Ask Nailsea – Bins / Benches

GroupQuick ReferenceWhat is the idea?Where will it be?Cost?Why do you think we need this in Nailsea?Additional InformationNumber of
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Short DecisionCouncil Comments
BINS AND BENCHESBenches - SkateparkMore benches at nailsea skateparkAt the skateparkI'm not sureSo there isnt just people sat in the way of us1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
BINS AND BENCHESDog BinsA couple of dog waste bins
Dog poo bins need emptying more regularly. They are often overflowing which is disgusting. They end up on the floor!
Along the queen's roadAbout £500Lots of people walk there dogs a long this road would save any mess6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
BINS AND BENCHESBenchesBenches along popular walking routes in Nailsea.
The benches that the town currently has are all kept in groups in their respective areas. It would be nice to see more spread out across Nailsea
More benches/seats for us oldies to sit and watch the world go by More benches around the edge of Grove Sports Field
North Drove and green field area with public footpaths near the Grove School.To encourage and facilitate walking activities for Nailsea residents with mild to moderate mobility issues. Currently there is nowhere for people to sit to either catch their breath or take in the view. We need to be supporting people to take part in activities that boost their health and well-being.3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESPicnic TablesProvide picnic tables and seatingOpen spaces, e.g. millennium park and in / around playgrounds so parents/ carers / families can come together within a sae distance of the children and make visits to playgrounds more of a day out.£160 - £200 per table, although believe could get a good deal if bulk buying. Obviously, there would also be cost of secure fixing to the ground and maintenance. However could run a 'nominate a picnic table and bench scheme' as many parks do with benches. Could also have a 'picnic table' maintenance day as done with litter picks - could be a local event bringing the community together.To provide opportunities for people to come together in open spaces with a social focus to their use.YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESRubbish/Litter BinsReplace all the litter bins which were removed about three years ago with no consultation.
More bins for rubbish, especially along main routes and walkways
I think the main problem with living in Nailsea currently is the rubbish in around the paths, roads, verges and hedgerows. There is loads of it and it is disgusting and actually quite depressing to live in such a place. Nailsea is a decent town but is currently plagued by rubbish. We need more bins, an urgent plan to clean this mess up and if possible regular litter/rubbish collecting. Can the Town council do its bit alongside a volunteer group please (I am happy to volunteer & am sure they would be enough like-minded residents)?
A bin by the link road bus shelter
Extra bins along Station Road between schools and also near to Pound Lane schools More dog/litter bins on West side of Town.
More litter collection all around Nailsea - it has become a dirty town * More bins around the edge of Grove Sports Field
Main walkways and roads
The paths, streets, verges and hedgerows of Nailsea.
Link road
Station Road and Pound Lane
Within the overall budgetBecause the town needs smartening up to be more attractive to potential businesses, residents and those who visit for leisure purposes. Because Nailsea is and has been for decades the ‘poor relation’ to Weston, Portishead and Clevedon, massively under invested.
As much as possible we should be able to walk in and around Nailsea without being surrounded by rubbish (including plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, drink cans, takeaway packaging, cardboard packaging, face-masks and full dog-poo bags.
A lot of litter accumulates near that bus shelter, which has lacked a bin since North Somerset made the decision not to reinstate their bin there. A new bin may significantly reduce the amount of litter the accumulates there
Regular littering in hedges close to schools, also dog mess, but no bins nearby to put it in instead.
11NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
NSDC are responsible for emptying bins and due to cost , have an embargo on new sites for bins.
BINS AND BENCHESLitter PickVery simply a good tidy, there is a vast amount of litter on every street throughout Nailsea Social studies have shown that litter begets litterers, it's called 'slum mentality' Pavements need clearing and in some cases repair, the TC do a fantastic job with the flower displays at the traffic lights at Clevedon Road and down the High Street, can anything more be done to improve the first impression of Nailsea as people arrive to Nailsea at the traffic lights? We want to attract people to Nailsea with the new development who will keep up a high standard of environment care.
Tidy the place up. there is so much rubbish everywhere.
Funding litter picker(s) around Nailsea. This person could also work with the schools, other organisations (e.g. scouts) and volunteers to arrange litter picks around the town to try to keep the town tidy
Litter is everywhere. Can’t we employ some street cleaners.
Street cleaning / maintaining footpaths
A tidy is needed in almost all areas of Nailsea plus the centre, the tatty car parks and the connecting roads.Not an enormous capital outlay, more likely labour costs
unsure, as certain persons may do it voluntary but would envisage at least 1-2 fulltime and 2-3 part time staff.
To attract people who will take an interest in where they live and pride in the town.
Whilst the good will of people and local organisations is great within Nailsea, there is a lack of co-ordination and ongoing maintenance of litter within Nailsea. Who wants to go litter picking in winter!! Whilst the group at No 65 meet monthly, on an occasion I attended it seemed lacking any coordination, sending volunteers off to litter pick where they wanted to go rather than working together to address a specific problem spot.
5N/AThere is a litter pick arranged by Nailsea Community Group, and the NTC supply the pickers.
BINS AND BENCHESCleaning Up Leavesbetter cleaning up of leaves rubbish in Queens Road, Blandford Close, Shaftesbury Close area.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. This comes under the remit of North Somerset and will be referred to them.