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ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTAmphitheatreI would like to see an open air amphitheatre built in the Millennium Park at Scotch Horn. This would give everyone young and old the opportunity to enjoy the performing arts from touring Theatre companies to music concerts. During the pandemic Theatres, concert halls etc were all forced to close, having an open air amphitheatre gives everyone the chance to enjoy the outdoors, socialise and be entertained at the same time. There could be many uses for schools, youth Groups and the local theatre Groups in Nailsea.
Outdoor stage/cultural area in precinct or where the old barn is (this was a real community hub with lots of nature around it and such a shame we lost it when it closed)
Millennium Park or somewhere suitable.
Old barn
I have no idea unfortunatelyI feel we need something to bring the community together, this would be an ideal opportunity. I really enjoy open air theatre, sitting with your family sharing a picnic and watching good entertainment on a summers afternoon or evening is uplifting. And I think we all need that at the moment.
We need more culture and community in Nailsea accessible to a wider age range. Currently we go out of Nailsea for this. Some facilities are run down or non existent. I’ve lived in Nailsea most of my life and chose to bring my children up here but there are more facilities in Clevedon or Weston. Also, working arrangements have changed and we should facilitate those high earners who may work from home in the future. We do well with nature and blooms.
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTSoft PlayBetter soft playsWhere ever you find the room for all the ridiculously priced houses you could use that land for more facilities for the younger ones!
Maybe Blackfriars road or another industrial estate
The kids in nailsea have absolutely no where to socialise with friends, or parents to go that's warm and let the kids play with out spending a fortune. Children's football teams have to beg for places to train and play and would be nice for them to have a club house to use after games.
There’s no where for children to play indoors when weather isn’t good
There is very little for young families here. Both parents and children could be better catered for.
9NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to ths facility is already provided for at the Scotch orn Centre and may just need publicising.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTFamily Entertainment ComplexFamily social leisure facilities swimming pool hot tub relaxation area cinema complex, restaurants all under one roof all things for our children and families to do independently and together. Nee shopping centre with new shops for clothing and footwear one of those multi store the outfit store at avonmeads in Bristol would be good.Scotch horn areaWe work hard in this area and our children work hard at school. As above no shops that you feel you can go out and enjoy a shops. No clothing or shoe shops in nailsea need an outfit at the above. Family Leisure facilities required for relaxation fun and entertainment1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMulti Sports Activity CentreA multi sports building to include Bowling Arcade games Pool tables Cafe/bar Indoor parkour area Laser tag climbing walls Chill out zone where music can be played Indoor football courts Disco/roller skate room Outdoor seating/bbq area with fire pits?? Somewhere teens can go until 11pm/12am without judgement and so they are safe, open to families and everyone else aswell.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTCinemaCinema and arts centre
A cinema for Nailsea! Like the Curzon in Clevedon. It doesn't have to be huge but something showing the recent films and we could show locally made films as well.
1. Possibly on scotch horn site 2. Possibly an area of the park 3. I don't know
Some abandoned site in town, perhaps one of the trading estates?
A place for people of all ages to use. Nailsea needs to be a destination in itself rather than just a commuter town. We need something to put it on the map
We need something for the young people of the town and this will bring jobs and entertainment locally.
13MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMuseumA museum to house the artifacts that are being stored in various places. It would give residents an insight into the lives of those who have lived here over the years. A centre for education and sponsor a feeling of community
A museum would be great.
A museum to show and celebrate Nailsea Glass, so it’s all under one roof in the town, hopefully bringing together all the displays scattered around the area.
I think Nailsea deserves a Museum, we have so much history and other than the telly tubby mound there’s not much else. The Glass works , bottle factory, Coates cider, coal mines and Hannah Moore is so much of Nailsea
A museum. Nailsea has a rich heritage and lots of history, some of which can be viewed on the Nailsea History Group on Facebook, but we are in danger of losing historical photos, artifacts and maps because we have nowhere to put them. The museum would be good for young and old alike, with opportunities for children and the whole community to join in with projects and share information.
I really think we need a museum to celebrate the glassworks and the coal industry, plus the visit of Hannah More and the history of Holy Trinity Church. This has been mooted several times before and has always been vetoed when push came to shove. There is the Iron Age Hillfort at Cadbury Camp, and the Romans were also there and had villas nearby. John Whiting's cottage and the history of methodism in the town, the fact that Parliamentary troops came here in the English Civil War and the fact that the railway station was the first on the line (1841) - and visited for 8 minutes when Isambard Kingdom Brunel was on the first train could also be included. It could go in one of the empty shops - Nat West Bank would be very suitable.
Museum/Heritage Centre/N. Glass Display Facility
Somewhere that the town's heritage can be explored and artifacts displayed - a mini museum if possible. The display at Scotch Horn is OK but many people aren't aware that it is there. During the local history meetings before lockdown it became apparent that there is a wealth of material held by individuals who would like to see it properly stored and curated
Perhaps in an empty shop in the precinct. It might encourage visitors to the area.
In one of the empty premises in the Town Centre Ideally central Nailsea
We have the Tithe Barn, so perhaps round there, or maybe convert another old building in Nailsea. It doesn’t need to be huge and could even be attached or built into one of the schools
Empty shop - NatWest Bank would do
A heritage grant could be applied for. It would only need help to set up, then could be self funding.
No idea, but hopefully the Town Centre company might be persuaded to donate some premises
I am not an accountant, you need to ask someone. But lots of local museums have lots of volunteers. I would certainly volunteer and have lived here since 1970, plus you have a thriving Local History Society.
I would love to see a small museum of some kind in Nailsea celebrating its past and looking towards the future. Nailsea is constantly changing and it would be good to reflect on where it has come from to today. Something interactive for schools would be amazing too as I know there is interest.
If you don't conserve your history it is forgotten, and we lose our heritage. Very important for education and tourism and the economy
Because with so much expansion going on, we need to foster a feeling of community. It would be a shame not to share the unique story of our area.
Informative for residents and visitors
It is a vital part of the history of the town.
Because lots of people in the very popular Nailsea History Group (which has over 4,000 members) have asked about having one and we have the unique heritage of the glass works, which could bring more people to Nailsea as tourists if the museum was here. We are ideally situated between Tyntesfield and Clevedon Court, so it would be a natural stopping off point if visiting both. It would bring more business to local shops too.
The Nailsea glassworks is of National importance and famous for its wares all over the country. Glass rolling pins which were made all over the UK have all been called "Nailsea" despite where they come from. The mining history is also very interesting - we wouldn't have had the glass without the coal and the ash trees nearby.
Nailsea has a sizeable Industrial Heritage. Coal, Cider, Glass, Lemonade
Nailsea's history is diverse and important locally and nationally and yet so many people in the town know little about it. Visitors are not encouraged enough to take an interest in Nailsea's history. Many local people, and people that have past connections to Nailsea, have items that could be shared in a museum, but are currently stored in their homes restricting knowledge and access to the few people they know/share them with. It would help to develop Nailsea's economy. A museum would encourage more people to visit and give them reason to do so that wasn't just for shopping or staying within the town centre. It would also encourage people to stay for the day rather than a couple of hours. It would provide opportunities to volunteer or work in heritage. Nailsea's links to the early development of the Methodist church could encourage international visitors too. For example, many Americans visit the New Room in Bristol, a trip to Nailsea could be encouraged by providing the facility of a museum
There is a lot of interest in Nailsea history and this project would bring people together.
I am the administrator of The Nailsea History Group and you can contact me via the group, on Facebook
The precinct would benefit from sprucing up. This might encourage new businesses to the town.
20YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMiddle Engine PitMake the Middle Engine Pit buildings and grounds safe and open up for community use. This is a fabulous piece of green space for wildlife and a fabulous historic site. It is an asset for Nailsea but it’s not being used as such. The site is part of the recently set up heritage trail but we all have to peer through the fences! Let’s open it up for picnics and teaching of history and public enjoyment.Middle Engine PitSadly I don’t know but I’m making a guess here that making the buildings safe would be maybe around £20,000. It’s not my area of expertise!This could be a fantastic learning and leisure amenity for Nailsea rather than a derelict and disintegrating space. If the buildings are left for much longer then they will disintegrate beyond saving. The wildlife and eco/green opportunities for the space are great. A team of volunteers could be set up to help maintain the wildlife space once the buildings are made safe.1N/AAlready in hand
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTTheatreTo develop the auditorium at Scotch Horn Leisure Centre for local drama, dance, musical theatre and choir groups to perform. The auditorium requires pack away retractable raked seating, redevelopment of dressing rooms, updating the stage, replacing curtains and space to house costumes and props.
Another much needed facility is a decent theatre to host plays, concerts, pantomimes, etc. We currently have the Little Theatre in Union Street, Nailsea School's theatre and the Scotch Horn Centre none of which are ideal for a town of Nailsea's size.
Scotch Horn Leisure CentreDifficult to engage quotes without more specific information regarding the venue. If this proposal is of interest I would be happy to research thus further.As a committee and performing member of Nailsea Musicals we have encountered difficulty using the old facilities of Scotch horn to perform full musical and pantomime productions. There are many local children's, youth and adult groups and clubs in Nailsea that require an effective space to perform and our community should be celebrating and investing in the motivating and positive activities shared by many. Performers, audience members, technicians, lighting, sound engineers, set design and building, costume creators, prop builders, stage crew the list of those involved is endless and often volunteers.4YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTConcert HallThis is the ideal opportunity for Nailsea to blaze a trail and put its name on the local map, by using the money for a single large-scale project providing a facility which is not available in other local towns. What we need is a concert hall!
You may think we have a number of suitable performance venues in Nailsea, but you could not be more wrong. They are either set up as a theatre, so much of the sound is absorbed by the curtaining or disappears into the roof, or as a church where the acoustic is patchy, or where the capacity too small to accommodate a choir and/or an orchestra and a decent sized audience (sufficient to make a concert self-supporting). Neither Clevedon or Portishead have anything ideally suitable, so with the right building it would be possible to attract hirers from these two towns, and further afield.
We need a concert hall. That is a hall without a traditional theatre stage where the sound is lost upwards and not projected outwards. We need a hall that is designed with appropriate acoustics to enhance the natural sound made by musicians who do not use microphones. It should be capable of seating an audience of at least 300 (not counting choir and orchestra).
There are many thriving choirs in Nailsea, of which Nailsea Choral Society is probably the largest with 60+ members. We are hampered in performing large works by not having enough space in any venue to accommodate this large choir, full orchestra and then have space for 250+ tickets we would need to sell to break even. Nailsea Concert Orchestra is developing quite a name for itself with its new conductor, Ben England BEM. There are several other community choirs, all commanding a large following, as well as smaller, highly professional groups needing a suitable venue to perform. The Folk Club are well based at the intimate venue of the Tithe Barn but could book some bigger names if they knew they had a larger space to sell more tickets.
We recognise that a stand-alone capital build is probably out of the question but are raising this issue now as all sorts of refurbishments and future plans may be being considered as a result of this windfall. For example, if Scotch Horn or Grove Sports Centre were to be redesigned and improved could an extension for a concert hall be considered there. If there is a new school or community centre to be built as part of the housing developments in Nailsea then could consideration be given to a concert hall as part of that development. A simple open hall space without fixed stage or seating but with appropriate acoustic and either moveable stage blocks or some sort of raised platform could lend itself to many different layouts and different moods. A large but mellow indoor space could support not only different performance arts but many varying community activities.
With a bespoke hall of this description, we could invite full size orchestras, big name bands, Bristol Vic actors, regional singers like Welsh Male Voice Choirs or touring companies to perform. Our choirs could sing larger works with orchestras and instead of having to go to Bristol to perform we could perhaps even draw Bristol audiences out here to Nailsea. Choirs and orchestras from Congresbury and Long Ashton as well as Clevedon and Portishead could well be attracted to Nailsea by the right performance space. We are all asking that you please look most seriously at this need and these proposals.
1. A concert, performance venue (audience capacity >200), cultural space, to include cafe/restaurant, for choirs, orchestras, musicals, films etc (available for hire as income stream)
2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
The size required makes this unfeasible.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTArts CentreThe investment should be used to invest in a preferably self financing cultural asset centrally located in the town. This would be an attractive destination for both residents and non-residenta. By increasing footfall in the town, it would encourage private investment in the town by retail and leisure companies, helping to revitalise the town. Towns and villages such as Bruton, Street and Frome have been transformed through cultural investments and Nailsea could achieve similar success with good strategy and execution. The money available could possibly transform the derelict site by the library into a fantastic combined arts, theatre, cinema, cafe gallery, events space?
An arts centre/marketplace/centre of culture. For: - artists (local and nationwide) to display and sell their work - musicians to come and perform in a formal concert setting, daytime or evening - jewellers to display and sell their work - stone masons showing and selling sculptural and functional items - woodworkers - artisan bakers etc. etc. I know some of this is covered by the monthly markets in Nailsea, but this would be a permanent venue, not impacted by the weather and enabling the more broad art forms to be catered for. If space permitted, conference facilities could also be provided, bringing further revenue to the town. If it was properly funded and advertised it would not only be a fantastic asset for Nailsea residents, meeting a widespread desire for independent artisan businesses, but it would also draw in people from further afield, thereby increasing income to the town.
Renovate the educational buildings next to the library to provide studios and workshops for arts & crafts and other skills based life-long learning and social endeavour
I like the idea of the arts centre and museum. Nailsea has a proud heritage and history and it would be lovely to have a focal point of displays linking to an arts centre. I would like to refer to the swimming pool proposal:- this has been on the agenda for the nearly 40 years that I have lived in Nailsea and I consider it to be an imperative. However the building of it from these funds should not be even considered:- it is absolutely an District Council project just like the pools in Clevedon, Portishead, Weston Super Mare , Backwell etc. It is ridiculous that Backwell has a pool with the small population, the fact that c70% of the users arrive by car (with associated pollution etc. It is also completely past it's best by date, has already during the period of this council absorbed an indecent amount of taxpayer funding to repair it's ancient fixtures and fittings. It should be sold off for housing and the sale proceeds utilised in building it's replacement in Nailsea. The ongoing running costs should also be covered from outside Nailsea as cost centre. I would also like to see some renovation to the old industrial workings in the town and them being opened to the public.
I would also love to see more of the local interest statues and wood carvings around the town Finally I would like to see the "rewilded" patch of Green Amenity land in Golden Valley utilised as a memorial park:- Holocaust, Prince Philip or Jubilee
The Scotch Horn Leisure Centre could be repurposed as an Arts Centre, Museum and Library. It could do with a facelift as it’s looking tired and dated. Again this would be of benefit to everyone in the town. The precinct is problematic and in order to encourage new businesses, the town needs to show it is progressive in its outlook. These new facilities could potentially bring new blood and ideas to the town and put Nailsea on the map as a destination.
Nailsea deserves to be improved to make it an even nicer place in which to live. arts centre with theatre.
A new, architect designed, purpose-built community venue of the highest sustainable and eco standards, to include provision for leisure, sport, the arts, and performance, that embraces and improves the best of what is already available in Nailsea without duplicating it or putting other similar facilities ‘out of business’.
Town Centre
Without doubt, the old Health Centre would be a great place to redevelop for this project. I, like the majority of Nailsea residents, am totally ashamed of and depressed by the state of that building. When I bring visitors to Nailsea I always avoid the car park by the Health Centre as it is a dreadful eyesore, with weeds growing out of the walls and roof, and chip board covering the windows. Add to that the site of the old garage, covered in weeds and surrounded by metal fencing right at the entrance to and exit from the car park and it certainly looks as though the council doesn't really care about Nailsea. It has been like this for years and I know the excuse is that Weston College are asking too much money for it, but this has gone on too long. I wrote to NSC about this a few months ago and got no reply. The people of Nailsea deserve better! We need to feel proud of our town.
The buildings next to the library but the end point can be piloted through the use of empty shops in the centre and expand to them in the future if successful.
Possibly, the centre can actively connect with the library.
Logically the Arts Centre and Museum should be based as centrally as possible to the centre of Nailsea utilising an existing building such as:- 65 High St., for it's historical interest and association with Adge Cutler or the library which is, I'm afraid under utilised and, increasingly, obsolete but is of architectural interest.
Old industrial buildings already in situ. Statutes and wood carvings around the town in prominent position or as part of the wonderful Heritage Trail Memorial Park utilising the Green Amenity site alongside Hawthorn Way as an "extension" of the Millennium Park
Most if not all of the money
I am not able to provide an estimate as it is not clear what state the old Health Centre building is in. Obviously, judging by the weeds growing out of it, it is not good.
Difficult to know without access after the years of being boarded up. As studios and workshops, the internal space cab be fairly basic as long as the services and the fabric of the building are secured. £100 - 150K? Some income could then be generated from rental. If potential renters were consulted at the development stage, the refurbishment cost and subsequent income generation could be better future- proofed.
The Arts Centre Museum would have substantial initial construction type costs maybe C£200,000 max Renovation and making-safe old industrial buildings, probably not cheap but it may/should be possible to do it by way of volunteer labour supported by local builders who do well out of all the building work in Nailsea - giving something back. Local involvement would be good Statues etc perhaps an initial commitment of say £20/30,000 Memorial Park - not huge numbers; it only requires fencing and hedging around the circumference with say 4 entrances and 2 substantial feature gateways, proper tarmac/concrete footpaths linking the gates to a central patio/play area with seating and feature such as statue. Again volunteer labour should be forthcoming from the local community.
While Nailsea is in large part a commuter town and benefits from proximity to facilities in Bristol, it compares poorly to other similar sized towns in terms of community facilities. Nailsea is quite an affluent town and the demographics lend themselves well to this sort of facility. Similar sized, and even smaller places than Nailsea (e.g. Wells, Frome, Street) support and benefit from mixed art venues or cinemas, so Nailsea could too.
Anecdotally, I am hearing many people yearning for some independent shops along the lines of what Clevedon has in Hill Road. The level of empty retail space in Nailsea is shocking and we have a population that has spare disposable income, with even more to come when the new houses are built. I, like many others, often go over toHill Road in search of unusual items from the few art, clothing and jewellery shops that are there. We should be finding that in Nailsea, not travelling to Clevedon! More broadly, I would like to see the council providing encouragement to businesses such as wet fish shops and cycle businesses, to take up the retail space left vacant. I know of people who live in Failand who come to Nailsea for the sole purpose of shopping at Burchills.
If we provide quality at the right price, people will come in their droves. Let's target and support shops that promote health and fitness in an environmentally friendly way.
There is evidence (contested by some) that urban areas have been successfully regenerated intentionally or organically by the increased residency of artists. One reason given is that artists create a bohemian feeling that attracts other business. Towns are not the same as urban areas, but both benefit from a central clusters that create the 'soul' of the area. Nailsea shopping centre has been suffering from the High Street decline like all areas in Britain. It has an excellent potential for cafe life but it needs something more to draw the customers.
The arts and crafts market creates a fantastic atmosphere but is too infrequent. The local population is of a demography that holds the potential for amateurs and skilled crafts people to share skills and develop their trades whilst developing and benefitting from an artistic community. Politically, the Govt is looking to develop further lifelong learning opportunities and ways to fund that, which could contribute to cost and engagement.
While there has been vocal demand from residents for a swimming pool and other sports and leisure facilities, Nailsea is already well served by sports facilities in the town and in nearby Backwell. I believe a mixed arts / cultural venue would be a better investment and more appealing to the town's demographic. It could also help to revitalise the town centre attracting private investment and visitors to the town
Finally, I must reiterate - Nailsea CANNOT continue to put up with the major eyesore that is the old Health Centre and old garage. We need to make the people of Nailsea proud to live here! urban-renewal-through-cultural-activity cultural-regeneration-can-transform-town- centres/
They are all not in place but a town of the size of Nailsea deserves them all and they would all, I think, help to further the community spirit that already exists but needs some pushing.
10MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTIce Skating RinkIce Skating Rink??Something different to the other towns around, unique, will bring people into the town1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
A ten-pin bowling alley with catering, milk/shakes and soft drinks bar, meeting rooms for hire/parties etc a gaming room with snooker / billiards, darts, TV room, lounge
Old Dr's building, and Dentist building.. Use and make good that terrible eyesore of empty unkempt area..A lot but money we'll spent.. I've lived in Nailsea for 64yrs and there's no more to do now than there was 50yrs ago but look how many mor people live here now...I've lived in Nailsea for 64yrs and there's no more to do now than there was 50yrs ago but look how many more people live here now.. Spend money to bring money into Nailsea make people outside Nailsea want to come to socialise..
Nailsea is expanding very fast with little or no entertainment or athletic facilities for families and young people.
You have to travel out of the town to swim, go to the cinema, bowling etc
5NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTBingoBingo1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTLibraryA well stocked and staffed library.
Replace the 70s library with something accessible (as a parent who has spent a lot of time on crutches, the dangerous stairs are hugely prohibitive and very dangerous and have restricted our access to the library
Improvements to the library as the downstairs is not accessible.
Purchase Library from N Somerset Council to safeguard for the future Completely new library with more facilities/ resources for children and adolescents
Move library into building behind, present one dated.
The library is essential for access to education, information and recreation.
I slipped on the stairs carrying my toddler to a group 3 years ago and have not returned to the library since. It needs to be accessable to all.
8N/AAlready in hand with NSDC

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