the museum was here. We are ideally situated between Tyntesfield and Clevedon Court, so it would be a natural stopping off point if visiting both. It would bring more business to local shops too.
The Nailsea glassworks is of National importance and famous for its wares all over the country. Glass rolling pins which were made all over the UK have all been called "Nailsea" despite where they come from. The mining history is also very interesting - we wouldn't have had the glass without the coal and the ash trees nearby.
Nailsea has a sizeable Industrial Heritage. Coal, Cider, Glass, Lemonade
Nailsea's history is diverse and important locally and nationally and yet so many people in the town know little about it. Visitors are not encouraged enough to take an interest in Nailsea's history. Many local people, and people that have past connections to Nailsea, have items that could be shared in a museum, but are currently stored in their homes restricting knowledge and access to the few people they know/share them with. It would help to develop Nailsea's economy. A museum would encourage more people to visit and give them reason to do so that wasn't just for shopping or staying within the town centre. It would also encourage people to stay for the day rather than a couple of hours. It would provide opportunities to volunteer or work in heritage. Nailsea's links to the early development of the Methodist church could encourage international visitors too. For example, many Americans visit the New Room in Bristol, a trip to Nailsea could be encouraged by providing the facility of a museum
There is a lot of interest in Nailsea history and this project would bring people together.
I am the administrator of The Nailsea History Group and you can contact me via the group, on Facebook
The precinct would benefit from sprucing up. This might encourage new businesses to the town.
20YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMiddle Engine PitMake the Middle Engine Pit buildings and grounds safe and open up for community use. This is a fabulous piece of green space for wildlife and a fabulous historic site. It is an asset for Nailsea but it’s not being used as such. The site is part of the recently set up heritage trail but we all have to peer through the fences! Let’s open it up for picnics and teaching of history and public enjoyment.Middle Engine PitSadly I don’t know but I’m making a guess here that making the buildings safe would be maybe around £20,000. It’s not my area of expertise!This could be a fantastic learning and leisure amenity for Nailsea rather than a derelict and disintegrating space. If the buildings are left for much longer then they will disintegrate beyond saving. The wildlife and eco/green opportunities for the space are great. A team of volunteers could be set up to help maintain the wildlife space once the buildings are made safe.1N/AAlready in hand
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTTheatreTo develop the auditorium at Scotch Horn Leisure Centre for local drama, dance, musical theatre and choir groups to perform. The auditorium requires pack away retractable raked seating, redevelopment of dressing rooms, updating the stage, replacing curtains and space to house costumes and props.
Another much needed facility is a decent theatre to host plays, concerts, pantomimes, etc. We currently have the Little Theatre in Union Street, Nailsea School's theatre and the Scotch Horn Centre none of which are ideal for a town of Nailsea's size.
Scotch Horn Leisure CentreDifficult to engage quotes without more specific information regarding the venue. If this proposal is of interest I would be happy to research thus further.As a committee and performing member of Nailsea Musicals we have encountered difficulty using the old facilities of Scotch horn to perform full musical and pantomime productions. There are many local children's, youth and adult groups and clubs in Nailsea that require an effective space to perform and our community should be celebrating and investing in the motivating and positive activities shared by many. Performers, audience members, technicians, lighting, sound engineers, set design and building, costume creators, prop builders, stage crew the list of those involved is endless and often volunteers.4YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTConcert HallThis is the ideal opportunity for Nailsea to blaze a trail and put its name on the local map, by using the money for a single large-scale project providing a facility which is not available in other local towns. What we need is a concert hall!
You may think we have a number of suitable performance venues in Nailsea, but you could not be more wrong. They are either set up as a theatre, so much of the sound is absorbed by the curtaining or disappears into the roof, or as a church where the acoustic is patchy, or where the capacity too small to accommodate a choir and/or an orchestra and a decent sized audience (sufficient to make a concert self-supporting). Neither Clevedon or Portishead have anything ideally suitable, so with the right building it would be possible to attract hirers from these two towns, and further afield.
We need a concert hall. That is a hall without a traditional theatre stage where the sound is lost upwards and not projected outwards. We need a hall that is designed with appropriate acoustics to enhance the natural sound made by musicians who do not use microphones. It should be capable of seating an audience of at least 300 (not counting choir and orchestra).
There are many thriving choirs in Nailsea, of which Nailsea Choral Society is probably the largest with 60+ members. We are hampered in performing large works by not having enough space in any venue to accommodate this large choir, full orchestra and then have space for 250+ tickets we would need to sell to break even. Nailsea Concert Orchestra is developing quite a name for itself with its new conductor, Ben England BEM. There are several other community choirs, all commanding a large following, as well as smaller, highly professional groups needing a suitable venue to perform. The Folk Club are well based at the intimate venue of the Tithe Barn but could book some bigger names if they knew they had a larger space to sell more tickets.
We recognise that a stand-alone capital build is probably out of the question but are raising this issue now as all sorts of refurbishments and future plans may be being considered as a result of this windfall. For example, if Scotch Horn or Grove Sports Centre were to be redesigned and improved could an extension for a concert hall be considered there. If there is a new school or community centre to be built as part of the housing developments in Nailsea then could consideration be given to a concert hall as part of that development. A simple open hall space without fixed stage or seating but with appropriate acoustic and either moveable stage blocks or some sort of raised platform could lend itself to many different layouts and different moods. A large but mellow indoor space could support not only different performance arts but many varying community activities.
With a bespoke hall of this description, we could invite full size orchestras, big name bands, Bristol Vic actors, regional singers like Welsh Male Voice Choirs or touring companies to perform. Our choirs could sing larger works with orchestras and instead of having to go to Bristol to perform we could perhaps even draw Bristol audiences out here to Nailsea. Choirs and orchestras from Congresbury and Long Ashton as well as Clevedon and Portishead could well be attracted to Nailsea by the right performance space. We are all asking that you please look most seriously at this need and these proposals.
1. A concert, performance venue (audience capacity >200), cultural space, to include cafe/restaurant, for choirs, orchestras, musicals, films etc (available for hire as income stream)
2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
The size required makes this unfeasible.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTArts CentreThe investment should be used to invest in a preferably self financing cultural asset centrally located in the town. This would be an attractive destination for both residents and non-residenta. By increasing footfall in the town, it would encourage private investment in the town by retail and leisure companies, helping to revitalise the town. Towns and villages such as Bruton, Street and Frome have been transformed through cultural investments and Nailsea could achieve similar success with good strategy and execution. The money available could possibly transform the derelict site by the library into a fantastic combined arts, theatre, cinema, cafe gallery, events space?
An arts centre/marketplace/centre of culture. For: - artists (local and nationwide) to display and sell their work - musicians to come and perform in a formal concert setting, daytime or evening - jewellers to display and sell their work - stone masons showing and selling sculptural and functional items - woodworkers - artisan bakers etc. etc. I know some of this is covered by the monthly markets in Nailsea, but this would be a permanent venue, not impacted by the weather and enabling the more broad art forms to be catered for. If space permitted, conference facilities could also be provided, bringing further revenue to the town. If it was properly funded and advertised it would not only be a fantastic asset for Nailsea residents, meeting a widespread desire for independent artisan businesses, but it would also draw in people from further afield, thereby increasing income to the town.
Renovate the educational buildings next to the library to provide studios and workshops for arts & crafts and other skills based life-long learning and social endeavour
I like the idea of the arts centre and museum. Nailsea has a proud heritage and history and it would be lovely to have a focal point of displays linking to an arts centre. I would like to refer to the swimming pool proposal:- this has been on the agenda for the nearly 40 years that I have lived in Nailsea and I consider it to be an imperative. However the building of it from these funds should not be even considered:- it is absolutely an District Council project just like the pools in Clevedon, Portishead, Weston Super Mare , Backwell etc. It is ridiculous that Backwell has a pool with the small population, the fact that c70% of the users arrive by car (with associated pollution etc. It is also completely past it's best by date, has already during the period of this council absorbed an indecent amount of taxpayer funding to repair it's ancient fixtures and fittings. It should be sold off for housing and the sale proceeds utilised in building it's replacement in Nailsea. The ongoing running costs should also be covered from outside Nailsea as cost centre. I would also like to see some renovation to the old industrial workings in the town and them being opened to the public.
I would also love to see more of the local interest statues and wood carvings around the town Finally I would like to see the "rewilded" patch of Green Amenity land in Golden Valley utilised as a memorial park:- Holocaust, Prince Philip or Jubilee
The Scotch Horn Leisure Centre could be repurposed as an Arts Centre, Museum and Library. It could do with a facelift as it’s looking tired and dated. Again this would be of benefit to everyone in the town. The precinct is problematic and in order to encourage new businesses, the town needs to show it is progressive in its outlook. These new facilities could potentially bring new blood and ideas to the town and put Nailsea on the map as a destination.
Nailsea deserves to be improved to make it an even nicer place in which to live. arts centre with theatre.
A new, architect designed, purpose-built community venue of the highest sustainable and eco standards, to include provision for leisure, sport, the arts, and performance, that embraces and improves the best of what is already available in Nailsea without duplicating it or putting other similar facilities ‘out of business’.
Town Centre
Without doubt, the old Health Centre would be a great place to redevelop for this project. I, like the majority of Nailsea residents, am totally ashamed of and depressed by the state of that building. When I bring visitors to Nailsea I always avoid the car park by the Health Centre as it is a dreadful eyesore, with weeds growing out of the walls and roof, and chip board covering the windows. Add to that the site of the old garage, covered in weeds and surrounded by metal fencing right at the entrance to and exit from the car park and it certainly looks as though the council doesn't really care about Nailsea. It has been like this for years and I know the excuse is that Weston College are asking too much money for it, but this has gone on too long. I wrote to NSC about this a few months ago and got no reply. The people of Nailsea deserve better! We need to feel proud of our town.
The buildings next to the library but the end point can be piloted through the use of empty shops in the centre and expand to them in the future if successful.
Possibly, the centre can actively connect with the library.
Logically the Arts Centre and Museum should be based as centrally as possible to the centre of Nailsea utilising an existing building such as:- 65 High St., for it's historical interest and association with Adge Cutler or the library which is, I'm afraid under utilised and, increasingly, obsolete but is of architectural interest.
Old industrial buildings already in situ. Statutes and wood carvings around the town in prominent position or as part of the wonderful Heritage Trail Memorial Park utilising the Green Amenity site alongside Hawthorn Way as an "extension" of the Millennium Park
Most if not all of the money
I am not able to provide an estimate as it is not clear what state the old Health Centre building is in. Obviously, judging by the weeds growing out of it, it is not good.
Difficult to know without access after the years of being boarded up. As studios and workshops, the internal space cab be fairly basic as long as the services and the fabric of the building are secured. £100 - 150K? Some income could then be generated from rental. If potential renters were consulted at the development stage, the refurbishment cost and subsequent income generation could be better future- proofed.
The Arts Centre Museum would have substantial initial construction type costs maybe C£200,000 max Renovation and making-safe old industrial buildings, probably not cheap but it may/should be possible to do it by way of volunteer labour supported by local builders who do well out of all the building work in Nailsea - giving something back. Local involvement would be good Statues etc perhaps an initial commitment of say £20/30,000 Memorial Park - not huge numbers; it only requires fencing and hedging around the circumference with say 4 entrances and 2 substantial feature gateways, proper tarmac/concrete footpaths linking the gates to a central patio/play area with seating and feature such as statue. Again volunteer labour should be forthcoming from the local community.
While Nailsea is in large part a commuter town and benefits from proximity to facilities in Bristol, it compares poorly to other similar sized towns in terms of community facilities. Nailsea is quite an affluent town and the demographics lend themselves well to this sort of facility. Similar sized, and even smaller places than Nailsea (e.g. Wells, Frome, Street) support and benefit from mixed art venues or cinemas, so Nailsea could too.
Anecdotally, I am hearing many people yearning for some independent shops along the lines of what Clevedon has in Hill Road. The level of empty retail space in Nailsea is shocking and we have a population that has spare disposable income, with even more to come when the new houses are built. I, like many others, often go over toHill Road in search of unusual items from the few art, clothing and jewellery shops that are there. We should be finding that in Nailsea, not travelling to Clevedon! More broadly, I would like to see the council providing encouragement to businesses such as wet fish shops and cycle businesses, to take up the retail space left vacant. I know of people who live in Failand who come to Nailsea for the sole purpose of shopping at Burchills.
If we provide quality at the right price, people will come in their droves. Let's target and support shops that promote health and fitness in an environmentally friendly way.
There is evidence (contested by some) that urban areas have been successfully regenerated intentionally or organically by the increased residency of artists. One reason given is that artists create a bohemian feeling that attracts other business. Towns are not the same as urban areas, but both benefit from a central clusters that create the 'soul' of the area. Nailsea shopping centre has been suffering from the High Street decline like all areas in Britain. It has an excellent potential for cafe life but it needs something more to draw the customers.
The arts and crafts market creates a fantastic atmosphere but is too infrequent. The local population is of a demography that holds the potential for amateurs and skilled crafts people to share skills and develop their trades whilst developing and benefitting from an artistic community. Politically, the Govt is looking to develop further lifelong learning opportunities and ways to fund that, which could contribute to cost and engagement.
While there has been vocal demand from residents for a swimming pool and other sports and leisure facilities, Nailsea is already well served by sports facilities in the town and in nearby Backwell. I believe a mixed arts / cultural venue would be a better investment and more appealing to the town's demographic. It could also help to revitalise the town centre attracting private investment and visitors to the town
Finally, I must reiterate - Nailsea CANNOT continue to put up with the major eyesore that is the old Health Centre and old garage. We need to make the people of Nailsea proud to live here! urban-renewal-through-cultural-activity cultural-regeneration-can-transform-town- centres/
They are all not in place but a town of the size of Nailsea deserves them all and they would all, I think, help to further the community spirit that already exists but needs some pushing.
10MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTIce Skating RinkIce Skating Rink??Something different to the other towns around, unique, will bring people into the town1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
A ten-pin bowling alley with catering, milk/shakes and soft drinks bar, meeting rooms for hire/parties etc a gaming room with snooker / billiards, darts, TV room, lounge
Old Dr's building, and Dentist building.. Use and make good that terrible eyesore of empty unkempt area..A lot but money we'll spent.. I've lived in Nailsea for 64yrs and there's no more to do now than there was 50yrs ago but look how many mor people live here now...I've lived in Nailsea for 64yrs and there's no more to do now than there was 50yrs ago but look how many more people live here now.. Spend money to bring money into Nailsea make people outside Nailsea want to come to socialise..
Nailsea is expanding very fast with little or no entertainment or athletic facilities for families and young people.
You have to travel out of the town to swim, go to the cinema, bowling etc
5NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTBingoBingo1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTLibraryA well stocked and staffed library.
Replace the 70s library with something accessible (as a parent who has spent a lot of time on crutches, the dangerous stairs are hugely prohibitive and very dangerous and have restricted our access to the library
Improvements to the library as the downstairs is not accessible.
Purchase Library from N Somerset Council to safeguard for the future Completely new library with more facilities/ resources for children and adolescents
Move library into building behind, present one dated.
The library is essential for access to education, information and recreation.
I slipped on the stairs carrying my toddler to a group 3 years ago and have not returned to the library since. It needs to be accessable to all.
8N/AAlready in hand with NSDC
HOUSINGSocial Housing/Affordable/ More HousingSocial housing in Nailsea to be ONLY for permanent residents of Nailsea. Winford run a similar scheme where they put their own residents first to keep a stable community.
Two bedroom easy access user friendly affordable flats for disabled people and their carers.
The council should buy up housing and sell it/rent it out to local people to ensure they can get on the property ladder. Or they could buy some land and build their own houses. Renting houses would raise income for the council but also ensure fair rent for local youngsters starting out
Homes we could downsize to, leaving younger families to occupy larger homes.
More flats for young people to be able to afford.
Affordable housing, whether buy or rent for young families - have enough retirement complex's.
Buy some houses from 'Barratts' to give homes to refugee familities. Prehaps 'Barratts' would like to donate a house of two themselves as they got this site for such a 'known down' price!!
They are building flats, houses like us. Dont mind more houses lots of fields in Nailsea use them,
The availability of these funds chimes well with the private member's bill of our North Somerset MP, Dr Fox, on giving statutory guidance towards improving the status of persons with Downs Syndrome, and equitably strengthening the provision of services to them. It enjoys Government and cross-party support and at the time of writing has received its second reading in Parliament.
The former Weston College building is an achronistic blight on Nailsea. My core idea stemming from that is for a replacement to include appropriate housing for suitable persons with Downs Syndrome and/or (b) bringing under one roof any inconveniently dispersed categories of assistance to the Downs Community in general (e.g. physiotherapy, audiology).
The catchment area might well, if practical, involve other parts of North Somerset.
The site is close to Tower House Medical Centre.
I would envisage the extra funds being used to defray costs like to be borne significantly by the new forward-looking owners of the College site (Developments Bristol) whose goals in respect of new housing are not too far distant from what is being proposed here.
Lets build accommodation for renting by local young people eg bedsit type to encourage the young to stay in the area and gain independence.
We have become a rather elderly population who have come to join our children, we need to start the cycle again with more young people.
Affordable accommodation is not affordable in reality and we need a new approach.
There 651 sites with planning permission in Nailsea.
Plenty of options to choose from.
All of the £ millions you have basically.To keep the same families within the same place, generations of families living in the same area can create a better sense of community in the long run with the ‘everyone knows everyone’ feel.
Government has stated that 20,000 homes must be built in North Somerset in the next 15 years.
Even with the new housing being built it is too expensive for young people getting on the property ladder locally. By buying and regulating the housing under council control then the council will make a real difference to the lives of the youth of the town
Apparently Nailsea does not show up on the charts as an area of deprivation. It does however have an excess of over priced properties ranging in price from £250k upwards. Building affordable housing for disabled people and their carers is a step in the right direction. GWR were given well over
£1 million pounds to build disabled access for the Nailsea and Backwell railway station. GWR spent it else where. It's time to respect the disabled members of this community and stop treating them as third class citizens.
Spending 16 years attempting to re-locate from a substandard flat into more suitable accommodation is not my idea of a good time.
Thank you.
12NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This was considered to costly for the funds available.
HOUSINGPurchase Land for HousingCompulsory purchase of predominarly empty trading estate at Southfield Road and use for new homes.Opp Southfield RoadTo be negotiatedbecause homes should be in the centre of Nailsea rather than fringes, this reducing car use and encouraging people to walk/cycle to amenities.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
TOWN CENTREMicrobreweryNailsea Community Micro BreweryVacant shops in town centreA package including a kettle, masher, exchanger, pumps, hot liquor tank, and controls will set you back £20,000. If you like, you can also purchase two brite tanks, two fermenters, and one glycol chiller for roughly £15,000, while a yeast keg/brink will add a further £1,000 to your bill. Then, you have to factor in the delivery, lifting, and fitting of the equipment, which is around £3,000, plus hiring a qualified local electrician, which can set you back an additional
£1,000. So, in total, microbrewery equipment will cost you
£40,000. Plus, costs to renovate an area to serve the beer which is produced - £30,000? Total cost £70,000 start up Ongoing costs to include manager to oversee project and purchase of ingredients.
- Owned/managed by the local community to supply quality handcrafted beer to local outlets and sell onsite - To support local good causes by donating our profits to them. - To use the brewery business to support local people by way of improving career prospects with skill training, work experience and volunteering opportunities. - Bring life back to the town centre with a new concept not seen in UK to my knowledge1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTRELaundrette and Dry CleanersWe could really do with a Laundrette and Drycleaners in Nailsea.Town centre.?Not everyone has a car, to go further to find a Laundrette , large items can’t be washed in a normal washing machine and no dry cleaners in Nailsea now.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTREPop UpsPop up bars/restaurants/creativity/theatre/gym (I'd like to do this!), workshops.The main square, or using the empty shopsShouldn't be un-reasonable, the businss could pay minimal rent, provide the necessary item's, & create income from selling tickets.It's looking old, out of date, very tired, we need to inject, something exciting, for all age groups, to enjoy.2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTRERestaurantsTo have good restaurant(s) in Nailsea
Nailsea would really benefit I MEAN really benefit from a cinema and some decent restaurants it will brighten up the town and will be something decent for nailsea, we have got nothing no entertainment at all unlike weston and Bristol It will honestly do nailsea great I have lived in nailsea all my life, I am going to be very honest and straight to the point it's is boring here really is
Another decent cafe, at the moment only Ivy Kitchen is good.
We really need to get people coming into the centre and using the facilities. I think it’s fantastic when the markets are on and eat festival as Nailsea really comes to life and that’s great to see and needs to be seen more often.
Something for the evening I don’t go out often due to the children being so young but it would be great to see some lively bars/restaurants to liven up the evening times which would then flow the daytime shoppers into the evening. Or instead of just coming into the centre in the day being able to come back later in the evening for dinner and some drinks. It’s time to get Nailsea on the map where people are wanting to come and see the towns “glow up” with all these new houses available we need to keep these people here and getting Nailsea back to life again.
Central positionSubsidising the rent initially to attract new restauranteurs.We are very limited with the number and quality of restaurants! This would give people a local option rather than going to Portishead or Clevedon.23NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTRETake over precinctRegain ownership of Nailsea Precinct
Why can't we take over the running of the Precinct from the private companies which seem to chop and change regularly. We need more independence setting retail rents etc.
Redo Crown Glass shopping centre and the High Street and encourage new shops to town. Maybe buy it off the current owners to prevent their extortionate rent.
Nailsea Town CentreThe Crown Glass Precinct last sold for £11.5 million in 2020.Since Avon sold off the precinct to raise cash in 1980 the Town has devolved strategic planning of its town centre to private owners losing direct control. Whilst the council can influence development through planning it loses the opportunity to directly deal with business and costs associated with renting units. Regaining control would allow the council to strategically develop its town centre and plan for a future mix of retail and residential to support the local community.Low-cost funding available from the public works loan board has enabled many other councils to purchase or repurchase shopping malls and precincts5NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis, the Precinct is not owned by the council
TOWN CENTREMarks & SpencerMarks & Spencer food store using land outside of surgery - use space for M&S.M&S = land outside of surgery.Have absolutely no idea!M&S = Good food outlet alternative to Waitrose/Tesco, use of space not used for a long time, my Grandma will love it <3.3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
4. More food festivals or similar events
MORE SOCIAL EVENTS IN THE TOWN CENTRE2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift, although the Council is in favour of such events being organised.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTRENextNext2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
Another supermarket is badly needed and am in favour of Aldi or Lidl as I see an awful lot of Nailsea people shopping in Clevedon and Portishead as I do myself.
I feel sorry for people with low incomes too. We have no budget supermarket in Nailsea. No Lidl or Aldi. Yet the people relying on Nailsea Food Bank has increased massively.
2) Lidls type store Better presentation of Nailsea to people coming into the town and its car parks (detailed below)
Anywhere in NailseaDue to increasingly high food prices we need Lidl or Aldi in Nailsea to save people having to travel into Bristol, Portishead and Clevedon to shop!8NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTREKFC/McDonaldsA KFC or McDonald's.The precinct.Loads I guess.There is going to be a load of new people joining us in Nailsea and it would bring some extra life.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTRETaco BellTaco BellHigh Street, opposite 'The Works' and 'Greggs'Around £250,000There aren't many in the area and it will bring attraction and money to the area.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTREShops requested - ExamplesA haberdashery \ knitting wool shop, Childrens clothes shop, Mens clothes shop, gift shop, More clothes shops - women + men
Some reasonably priced clothes shops especially children's clothes. Fabric and wool would also be welcome in current situations where home made is becoming a popular again
- Bakery in High Street
- More outdoor cafés - in the middle of Somerset Square Opportunities for start up businesses/under-cover marketplace.
1) White goods shop 2) more clothes selection for men 3) shop for aids for the eldery & the disabled 4) a pharmacy open on Sunday
Also more independent shops (preferably) to occupy the many vacant properties in the current town centre which are a disgrace. Surely something can be done to attract new occupants into these. But that's another matter!!
3) DIY store
* Encourage Banks back to Nailsea * A national trust style Cafe. Child friendly.
10NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
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TOWN CENTRENew High Street Through RoadMy idea for Nailsea is to put a one way road through the top of the precinct . It would enter just after the green on the left hand side and before waitrose. The single lane road would go through the precinct and join the roundabout by the vicarage and out from there. On Each side of the road through the precinct you would have parking each side so you don't have to walk from the existing car parks . This will attract businesses to the precinct because the access to the shops is so much better . This also helps out with the parking around Nailsea. I think about an extra 100 plus parking spaces . As for the children's playground that can be moved down the steps to the lower precinct to the area by Iceland and the post office nice and safe for the children. As for the libery which may be closing I think a Fab place for a nice wine / bestro bar which also would bring more people into the precinct and to use the other shops. This is my outline plan for the new and more accessible and more profitable precinct . thanks Nick wright born and bred in Nailsea.Nailsea precinct at the topDon't really knowWe need a major improvement in the precinct this will give more accessible parking for the shops in this area and better parking for the people of Nailsea . This will create a better shopping exspearianc and more shops being filled in the precinct. Also will result in more revenue for Nailsea town council.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift. There is a current project underway to pedestianise the area and the precinct is not owned by the council
TOWN CENTREImprove Weston College SiteIn addition, the area around the opposite end of the Tower House Medical Centre is scruffy and needs a similar treatment, excluding the flower tubs.
To demolish college building or convert to useful purpose (indoor Market?) (indoor children/leisure activities)
Buy' Weston College site! It is an eyesore. Surely after a building has been left empty and decaying for so many years it can be/should be able to come under a compulsary purchase order. It would be ideal to turn into bedsits/flatlets for youngsters (ie leaving care) and not so young 'singles'. Some communal areas provided in the building to build a 'community' to help strive off lonliness and isolation.
Could some effort be spent on finding a use for the Weston College site next to the library. I know the town don't own it but the owner needs to be pushed into finding a use for it or selling it.
1. Develop empty, derelict building behind the Library to link with Tower House Medical Centre and enhance access to medical and diagnostic facilities for a growing town, to include rooms for hire to local medical interest groups.
Access from Somerset Square.
4) Tidying up the derelict buildings which used to be part of the old health centre. They give a run down image for anyone arriving in the car parks on Stockway south.
In the high Street something needs to be done with college that is derelict at the moment and it lying dormant. It is an eye sore and needs updating.
I would like to see the old Health Centre, (opposite the library) which has been left closed up for years now, pulled down and space made available for more car parking, especially when we have so many more houses being built in Nailsea.
Weston College siteWithout doubt, the old Health Centre would be a great place to redevelop for this project. I, like the majority of Nailsea residents, am totally ashamed of and depressed by the state of that building. When I bring visitors to Nailsea I always avoid the car park by the Health Centre as it is a dreadful eyesore, with weeds growing out of the walls and roof, and chip board covering the windows. Add to that the site of the old garage, covered in weeds and surrounded by metal fencing right at the entrance to and exit from the car park and it certainly looks as though the council doesn't really care about Nailsea. It has been like this for years and I know the excuse is that Weston College are asking too much money for it, but this has gone on too long. I wrote to NSC about this a few months ago and got no reply. The people of Nailsea deserve better!9NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift, and a developer having already purchased the site and is proceeding with a Planning Application.
TOWN CENTREImprove Old Petrol Station SiteDo something useful with the fenced off waste land which used to be a petrol station on Stockway South. Given the massive increase in housing and lack of sufficient parking already, extra car parking is the obvious answer.
There is a patch of land in front of Domino’s takeaway pizza shop towards the car park that is an eyesore. Could I suggest that at the very least, putting down a weed preventing plastic layer then covering the area with chippings and providing large tubs of flowers. Almost any thing is better than the existing eyesore.
To utilise the derelict piece of land adjacent to the Weatherspoons pub, which used to be a garage.
The patch of land looks ugly & needs to be built on; suggestion is green area depicting something to do with the Nailsea Glass Works.
Development of waste land opposite Domino's Pizza (old petrol station) as green space, Landscape the old Esso garage near Domino's. It is currently an eyesore and let's the town down badly
Do something about the 'old' Esso petrol station site! It is a disgrace. If nothing else it should be grassed over and shrubs planted. With regards to the two 'brown sites' 3&4 why hasn't part of the agreement before planning permission was given to the National Builders that they would develop No3 and clean up No4! We are all well aware that National Buildings, by giving large donations to the Tory party, have been given carte blanche to build on lucrative green field sites and open recreational sites. Consequensiely not interested in developing brown sites which blight towns and cities.
I think some of the income from the sale of land by Engine Lane should be spent on creating a pleasant garden/seating area on the old Esso site near the Tower House Health Centre. It is a real eyesore and not an inviting scene on approaching the carpark.
5) Stockway south car park should have the entrance restructured so as to allow the old Esso garage site to be put to better use than just the eye sore that it is at the moment .
Stockway SouthAs above13NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
TOWN CENTREBusiness hubA business hub for local businesses and especially those with a focus on social enterprises. Shared space and resources including hot desks, meeting spaces and presentation areas (including being able to set up presentations for the public to easily come and view). It would need to be open weekends too if the public were to be encouraged to interact with social enterprises.
Empty units in precinct used as serviced/managed office space
In the high street or the pedestrianised shopping centreThe initial cost would be whatever the ground rents are, but with a well thought through business plan and enough suitable occupying organisations paying to be there then this could become a revenue generating idea.We need to encourage more people to use the town centre. Fewer people should be driving to places such as Bristol for work, and supporting local businesses that have a drive to improve the town and local ares that is only a walk or cycle ride away would help shift the town (ever so slightly) towards active travel. The town is perfectly set up for cycling and walking with all the cut throughs - new housing needs to also have such paths and cycle tracks - so the council should look to reinforce the good aspects (remove the need for cars where possible, keep and improve the green spaces, encourage social and community enterprises1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TOWN CENTREHot Desking SpaceTurn a vacant retail unit in the shopping centre into a flexible workspace with hot desks so that people can work in Nailsea. Ideal for those who “work from home” permanently or occasionally and don’t want to or can’t work in their house or want to interact with other people; and the self-employed. This could also include meeting rooms. This will provide an important service to Nailsea residents; bring more working age people into the town centre, increasing vitality and spend in the town centre; and tackle the eyesore of empty retail units.
Filling the empty shops with co working spaces for self employed / creatives / employees who are working from home but don’t have the space or need to get out of the house every now and then.
The Crown Glass Place area is dying and needs an imaginative thinking to revitalise it - not only as a shopping centre but to to make it a central focus point for the town. A couple of ideas are:- 1. Open up a couple of the shops in Colliers Walk as office spaces. Over the past couple of years we have seen home working take off but it can mean that the workers very lonely and they are not getting social interaction in the same way that the would with work colleagues in an office. If a work space was established workers could once again meet together work other workers; they wouldn't have to travel into large work centres like Bristol, they could walk or cycle into work so reducing pollution and they could also use the local shops. In Colliers Walk they could also link with coffee shops like Greens, so supporting local businesses
Vacant retail unit in town centre, of which there are severalIf Praxis provide a unit on a flexible lease at a below market rent as a contribution to the town, and users pay a small fee then it may be cost neutral i.e. no net cost. The Town Council may need to offer a guarantee to fund any shortfall which could cost a few thousand pounds per year.Many people are currently working from home in unsuitable circumstances. They are also lacking social interaction. It will help these people. There are also no workspaces available for those who want to set up a new business and can’t afford a long-term lease. Overall this will help to increase employment in Nailsea, bring greater vitality to the town centre, and bring life to vacant retail units.4YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TOWN CENTREStreet Art/ArtworkThe town centre of Nailsea could be improved to attract more visitors and shoppers to support local and independent businesses, as well as creating a space for all of the community of all ages to come together. This could be done by making some aesthetic changes to the town centre that makes the grey buildings more attractive such as street art or more sculpture.
More artwork around the town - more tree sculptures, street art and things to create a bit of interest Much more public art art and sculpture - something to make you stop and look and think
Town CentreNot much - a few thousand per project (perhaps they could be done by local people and schools?)Nailsea is an expensive place to live and there are limited opportunities for younger families or for people on lower incomes. Having lived here for over 10 years i find that friendliness varies and while my immediate neighbours are lovely, I do not feel part of a town or community. I tend to use the town very functionally for shopping or takeaway. I go elsewhere for a more pleasant experience such as Clevedon, Wells or Clifton. I plan to leave Nailsea in the medium term because at the moment it offers me good links to Bristol and London for work, but I don't feel tied to the town. If there were better town centre design and more evident community events that are easy to find out about and join, someone in my position might be more inclined to stay here. This would increase the diversity of ages in the town as well.
It will brighten the place up - the tree sculpture in town is a really lovely point of interest and hopefully this will give people more pride in the town
I’ve recently moved into the area. It's a wonderful community and I feel so welcomed but visually it's very unexciting…
4YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TOWN CENTREMapI would like to see a large map of Nailsea, in the town centre. Ideally an artist created map. I was involved with creating a map of Nailsea in a project collaborating with the Blue room. This map is a community map featuring artwork of key sites that was done by people in Nailsea who came to workshops in the Blue room. it would be still
available to enlarge and put up somewhere in the town.
On a wall in the town eg by where new look used to be or near Tesco.Around £200 for a weatherproof image £250 for the rights to use the image for this purpose.It would be great for the community of Nailsea, to have a map where they could celebrate local landmarks and feel proud to see them, and identify with the locations,1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TOWN CENTREPrecinct ImprovementsFacelift of the precinct to bring it up to more modern standards
Better shops and eateries - we need to attract people to the area who aren’t 70+ and move away from charity shops.
Town regeneration!
Due to the crass amount of building you have allowed we need more Doctors and NHS Dentists, schools and a rebuilt shopping Centre, rather than the 1970's monstrosity we currently have, filled with charity shops and empty units.
Improve the town centre - update the play area. Entice more young families into town. Make it easier for more small businesses and independent shops to use the empty shop spaces. The farmers market is already a great way of getting more of the community into the town centre. Build on this.
We need a asda the size of clevedon for better value food and clothes just enough for all six and ages school uniform a must.Are supermarkets are to expensive for young families.
Shops to be filled by reducing the rent with a scheme and after 2 years the rent is then more but not over the top so every business has 2 years to get it of the ground with a good budget.
Subsidise rent for the local shops, or buy some of the commercial buildings and rent them out as a community concern
Updating the concrete town centre would make a huge difference to the aesthetics of Nailsea. It's unattractive and compared to our neighbouring towns looks dated.
Improve the appearance of the prescient so it draws more people in eg. Fairy lights such as csn be found in Wapping Wharf and new facades on the units. More covered outdoor seating areas to being the square alive and a cafe culture.
Updates to the shopping centre to soften all the concrete and make it more inviting. Many people visit the supermarkets but do not spend time shopping in the town. By making it more attractive this could change. Eg planting of trees in the square, more hanging baskets
Improve the dated Nailsea town Centre with a social focus i.e. Restaurants / entertainment Independent shops - Encourage small local traders with low rents and support them to establish their businesses. More independent shops of interest to people in their 30s/40s/50s. Restaurants, bars (with a licence until later than
11pm), high street clothes shops, modern independent homeware, jewellers/gift shops, things to nip into and buy that are luxuries rather than needs. Somewhere for teenagers to go. Modernise the precinct
We need less empty shops - but not more charity shops/beauty shops - the town looks increasingly shabby and downmarket.
Enclose the existing shopping area to create a mall type shopping area, so people can shop whatever the weather, then business's would invest in a more diverse services to include the High Street to include into one precinct, including traddic 'free' of
Beautification of Nailsea High Street & Crown Glass precinct. Its so ugly, 70's, and concrete, anything would be an improvement
I think Nailsea is being left behind compared to Portishead and Clevedon. Clevedon attracts day visitors due to its favourable geography and architecture. Portishead has a high street that has a busy road running through it yet still manages to be more lively and inviting with more flowers and independent shops/restaurants. Nailsea suffers from the stranglehold of Crown Glass Plaza and the countless empty shop fronts and derelict buildings - see the old college building by the library. I would like to see a reimagining of this space with more green areas and less concrete.
Some initiative to get the shops filled
The shopping Centre. It's a dismal place, isn't it. Short of demolishing & rebuilding there's not a quick fix for the greyness from concrete, & rain. However, some ideas: - Cover over between the shops. This can't be a lightweight thing, or it would blow away! But there could be some central structures to support a proper roof, allowing in light. Benefit: to attract more shoppers; to attract more shops; to facilitate other attractive uses. - Do something to attract more interesting and maybe upmarket shops. There are too many charity shops, cheap card shops, etc. Clothing shops have gone. Now I don't know what can be done as I'm not the expert. But how can we do this? - Drastically improve the attractiveness and appearance of the shopping area. For example, tell the law firm opposite the P.O. to take down its gaudy window posters. Take in boxes & ads from the footpath (card shops, TV shop). - When there's an empty unit, I suggest covering the window with a tidy picture. The Mall, Cribbs always does this. - Add entertainment for shoppers. Not just on "market" days. Have a band Saturdays on a stage. Some seats in summer.
Market to concert organisers. - Market to restaurants. Nice ones. Could have piazza style seating outsiude in summer but all year if covered. I know the town council doesn't run evertything here but we need to make it happen how we want. Otherwise it will wither. There are some really excellent features: It's a nice clean place. Big congrats to the great people keeping it clean. There are lovely planters with flowers. The voluntees do a super job. The car parks are really good. Make certain N.S. don't ever impose charges. Footpaths Nailsea has an excellent network. Also the new trail is excellent thank you. How about a Nailsea footpath map somewhere? Where I'm not sure. On website? to download, or an app.
1. Whatever you do - don't change the layout of the Town Centre in any way - it is perfect as it is.
3. Concentrate on attracting businesses to occupy the empty units Updating the town centre shop frontage, similar to what was done in broadmead.
2. Empty shops/offices could be considered for young start-up companies, providing employment potential, work experience opportunities and contributing to bringing people into the centre of town.
Supporting the development of the shopping area in Nailsea. Colliers Walk has empty properties and the building opposite the library ( the previous medical centre) should be knocked down and rebuilt for development. It would be useful for a support group like the Brandon Trust who offer support to many who have a disability. Their base at Scotch Horn has been taken from them owing to costs and yet we now hear that there are some extra funds available on Nailsea. The upper floor(s) could be dwellings for some of the Brandon Trust users as well as private purchasers.
More greenery - less concrete. There is too much concrete paving in the town centre which has been down for years.
A revamp of the town centre to make it more attractive to visitors eg sorting the derelict/unused buildings, floral decorations, street stalls. Perhaps there could be some thought given to a theme which would bring people in, as in the case of Street for its shoe making history, Bakewell for its tarts etc. Nailsea for its glass making?! Also some facilities for young people - a survey aimed at them, perhaps through Nailsea School, might bring in some ideas there.
5. Grants for small businesses to open in the Centre
Nailsea Crown Plaza
Crown Glass Place
Asda needs to be built with a car park where there is land going free.The esso garage land opposite the old policstation needs to be a car park for the nurses instead of parking in valley gardens.
Shops, bars and restaurants somewhere in the precinct or on high street. In the empty units by Burchills it would be nice to have an independent butcher, a dried goods shop, bakery, deli. All in close proximity so locals can do their weekly food shop easily.
Depends on scope of what can be funded. A minimum / quick fix would be cladding or rendering (or the very very least painting!) all the brown concrete, new flooring throughout, replacing the seating, planting some areas of greenery.With the growing population of younger generations within Nailsea there needs to be more options for food/clothing/small businesses
Because the town centre is dying.
Because we are a rundown village, completely lacking in infrastructure.
There are more and more families moving to Nailsea. Make it somewhere that people want to visit and utilise for shopping at leisure. The play area is a great focal point in town but could do with an update and more play equipment
We need a child friendly run pub or macdonalds .Nailsea needs to step up a gear we were in front of portishead about 12 years ago now we are behind even behind clevedon. Be honest with yourself what has nailsea got to offer .the shopping precinct is a disgrace
Some money spent on Nailsea town centre square to make it more modern looking and less 1960’s/70’s. Painting and cladding parts to bring it up to date. It is such a lovely area, with so much to offer, but is hugely outdated and I feel this devalues the area.
The town centre bit of Nailsea is incredibly oppressive, dated and ugly. It is not a welcoming and nice environment to shop in or spend time in at all. It is no wonder everything seems to have closed in the last few years. The best thing about it is the fact there is a Costa (which seems to be thriving - indicating there is a market for more well known chains and nicer places) and the fact that the small play area was refurbished (although could have been better in my opinion and made a little bigger). The whole area needs refurbishing, banishing the 70's/80's concrete and creating a brighter, more uplifting area with more greenery, social spaces and places to sit and enjoy. The library is another eye sore which desperately needs some external aesthetic improvements as this is an integral part of this area. It would be so great to have a town centre which really is a 'heart of the town' that we can be proud of and a place people want to go. If you did this, it would increase footfall, both from Nailsea residents and even drawing in people from neighbouring towns and villages. More footfall = more spend, therefore boosting the local economy, so more shops / cafes etc would be able to open and be successful and therefore drawing more and more people in again - it all has a knock on effect but it starts with the town centre being a nice place!
There needs to be a reason to shop local rather than the supermarket giants like Tesco and that reason should be convenience, hence all being close together. Bars and restaurants because more and more families and couples are moving to nailsea, it’s not just the elderly anymore. I myself have lots of friends in nailsea in their 30s and 40s and we find ourselves going to Long Ashton to go to a pub with a decent atmosphere and that doesn’t close early. Teenagers hang around in the park intimidating people because they are bored.
Something has to be done to encourage retailers into our high street - it is dire currently. It seems as though the council should be able to invest some of this money in order to create ongoing interest payments that could be put towards rate reductions on retail/service industry units. We don't have a single decent restaurant locally - it is quite mind boggling how badly Nailsea is served compared with Clevedon and Portishead.
It would also be good to improve the precinct - I know it's listed but it is somehow really unattractive and grey - more green! And all the closed shops - is there a way to get a community of local makers or sellers who usually work from home to come and form a cooperative? This helps with social cohesion, introduces people to their products, and fills all those empty shop fronts.
And for quality clothing, uniforms and shoes.
Also, the square could do with an overhaul on its aethetic appearance tbc.
There are a lot of charity shops in the town and I have read that this is because unit rental is high and smaller businesses are unable to sustain the costs. Some form of subsidy or assistance more often and for longer to help new business set up in the town would be beneficial. This would provide a more vibrant and attractive town centre that more people would visit. The shopping precinct is used for markets on a regular basis, which does create a community feel and boosts visitors to shops. This space could be used more regularly for a programme of community events. While the farmers markets are good for many, the formula is the same across many towns and to offer something different to complement this would be welcomed. This could be supported by better bus links from the railway station to the town centre. I use the station regularly and have never seen a bus there in 10 years.
We need more independence from the private companies, more vibrancy in the town centre, more independent shops, more welcoming to residents and shoppers from out of the area to generate more income - take a leaf from Portishead a vibrant high street, independent shops and much more shopper and resident friendly. Nailsea town centre badly needs more tlc it looks dreadful and the High Street could do with a bit of sprucing up. Not a swimming pool please, we have Backwell but again NSC could do more upgrading in that respect.
Because the shopping centre is dismal. We could call it Dismaland, but that was somewhere else, and I am lucky to have been there a few years back. Even that was more fun though. I don't think anyone sees Nailsea town centre as a "destination". It is somewherte to get some shopping done and then leave. People do go to other places to browse, linger, eat, repeat, enjoy. Mostly. Yes folks do sit at the cafes, and a couple of pubs. But these folks don't stroll/stay/buy much, I'd expect.
Nailsea needs to fill the many empty shops. Can some funding be used to subsidise both rent and Council Tax for say 2 years supporting both new and present shops. A healthy retail town centre will ensure town centre survival and job creation
We feel that Crown Glass Shopping Centre is outdated, concrete and not very welcoming. As there are no natural products incorporated in this centre, it appears cold and impersonal and not a place where residents or shoppers currently wish to linger. Whilst the area may function adequately, there is no connection between nature and the built environment. If redesigned or re-modelled properly then many benefits would accrue - economic, environmental and social including public health benefits. We suggest approaching urban design or architectural schools to see if they could investigate a cosmetic redesign or remodel for this area. If done imaginatively this could bring much needed investment and visitor benefits to Nailsea centre. With Nailsea's variety of housing stock and potential increases of the same, together with the attractive countryside surrounding Nailsea , it deserves a much more attractive town centre. Whilst nearby Clevedon and Portishead (and obviously Bristol) have managed to achieve this successfully and thereby increased their visitor and trade investment, this is a rare opportunity for Nailsea and its residents to improve their town centre exponentially.
The precinct needs to be revitalised to attract more shops, and therefore shoppers, to halt its decline. whether they could work with the landlords to keep the rents at a sensible level for independent (non-charity) shops or even acquire the site itsellf
Council tax break for new independent shops in the precinct.
Unfortunately the current problems in NAILSEA, are not the matters I presume the responsibility of the Town Council, such as the following; The condition of the paving stones above the Car Park, and the footpath fronting the Church. A number of residents are aged and use mobility aids, and frames, to visit the Shopping Centre And Health Centre. Addition ly the derelict site opposite the health centre, needs sorting out. I am aware that currently the number of Empty properties is worrying. together with the fact that we only have ONE bank left and ONE travel agency left.
1. Crown Glass shopping centre precinct looks very tired, stuck in 1970s concrete hell, and whilst much of it will be the freeholders responsibility I wonder whether the paved areas could be renewed, and the layout redesigned
to look more interesting, perhaps with some planting and more pleasant seating areas. The paving needs changing not just cleaning, although if they were cleaned properly (not by the bloke on his own with a tiny little garden patio cleaner) it might help if there’s no budget to renew the paving slabs and redesign the area.
59NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
Refer to Praxis
TOWN CENTRECovered MarketThe background to my idea is that I often go to Clevedon and Portishead when I want to do some 'special' shopping because there is an excellent range of independent shops especially in Hill Road Clevedon with a great range of quality goods on sale. I cannot think that people from Clevedon or Portishead would have any particular reason to visit Nailsea to shop (except perhaps at Waitrose). We need to bring more people into the town but at the moment I don't see the town as at all inviting in both the quality and variety of its shops or the attractiveness of its surroundings. I don't see Nailsea competing with the other two towns. It is something different that is needed to attract visitors to Nailsea from a wider area. My idea is to have a permanent, high quality covered market. Often on holiday around the country I have visited such places that are attractive, original and provide a range of goods - clothes, crafts, food, etc.
St Nicholas market in Bristol is such a market - though with its own particular ethos. From our monthly markets and our Christmas markets it is obvious that we have a host of wonderful crafts people who might be interested in such a project and I am sure visits to some such markets would provide plenty of information, advice and support in the setting up. Choosing the type and range of stalls would be very important as this market should not be seen to compete with our local businesses. The hope would be that current, local businesses would gain through new customers coming from outside Nailsea.
This is the difficult part! There is no obvious place in the centre of town, that would be large enough to hold such a permanent market UNLESS the library does move away to a new venue. The current library building would not be impossible to turn into a market hall. I think such a market should be quite separate from the Town Centre management which probably makes it more difficult to find a suitable and central location.I have no idea!We need something unique that will attract visitors from further afield. This would then surely benefit all the other businesses in Nailsea.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TOWN CENTRECraft Store/CollectiveWe need a proper craft store/ a place where local crafters could possibly sell their handcrafted goods. Maybe even a monthly, or bi-monthly event where local crafters can sell their goods (I understand we have the farmers market etc but these are already full of great people selling their goods. People, much like myself, who are a little newer to selling our handcrafted goods also deserve a place to sell. I think having a proper craft shop with supplies and shelves for local sellers would be amazing and would really help lots of people in our community who need to find friends with similar interests etc.
I’m not sure if it’s been sold to Tyntesfield surgery but if not,or not all of it, do something with the old Weston College site at the end of the precinct. It could be converted into a large space for an indoor craft market for all year round, given the number of self employed artisans that live locally.
Is it possible to start afternoon classes like we used to have when I first moved here.
2. Shops could be set up to encourage shared workshop use for artists and crafts people. This could also be a walk in area for local people to learn about what is going on and even buy any products These are just the outlines of a
couple of ideas but an investment from the town Council would regenerate the town centre before all the shops close
There's loads of empty shops in the high street which could be perfect for this. Or, as mentioned, a market type idea would be good for the precinct.
Old Weston College site
I have no idea how much a craft shop would cost, but having local crafters renting out space could generate some income for running the shop
No idea of what building works would be necessary to make an acceptable place to rent stall space.
Nailsea lacks any creative places. Theres no where to buy local crafters work (like there is in Clevedon at the Craft Centre there) and as a young person living in Nailsea, and trying to find a house in Nailsea to move into with my partner, we would like to see some more crafty aspects be put in place.
It would creat a place of interest in the centre of Nailsea and make the whole shopping experience in Nailsea far more interesting, potentially attracting more people to shop in the town. Additionally it would fill up empty shops with other retailers feeling there is a large active customer base in the town. Revamping the old Weston College would also remove the unsightly dilapidated building that welcomes you as you enter the precinct from Tyntesfield surgery car park or as you walk through the precinct. It’s not very appealing.
4MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
POLICING/ASBGraffiti Clean UpMay I suggest an allocation to do a Special ‘clean-up’ removal of the proliferating grafitti that’s spoiling everyone’s respect for our Town environment, and which NSC don’t seem to have the wherewithal or interest in doing? Perhaps to include some form of future prevention too - eg. Police action or warnings to the perpetrators - who must be known amongst their peers in the two local secondary schools?!
A structures one-off project to 'clean up' Nailsea's public environment to remove eyesore graffiti, scrawlings and disfigurements to walls, street furniture, sub-stations etc
To remove the graffiti from Mizzymead underpass - maybe on a regular basis (every 6-8 weeks) and from walls in Mizzymead Road.
9. Clean up the graffiti and catch the culprit on the expensive new CCTV system.
Graffiti has become a problem - tackle this
Across Nailsea Mizzymead underpass.Back to basics - tackle the litter problem + rats + graffiti/drugs which is spoiling our ton. Joint council/police schemes to tackle anti-social behaviour e.g. Millennium Park.8NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
However this is something we are trying to help with by providing equipment.
POLICING/ASBPolice Station and Speed CamerasA police station & speed cameras on Queens Road1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside
of the Council's gift.
POLICING/ASBPoliceFor more police on foot to cut down on antisocial behaviour - especially with graffiti appearing every where in Nailsea now
Ensure that upgrading of infrastructure happens before expansion takes place Get the Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver on promise to increase police present on our streets and address anti-social behaviour problems.
3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift. However we are working with the police.
POLICING/ASBCCTVI would like to see cctv cameras in place to help combat anti social behaviour and littering.
CCTV monitored public areas with suitable responders to deter anti-social behaviour and wacky baccy users!
CCTV cameras covering Millennium Park.
As for cctv cameras around the town centre, Millennium Park and Golden Valley fields.
Lighting and CCTV from Scotch Horn Way through the footpath to Millenium Park with improved footpath across to Scotch Horn Centre and on to Tesco (Present convoluted route which is very uneven and behind Scotch Horn Centre overgrown with many puddles and mud after rain!). Rose garden benches are known for wacky baccy users - perhaps a hotline to community support officers in collaboration with the cctv control?
Absolutely no idea of cost - I'm just keen to see better use of the local taxes I pay!
New direct path across the Scotch Horn Park grass area from the rose garden: Unknown (£10000?). (Can be integrated into a new swimming pool extension behind the Scotch Horn Centre?) CCTV : unknown. (low level) Path lighting: (£1000) (perhaps solar powered low-level lights to avoid intrusive lighting of local residents' properties) Policing: Unknown
I think that, given my proposals, the reasons are self-explanatory.
The footpath and park does not feel safe at night where there is restricted lighting with youths gathering in the rose garden area.
4N/AThe Council advised that Nailsea already has CCTV monitoring the town, however this may need publicising to residents.
Also more youth activities. My daughter benefitted from doing boxing at the then youth club at the Mycon. The skate park was a great start.
Please invest in the children and young people more. This village tends to be a place for the elderly. There is no youth clubs, and absolutely no facilities for young people at all. Investing in a premises for a youth club and age appropriate evenings for activities. I am a local teaching assistant and have 3 grown children,and they are many groups and premises let for the older and retired generation but not young people.nothing at all. After 2 years of interrupted education and being locked away and children's mental health declining, familys and tough people need support to get back to feeling normal. Greenfield crescent should be also updated as its never had proper facilities and nailsea jdc have huge amount of children signed . Unfortunately a poop patrol is always needed there as there are irresponsible dog owners walking constantly ruin the grass which can be fatal as can cause blindness.
Not an assett purachse, but a youth cafe, running after school each day where young people could meet and hang out, buy soft drinks and Coffee, perhaps play pool
A youth club is desperately needed, a safe space for the youngsters of Nailsea, a place they can go in the evening to relax and be with friends, where they can be directed to access mental health and other essential services confidentiality
Special building for exclusive use for teenagers, With pool tables games consoles,tv, snack and Drink machines. All protected by supervised CCTV Go to schools and survey what teenagers want as a venue with facilities Couple this with Nailsea Active for sports and leisure activities
I understand from topics on the radio that the Council has acquired approximately £4,000,000 from the recent sale of local land and is asking Nailsea residents to put forward suggestions for projects for the benefit of local people. I would like to thank the Council for giving us this chance. I feel that in general we are lucky with facilities for most age groups - the young, the middle aged and the retired. There are so many groups, sports activities and associations such as the U3A to choose from. The group that is not catered for are the young people, the teenagers. They have nowhere to meet socially apart from their homes. It is not desirable for them to walk the streets, meet in the park or woods. It is often wet and very cold. I would like to suggest a building in the centre of town where they can meet in safety and warmth. It needs to be in a well lit area that can be accessed easily from all parts of Nailsea. It has been proven that such a meeting place has such a benefit to the youth, helping in social skills and general wellbeing.
Young people have not had an easy time over the last two years with the lockdowns, home schooling and isolation. Many has suffered mental stress. Also youth clubs have been proved to prevent local crime as the young people can meet and actively socialise. I think the whole community would benefit from such a project. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration when allocating money from the fund.
Indoor youth area in the center with table tennis, table football and general games area.
The teenagers and young people of Nailsea really need a safe and entertaining space to use in the evenings, weekends and holidays. I think they need a chill out spot with games, sofas, vending machines, pool table / table footballs. They need a space to learn other life skills such as cooking and DIY. This could be supported by volunteers and a few paid employees.
Emoloy a youth worker
The town is already grossly short of resources for young people . We have about 600 + new houses most of which will probably have families with children .When I first moved here there was a very active youth based at the mycon centre . For various reasons this was closed & a certain member instigated physical changes to the building which makes it not suitable for a club without changing . We have army & air cadets plus various subgroups of the scouting movement . Two of the churches provide some acuities for young people . The sum total of all these is inadequate for the youth . There is a skate park by Tesco but this is completely unsupervised but you cannot expect full time or even after school / holidays
1. Youth services including youth leader + assistant. A venue for young people to meet in with a cafe + equipment. Large enough for 30 - 40.
A bigger community centre for groups in Nailsea. In particular for a youth centre, which provides a youth and young adult service which includes youth clubs, advice services for young people eg post 16 options, counselling, support groups, drug:alcohol support , support for mental health. A non-judgemental hub where all teenagers and young adults are welcome to come and explore the way forward in their lives.
Scotch horn for a pool and sports or redevelop the old Weston college site, good location for youth club.
Youth clubs used to be at Mycon and 65 youth House
,also youth events at the scotch horn.all have been removed.
Anywhere there's a vacant shop.
Need to be set up as a charity with cheap lease - say
The teenagers have nowhere to go and are behaving antisocially in our town centre at night which is intimidating for others. An indoor space they are allowed to be will lessen the antisocial behaviour, especially if films and pool tables etc are available.
More facilities for teenagers and young people We are at risk of seeing no more family's move to nailsea eventually as there are lots of retirement homes and to many elderly nursing homes and nothing for youngsters.
Not enough social facilites for our youth.
Activities for teenagers! Kids get a rough deal - especially in covid. It's easy to moan about ''kids hanging about '' but what else are they meant to do?? Not all families are able to give kids the support they need , or want them 'hanging about the house'. I've collected gas canisters from the ground at the park more than once. It's not great. I'm also concerned about kids hanging about in the precinct in the evening which can be intimidating when you walk to the shops in the evening. It's a shame the precint has lost so many shops. We need things for teenagers to do - maybe a dedicated person to manage it ? Youth clubs? Bmx park? More support for the skate park?
A PURPOSE BUILT YOUTH CENTRE Youngsters need somewhere to go in the evenings and weekends to meet with their friends. They have been ignored for too long. The Centre needs to have a cafe with a large seating area so friends can meet in a safe, warm environment An activity room with Pool tables. Snooker, Table Football, Pinball Machines, Table Tennis etc A Fitness Room with exercise bikes and running machines so friends can challenge each other and keep fit at the same time. A Music/Dance room with a music deck. This could also be used for exercise/dance classes with a tutor A small Internet Room where those without computers at home can access the internet.
I continually see large groups of teenagers hanging around Nailsea, smoking cannabis in and around the skate park or shouting, playing loud music in Nailsea town centre close to older persons residence s. There’s nowhere for teenagers to go, they are unsupervised and bored. Provide a positive place for them to go, appropriate people for them to talk with. Mental health problems have risen hugely in young people over the last few years, we are constantly hearing about the suicides of young people. Nailsea could support young people by providing them with a place to go, people to talk with and information and suggestions of how to achieve their goals and ambitions.
44MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity Hall/Centre/HubAlso community hall on the Trendlewood Estate. We have no community base there. Trendlewood Church would like a building. Buy the field at the top of Trendlewood Way (near Station Road), build a community centre and let Trendlewood Church meet there and run various activities for the community from there.
A community centre for all ages to use with a big hall for roller disco and youth clubs that will appeal to the mid teen age where they can hang out and eat sweets and slush puppies. Like in the 1990s
A meeting place much on the lines of a 'Village Hall'
More social activites/community meeting areas for all ages. More entertainment ~ a hub of activity.
A flexible space that can provide essential services during daytime and evenings - this could include bootable space for exercise classes, arts and crafts/ wellness sessions. Societies such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes etc as well as some children’s groups could use the rooms. Mental health has become a big issue, the space could also be home to youth activities and act as a drop in centre. Refreshments could be supplied through a grab and go or coffee shop outlet.
Citizens Advice / dance classes / adult learning (languages) etc could use the space
To provide a community space, relocate the Local Libray an use the Nailsea Libray as a museum space to dhow the history of Coal Mining and Glass Making in Nailsea. The Community space and Library relocation is where the current dilapidated Weston College is locate, 2 stoey with multipe paces and areas for Local Librays for children and adults, this would be much safer than the current childrens section located in the basement of the current libray.
Design would be for coal museum to be in the baseet represneting the atmospeher of a coal mine with a lift (clanking chains) to take a person down. The top would be part of a bottle kiln which used to be on the current glasmakers Mews site, (pity that wa sold off for housing ideal muesum space) The community space would be split so smaller spaces could be made as well as making th bookshelves movable to increase the space.
Field at top of Trendlewood Way by Station Road end
Remodel the Grove Sports centre. The whole place can be knocked down and restructured with better facilities.
No community base in Trendlewood area.
Teenagers are regularly reprimanded for ‘hanging around the skate park’ or Tesco park and for causing trouble and making noise. They need somewhere to go to have a bit of freedom and fun.
Tithe Barn has two rooms one to large and other small for a group of around 35-40. No car parking.
6NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift and the land having been purchased by a developer.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSRecycle and Repair HubFunding towards purchase / rent of a industrial unit within Nailsea for development of a re-cycle, re-pair and re-use hub. Bringing together various communities looking to reduce land fill by helping people fix / mend broken items, selling second-hand furniture etc which otherwise may have gone to landfill, running courses on various topics which would help the local community make better use of what they have e.g. sharpening garden equipment, basic cycle maintenance, crafts reutilising old materials etc.probably most ideal location would be the industrial estate on Blackfriars Rd due to size of units and ease of accessunsure - following initial costs it would potentially be viable for the unit to be self sustaining through small fees for courses, selling furniture, unused paint, wood for fires etcIt is incredible what you see going to landfill at Backwell tip, where it has lots of life left in it. Prior to recycling the population should be looking to reuse what they have more effectively. The success of the Bristol wood recycling project and other initiatives are testament to what can be achieved with some backing and a will to make a change.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity HubPlease spend money on buying and renovating the horrible eyesore of a building next to the library. It could be a very convenient community hub.
Social centre
I would like to see a community hub. A place where teenagers can go on an evening, which is run by volunteers. Providing pool, table tennis, a cafe - a place to hang out which is safe. During the day the hub can be used for older people, interesting talks e.g. gardening, the internet etc. Possibly keep fit classes targeted at older people. A single group, singletons can get together socially. Possibly even run a baby group.
Weston College BuildingThere are many small groups which would be pleased to have more centrally placed meeting and activity rooms. It would be good to see a real mix of old and young going through the doors.3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity SpacePurchase a space for the residents of Nailsea to create a public space and shape for themselves. This would be a space that could be divided up into pop up spaces / shops / food trucks / studios for exercise used by freelancers as well as youth spaces. Here are some examples (some may be on a larger scale)
copenhagen /
Quite probably an existing warehouse£500kA relatively open gathering space is probably a future proof plan given the current pandemic. It has the ability to provide some social space for teens / children under age of 18 into the evening where they can spend time together if there is communal seating under cover and potential activities. More dedicated space to freelance exercise More people are wfh now, and nailsea is expanding. There will be an increase in number of people "in town" monday- Sunday who will expect an increase in services. A capital investment in a building to provide these is a future proof move and puts nailsea as a destination.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSSocial and Skills ExchangeDevelop a social and skills exchange centre of excellence, embedding recycling into everything we do.The Mound within Groves Sports Centre£100kClimate change, wars, famine, will bring with it severe economic consequences and constraints. Even in the absence of these, Nationally just under 3m are using foodbanks, we in Nailsea are not immune to these socioeconomic trends. We need to build a hub where we learn how to reuse things better, how to better protect our local economy through saving energy, developing ideas and support new and innovative economies.This was proposed and on behalf of the Local Environmental Committee, rejected by Rod Lees.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity KitchenA community kitchen, enabling people to socialise whilst learning how to make nutritionally-rich recipes - helping the population to improve their own health. This would aim to improve and prevent diseases, thus reducing financial and time strains from the overloaded NHS.Near Millennium park? On the abandoned sector of land that used to be a petrol station outside of Tower House surgery?cost of land + buildThe demographic of Nailsea presents a major issue of social isolation which could be helped by social clubs well-suited to all regardless of age/gender/belief/race/sexuality. Furthermore, with obesity on the rise and confusion amongst many regarding nutrition, this would appeal to many. Nailsea is central to school catchments and medical practices, which offers an opportunity of collaboration.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity Wellbeing InitiativeI am a GP partner at Tyntesfield Medical Group, at the practice we are looking to improve the service we offer to patients, increase our green impact and give something back to the community. I would therefore love to collaborate with the council and re-wild some local land, plant some trees/plants and have some temporary type structures with power (such as adapted cargo containers) to offer a community kitchen and group sessions around nature and green enterprise. Ideally using the space if big enough to subsidise exercise classes such as tai chi and yoga, mindfulness and other courses that are known to improve health and well-being.Would require some local land. I am interested (although I understand this has been explored previously) in the island of land on stockway south outside the towerhouse surgery.Land dependant. The outlay may be around £100,000 + land but the practice would be happy to contribute to this.
However I have not properly costed this but if there was interest or the council could support us this would certainly be something I would draw up a full proposal.
I think this would benefit the health and well-being of the community, encouraging people to look after the environment as well as their own health. There is increasing evidence that spending time in nature promotes better physical and mental health. I think it would also further the town councils green impact.Please do contact me to discuss this very basic draft proposal further. Ed Griffiths ( Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSNew Council PremisesTo acquire & develop a central point in Town Centre(such as former Weston College Building) to rehouse all the activities of No 65 High Street, The Tithe Barn & also to incorporate a permanent site for Nailsea Community Hub currently based at No 26 Crown Glass Place. This property could also include office space for the Town Council and allow sufficient space for children's play groups and a coffee bar.Acquisition of the whole unit would be necessary & to develop so that the new building would become a real focal point for the town & bring some life back into the Centre. The past 2 years have proven very difficult for businesses to survive as can be seen by the number of empty units and perhaps the Council should engage more effectively with the landlords/owners of the shopping Centre to urge them to possibly reduce rents, cancel leases where empty units exists with outgoing tenants still paying rent so that new life may be brought back to the Centre. If one looks at Portishead High Street it is bustling with shoppers each & every day, Nailsea on the other hand is virtually dead after lunch each day. One has to ask Why?I do not have an idea of the costs involved but expect acquisition of the site would be in order of £1M + a further sum of £1m to undertake the works required, these costs could be offset by sale of 65 High Street and savings made by bring the admin of Tithe barn & town Council all under one roof making savings in staff costs.The land sale was somewhat fortuitous & making full use to enhance the future of Nailsea Town Centre, which hopefully would be sustainable and an inheritance which can be handed on to our successors.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSBaby BankI'd like to see outdoor spaces prioritised for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of Nailsea residents, particularly children and young people. A baby bank (see Baby Bank Network Bristol for ideas) could help tackle child poverty in Nailsea.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSTithe BarnProvide really high quality audio and video for the Tithe Barn that could be used to live stream or record meeting and events held in the Tithe Barn. Linked with additional technology and TV screens it would be possible to provide live captioning of meetings/events as well.Tithe Barn£50,000 - £100,000, obviously would depend on number of cameras purchased and cost of installation (1 Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera is probably ~£4,000), but there would be additional computer equipment, microphones etc. that would need to be considered, the bill could mount up quickly!Town Council Meetings at the Tithe Barn are often poorly attended - this would be a great way to allow people to access democracy in a modern way. - improve accessibility for people attending meetings (e.g. with hearing difficulties). Aside from the democratic benefits for Town Council Meetings, the additional equipment would also be a great investment for the Tithe Barn, making it a more attractive venue for weddings, meetings/small conferences - this in turn will help fund maintenance and upkeep of the Tithe Barn.1Already in hand
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSLunch Club2. Also a Luncheon Club (weekly) for the older residents as was at URC or Methodist Church of Nailsea.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. New club hasalready started at Trinity Church. Would need volunteers to organise.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSChrist ChurchA contribution towards changes and improvements to make Christ Church (see below) into a flexible, inclusive, accessible and comfortable space for use by the whole Nailsea community.Christ Church, Christchurch Close/Stockway North, Nailsea Town centre.The total project cost is £189,000. A contribution towards this from the Engine Lane and CIL payments would bring benefits for the whole Nailsea community.Christ Church is an important part of Nailsea’s history and this will make it fit for our 21st century town. There is increasing demand for community spaces/provision in our growing town e.g. our parent and toddler groups already have waiting lists.1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects for education or religious establishments.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity CafeCommunity Cafe1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. It is felt that it would be detrimental to independant businesses and there are schemes that can be taken up to allow access to all cafes.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSGirl Guiding HutA hall/building for Girlguiding. We have lots of units spread all over Nailsea and it would be nice to have a building for us to have.Somewhere in Nailsea with space for cars to park by it, ideally somewhere easily accessibleNo idea, probably a lot of moneySo Girlguiding in Nailsea can have their own hall and base2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESBenches - SkateparkMore benches at nailsea skateparkAt the skateparkI'm not sureSo there isnt just people sat in the way of us1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
BINS AND BENCHESDog BinsA couple of dog waste bins
Dog poo bins need emptying more regularly. They are often overflowing which is disgusting. They end up on the floor!
Along the queen's roadAbout £500Lots of people walk there dogs a long this road would save any mess6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
BINS AND BENCHESBenchesBenches along popular walking routes in Nailsea.
The benches that the town currently has are all kept in groups in their respective areas. It would be nice to see more spread out across Nailsea
More benches/seats for us oldies to sit and watch the world go by More benches around the edge of Grove Sports Field
North Drove and green field area with public footpaths near the Grove School.To encourage and facilitate walking activities for Nailsea residents with mild to moderate mobility issues. Currently there is nowhere for people to sit to either catch their breath or take in the view. We need to be supporting people to take part in activities that boost their health and well-being.3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESPicnic TablesProvide picnic tables and seatingOpen spaces, e.g. millennium park and in / around playgrounds so parents/ carers / families can come together within a sae distance of the children and make visits to playgrounds more of a day out.£160 - £200 per table, although believe could get a good deal if bulk buying. Obviously, there would also be cost of secure fixing to the ground and maintenance. However could run a 'nominate a picnic table and bench scheme' as many parks do with benches. Could also have a 'picnic table' maintenance day as done with litter picks - could be a local event bringing the community together.To provide opportunities for people to come together in open spaces with a social focus to their use.YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESRubbish/Litter BinsReplace all the litter bins which were removed about three years ago with no consultation.
More bins for rubbish, especially along main routes and walkways
I think the main problem with living in Nailsea currently is the rubbish in around the paths, roads, verges and hedgerows. There is loads of it and it is disgusting and actually quite depressing to live in such a place. Nailsea is a decent town but is currently plagued by rubbish. We need more bins, an urgent plan to clean this mess up and if possible regular litter/rubbish collecting. Can the Town council do its bit alongside a volunteer group please (I am happy to volunteer & am sure they would be enough like-minded residents)?
A bin by the link road bus shelter
Extra bins along Station Road between schools and also near to Pound Lane schools More dog/litter bins on West side of Town.
More litter collection all around Nailsea - it has become a dirty town * More bins around the edge of Grove Sports Field
Main walkways and roads
The paths, streets, verges and hedgerows of Nailsea.
Link road
Station Road and Pound Lane
Within the overall budgetBecause the town needs smartening up to be more attractive to potential businesses, residents and those who visit for leisure purposes. Because Nailsea is and has been for decades the ‘poor relation’ to Weston, Portishead and Clevedon, massively under invested.
As much as possible we should be able to walk in and around Nailsea without being surrounded by rubbish (including plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, drink cans, takeaway packaging, cardboard packaging, face-masks and full dog-poo bags.
A lot of litter accumulates near that bus shelter, which has lacked a bin since North Somerset made the decision not to reinstate their bin there. A new bin may significantly reduce the amount of litter the accumulates there
Regular littering in hedges close to schools, also dog mess, but no bins nearby to put it in instead.
11NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
NSDC are responsible for emptying bins and due to cost , have an embargo on new sites for bins.
BINS AND BENCHESLitter PickVery simply a good tidy, there is a vast amount of litter on every street throughout Nailsea Social studies have shown that litter begets litterers, it's called 'slum mentality' Pavements need clearing and in some cases repair, the TC do a fantastic job with the flower displays at the traffic lights at Clevedon Road and down the High Street, can anything more be done to improve the first impression of Nailsea as people arrive to Nailsea at the traffic lights? We want to attract people to Nailsea with the new development who will keep up a high standard of environment care.
Tidy the place up. there is so much rubbish everywhere.
Funding litter picker(s) around Nailsea. This person could also work with the schools, other organisations (e.g. scouts) and volunteers to arrange litter picks around the town to try to keep the town tidy
Litter is everywhere. Can’t we employ some street cleaners.
Street cleaning / maintaining footpaths
A tidy is needed in almost all areas of Nailsea plus the centre, the tatty car parks and the connecting roads.Not an enormous capital outlay, more likely labour costs
unsure, as certain persons may do it voluntary but would envisage at least 1-2 fulltime and 2-3 part time staff.
To attract people who will take an interest in where they live and pride in the town.
Whilst the good will of people and local organisations is great within Nailsea, there is a lack of co-ordination and ongoing maintenance of litter within Nailsea. Who wants to go litter picking in winter!! Whilst the group at No 65 meet monthly, on an occasion I attended it seemed lacking any coordination, sending volunteers off to litter pick where they wanted to go rather than working together to address a specific problem spot.
5N/AThere is a litter pick arranged by Nailsea Community Group, and the NTC supply the pickers.
BINS AND BENCHESCleaning Up Leavesbetter cleaning up of leaves rubbish in Queens Road, Blandford Close, Shaftesbury Close area.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. This comes under the remit of North Somerset and will be referred to them.
GREEN ENERGY SCHEMESGreen electricity schemes - HomesYou could use the money to help pensioners to install Sola Panels or loft insolation thus offsetting part of this expected incredible increase in energy bills.
Could we do something like EnergieSprong for low income, council houses, retirement homes or those in fuel poverty
- could be a showcase for environmental action?
Helping to fund solar panels and insulation (e.g. cavity wall and loft insulation) for every home in Nailsea. Depending on the cost the council could pay for half of the cost or for all of the cost to do this to all the houses and flats in the town
Across Nailsea
Probably a particular street, or building to start with
Between £35K and £75K per retrofit apparently champions-the-uk-to-go-dutch-with-the-energiesprong- approachI think this will bring people on board with environmental action as something that HELPS people, particularly those on low incomes, and/or elderly, rather than raising costs or reducing quality of life, as is often, and unfairly, portrayed in the press.
We all know the planet is dying and Nailsea keeps saying it is committed to dealing with the climate crisis and this would go a really long way to helping Nailsea's carbon footprint. We could be a UK leader in this and what an incredible thing for the town to commit to. This would make a huge difference for the people of Nailsea (they would have cheaper bills at a time when bills are rising), they would see where their money has been spent and we would be generating energy for the town from renewables. I can't imagine any better way to spend this money. This will save the world for years to come!
There are various UK case studies on the website There is also a hackathon on 21-22 Feb if any councillors would like to participate reasons-to-take-part-in-our-retrofit-hackathon3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
GREEN ENERGY SCHEMESGreen Electricity Schemes infrastructureDevelop community green power generationIt would depend on an assessment of the best form of energy generation within the council boundaries and the best location for that infrastructure.Depends on the solution, but assume minimum of £200k as a starting point. But income can be generated at one cost from local residents and possibly a higher rate for any spare contributing to the national grid.The current gas crisis is impacting on everyone's electricity and gas bills and the environmental impact continues because not everyone can fit south facing solar panels or afford the more expensive environmentally focussed tariffs. But there are examples of local communities being served by local renewable energy initiatives.
This is a positive commitment to our future at a community level, which can reduce bills in the present. energy pages/designing-planning-a-community- energy-project 20/jan/12/community-generated-green- electricity-to-be-offered-to-all-in-uk do/environment/energy/london-community- energy-fund1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
GREEN ENERGY SCHEMESThermal Imaging CameraA thermal imaging camera to lend out and some way to train users on its use.Possibly based at 65£2,200To get people involved in surveying their properties for remedial work to improve energy efficiency.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
GRANTS, INVESTMENTS AND TAXESSmall Business GrantsGrants for small businesses to help with employment of local residents. Or grants for small independent businesses set or setting up in the centre of Nailsea Town
Set up grants for new businesses
Nailsea Town Centre100-200,000k. - depends on how much you want to help local little businesses or how many awards you want to give and how much for eachAs a relatively new small businesses I am in need of employing a new staff member but I am currently unable to afford it. Their role will not directly result in the business receiving more income as we are a service provider of a highly qualified position. So the cash flow will not be available until we are a little further on in our growing business. The individual will assist in administrative duties and front of house, so essential in the client journey and support to the qualified staff. The demand for our service is there, we are overbooked! This must be the case for other small set ups? Also, this would help someone get a job, being more people (staff) to the centre resulting in more money being spent in other local businesses.3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. This is not something that can be funded by the capital Receipts
GRANTS, INVESTMENTS AND TAXESInvestmentUnless there are compelling ideas for spend, don't just just spend it because you have a windfall. Invest it and save for when a really compelling need arises or even use the interest from the investment to contribute to genuine, needy causes. Prudent use will accord the best long term use of this cash.Nowhere. Invest it.NothingNA1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
GRANTS, INVESTMENTS AND TAXESCouncil TaxReduce the council tax. A one off equal to the amount you have accumulated by selling an "asset" What was the asset that was sold - land perhaps? Hopefully not for building more houses that our infrastructure can't support.
Reduce the precept
Take off the money added to our Council tax bills for the 'running' of Nailsea Town Council. With food, energy bills rising this money would be better spent on food and heating which will 'hit' all in the town.
NAThe equivalent of the reductionThe rise in the cost of living. It would benefit every single local tax payer It would not cost much by way of administration.3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
GRANTS, INVESTMENTS AND TAXESFinancial SupportTo financally support local people on low incomes1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
GRANTS, INVESTMENTS AND TAXESDonate to Red CrossDonate this money to the International Red Cross as a gift from the people of Nailsea. With so much suffering because of wars, 'natural' disasters because of climate change. I am sure this money would be put to better use than any 'trivial' project for the people of Nailsea who are fortunate to live in peace and 'relative' comfort.NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpaths - highstreetA footpath along the whole high street in nailsea.On the high street in front of houses 9 - 15180KThis will connect the footpath the whole way along the high street, it will make it safer for those who live in the houses along the stretch of the road. It’s so dangerous with speeding drivers everyday whilst I try to cross the road with my children as I walk them to school. We have to Cross the road and cross back again at already busy times of the day. It will also help those who use the buses as they will not have to cross a busy road when they get off the bus. I’m pretty sure it was agreed the residents would give up land to allow room for the footpath. If this isn’t possible then speed bumps or a crossing for the houses and a crossing by the bus stop to cross back Or road signs to signal to drivers to slow down as children are crossing the road or a change in the speed limit. If this isn’t some thing nailsea town council can do, would you at least be able to chase this up with northsomerset please? It might help it along a bit?North Somerset council were looking in to this in 2020 despite emails being sent I have heard nothing since. It would be great for this to be pushed along before it’s too late and someone is hurt.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpath - Engine Lane/Blackfriars Road into the Rugby Club3) Footpath from Engine Lane/Blackfriars Road into the Rugby ClubTo encourage rugby club members to park on Blackfriars Road, or use parking available on sites along Blackfriars Road. Many of these sponsor the rugby club so I would assume would allow people to use there car parks ratehr than park onEngine Lane, The Bramleys, Worcester Gardens as at present. When the housing development on Engine Lane starts to become occupied the number of potential vehicles using Engine Lane will more than DOUBLE present usage. This is going to be an increasing problem brought about by NTC's willingness to developing site so must do something to calm the issues on Engine Lane.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFestival Way - Bridle PathPlease use some of the money (and it would only need a relatively small amount) to widen and resurface the Festival Way bridle path. It's heavily used be mothers with pushchairs and toddlers, older children going to school, cyclists and walkers as well as people simply using it to get to town. The cyclists are becoming more and more numerous, many don't have (or bother to use) bells and the path is becoming increasingly dangerous as well as muddy whenever there's more than a shower.Festival Way and Scotch Horn.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSGolden Valley BridlewayWidening and resurface of the non-tarmac part of the Golden Valley bridleway, implementing a camber to it so that water runs off of it, rather than pooling on it.Golden Valley BridlewayIt will make Golden Valley Bridleway more weather resistant, nicer to both walk and ride on and prevent muddy patches from forming (hopefully). It will also make passing different users safer, as it will allow, say, a cyclist with slick road tyres to pass a dog walker with a wide berth while not risking wrecking on a potentially slippery verge or make passing horses a much safer and quicker affair, as well as helping let Nailsea's segment of NCR 33 make a good impression.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpaths - GeneralTo put hardcore (similar to that at Backwell lake) on popular footpaths that surround the town
Repairing roads and footpaths. In general footpaths in Nailsea are appalling and a danger especially disabled people.
key footpaths through/ on the outskirts the town which run through fields and are susceptible to becoming very muddy during the winter.Nailsea is an active town, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Many people enjoy walking, a solitary or social, relaxed or energetic, activity with no expectation to spend money and which benefits both physical and mental health, but may be put off in wet weather. The two groups most impacted by the muddy winter paths are; More physically vulnerable people who become concerned about slipping and hurting themselves as the paths that cross fields become mud ice rinks. More financially vulnerable people who may have limited footwear and so are more concerned about ruining their only pair of shoes. This group is also more vulnerable to slipping as their footwear may not have particularly good grips or ankle support. Farmers will also benefit as when the footpaths become muddy people step off the path to bypass the worst effected areas. The path then becomes wider and starts to encroach on cropped areas. By putting some hardcore down the footpaths will remain more accessible all year round and walkers will be far less tempted to step off the designated path and inadvertently damage crops.3MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpaths - Weed Clearing and Leaf LitterTo clear (tarmac) paths of weeds and leaf litter. Particularly pedestrian paths eg the one which goes from opposite Cheddar Close to Broom Farm Close (running parallel between Queens Road and The Perrings. To clear leaf litter from drains on footpaths To cut overhanging bushes from footpaths To improve pavements. Additional Seating in the precinct to encourage more social interaction.All footpaths in NailseaNailsea footpaths are in a poor state which is dangerous to elderly and wheel hair users. Nailsea PATHS are being LOST TO WEEDS AND LEAF LITTER. Tarmac footpaths, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH FOOTPATHS IN FIELDS.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPavement ResurfacingA complete resurface of all the pavements in Nailsea.
I would like you, to experience the drive into - Ash Hayes Drive. Which is a Cul-De-Sac off Ash Hayes Road…(The Top Part by the Underpass)..And also, to walk along the pavements I have realised since living here that it is a major pedestrian route to local Housing Estates -Shops & School. The number of times I have stumbled and also witnessed from my front window, other people struggling with shopping and heavy items trying to find a steady footing. Along the uneven pavements. I would like to see the badly needed repairs & resurfacing. In Ash Hayes DRIVE.
Many of the Town's pavements have not been resurfaced since they were dug up for cable installations nearly thirty years ago. Some of the pavements, particularly along Trendlewood Way between Cherrington Road and Birchdene are so bad there is no top surface left and all the service covers are above pavement level. The uneven surfaces are trip hazards for pedestrians and painful and dangerous for wheelchair users. A lot of the pathways that provide 'safe' routes to the town centre are equally as bad, for example the path along Trendlewood Park between Avening Close, Tetbury Gardens and Golden Valley.
Again the top surface has completely worn away in places.
A lot! But it would only be a one off expense a if a decent job is done . I know the pavements are the responsibility of North Somerset Highways but they are never going to have money to put towards such a widespread project and short term repairs here and there do not alleviate the problem.
The Town Council would not be left with any expensive maintenance or running costs with this project
The Town Council want to encourage people to walk into the centre and support the local shops in an environmentally friendly way. A decent network of pavements will help this. I have friends who recently moved to Meadway Avenue so that they could be within walking distance of local amenities and they have been shocked by the state of their pavements.2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPathway - Sawyers Arms1) A pavement or pathway is needed on the high street from Tesco all the way to the bus stop by the Sawyers arms pub. This has been proposed several times and North Somerset Council have been involved.Sawyers Arms1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSHedge TrimmingAlso to tidy the undergrowth on each side of the Mizzymead underpass including brambles overhanding the foot path.
Cutting back bramble over growths more often in June/ July - Netherton way
2) Encourage home owners to cut back hedging that overhang public footways - these are difficult for people with varying forms of disability to negotiate and often result in the need to walk on the road
Mizzymead Underpass Netherton Wood lane
Next to nothing if you use social media to get the message across or do a letter drop at miminal cost.... hedge management is the responsibility of the home owner
4NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift. Residents can contact NSDC regarding ownership and responsibility of overgrowing flora matter for further advise.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSRemoval of TreesThe removal and clear up of evergreen trees.The trees are by the junction of Pound Lane and Fryth Way.No idea.The trees are now very large. It is an eyesore with fly tipping, anti social behaviour and a haven for pigeons to roost in the trees and the mess on the footpath and people. There are also some deciduous trees in this area which if the evergreens were removed could bee seen and might thrive with some sunlight. Walking through this area now is most unpleasant and is part of the footpath used by residents of Kingsmead, Causeway View and others to reach the town.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSTree pollarding - WaitroseFor the owner to arrange pollarding the trees (except TPO one)
To finance the Pollarding of the trees around Waitrose Car Park (not the TPO one).
Surrounding Waitrose car park£200+ per tree quote GREEN PLANETTo help keep drain/gullies & pavement areas clearer & prevent flooding Link Rd/Stockway North bus stops.2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside
of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPedestrianise HighstreetPedestrianize the High Street - cobble stone the road
7. Once the heavy lorries have been banned relay the brick paving on High st, the surface has become very uneven.
I agree with the 20mph High Street speed limit and no HGV's. I would like to see the High Street pedestrianised.
Pedestrianise shopping area from Weatherspoons/Colliers Walk/Somerset Sq/High Street to Brockway junction (opposite Tesco). New level paved surface free of all traffic - including cycles!
High StreetTo attract more footfall and encourage people to go out. Nailsea looks drab!
To attract shoppers to a traffic free safe zone where parking available v. close - there are 3 car parks surrounding this area.
5YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPedestrianise HighstreetNo traffic in High Street - cobble stone the roadHigh StreetTo attract more footfall and encourage people to go out. Nailsea looks drab!YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPavement Widening - Station RoadSafety measures along Station Road, there are two schools here, a narrow pavement and fast traffic, it’s a recipe for someone getting hurt. People (elderly and children) are constantly stepping off into the road to allow others to pass.Could the fenced off patch of green be used as a social space, brambles currently cower over the pavements making the pavement even more crowded. The Council never seem to issue the owner of this square a Notice to clear back the foliage.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to land ownership
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPathway - TrendlewoodPath from existing footpath to the st Francis rear gate and the playground in trendlewood. Impossible to get buggies over muddy ground. Also playground needs improvingTrendlewood existing site£20 k maybe??To improve facilities and access to playground1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to land ownership
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpathFootpath from Engine Lane/Blackfriars Road into the Rugby Club1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to land ownership
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSDry Stone WallRepair/rebuild the dry stone wall in Engine Lane, NailseaEngine Lane, NailseaCosts would be for labour only as much of the materials (Nailsea Flats) are already on site. Also, I understand, should extra be required, the Council have stored a very large quantity of Nailsea flats. These were taken from Engine Lane during the works carried out by National Grid. Many people would be keen to volunteer to repair the wall and learn a new skill.Dry stone walls are an historic feature of Nailsea and the surrounding area. It makes sense to repair an existing wall rather than building a new wall in a position that has never had this type of wall. Dry stone walls are a haven for small mammals, amphibians, insects and birds so, as most of the grass and trees have been destroyed by the current building works, I feel it would be right to improve the conditions for wildlife to compensate for this loss. It would enhance the look of the new housing and make site more attractive to potential buyers.I hope you will feel you are able to embrace this idea. I am sure, if this idea were to be put to the building company, Barratt Homes, they would wish to be seen as keen to help replace some of the wildlife lost. Repairing this wall will show that Nailsea Town Council has wildlife at its heart.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to land ownership. This is being addressed by the developers.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSUnderpass - Stockway Northget rid on the ugly underpass on stockway north
Filling in the anti-social underpasses.
Stockway North2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to very high cost to
fill in.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSUnderpass - Mizzymead Roadthe underpass in Mizzymead road to be removed.Mizzymead Road1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to very high cost to
fill in.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPavements/PathsTo improve the pavements in the Town. Many of the pavements are so bad the top surface has almost gone, they are uneven where cable was installed years ago and ironwork is raised in many places.
Improve the condition of the footpaths through the houses. Repair the surface, cut back vegetation to allow full width and allow the lights to be more effective.
Pavements cleared of overhanging brambles, bushes, very difficult to keep space between people without stepping into road or onto someone’s garden. Perhaps a letter could be sent to households with gardens growing onto pavements. I could give three examples near to my home address.
Top priority - pavements around Nailsea needs attention as a lot are dangerous for older people.
Another huge problem for parents with pushchairs and those on mobility scooters is the poor surfaces of many pavements and the cutting back of vegetation by both the council and particularly private property owners. An example of this is along the boundary of Mizzymead Road and Nailsea School and the footpath that runs along the school boundary between Ash Hayes Road and Ash Hayes Drive, but there are many more areas. I don’t think that grand plans are required, just an effort to makeNailsea a pleasant place to live and get around, however you travel.
Perhaps money should be put into maintenance rather than buildings.
I'd like to see heavily used pavements made more pram/wheelchair friendly to improve accessibility and active transport.
2. The pavements around the town, including parts of millenium green are very uneven and for those less sure of foot there are trip hazards everywhere.
On all residential roads in Nailsea. Mizzymead Road and Trendlewood Way are particularly bad
Most paths seem to need some attention
No idea, no where near as much as a possible compensation claim for someone falling and injuring themselvesIf it is safer and more pleasant to walk on the pavements it will encourage people to walk more which will be better for residents health and help ease the parking problems in Nailsea. As an elderly resident it is an increased hazard for me but it will be of benefit to all the community, i.e. young early walkers, parents with pushchairs and prams, wheelchair users.
It would encourage people to walk into the town centre, schools, or just to exercise on dry, firm paths.
With an increasingly elderly population and fewer buses more people are using walking frames and shopping bags on wheels and powered mobility aids so decent pavements are even more necessary.8NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSPavements - AccessibilityImproved accessibility for both the visually impaired by providing more textured crossing points of the right colour and more dropped kerbs for those who need it, including the visually impaired, as well as potentially widening the pavements in the some places by "shifting" the road or sacrificing one substandard pavement on one side of a road to make a decent pavement on the other side.All over town.Nailsea could be more accessible for disabled people. At the moment, we have a load of dropped kerbs for crossings where there are no yellow textured paving slabs, as well as places where there should be dropped kerbs but aren't. Additionally, there seem to be a number of light-controlled crossings that use yellow tactile slabs when they should be red and should stretch across the entire pavement behind them to allow visually impaired people to know that there is a crossing there.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
HEALTH AND SAFETYDefibrillatorto have a defibrillator located in the grove area of wraxall this would be a outdoor wall mounted devise for use for all that need the end of fryth house the grove wraxallapprox £2000we need this in wraxall our closest one is nailsea, long ashton and flax bourton, these are only assessable by car, when in a emergency this is time waisted and emotions running wraxall we are a growing community especially in the grove with many families this devise would also serve the main Bristol road and surrounding areas.2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This is not within the Naisea Town Council Area
PUBLIC TOILETSPublic Toilets - GeneralBetter maintenance of Public Toilets (and long due removal of out of use toilets West of the town centre).
1) Public toilets. Either reopened and refurbished or new. For a town the se of Nailsea to have no public toilets for residents and visitors to the town to use is very poor and very inconvenient , you could say.
3. Update the public toilets.
Where they are.I am not particularly sure.It's more hygienic.No Additional Information3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined because there are privately owned public toilets in the precinct. It is felt that there is adequate provision in retail and hospitality venues that due to location are kept clean and in working order.
PUBLIC TOILETSPublic Toilets - N&B StationMine is not so much an idea but a request for toilets at Nailsea and Backwell Station.Nailsea and Backwell StationQuite frankly I am not bothered how much it costs to provide these facilities. They are basic needs and could be secured by using a key code or swipe card to access them.We need these because there are no facilities at the station and many people have a long walk and wait before the train arrives. Many of the travellers are in the older age group, but there are not even disbled facilities!!!!I look forward to receiving a favourable reply.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the land not
being owned by the town council.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREWest End FacilitiesFacilities in the West end, coffee bar etc, Aldi/Lidl type shopWest end Somewhere with easy access for all of NailseaNo IdeaCoffee bar somewhere other than the for families/older people, walkers to meet during the week without having to walk into the town centre. So many people travel out of Nailsea for their shopping at one of these stores and then use other towns for additional shopping.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREWater Bottle FillingProvide water bottle filling stations at various locations throughout Nailsea to promote re-use .Locations could vary but for example, near churches, council buildings, Tithe Barn, playgrounds and other popular outdoor areas e.g. Backwell Lake.UnsureIt promotes people to reuse bottle rather than just buying a new bottle form the shop, its free when household finances are strained, its amazing how many times kids say they are thirsty when you are furthest from homeI am aware of examples in Bristol, so liaison with the council there may be useful1N/AWater bottle filling is already promoted across the are and further promition can be undertaken
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTURENotice BoardsRefurbish shabby TOWN COUNCIL Notice Board outside TESCO and resite in a more suitable place. As useless at present.Another part of town? Weatherspoons end? In the West of town?Unknown.It is such a good idea NTC but in a useless place, one side not usable, as no one goes around the back!1N/AAlready in hand
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREDoctors and PharmacyFurther improvement would be an adequate doctors and pharmacy service with all these new builds.
Bigger health centre / cottage hospital
3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside
of the Council's gift.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREWall PaintingPaint the breeze block walls.Along Queen's Road, Hannah Moore Road and part of North Street.£4,000They're are extremely drab and depressing and bring the area down. I think painting the walls will help improve the look of the area and pay for themselves in the long run.1N/AThis item is unable to be voted on as the walls belong to private homeowners.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREHeritage TrailTo make it easier for all ages to read + follow the new trail. * Outside Aaron pets - either a step or handrail to help step up the 18"/20" to read the placque. * Glassworks - needs a narrow path inside the small wall to reach the placque. At present have to walk on edge of muddy grass around the 'cocks & hens' small wall.By each of the lovely plinths.Minimal - but I guess at present none of the plinths have easy access for 70+ yr olds who are only 5'2"!!Nailsea has many interesting features and profress has been made to bring the history to the attention of many, but we can't all physically reach to plinth to read the info.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTURELink RoadTo alert N. Somerset Council annually that contact tree debris has again blocked the gullys to cause flooding.The bus stop area LINK ROAD, Nailsea.
The bus stop area STOCKWAY NORTH/Waitrose footpath.
Minimal - for a designated person, occasional checking of the above roads and email to N.Som Council. who can instruct local Area Officer Ginny Edney.
Navigating the Link Road flood was a nuisance but then the bus stop (Clevedon) in Stockway North & footpath to Waitrose were unreachable safely & dry due to flooding in 2021. This was the last straw.1N/AThis is something that NTC do already.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREGarden of RestPurchase back ownership, maintenance, care of Nailsea Garden of Rest. To be managed by N.T. Council - so far I have not been able to find out about Planning Application regarding Land adjacent to Nailsea G Rest!! The existing
G. of Rest will be over full within a year. Where are existing Councillors be put to rest?? I have already put this to Councillors, May 21. So far no answer available. I would suggest Councillors take the time to look at our G. of Rest.
You will see it is wll attended. The proposed housing development will add a further need.
1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as there is a 50 year lease on the land.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREGarden of RemembranceA new cemetery or garden of remembrance on the green field site at the end of Trendlewood currently owned by St
Peter’s Hospice. This would keep it as a public open area and would be relevant to the donation of the site to St Peter’s.
Trendlewood Way for the benefit of the whole of Nailsea.The cost of the land.To meet future demand and to maintain a quiet unbuilt space.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREBurial Ground6. Burial ground near to church1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. No suitable land.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREFood Bank5. Funded food bank1N/AThere is a food bank already in Nailsea, but it is felt that it can be better publicised.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREBand StandsCovered area with a raised floor for meeting friends , bands, playing dominoes with friends Tai Chi etc. Similar to China where all retired people meet for activities.MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREFootpath MapsFootpath maps around Nailsea. In plastic coated frame on plinths.MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREChristmas LightsChristmas Lights
* * Better Christmas decorations *
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESVolunteering OpportunitiesMore local opportunities for young people to volunteer and help the community at the same time - they often want this for their Duke of Edinburgh awards and voluntary positions are like hens teeth since the pandemic.1N/AThis cannot come from Capital funds, but this is being looked into
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESVolunteer coordinatorA volunteer coordinator to work with local farmers. A project linking people living in the urban areas of North Somerset with local farmers. We know that many farmers are experiencing extreme stress from the pressures of modern farming. Suicide rates are amongst the highest compared with other professions. There is a big disconnect between people living in the urban area such as Nailsea. with the natural world around them. They haven't been taught the Country Code. Many allow their dogs to poo on land growing food, to chase sheep, leave gates open, leave litter. Yet many would love to help out on farms - with the milking, sheep dipping, sheering, hedge laying and generally helping farms be the guardians of nature they are increasingly being asked to. The health and wellbeing improvements from being in nature are well documented. Farmers' wellbeing may also benefit. A coordinator is needed to work with farmers to develop appropriate tasks and set a volunteer programme - recruiting and managing volunteers to carry these tasks out.Based in Nailsea but working in the surrounding area£35,000 (£27K salary + £8K NI etc) Office space ExpensesMore and more residential homes are being built in Nailsea and the surrounding area. It is putting immense pressure on the natural environment. We need to find a way of solving this constructively. A volunteer project linking people with the farms around them will help them understand the role we all play in helping farmers and protecting the natural world.The project could link up with the National Trust, who own some of the farm. Also Belmont Estate, who are implementing a rewilding programme.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESPlay Therapy for Young PeopleCounselling / Play therapy service for children and young peoplethis could be n online service or it could operate from chuch halls for exampleno idea My private play therapist charged £50 per session.Weston provide this service. I have had to go to Bristol (Easton) to provide my daughter with this service. This is very expensive for an individual but very necessary for little people to get the mental and emotioanl health support they need. This type of care should not be decided through postcode1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as this cannot come
from capital funds.
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESCompanionship OpportunitiesCompanionship opportunities for people who feel the pressure of four walls and who would really like to feel part of their community but have barriers preventing their visibility and engagement. Creation of a dedicated, professionally run, local face-to-face befriending service. Like the brilliant Nailsea Community Group has started. Many people wish someone to visit them in their own homes - this is not easy to facilitate. Any suggestions very very welcome.Our contribution from Tyntesfield Medical Group: BIKE BUDDIES Trishaw social rides - pedal or be pedalled around Nailsea (1 pilot, 2 passengers)) For people who do not necessarily wish to join in larger group activities (Nailsea has many) but who would like to go out for a short time, a short distance from their home into their local town and surroundings, and chat to a friendly other. Get collected from your own front door, enjoy a ride out in nature, talking, observing, boosting your wellbeing. Get dropped back home. By trained volunteers who get fit in the process - aligned to the fabulous Nailsea Active agendaWe already have a trishaw and insurance - just need volunteers to run it. In future we will need perhaps another Triobike Taxi trishaw (£10,000), storage space, spare rechargeable batteries, plus servicing, incidentals and not insubstantial ongoing insurance costsIt is easy in a relatively affluent area to feel even more shut out if you are living with adversities of all kinds - financial, social, caring, bereavement, mental health, environmental, emotional or cultural. Cycling is a leveller. Like Nature. On a bike you are both passenger and engine. We all want to have agency, drive our own lives, but we do require accessible support available to carry us when we need it. It's fun, it's green, it's adaptable. We can.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. This is already carried out by the buddy service with the community group
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESNDI - Financial ServicesNailsea Disability Initiative (Charity Number 110649) is experiencing an increasing number of people seeking advice because of the problems they are having with debt. At present we do not deal with these enquiries, but within Nailsea we have become aware there is a lack of face-to-face non-affiliated (religious or commercial) assistance with financial matters such as budgeting and debt. We therefore want to extend our service to provide a free facility offering a face-to-face confidential, impartial assistance and guidance to people who are struggling with debt issues, and those that fear they may be getting into potential financial difficulties, to try to alleviate the worries and anxieties debt brings. Included in our service will be a system of review to monitor once a person’s creditors have accepted a payment plan to see that these arrangements are maintained to get them free of debt, and stay free from debt. Also, we can show people how to budget and prioritise their spending. At present the core business of Nailsea Disability Initiative is providing help to those vulnerable people with continuous health problems and/or physical disability to ensure they have the correct state benefits. This is an excellent base to work from to explore that those having financial problems because of ill health are claiming all the state benefits they are entitled to which may ease their worries. We are currently helping a lady that is getting into debt through no fault of her own; she was paid the wrong benefit and now being asked to pay it back! Sometimes the issues we deal with are intertwined.65 The High Street, Nailsea BS48 1AW Twice a week – 10am -3.00pm. Monday & Thursday (could possibly add an extra day)Laptop £500.00 Software £240.00 (3-year costs) Mobile phone £160.00 Print / Advertising £760.00 Total: £1,660.00 Print and advertising costs are for advertising in a local magazine and leaflet distribution about the new service.As already stated above, within Nailsea there is a lack of face-to-face assistance with financial matters such as budgeting and debt. When inquiring about such matters all inquiries appear to lead just to the provision of fact sheets (not everyone has the facility at home to print them off) , particularly from the major debt support agencies without any face-to-face contact, or alternatively commercial debt advisors ready to advise on bankruptcy or other various potentially costly debt repayment schemes. With just one bank branch remaining in Nailsea, this means help and advice is restricted, and this will impact on senior members of the community and those who may struggle with using the internet, for example in how to set-up direct debits & standing orders to pay their bills. We would provide a drop-in service for a quick chat to discuss the problem then make a firm appointment to help sort it out. Recent Lloyds Bank internal research highlighted increasing numbers of families are looking to support elderly parents to help manage their bills and money. Lloyds found that more than 2,600 search queries per month were for the terms 'helping parents with finances'. When a partner dies, or is suddenly struck down because of ill health, the surviving partner finds themselves having to take on more responsibility, and this may come as a shock, and they may become vulnerable and need support. After the death of one parent, or serious illness, children may find themselves taking on more responsibly for their remaining parent, and may not find it easy at first. Helping an elderly parent with their finances can be an emotional and difficult subject to raise and can change the dynamics of a family. Knowing where to even start in these sorts of circumstances can be hard. We could supply support to families who are concerned that elderly family members may be having difficulties with financial matters. In the last published population statistics for Nailsea it was estimated that in the year 2020 the age group for 60+ will represent almost 37% of a total population of 16,000.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift, however NDI are encouraged to submit an application for a grant for this funding.
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESEducationLets help the young Dyslexic and Autistic to be identified really early before 6 years of age ,to prevent them loosing their confidence and being labelled.
Lets get the extra help into schools to prevent children being excluded and costing lots of money, preventing
depression in the children and family.
1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects which pay for a salary.
TREES/ REWILDINGTree PlantingLarge numbers of trees should be planted as one of the Council’s climate change emergency activities Tree planting is capital spending as the planting of an individual tree is non-recurrent cost. As part of North Somerset Council’s rewilding project, many small whips were planted but relatively few have survived the rushed handling by volunteers.
I feel that more mature specimens should be planted by professionals. Larger trees will make a more significant contribution to carbon capture and the use of professionals will ensure more effective use of funds.
If we can't have a pool then how about replacing the trees lost in recent storms, but with good sized specimens not saplings, would also tick Queen's P Jubilee tree planting box
1) Plant more trees all round the town or replace where these have been blown down following recent storms - these will also help camouflage the rear view of the Churchill retirement block
Wide road verges and other green spaces within the town e.g. Pound Lane.
All over Nailsea
The Council has declared a climate emergency. Tree planting is one of the few effective contributions that the council can make to countering this emergency.Further funding may be available from The Queen’s Green Canopy. See Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ACTIVITIESCapture the FlagMake a kids capture the flag game around Nailsea using pedestrian paths and common grounds. One off event.All around Nailsea, maybe a day or a week. It would help get the community out and have a communal game. Maybe have an event at the end to celebrate.£10,000After the pandemic we need to get the community come into contact. It could help people get back into exercise and make for social interaction. Have the inhabitants get into teams and work together and get to know other inhabitants too. It would also help Nailsea inhabitants to learn more about their town and all the footpaths around us. It’s a great maze and perfect emplacement for a game like this. It would be great publicity for Nailsea and the Town Council.I am a Game Designer and have studied Gamification at a Masters. We could do a trial run and then run it every year. You don’t need to be supper fit, as it could be done walking pace. But he bigger the number of people the quicker they could “grab “ the flag! I would need to know what the main aims of the Townhall would be and make it fun. There are other designers too that we could propose the idea to. I could provide contacts if you wished several options.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. This is already carried out by the buddy service with the community group
OTHERCheeseCHEESE for all homes (starting with low income)Across Nailsea£135 per house Could be more if we offer support for
subsequent recommended interventions (could be very low cost).
With fuel costs rising and a climate emergency, this is a perfect way to achieve a triple win - reduce carbon
emissions, help those in fuel poverty and gain community support for Nailsea Town Council with an initiative of clear value across the community
1N/AAlready voted for this via the thermal imaging camera subject heading
OTHEREngine LaneWith reference to the attached leaflet that was posted through our letterbox, perhaps Nailsea Town Council should consider giving some of the funds from the sale of Engine Lane to those of us who are unfortunate to live on or near Engine Lane and who are having to cope with the direct impact of not just the Barratt development but that of Taylor Wimpey at the same time. The reason for this is that we are the ones who are having to put up with the following over what could be almost 3 years: - The utterly appalling impact to our mental health! - The mud - The noise - The dust from the endless traffic & road sweepers - The air pollution - not just from the sheer volume of traffic but from the cement mixers, and the road sweepers - you can visibly watch the dust spewing out the rop of the road sweepers every time they come up and down the road (which on some days is 2 or 3 times an hour). - Lorry after lorry, truck after truck, HGV after HGV from before first light at 7 in the morning to well into last light at night - and this is now even continuing over the weekend. - The early mornings that get earlier as the year has gone on. We dread the summer coming. - The total and utter lack of respect of our property - we've had Barratts vehicles hitting our front wall as they drive up onto the pavement in their attempt to make enough room for the rest of their traffic coming up and down the road. - The disruption caused by road closures that came as a total surprise - why were we not informed that the road was going to be closed? - The interference to our water supply. The damage to the road surface of Engine Lane that is as a direct result of the traffic for the development. - The Barratts roadsweeper staff who think it acceptable to urinate in public at the side of the road or in the middle of existing housing estate just metres from a childrens nursery. Complaints have been sent to Barratts contractors about this - we no longer monitor this because we dread looking out of the window now. - The fact that we cannot open our windows any more, or put washing out or sit in the garden - this is going to be a real problem as the weather warms up. - The destruction of our green space that has been so important over this pandemic, not to mention the impact this is having to climate change - does NTC realise that ripping up hedgerows & cutting down trees is adding to climate change? - The loss of wildlife that used to be visable not just in the fields & trees, but also along the Lane & in gardens. This time last year we were watching barn owls over the fields - they are now long gone.
- The sheer eyesore that this once green land has become. - The fact that Nailsea Town Council declared they'd purchased this land for recreational use for the people of the town - have you forgotten this? - Have you also forgotten that Nailsea Town Council purchased part of this land in full knowledge & acceptance of the fact that it was protected by a restrictive covenant designed the prevent it being sold for housing - We'd move but the house is unsaleable with all this development work going on around us We are very interested to learn how much of the money from the sale of the land was paid back to the previous owners in overages & associated fees. We also wonder how much the leaflet attached cost to design, print & distribute. Further, we trust that NTC is planning to keep track of how many of Barratt's homes are going to be owner occupied by local youngsters (as was your intention) and how many are going to be purchased for letting (which therefore makes this development no different to any other & negates all your work & claims to residents that this development is for local young people). Yours in despair & disgust,
1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
OTHERTolerance and Understanding - Computer
Get people to understand if you don't own a computer you still have rights has some people can't read or writeAll placesNothing just respectNot just Nailsea everywhere1N/ASupport is already given within Nailsea.
OTHERNailsea Local PlanProduction of a Local Nailsea Plan as promised in the 2018 version.On the Town Council web siteDepends, if professional help is needed to research issues or help with production of the plan.The Town appears to be driven by outside evenmts rather than setting the agenda. Also the Town needs to be better marketed otherwise we will have even more empty shop fronts. The shops provide the centre for the community.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as it is already in hand.
OTHERNailsea SynclinoriumNailsea SynclinoriumConvert old health centre? Not knownTo show old and new residents the rich history of Nailsea1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OTHERTelephone Box - HighstreetDo something with the telephone box in the town centre either a library or put flowers in it.
Repair red telephone box.
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OTHERMobile ChiropodistMobile Chiropodist1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift.
OTHERGeneral State of the TownInstead of new ideas I feel the town has deteriorated beyond belief. We speak as someone who are nailsea people not just incomers.If you need examples look around you the shops are empty or are charity shops the town looks scruffy + dirty.I have no idea but you need to get your act together + look after your residents already hereThe streets aren't cleaned properly there is litter everywhere as an example walk up the pedestrianised portion of Chuch Lane the bin once there has been removed.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift, however the Council looks after areas where it can by employing a Town Orderley to tend to the Town Centre, have the bus shelters cleaned regularly and provide the emptying of dog bins around Nailsea.
OTHERFunding Across the TownFunding at various venues, not just the centre of Nailsea for youngsters to hang out with their friends.1N/ANailsea Town Council were unable to vote on this without a clear proposal, however this consultation is being held for ideas on improvements that can be undertaken.
OTHEROpposition to NSCStronger opposition to NSC regarding developement in Nailsea. More consultation about infrastructure where there is new housing.
More pressure from council on North Somerset Council to allocate more funds to improve and maintain Nailsea rather than spend disproportionate amounts on Weston Super Mare and Portishead. This includes ;
2N/ANailsea Town Council were unable to vote on this without a clear proposal, however this consultation is being held for ideas on improvements that can be undertaken and NSC will contribute to schools and highways as this is within their gift, and NTC will continue to lobby NSC to spend on the right things for Nailsea.
OTHERGeneralInvest money into projects that will attract visitors to Nailsea, increasing employment in the town and wealth of local people. Put Nailsea "on the map"; make the town a place that the residents can be proud to live in and be a part of; that visitors can be "wowed" by what we have here (not simply more houses!); make those who visit Clevedon, Portishead etc also want to visit NailseaAnywhere in Nailsea that can accommodate such plansHowever much it takes. Don't be afraid to find further funding: Lottery, Central Government, Charitable etc.Change Nailsea from being effectively a suburb of Bristol into a town with its own attraction and character1N/ANailsea Town Council were unable to vote on this without a clear proposal, however this consultation is being held for ideas on improvements that can be undertaken.
OTHERBackwell LakePublic toilets at the lake Coffee cart at the lake. Seating area with a roof.NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside
of the Council's ownership.

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