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Also more youth activities. My daughter benefitted from doing boxing at the then youth club at the Mycon. The skate park was a great start.
Please invest in the children and young people more. This village tends to be a place for the elderly. There is no youth clubs, and absolutely no facilities for young people at all. Investing in a premises for a youth club and age appropriate evenings for activities. I am a local teaching assistant and have 3 grown children,and they are many groups and premises let for the older and retired generation but not young people.nothing at all. After 2 years of interrupted education and being locked away and children's mental health declining, familys and tough people need support to get back to feeling normal. Greenfield crescent should be also updated as its never had proper facilities and nailsea jdc have huge amount of children signed . Unfortunately a poop patrol is always needed there as there are irresponsible dog owners walking constantly ruin the grass which can be fatal as can cause blindness.
Not an assett purachse, but a youth cafe, running after school each day where young people could meet and hang out, buy soft drinks and Coffee, perhaps play pool
A youth club is desperately needed, a safe space for the youngsters of Nailsea, a place they can go in the evening to relax and be with friends, where they can be directed to access mental health and other essential services confidentiality
Special building for exclusive use for teenagers, With pool tables games consoles,tv, snack and Drink machines. All protected by supervised CCTV Go to schools and survey what teenagers want as a venue with facilities Couple this with Nailsea Active for sports and leisure activities
I understand from topics on the radio that the Council has acquired approximately £4,000,000 from the recent sale of local land and is asking Nailsea residents to put forward suggestions for projects for the benefit of local people. I would like to thank the Council for giving us this chance. I feel that in general we are lucky with facilities for most age groups - the young, the middle aged and the retired. There are so many groups, sports activities and associations such as the U3A to choose from. The group that is not catered for are the young people, the teenagers. They have nowhere to meet socially apart from their homes. It is not desirable for them to walk the streets, meet in the park or woods. It is often wet and very cold. I would like to suggest a building in the centre of town where they can meet in safety and warmth. It needs to be in a well lit area that can be accessed easily from all parts of Nailsea. It has been proven that such a meeting place has such a benefit to the youth, helping in social skills and general wellbeing.
Young people have not had an easy time over the last two years with the lockdowns, home schooling and isolation. Many has suffered mental stress. Also youth clubs have been proved to prevent local crime as the young people can meet and actively socialise. I think the whole community would benefit from such a project. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration when allocating money from the fund.
Indoor youth area in the center with table tennis, table football and general games area.
The teenagers and young people of Nailsea really need a safe and entertaining space to use in the evenings, weekends and holidays. I think they need a chill out spot with games, sofas, vending machines, pool table / table footballs. They need a space to learn other life skills such as cooking and DIY. This could be supported by volunteers and a few paid employees.
Emoloy a youth worker
The town is already grossly short of resources for young people . We have about 600 + new houses most of which will probably have families with children .When I first moved here there was a very active youth based at the mycon centre . For various reasons this was closed & a certain member instigated physical changes to the building which makes it not suitable for a club without changing . We have army & air cadets plus various subgroups of the scouting movement . Two of the churches provide some acuities for young people . The sum total of all these is inadequate for the youth . There is a skate park by Tesco but this is completely unsupervised but you cannot expect full time or even after school / holidays
1. Youth services including youth leader + assistant. A venue for young people to meet in with a cafe + equipment. Large enough for 30 - 40.
A bigger community centre for groups in Nailsea. In particular for a youth centre, which provides a youth and young adult service which includes youth clubs, advice services for young people eg post 16 options, counselling, support groups, drug:alcohol support , support for mental health. A non-judgemental hub where all teenagers and young adults are welcome to come and explore the way forward in their lives.
Scotch horn for a pool and sports or redevelop the old Weston college site, good location for youth club.
Youth clubs used to be at Mycon and 65 youth House
,also youth events at the scotch horn.all have been removed.
Anywhere there's a vacant shop.
Need to be set up as a charity with cheap lease - say
The teenagers have nowhere to go and are behaving antisocially in our town centre at night which is intimidating for others. An indoor space they are allowed to be will lessen the antisocial behaviour, especially if films and pool tables etc are available.
More facilities for teenagers and young people We are at risk of seeing no more family's move to nailsea eventually as there are lots of retirement homes and to many elderly nursing homes and nothing for youngsters.
Not enough social facilites for our youth.
Activities for teenagers! Kids get a rough deal - especially in covid. It's easy to moan about ''kids hanging about '' but what else are they meant to do?? Not all families are able to give kids the support they need , or want them 'hanging about the house'. I've collected gas canisters from the ground at the park more than once. It's not great. I'm also concerned about kids hanging about in the precinct in the evening which can be intimidating when you walk to the shops in the evening. It's a shame the precint has lost so many shops. We need things for teenagers to do - maybe a dedicated person to manage it ? Youth clubs? Bmx park? More support for the skate park?
A PURPOSE BUILT YOUTH CENTRE Youngsters need somewhere to go in the evenings and weekends to meet with their friends. They have been ignored for too long. The Centre needs to have a cafe with a large seating area so friends can meet in a safe, warm environment An activity room with Pool tables. Snooker, Table Football, Pinball Machines, Table Tennis etc A Fitness Room with exercise bikes and running machines so friends can challenge each other and keep fit at the same time. A Music/Dance room with a music deck. This could also be used for exercise/dance classes with a tutor A small Internet Room where those without computers at home can access the internet.
I continually see large groups of teenagers hanging around Nailsea, smoking cannabis in and around the skate park or shouting, playing loud music in Nailsea town centre close to older persons residence s. There’s nowhere for teenagers to go, they are unsupervised and bored. Provide a positive place for them to go, appropriate people for them to talk with. Mental health problems have risen hugely in young people over the last few years, we are constantly hearing about the suicides of young people. Nailsea could support young people by providing them with a place to go, people to talk with and information and suggestions of how to achieve their goals and ambitions.
44MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity Hall/Centre/HubAlso community hall on the Trendlewood Estate. We have no community base there. Trendlewood Church would like a building. Buy the field at the top of Trendlewood Way (near Station Road), build a community centre and let Trendlewood Church meet there and run various activities for the community from there.
A community centre for all ages to use with a big hall for roller disco and youth clubs that will appeal to the mid teen age where they can hang out and eat sweets and slush puppies. Like in the 1990s
A meeting place much on the lines of a 'Village Hall'
More social activites/community meeting areas for all ages. More entertainment ~ a hub of activity.
A flexible space that can provide essential services during daytime and evenings - this could include bootable space for exercise classes, arts and crafts/ wellness sessions. Societies such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes etc as well as some children’s groups could use the rooms. Mental health has become a big issue, the space could also be home to youth activities and act as a drop in centre. Refreshments could be supplied through a grab and go or coffee shop outlet.
Citizens Advice / dance classes / adult learning (languages) etc could use the space
To provide a community space, relocate the Local Libray an use the Nailsea Libray as a museum space to dhow the history of Coal Mining and Glass Making in Nailsea. The Community space and Library relocation is where the current dilapidated Weston College is locate, 2 stoey with multipe paces and areas for Local Librays for children and adults, this would be much safer than the current childrens section located in the basement of the current libray.
Design would be for coal museum to be in the baseet represneting the atmospeher of a coal mine with a lift (clanking chains) to take a person down. The top would be part of a bottle kiln which used to be on the current glasmakers Mews site, (pity that wa sold off for housing ideal muesum space) The community space would be split so smaller spaces could be made as well as making th bookshelves movable to increase the space.
Field at top of Trendlewood Way by Station Road end
Remodel the Grove Sports centre. The whole place can be knocked down and restructured with better facilities.
No community base in Trendlewood area.
Teenagers are regularly reprimanded for ‘hanging around the skate park’ or Tesco park and for causing trouble and making noise. They need somewhere to go to have a bit of freedom and fun.
Tithe Barn has two rooms one to large and other small for a group of around 35-40. No car parking.
6NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift and the land having been purchased by a developer.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSRecycle and Repair HubFunding towards purchase / rent of a industrial unit within Nailsea for development of a re-cycle, re-pair and re-use hub. Bringing together various communities looking to reduce land fill by helping people fix / mend broken items, selling second-hand furniture etc which otherwise may have gone to landfill, running courses on various topics which would help the local community make better use of what they have e.g. sharpening garden equipment, basic cycle maintenance, crafts reutilising old materials etc.probably most ideal location would be the industrial estate on Blackfriars Rd due to size of units and ease of accessunsure - following initial costs it would potentially be viable for the unit to be self sustaining through small fees for courses, selling furniture, unused paint, wood for fires etcIt is incredible what you see going to landfill at Backwell tip, where it has lots of life left in it. Prior to recycling the population should be looking to reuse what they have more effectively. The success of the Bristol wood recycling project and other initiatives are testament to what can be achieved with some backing and a will to make a change.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity HubPlease spend money on buying and renovating the horrible eyesore of a building next to the library. It could be a very convenient community hub.
Social centre
I would like to see a community hub. A place where teenagers can go on an evening, which is run by volunteers. Providing pool, table tennis, a cafe - a place to hang out which is safe. During the day the hub can be used for older people, interesting talks e.g. gardening, the internet etc. Possibly keep fit classes targeted at older people. A single group, singletons can get together socially. Possibly even run a baby group.
Weston College BuildingThere are many small groups which would be pleased to have more centrally placed meeting and activity rooms. It would be good to see a real mix of old and young going through the doors.3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity SpacePurchase a space for the residents of Nailsea to create a public space and shape for themselves. This would be a space that could be divided up into pop up spaces / shops / food trucks / studios for exercise used by freelancers as well as youth spaces. Here are some examples (some may be on a larger scale)
copenhagen /
Quite probably an existing warehouse£500kA relatively open gathering space is probably a future proof plan given the current pandemic. It has the ability to provide some social space for teens / children under age of 18 into the evening where they can spend time together if there is communal seating under cover and potential activities. More dedicated space to freelance exercise More people are wfh now, and nailsea is expanding. There will be an increase in number of people "in town" monday- Sunday who will expect an increase in services. A capital investment in a building to provide these is a future proof move and puts nailsea as a destination.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSSocial and Skills ExchangeDevelop a social and skills exchange centre of excellence, embedding recycling into everything we do.The Mound within Groves Sports Centre£100kClimate change, wars, famine, will bring with it severe economic consequences and constraints. Even in the absence of these, Nationally just under 3m are using foodbanks, we in Nailsea are not immune to these socioeconomic trends. We need to build a hub where we learn how to reuse things better, how to better protect our local economy through saving energy, developing ideas and support new and innovative economies.This was proposed and on behalf of the Local Environmental Committee, rejected by Rod Lees.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity KitchenA community kitchen, enabling people to socialise whilst learning how to make nutritionally-rich recipes - helping the population to improve their own health. This would aim to improve and prevent diseases, thus reducing financial and time strains from the overloaded NHS.Near Millennium park? On the abandoned sector of land that used to be a petrol station outside of Tower House surgery?cost of land + buildThe demographic of Nailsea presents a major issue of social isolation which could be helped by social clubs well-suited to all regardless of age/gender/belief/race/sexuality. Furthermore, with obesity on the rise and confusion amongst many regarding nutrition, this would appeal to many. Nailsea is central to school catchments and medical practices, which offers an opportunity of collaboration.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity Wellbeing InitiativeI am a GP partner at Tyntesfield Medical Group, at the practice we are looking to improve the service we offer to patients, increase our green impact and give something back to the community. I would therefore love to collaborate with the council and re-wild some local land, plant some trees/plants and have some temporary type structures with power (such as adapted cargo containers) to offer a community kitchen and group sessions around nature and green enterprise. Ideally using the space if big enough to subsidise exercise classes such as tai chi and yoga, mindfulness and other courses that are known to improve health and well-being.Would require some local land. I am interested (although I understand this has been explored previously) in the island of land on stockway south outside the towerhouse surgery.Land dependant. The outlay may be around £100,000 + land but the practice would be happy to contribute to this.
However I have not properly costed this but if there was interest or the council could support us this would certainly be something I would draw up a full proposal.
I think this would benefit the health and well-being of the community, encouraging people to look after the environment as well as their own health. There is increasing evidence that spending time in nature promotes better physical and mental health. I think it would also further the town councils green impact.Please do contact me to discuss this very basic draft proposal further. Ed Griffiths ( Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSNew Council PremisesTo acquire & develop a central point in Town Centre(such as former Weston College Building) to rehouse all the activities of No 65 High Street, The Tithe Barn & also to incorporate a permanent site for Nailsea Community Hub currently based at No 26 Crown Glass Place. This property could also include office space for the Town Council and allow sufficient space for children's play groups and a coffee bar.Acquisition of the whole unit would be necessary & to develop so that the new building would become a real focal point for the town & bring some life back into the Centre. The past 2 years have proven very difficult for businesses to survive as can be seen by the number of empty units and perhaps the Council should engage more effectively with the landlords/owners of the shopping Centre to urge them to possibly reduce rents, cancel leases where empty units exists with outgoing tenants still paying rent so that new life may be brought back to the Centre. If one looks at Portishead High Street it is bustling with shoppers each & every day, Nailsea on the other hand is virtually dead after lunch each day. One has to ask Why?I do not have an idea of the costs involved but expect acquisition of the site would be in order of £1M + a further sum of £1m to undertake the works required, these costs could be offset by sale of 65 High Street and savings made by bring the admin of Tithe barn & town Council all under one roof making savings in staff costs.The land sale was somewhat fortuitous & making full use to enhance the future of Nailsea Town Centre, which hopefully would be sustainable and an inheritance which can be handed on to our successors.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSBaby BankI'd like to see outdoor spaces prioritised for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of Nailsea residents, particularly children and young people. A baby bank (see Baby Bank Network Bristol for ideas) could help tackle child poverty in Nailsea.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSTithe BarnProvide really high quality audio and video for the Tithe Barn that could be used to live stream or record meeting and events held in the Tithe Barn. Linked with additional technology and TV screens it would be possible to provide live captioning of meetings/events as well.Tithe Barn£50,000 - £100,000, obviously would depend on number of cameras purchased and cost of installation (1 Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera is probably ~£4,000), but there would be additional computer equipment, microphones etc. that would need to be considered, the bill could mount up quickly!Town Council Meetings at the Tithe Barn are often poorly attended - this would be a great way to allow people to access democracy in a modern way. - improve accessibility for people attending meetings (e.g. with hearing difficulties). Aside from the democratic benefits for Town Council Meetings, the additional equipment would also be a great investment for the Tithe Barn, making it a more attractive venue for weddings, meetings/small conferences - this in turn will help fund maintenance and upkeep of the Tithe Barn.1Already in hand
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSLunch Club2. Also a Luncheon Club (weekly) for the older residents as was at URC or Methodist Church of Nailsea.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. New club hasalready started at Trinity Church. Would need volunteers to organise.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSChrist ChurchA contribution towards changes and improvements to make Christ Church (see below) into a flexible, inclusive, accessible and comfortable space for use by the whole Nailsea community.Christ Church, Christchurch Close/Stockway North, Nailsea Town centre.The total project cost is £189,000. A contribution towards this from the Engine Lane and CIL payments would bring benefits for the whole Nailsea community.Christ Church is an important part of Nailsea’s history and this will make it fit for our 21st century town. There is increasing demand for community spaces/provision in our growing town e.g. our parent and toddler groups already have waiting lists.1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects for education or religious establishments.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity CafeCommunity Cafe1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further. It is felt that it would be detrimental to independant businesses and there are schemes that can be taken up to allow access to all cafes.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSGirl Guiding HutA hall/building for Girlguiding. We have lots of units spread all over Nailsea and it would be nice to have a building for us to have.Somewhere in Nailsea with space for cars to park by it, ideally somewhere easily accessibleNo idea, probably a lot of moneySo Girlguiding in Nailsea can have their own hall and base2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.

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