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HOUSINGSocial Housing/Affordable/ More HousingSocial housing in Nailsea to be ONLY for permanent residents of Nailsea. Winford run a similar scheme where they put their own residents first to keep a stable community.
Two bedroom easy access user friendly affordable flats for disabled people and their carers.
The council should buy up housing and sell it/rent it out to local people to ensure they can get on the property ladder. Or they could buy some land and build their own houses. Renting houses would raise income for the council but also ensure fair rent for local youngsters starting out
Homes we could downsize to, leaving younger families to occupy larger homes.
More flats for young people to be able to afford.
Affordable housing, whether buy or rent for young families - have enough retirement complex's.
Buy some houses from 'Barratts' to give homes to refugee familities. Prehaps 'Barratts' would like to donate a house of two themselves as they got this site for such a 'known down' price!!
They are building flats, houses like us. Dont mind more houses lots of fields in Nailsea use them,
The availability of these funds chimes well with the private member's bill of our North Somerset MP, Dr Fox, on giving statutory guidance towards improving the status of persons with Downs Syndrome, and equitably strengthening the provision of services to them. It enjoys Government and cross-party support and at the time of writing has received its second reading in Parliament.
The former Weston College building is an achronistic blight on Nailsea. My core idea stemming from that is for a replacement to include appropriate housing for suitable persons with Downs Syndrome and/or (b) bringing under one roof any inconveniently dispersed categories of assistance to the Downs Community in general (e.g. physiotherapy, audiology).
The catchment area might well, if practical, involve other parts of North Somerset.
The site is close to Tower House Medical Centre.
I would envisage the extra funds being used to defray costs like to be borne significantly by the new forward-looking owners of the College site (Developments Bristol) whose goals in respect of new housing are not too far distant from what is being proposed here.
Lets build accommodation for renting by local young people eg bedsit type to encourage the young to stay in the area and gain independence.
We have become a rather elderly population who have come to join our children, we need to start the cycle again with more young people.
Affordable accommodation is not affordable in reality and we need a new approach.
There 651 sites with planning permission in Nailsea.
Plenty of options to choose from.
All of the £ millions you have basically.To keep the same families within the same place, generations of families living in the same area can create a better sense of community in the long run with the ‘everyone knows everyone’ feel.
Government has stated that 20,000 homes must be built in North Somerset in the next 15 years.
Even with the new housing being built it is too expensive for young people getting on the property ladder locally. By buying and regulating the housing under council control then the council will make a real difference to the lives of the youth of the town
Apparently Nailsea does not show up on the charts as an area of deprivation. It does however have an excess of over priced properties ranging in price from £250k upwards. Building affordable housing for disabled people and their carers is a step in the right direction. GWR were given well over
£1 million pounds to build disabled access for the Nailsea and Backwell railway station. GWR spent it else where. It's time to respect the disabled members of this community and stop treating them as third class citizens.
Spending 16 years attempting to re-locate from a substandard flat into more suitable accommodation is not my idea of a good time.
Thank you.
12NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This was considered to costly for the funds available.
HOUSINGPurchase Land for HousingCompulsory purchase of predominarly empty trading estate at Southfield Road and use for new homes.Opp Southfield RoadTo be negotiatedbecause homes should be in the centre of Nailsea rather than fringes, this reducing car use and encouraging people to walk/cycle to amenities.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.

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