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OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAllotments - East EndA new allotment for the East end of Nailsea.The East end of Nailsea. Or failing that, there are lots of small patches of land in housing estates which are "breaks" between houses which if unused by immediate residents could be designated allotment spaces.
Trendlewood Way - field for sale
The cost to purchase or rent land (potentially the field at the junction of trendlewood / Station road). If this field has planning permission I suspect it will cost more.The waiting list for allotment space is years long, especially now after covid. There was never any allotment provision made the this side of Nailsea, only the older part. A previous project to get a Wraxall/ elms allotment started failed some years ago.2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSLakeA lake for recreation/ wildlife/ swimming Boating LakeOn one of the areas of flood land around Nailsea, for example the field overlooked by causeway view, or down by jacklands lakeNot really sure on the cost of the land, maybe up to 2 million in totalThese areas are too wet to build on without drainage, and draining causes flooding further down the rivers, so a lake will improve the natural environment as well as providing a beautiful outdoor space for residents health and well-being, a sanctuary for wildlife encouraging better biodiversity, and provide wild swimming for those who really want a pool in Nailsea but it’s not really affordable2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
TRANSPORTBicycle ParkingBicycle parking
More cycle storage around Nailsea would help with this too.
At the Grove, on the high street near John Brown's/Posh Spice etc, between the skatepark and the path on the camera side, next to most of the benches in the millennium park "ring", at the allotments and outside the Premier on Old Church Road.I've seen bike parking of the type that have been put in by the council, be that NTC or NSC, going for ~£75 per hoop, including VAT.NTC have declared a climate emergency and encouraging cycling is a cost-effective way to help combat climate change. Nailsea is a fairly cycle-able place, depending on who you are and how confident you are on a bike in Nailsea-level traffic. This suggestion doesn't seek to change the to-and-from side of things; this aims to make cycling places more convenient through providing place to lock up you bike. I will go through the individual locations now. The Grove lacks bike parking altogether (I think; there does seem to be some metal stuff bolted into the wall, but it doesn't look like it's actually designed for bikes, being too high and not giving a secure fit.
Dogs, maybe?), which seems very odd for a sports centre. Thankfully, I know that NTC own the land there, so NTC may be able to rectify that problem. One end of the high street has a reasonable amount of bike parking, but there is a distinct lack of parking between the giant clock and Tesco, which is a shame, but can also make shopping in any of the shops there (or going into PS or the Oak) inconvenient if you're riding a bike rather than driving or walking. I would suggest putting quite a bit in here, including at least one dedicated hoop outside of John Browns, as well as as many as you can fit on the undeveloped "indent" in the road outside of and across from New Garden. Bike parking next to the skatepark is aimed at both Skatepark users and non-skatepark users. Sure, you could just lock your bike to the railings in the skatepark, but what if you're not a skatepark user and you don't trust those kiddos or you want to keep your bike out of the way? That's where that bike rack comes in. It also helps that it's right under a camera. It will also give people who do things like "boot camp" in the park another alternative to driving. Putting in a singular hoop next to most of the benches on the "ring" in Millennium park seems like a good idea to me, as it will allow NCR 33 users to go off to Tesco (other stores are available) and get food, then come back and consume it while sitting next to their secured pride and joy. It will also hopefully stop bikes from falling over when leant against benches, as well as giving people who do things like "boot camp" in the park another alternative to driving. Putting bike parking at the allotments will allow allotment tenants to cycle up to the allotment to do lighter work, rather than getting in the car to do it. It will also be helpful for those who would go and, say, water their potato crop or check on something else on their way back from something they were biking for anyway. As for by the premier on Old Church Road, there is simply no bike parking there for those shops. Not even railings. Yes, there is bike parking by the Tithe Barn, but it's A.) primarily meant for barn-users, B.) potentially not always accessible and C.) 80 metres from the shops. It would make sense if the convenience store was convenient to cycle to and park up.
2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
TRANSPORTDisabled access to N&B StationDisabled access to Weston platform
I know this is not really the feed back you need but, our train station needs some form of ramp on the Weston -super- Mare side and instead of beautifying it with artwork (which I admire) it really does need to be made accessible. I am an older person and travel a lot to my daughters (Sherborne or Swindon) on a regular basis as I no longer drive. Last week, having been to Sherborne for a week, I was using a large suitcase due to the length of my stay but on arrival at Nailsea station from Temple Meads, without the kindness of a young man, I could not singly have either gone over the footbridge steps or down the exterior staircase. I do use the ramp on the other side of the station but even that I'm sure would be a problem for wheelchair access. Please consider spending a little money on this as we are lucky to have a station of our own, but not if it isn't accessible for all! Also it would encourage visitors to Nailsea to visit Tyntesfield, our precinct etc. (once there's more open shops, of course!) I hope you've received some really great ideas in this poll!!
Access for disabled people at the Nailsea and Backwell station time it was sorted.
A ramp for disabled and pram pushing mums + dads.
Accessibility to the train station for ALL
I know this is not really the feed back you need but, our train station needs some form of ramp on the Weston -super- Mare side and instead of beautifying it with artwork (which I admire) it really does need to be made accessible. I am an older person and travel a lot to my daughters (Sherborne or Swindon) on a regular basis as I no longer drive. Last week, having been to Sherborne for a week, I was using a large suitcase due to the length of my stay but on arrival at Nailsea station from Temple Meads, without the kindness of a young man, I could not singly have either gone over the footbridge steps or down the exterior staircase. I do use the ramp on the other side of the station but even that I'm sure would be a problem for wheelchair access. Please consider spending a little money on this as we are lucky to have a station of our own, but not if it isn't accessible for all! Also it would encourage visitors to Nailsea to visit Tyntesfield, our precinct etc. (once there's more open shops, of course!) I hope you've received some really great ideas in this poll!!
Nailsea Station?At the moment, disabled travellers are discriminated against for SW journeys6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. The station is not owned by Nailsea Town Council and GWR have quoted
£10million for this project!
SPORTS FACILITIESWomen's SportI would like to see more facilities prioritised for womens sport, e.g. football. This could be upgrading already built stands but womens sport always seems to be looked over whenever another group comes into play (mens or children prominently). I am also aware of a new womens football team in Nailsea, ‘Woodsprings Womens FC,’ and as a supporter of the mens rugby and football teams in Nailsea, I can honestly say, for home games, the ladies football team has more spectators than any mens team I’m aware of.
Have sporting facilities dedicated for women. Ideally a sporting ground where womens sport get prioritised along with changing rooms
This could be in the fields by the fire station around where the other pitch is (Nailsea and Tickenham FC) or a new pitch built entirely that focuses on hosting more womens sports. I truly believe it would build more of a community in Naileea if we all support each other.I think depending on whether it’s a new pitch or just adapting current ones, the price could range hugely.
However, I think even the smallest amount of money would make a difference to womens sport.
All sport in Nailsea have their priorities towards mens sport. I think this is old-fashioned and when womens sport is raising just as much of a crowd as mens, there is no reason for Nailsea as a whole not to support both.
No current space for women and girls to engage in sport or outdoor activities such as football, netball, hockey etc
Sport amongst women is becoming increasingly popular, specially with a new successful women's football team, thats just about to be promoted in its first ever year. Over 30 plus women train weekly. There is not one site they are permanently based because men's clubs take priority.
Womens sport have always been demonetised and over tan with mens sports. Examples including how little womens football teams get priories within nailsea and surrounding areas, this has happened because of the lack of sporting facilities dedicated to womens sport.
6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESPadel Tennis CourtsInstallation of 1 or 2 Padel Tennis courts (possibly at the Grove?)Grove Sports Centre , or other available Nailsea Council owned siteApproximate cost for 1 court (excluding groundworks) is £25 to £28000Padel Tennis is a sport that is suitable for all ages . It has social and therapeutic benefits. It has a low land use
footprint. Padel Tenis is growing at great pace in the South east of the country, Nailsea would be at the forefront of Padel tennis development in the South west.
Padel is good for your brain Your brain is challenged Padel tennis is a ball game and that means the sport contains speed. The speed of tactical changes between players and the speed of different ball exchanges are all much more than in tennis. That has a lot to do with the fact that the court is smaller and you are closer to each other. Also, the ball has less speed than in tennis so there is a much better chance that your opponents can return the ball. Third, the walls may be used, this means the ball is in play much longer, with less dull moments.
In tennis, the ball is often out and has to be fetched which creates a lot of pauses. Mentally, the higher speed of changes in padel means that the brain has to calculate more and quicker where the ball will come and what has to be done to return the ball. Padel clearly is more dynamic than tennis. Your brain is challenged more than in tennis. Padel is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical capacities are demanded and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily as accurately as in tennis. Your brain is rewarded So there are more challenges in padel but you don’t have to have extreme technical skills and so the challenges are more easily met. More challenges means more adrenaline in your brain. More challenges met means more dopamine (reward center) and endorphines in your brain. You will get more rewards in padel than with other ball games which are technically more difficult. That is the simple reason that once you have played padel you get hooked to it much more easily. It is no coincidence that people who try padel play it more often and for longer than any other sport they used to play. Padel is one of the easiest ball games to pick up, everyone can learn padel in less than an hour. With tennis you will need several lessons taking up to several months to play it to a reasonable level. So padel gives you self confidence much quicker than tennis. Increased hand eye coordination In padel a lot of hand eye coordination is required, therefore the visuo-spatial capacities of your brain are trained, of course this is the case with tennis as well. However, padel is easier than tennis so the visuo-spatial training is more intense and frequent than in tennis simply because you get more rallies between players. Because the padel racket is shorter than the tennis racket (so closer to your body and hand) it is closer to your reaching space. This personal space is very well represented and trained in your brain because of its frequent use everyday.
Therefore it is handled much more easy than the extra-personal space in which the tennis racket is moved in. It takes considerable more practice to hit a high velocity ball correctly with a longer tennis racket and smaller blade than with a padel racket. Another factor intensifies the visuo-spatial training in padel more than in tennis; the use of the walls. In padel there are many more bouncing effects and calculations for your brain to make than in tennis, so it is more challenging for the brain. This makes it more exciting as well, more adrenaline and alertness is called for than with just a lost ball out or in the net. In padel with a strong ball of your opponent you always have two chances; Hitting the ball directly after it has hit the ground Hitting the ball after it bounces off the back or side wall The second option gives you more time to react and is especially used by somewhat slower people
(e.g. elderly, children). That’s why padel is very friendly for elderly and younger children. Better concentration As
In padel, the velocity of the ball is less, the blade is much closer to your wrist and body so there is less force on these parts of your body. There are much less known reports of padel players having problems with their wrists or elbows. Of course, when playing extremely frequently even in padel these problems can occur, but less often than with tennis. Better for the elderly and people with injuries Padel puts much less strain on your body parts than tennis, squash or even hockey. Whereas in these sports a lot of ankle, back or shoulder injuries are seen, in padel this is hardly the case. Up till a very advanced age you could play padel without serious physical problems.
At the same time it still challenges your total body, all muscles are involved and your heart/lung condtion is being challenged as well. Better for your eyes Although eye injuries are rare in tennis as well, in padel due to the slower ball speed, there is a lesser chance of a serious eye injury. Furthermore, control of emotions and more emphasis on ball placement even make it harder to hit someone in the eye.
1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESPump TrackAn all-weather 'pump track'. Initially designed for push bikes, these asphalted tracks are both a playground and training facility for BMX riders, mountain bike riders, skateboards and scooters at any level. The track can be used to practice the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed pump around the track - perfect for young and or new to the sport riders. This would be a landmark for the bike community locally and within the region, appealing to adults and kids and for people of all abilities.
All-weather asphalt pump track designed for bicycles, skateboards and scooters.
There is a large bike community of all ages in Nailsea, Backwell and the surrounding area. There is also a large amount of bicycle through-traffic in the town due to its location on the National cycleway. Not only would an all- weather pump track appeal to the bicycle community, but it would be also be useable by skateboarders and scooter riders. It will be a location where anyone is welcome, children learning to ride, adults new to the sport, through to more accomplished and experienced riders. The NSP (Nailsea Skate Park) has been extremely popular and is busy throughout the day. The pump track would extend the offering the town/park has to skaters and scooter riders, but would also open Nailsea to mountain bikers and BMX riders, of all ages. The dirt jumps/mud ramps currently situated in Millennium Park, although built with good intentions have not been maintained, have deteriorated and are now dangerous (even for accomplished riders). Not only are they hazordous for more experienced riders but have nettles, brambles and puddles in certain area's meaning they are not welcoming for younger riders. Ideally they need removing and this location would be ideal for a new, clean and safely designed pump track that doesn't require frequent maintenance.
Millennium Park. Where the deteriorating and dangerous dirt jumps/mud ramps are currently situated. Between the parks circular path and the Nailsea Park main road.£100k (including vat)My husband, son and lots of our friends are big biking fans. It's an excellent outdoor activity to keep the children active and away from screens! We visited the pump track at the Cumberland basin on the weekend and loved it.
One in Nailsea would be absolutely brilliant.
We really need facilities for our young folk. Also something that encourages outside activity. The skate park is busy so this woudk be great as an addition to encourage more outside.
Bikes have been a big part of growing up for my children & family. It is such a healthy, active hobby. Gets people outside enjoying the fresh air. Great for all ages. Something my husband and son can do together. We’ve visited pump tracks across the uk. Also been to quite a few across Europe. I think all small towns should have these facilities to get people outside and enjoying the fresh air.
Nailsea is a comunity of young cycling families and on the national cycle route. The current track needs to be removed as it has fallen into disrepair.
There isn't enough outdoor activities for young children for active outdoor play. The skate park often full with teenagers means it gives more places for both children and teenagers to keep fit
This would be wonderful and I’m sire many youngsters would use it and be encouraged to spend more time outside being active. We have a rich culture of cycling, happily aided by Olympic success. Let’s build on our strengths and encourage a free-flowing space for people to exercise and be creative
It would be widely accessible and utilised by the community. The skate park is already well used by all ages, and this would extend the outdoor activities in the same area. There is already a large bike community in Nailsea.
Healthy outdoor activities for young people, getting them outside and away from screens, socialising in person.
The skate park proves the popularity of this kind of facility.
I've always had to travel to get to a decent pump track. The one in the Cumberland basin is good and tends to be in use the majority of the time. The jumps that are currently in Millennium Park are good fun, but don't encourage pump technique. My 4 year old and 9 year old both love the jumps that are there currently but would be even better if replaced with a permanent all weather solution.
Amazing outdoor space idea for children and adults to use. It would be a pull to bring more people to nailsea and celebrate the area. There is a real lack of outdoor space that can be used in Nailsea other than for walking and running
Kids if all ages need this so badly in Nailsea My toddler loves the one the other side of Bristol but it’s so far to go, this is perfect for all ages and right in the cycle path also for older people to have some fun!!
Help kids get into cycling and exercise A place for them to go and enjoy away from the skatepark
As mountain biking is a growing sport in and around nailsea this will be a great way for people to learn and progress at any age and in all wethers
Nailsea has an active population of young families that like to explore, love the outdoors and adventure. There is increasing interest in the pump track from the Nailsea Active facebook community, as well as other local cycling facebook pages and people are excited about the prospect of the addition to the leisure facilities and the improvement of the Millennium Park area. Information and research regarding the pump track has been done with the help of Architrail Velosolutions an international company with a home in Bristol, who are also extremely passionate about working within the local community.
Younger generation really need something to do in nailsea as the town provides very little for them
44 (14 responses copied and pasted)MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESRefurbish and expand The Grove Sports & Social Club to bring improvements for the benefit of the general public to encourage sport social intercourse and good health.
£4m is a lot of money but in terms of large projects I dont think it would go very far. The Grove Sports centre is clearly in need of a refurb but do NTC own it? If so perhaps buy some additional land and develop i
Improve Grove sports centre, include day time coffee bar possible swimming pool.
New Building at the Grove - somewhere that can house all the stuff that already happens there but also new things for the community too
The cricket club needs investment in facility's and these Sports hubs with modern day facility would be a needed to support the new family's moving to the area as part of the new homes. I think a facility to included everybody (not just one club or sport) with different sporting interest would be the way forward. The grove would be prime site to redevelop - it would support - The cricket club, The football club, add a gym and a swimming pool,outdoor astroturf
As original para.Maybe
SPORTS FACILITIESThe Grovepitch for hire plus a decent facility for the pre school a social entertaining/Bar space and a kids play area - It would
bring the community together and create a income for the council to fund more works around the area.
The Grove Sports Club is a rather old and dilapidated building that has served Nailsea well since the 70's/80's. As there is already a number of housing projects approved in the South-West of Nailsea and will probably be more on the south and west sides of Nailsea over the next 10 years then it would be good to see a plan for replacing this with a more modern facility to meet the needs of the increasing population. I'm not suggesting replacing it with a like for like facility but rather something that widens the offering for all and includes some of the offerings currently available at Scotch Horn (eg health club) which may not be able to cope with increased demand within a growing town. I'm also not suggesting that it be all done at once but rather over a period of no more than 10 years and as and when funds become available including section 106 funding. There should be opportunities for additional funding to come from other financial streams including the National Lottery as it would be a community facility.
My suggestion is to make better use of The Grove and use the money to rebuild/create better facilities which can benefit a much wide range of local people and groups. It would be great to see a revamped/new multi use site which encompasses sports (a recreational facility for use by local clubs), space for workshops/courses, art / craft gallery, a meeting place for anti natal groups, community groups, a small business centre for people who work on their own but would like contact with other sole workers, as well as changing rooms and facilities for teams. This could be a real local hub with a cafe during the daytime / bar in the evening.
I support the idea of improving facilities at The Grove Sports Club, to include a swimming pool, in order to make it THE sports centre for Nailsea. With the predicted increase in the population, due to the various house building projects in the area, a state of the art sports/leisure centre would be of a benefit to all, improving the overall health & well-being of Nailsea residents - both young and old.
With all the new houses at West end Nailsea I would like to see the Grove sports centre rebuilt so it fit for purpose for the expanding population
Nailsea is crying out for a sports and social hub facility to replace the existing dilapidated and tired facilities.
Essentially, a large and modern contemporary building to incorporate changing rooms, showers and plant rooms, internal flexible open plan space for functions, bars, cellar and meeting/conference rooms. Should funds accommodate further facilities, an outdoor all weather floodlit sports area at the same location. Despite commendable and 'against the odds' efforts of the various clubs and societies, in terms of community sporting and social facilities, Nailsea has significantly fallen behind towns of similar size and prosperity over the past 30 - 40 years.
A lack of Town Council action/support, Ill conceived local authority schemes and a total lack of consultation with local clubs and organisations has produced a very fractured approach and complete lack of long term sporting strategy for the town. Here is a fantastic opportunity to put this right and provide a facility the people of Nailsea (of all ages) can fully utilise, enjoy and be proud of, rather than the make do approach of the past.
Grove Sports Centre
The Grove Sports Centre would seem to be an ideal site. The existing building (Grove Sports & Social Club) is dilapidated, well past its sale by date and a complete eyesore. Its interior layout is not fit for purpose and has very limited scope to raise revenue and self fund.
Demolish the existing building and build a new one, consulting local Clubs and Societies about layout. Nailsea deserves better - it has thriving Adult and Junior Sports Clubs who do great things despite the proliferation of of poor facilities - this needs to change. The existing users would be increased by many with new and additional sports and pastimes evolving. The location would also compliment the new housing development adjacent to the site.
Who knows? this is a bit of a silly question isnt it!
£3 million ish
It would depend on the building design and what you included but it could be in the region of £20m and it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume a 1st phase cost of £10m. I realise the town council doesn't have this amount of money to invest but it could make a commitment of £2m towards the project providing funding can be raised elsewhere as well as requesting a % of section 106 money from future developments also goes towards this.
I have no trusted idea, but I wouldn't estimate at least circa
If developing Grove is in any way realistic NTC would then need to come back to the community to ask what they would like inside it
The Grove building needs updating/rebuild and with all the new houses on this side of town improved facilities for all ages.
The Grove is falling down and it is a huge eyesore - with all the new houses it needs a new building that will serve everyone
The town will have a growing population over the next 10 years and this facility would be ideally located to where the majority of this growth is likely to be. It would also hopefully reduce car journeys to Nailsea's other facilities including Scotch Horn.
This area has so much potential but seems to be under promoted and under used by local groups but this might be due to its condition. I think what it offers and how it offers it, needs to be brought up to date. With the Town growing and trying to attract new younger residents, a multi use venue like this would be a real draw, especially if all the groups were promoted centrally through one website.
Multi-use community sports/activity facility.
1. The Grove Centre is probably near the end of its useful and sustainable life. It will either need a massive re- furbishment or replacement anyway in the near future.
Updated preschool for new families18MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESTown PavillionA town pavillion to increase opportunities for physical activities and sport within the town, with at least part of it having specific target of giving women a protected space for activities. A pavilion would allow people to change, use toilets and store maintenance equipment on the the site allowing access for all members of the community and its ensured upkeep. This would allow more activities and sport groups to invest and grow in the town and also become a centre for community out door events and festivals held throughout the year.There are two ideal sites. The first is golden valley which has plumbing and electric under the surface as there used to be a changing block there. The school and north Somerset are also keen for its use provided the current lease can be looked at. The other obvious site are the fields behind budgens which are currently controlled by North Somerset Council. This will cost slightly more to level off the field, but both these sites would have the added bonus of protecting them from future housing development. There are other sites in Nailsea but these are the two obvious options.The average cost of a pavilion of this size is between
£250,000-£400,000. However, there are various grants and funds available for such projects. Sport England, National Lottery, Football Foundation and local sport charities such as Wesport are all able to contribute, support and develop projects of this nature. Football foundation and Wesport also have employees who live within the community who would be keen to provide extra support for such a project
It is needed for a few reasons. Firstly the town has a lack of outdoor space for organised outdoor activities. Nailsea junior football club are a great example of this where they are struggling to meet the needs of their users. The fact that there is a long waiting list for the Nailsea school 3g pitch further shows how there is a lack of supply to meet the local demand for sport. More importantly, Nailsea hockey no longer are a Nailsea club, Nailsea and Backwell women's rugby no longer exist, which is also true for Nailsea united women and Nailsea rounders. There is now only one outdoor women's sport group left in the town, so a women's space will stop the decline in female participation and provide a fairer access and opportunities to girls and womenI the person writing this, have had to spend almost £10,000 of my personal money to get the remaining women's sport group up and running. The lack of access or easy access accounts for around 60% of this cost and is a huge reason why other groups haven't been set up. I work for a sport charity and have the knowledge of how get such projects running and find financial and physical support. What I can't do, is act without the support and permission of either the local or county councils.2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESBasketball CourtsA basketball court
Basketball hoops in a few of the playparks or atleast the Millennium Park. Where you can just come with your kid and throw a ball. Doesn't have to be a full size pitch. I am a mum of 2 and I would go with my boys to throw a ball
As a PE coach at one of the town primary schools I would love to see the money invested in the children of our town.
Namely something sporty for them to do. At my school a lot of the children are desperate to play basketball but unless the join a club, which is expensive and can involve a lot of travelling, they don’t get the opportunity. So some outdoor basketball courts would be an amazing addition to the community. I for one would take my kids there a lot!
Thanks in advance…
a larger outdoor playing courts with basket ball hoops and football post for everyone to play i hope they could also have lights so you can still play when it gets dark earlier in the evening
Caged football/basketball area (like at Clevedon Front).
Millennium park, Hannah more park, kings hill parkNo idea. Not much more than a concrete tennis court. But you’d have to have the rims fixed in the concrete to avoid thefBecause Nailsea needs more spaces for children to do sports.
See above. Kids need the opportunity to play sports without being supervised. As a sports coach of 30+ years it’s a great way for the kids to learn on their own. It would also encourage some people to try something new…
7MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSActivity ParkA Comprehensive and Free to use activity park for everyone- e.g tennis courts; outdoor gym; bowling green; golf putting green: designated outdoor activity space (eg for yoga classes or boot camps): archery; climbing wall; climbing boulder; table tennis, basketball court, 5 a side football pitch.Scotch horn/the grove/fields by clevedon Rd2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSFlower PlantingMore dramatic public planting1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSRewildingNo more re-wilding - it looks a mess, will just collect litter and we need our usable green spaces now more than ever
* Give proper consideration to where trees are planted. Recent planting is awful with far too many trees planted too close together - these areas will become an unsightly impassable thicket and nothing else. *
We don’t need anymore rewinding.
2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTMulti Sports Activity CentreA multi sports building to include Bowling Arcade games Pool tables Cafe/bar Indoor parkour area Laser tag climbing walls Chill out zone where music can be played Indoor football courts Disco/roller skate room Outdoor seating/bbq area with fire pits?? Somewhere teens can go until 11pm/12am without judgement and so they are safe, open to families and everyone else aswell.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTCinemaCinema and arts centre
A cinema for Nailsea! Like the Curzon in Clevedon. It doesn't have to be huge but something showing the recent films and we could show locally made films as well.
1. Possibly on scotch horn site 2. Possibly an area of the park 3. I don't know
Some abandoned site in town, perhaps one of the trading estates?
A place for people of all ages to use. Nailsea needs to be a destination in itself rather than just a commuter town. We need something to put it on the map
We need something for the young people of the town and this will bring jobs and entertainment locally.
13MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTArts CentreThe investment should be used to invest in a preferably self financing cultural asset centrally located in the town. This would be an attractive destination for both residents and non-residenta. By increasing footfall in the town, it would encourage private investment in the town by retail and leisure companies, helping to revitalise the town. Towns and villages such as Bruton, Street and Frome have been transformed through cultural investments and Nailsea could achieve similar success with good strategy and execution. The money available could possibly transform the derelict site by the library into a fantastic combined arts, theatre, cinema, cafe gallery, events space?
An arts centre/marketplace/centre of culture. For: - artists (local and nationwide) to display and sell their work - musicians to come and perform in a formal concert setting, daytime or evening - jewellers to display and sell their work - stone masons showing and selling sculptural and functional items - woodworkers - artisan bakers etc. etc. I know some of this is covered by the monthly markets in Nailsea, but this would be a permanent venue, not impacted by the weather and enabling the more broad art forms to be catered for. If space permitted, conference facilities could also be provided, bringing further revenue to the town. If it was properly funded and advertised it would not only be a fantastic asset for Nailsea residents, meeting a widespread desire for independent artisan businesses, but it would also draw in people from further afield, thereby increasing income to the town.
Renovate the educational buildings next to the library to provide studios and workshops for arts & crafts and other skills based life-long learning and social endeavour
I like the idea of the arts centre and museum. Nailsea has a proud heritage and history and it would be lovely to have a focal point of displays linking to an arts centre. I would like to refer to the swimming pool proposal:- this has been on the agenda for the nearly 40 years that I have lived in Nailsea and I consider it to be an imperative. However the building of it from these funds should not be even considered:- it is absolutely an District Council project just like the pools in Clevedon, Portishead, Weston Super Mare , Backwell etc. It is ridiculous that Backwell has a pool with the small population, the fact that c70% of the users arrive by car (with associated pollution etc. It is also completely past it's best by date, has already during the period of this council absorbed an indecent amount of taxpayer funding to repair it's ancient fixtures and fittings. It should be sold off for housing and the sale proceeds utilised in building it's replacement in Nailsea. The ongoing running costs should also be covered from outside Nailsea as cost centre. I would also like to see some renovation to the old industrial workings in the town and them being opened to the public.
I would also love to see more of the local interest statues and wood carvings around the town Finally I would like to see the "rewilded" patch of Green Amenity land in Golden Valley utilised as a memorial park:- Holocaust, Prince Philip or Jubilee
The Scotch Horn Leisure Centre could be repurposed as an Arts Centre, Museum and Library. It could do with a facelift as it’s looking tired and dated. Again this would be of benefit to everyone in the town. The precinct is problematic and in order to encourage new businesses, the town needs to show it is progressive in its outlook. These new facilities could potentially bring new blood and ideas to the town and put Nailsea on the map as a destination.
Nailsea deserves to be improved to make it an even nicer place in which to live. arts centre with theatre.
A new, architect designed, purpose-built community venue of the highest sustainable and eco standards, to include provision for leisure, sport, the arts, and performance, that embraces and improves the best of what is already available in Nailsea without duplicating it or putting other similar facilities ‘out of business’.
Town Centre
Without doubt, the old Health Centre would be a great place to redevelop for this project. I, like the majority of Nailsea residents, am totally ashamed of and depressed by the state of that building. When I bring visitors to Nailsea I always avoid the car park by the Health Centre as it is a dreadful eyesore, with weeds growing out of the walls and roof, and chip board covering the windows. Add to that the site of the old garage, covered in weeds and surrounded by metal fencing right at the entrance to and exit from the car park and it certainly looks as though the council doesn't really care about Nailsea. It has been like this for years and I know the excuse is that Weston College are asking too much money for it, but this has gone on too long. I wrote to NSC about this a few months ago and got no reply. The people of Nailsea deserve better! We need to feel proud of our town.
The buildings next to the library but the end point can be piloted through the use of empty shops in the centre and expand to them in the future if successful.
Possibly, the centre can actively connect with the library.
Logically the Arts Centre and Museum should be based as centrally as possible to the centre of Nailsea utilising an existing building such as:- 65 High St., for it's historical interest and association with Adge Cutler or the library which is, I'm afraid under utilised and, increasingly, obsolete but is of architectural interest.
Old industrial buildings already in situ. Statutes and wood carvings around the town in prominent position or as part of the wonderful Heritage Trail Memorial Park utilising the Green Amenity site alongside Hawthorn Way as an "extension" of the Millennium Park
Most if not all of the money
I am not able to provide an estimate as it is not clear what state the old Health Centre building is in. Obviously, judging by the weeds growing out of it, it is not good.
Difficult to know without access after the years of being boarded up. As studios and workshops, the internal space cab be fairly basic as long as the services and the fabric of the building are secured. £100 - 150K? Some income could then be generated from rental. If potential renters were consulted at the development stage, the refurbishment cost and subsequent income generation could be better future- proofed.
The Arts Centre Museum would have substantial initial construction type costs maybe C£200,000 max Renovation and making-safe old industrial buildings, probably not cheap but it may/should be possible to do it by way of volunteer labour supported by local builders who do well out of all the building work in Nailsea - giving something back. Local involvement would be good Statues etc perhaps an initial commitment of say £20/30,000 Memorial Park - not huge numbers; it only requires fencing and hedging around the circumference with say 4 entrances and 2 substantial feature gateways, proper tarmac/concrete footpaths linking the gates to a central patio/play area with seating and feature such as statue. Again volunteer labour should be forthcoming from the local community.
While Nailsea is in large part a commuter town and benefits from proximity to facilities in Bristol, it compares poorly to other similar sized towns in terms of community facilities. Nailsea is quite an affluent town and the demographics lend themselves well to this sort of facility. Similar sized, and even smaller places than Nailsea (e.g. Wells, Frome, Street) support and benefit from mixed art venues or cinemas, so Nailsea could too.
Anecdotally, I am hearing many people yearning for some independent shops along the lines of what Clevedon has in Hill Road. The level of empty retail space in Nailsea is shocking and we have a population that has spare disposable income, with even more to come when the new houses are built. I, like many others, often go over toHill Road in search of unusual items from the few art, clothing and jewellery shops that are there. We should be finding that in Nailsea, not travelling to Clevedon! More broadly, I would like to see the council providing encouragement to businesses such as wet fish shops and cycle businesses, to take up the retail space left vacant. I know of people who live in Failand who come to Nailsea for the sole purpose of shopping at Burchills.
If we provide quality at the right price, people will come in their droves. Let's target and support shops that promote health and fitness in an environmentally friendly way.
There is evidence (contested by some) that urban areas have been successfully regenerated intentionally or organically by the increased residency of artists. One reason given is that artists create a bohemian feeling that attracts other business. Towns are not the same as urban areas, but both benefit from a central clusters that create the 'soul' of the area. Nailsea shopping centre has been suffering from the High Street decline like all areas in Britain. It has an excellent potential for cafe life but it needs something more to draw the customers.
The arts and crafts market creates a fantastic atmosphere but is too infrequent. The local population is of a demography that holds the potential for amateurs and skilled crafts people to share skills and develop their trades whilst developing and benefitting from an artistic community. Politically, the Govt is looking to develop further lifelong learning opportunities and ways to fund that, which could contribute to cost and engagement.
While there has been vocal demand from residents for a swimming pool and other sports and leisure facilities, Nailsea is already well served by sports facilities in the town and in nearby Backwell. I believe a mixed arts / cultural venue would be a better investment and more appealing to the town's demographic. It could also help to revitalise the town centre attracting private investment and visitors to the town
Finally, I must reiterate - Nailsea CANNOT continue to put up with the major eyesore that is the old Health Centre and old garage. We need to make the people of Nailsea proud to live here! urban-renewal-through-cultural-activity cultural-regeneration-can-transform-town- centres/
They are all not in place but a town of the size of Nailsea deserves them all and they would all, I think, help to further the community spirit that already exists but needs some pushing.
10MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
TOWN CENTRECraft Store/CollectiveWe need a proper craft store/ a place where local crafters could possibly sell their handcrafted goods. Maybe even a monthly, or bi-monthly event where local crafters can sell their goods (I understand we have the farmers market etc but these are already full of great people selling their goods. People, much like myself, who are a little newer to selling our handcrafted goods also deserve a place to sell. I think having a proper craft shop with supplies and shelves for local sellers would be amazing and would really help lots of people in our community who need to find friends with similar interests etc.
I’m not sure if it’s been sold to Tyntesfield surgery but if not,or not all of it, do something with the old Weston College site at the end of the precinct. It could be converted into a large space for an indoor craft market for all year round, given the number of self employed artisans that live locally.
Is it possible to start afternoon classes like we used to have when I first moved here.
2. Shops could be set up to encourage shared workshop use for artists and crafts people. This could also be a walk in area for local people to learn about what is going on and even buy any products These are just the outlines of a
couple of ideas but an investment from the town Council would regenerate the town centre before all the shops close
There's loads of empty shops in the high street which could be perfect for this. Or, as mentioned, a market type idea would be good for the precinct.
Old Weston College site
I have no idea how much a craft shop would cost, but having local crafters renting out space could generate some income for running the shop
No idea of what building works would be necessary to make an acceptable place to rent stall space.
Nailsea lacks any creative places. Theres no where to buy local crafters work (like there is in Clevedon at the Craft Centre there) and as a young person living in Nailsea, and trying to find a house in Nailsea to move into with my partner, we would like to see some more crafty aspects be put in place.
It would creat a place of interest in the centre of Nailsea and make the whole shopping experience in Nailsea far more interesting, potentially attracting more people to shop in the town. Additionally it would fill up empty shops with other retailers feeling there is a large active customer base in the town. Revamping the old Weston College would also remove the unsightly dilapidated building that welcomes you as you enter the precinct from Tyntesfield surgery car park or as you walk through the precinct. It’s not very appealing.
4MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
Also more youth activities. My daughter benefitted from doing boxing at the then youth club at the Mycon. The skate park was a great start.
Please invest in the children and young people more. This village tends to be a place for the elderly. There is no youth clubs, and absolutely no facilities for young people at all. Investing in a premises for a youth club and age appropriate evenings for activities. I am a local teaching assistant and have 3 grown children,and they are many groups and premises let for the older and retired generation but not young people.nothing at all. After 2 years of interrupted education and being locked away and children's mental health declining, familys and tough people need support to get back to feeling normal. Greenfield crescent should be also updated as its never had proper facilities and nailsea jdc have huge amount of children signed . Unfortunately a poop patrol is always needed there as there are irresponsible dog owners walking constantly ruin the grass which can be fatal as can cause blindness.
Not an assett purachse, but a youth cafe, running after school each day where young people could meet and hang out, buy soft drinks and Coffee, perhaps play pool
A youth club is desperately needed, a safe space for the youngsters of Nailsea, a place they can go in the evening to relax and be with friends, where they can be directed to access mental health and other essential services confidentiality
Special building for exclusive use for teenagers, With pool tables games consoles,tv, snack and Drink machines. All protected by supervised CCTV Go to schools and survey what teenagers want as a venue with facilities Couple this with Nailsea Active for sports and leisure activities
I understand from topics on the radio that the Council has acquired approximately £4,000,000 from the recent sale of local land and is asking Nailsea residents to put forward suggestions for projects for the benefit of local people. I would like to thank the Council for giving us this chance. I feel that in general we are lucky with facilities for most age groups - the young, the middle aged and the retired. There are so many groups, sports activities and associations such as the U3A to choose from. The group that is not catered for are the young people, the teenagers. They have nowhere to meet socially apart from their homes. It is not desirable for them to walk the streets, meet in the park or woods. It is often wet and very cold. I would like to suggest a building in the centre of town where they can meet in safety and warmth. It needs to be in a well lit area that can be accessed easily from all parts of Nailsea. It has been proven that such a meeting place has such a benefit to the youth, helping in social skills and general wellbeing.
Young people have not had an easy time over the last two years with the lockdowns, home schooling and isolation. Many has suffered mental stress. Also youth clubs have been proved to prevent local crime as the young people can meet and actively socialise. I think the whole community would benefit from such a project. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration when allocating money from the fund.
Indoor youth area in the center with table tennis, table football and general games area.
The teenagers and young people of Nailsea really need a safe and entertaining space to use in the evenings, weekends and holidays. I think they need a chill out spot with games, sofas, vending machines, pool table / table footballs. They need a space to learn other life skills such as cooking and DIY. This could be supported by volunteers and a few paid employees.
Emoloy a youth worker
The town is already grossly short of resources for young people . We have about 600 + new houses most of which will probably have families with children .When I first moved here there was a very active youth based at the mycon centre . For various reasons this was closed & a certain member instigated physical changes to the building which makes it not suitable for a club without changing . We have army & air cadets plus various subgroups of the scouting movement . Two of the churches provide some acuities for young people . The sum total of all these is inadequate for the youth . There is a skate park by Tesco but this is completely unsupervised but you cannot expect full time or even after school / holidays
1. Youth services including youth leader + assistant. A venue for young people to meet in with a cafe + equipment. Large enough for 30 - 40.
A bigger community centre for groups in Nailsea. In particular for a youth centre, which provides a youth and young adult service which includes youth clubs, advice services for young people eg post 16 options, counselling, support groups, drug:alcohol support , support for mental health. A non-judgemental hub where all teenagers and young adults are welcome to come and explore the way forward in their lives.
Scotch horn for a pool and sports or redevelop the old Weston college site, good location for youth club.
Youth clubs used to be at Mycon and 65 youth House
,also youth events at the scotch horn.all have been removed.
Anywhere there's a vacant shop.
Need to be set up as a charity with cheap lease - say
The teenagers have nowhere to go and are behaving antisocially in our town centre at night which is intimidating for others. An indoor space they are allowed to be will lessen the antisocial behaviour, especially if films and pool tables etc are available.
More facilities for teenagers and young people We are at risk of seeing no more family's move to nailsea eventually as there are lots of retirement homes and to many elderly nursing homes and nothing for youngsters.
Not enough social facilites for our youth.
Activities for teenagers! Kids get a rough deal - especially in covid. It's easy to moan about ''kids hanging about '' but what else are they meant to do?? Not all families are able to give kids the support they need , or want them 'hanging about the house'. I've collected gas canisters from the ground at the park more than once. It's not great. I'm also concerned about kids hanging about in the precinct in the evening which can be intimidating when you walk to the shops in the evening. It's a shame the precint has lost so many shops. We need things for teenagers to do - maybe a dedicated person to manage it ? Youth clubs? Bmx park? More support for the skate park?
A PURPOSE BUILT YOUTH CENTRE Youngsters need somewhere to go in the evenings and weekends to meet with their friends. They have been ignored for too long. The Centre needs to have a cafe with a large seating area so friends can meet in a safe, warm environment An activity room with Pool tables. Snooker, Table Football, Pinball Machines, Table Tennis etc A Fitness Room with exercise bikes and running machines so friends can challenge each other and keep fit at the same time. A Music/Dance room with a music deck. This could also be used for exercise/dance classes with a tutor A small Internet Room where those without computers at home can access the internet.
I continually see large groups of teenagers hanging around Nailsea, smoking cannabis in and around the skate park or shouting, playing loud music in Nailsea town centre close to older persons residence s. There’s nowhere for teenagers to go, they are unsupervised and bored. Provide a positive place for them to go, appropriate people for them to talk with. Mental health problems have risen hugely in young people over the last few years, we are constantly hearing about the suicides of young people. Nailsea could support young people by providing them with a place to go, people to talk with and information and suggestions of how to achieve their goals and ambitions.
44MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSBaby BankI'd like to see outdoor spaces prioritised for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of Nailsea residents, particularly children and young people. A baby bank (see Baby Bank Network Bristol for ideas) could help tackle child poverty in Nailsea.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
BINS AND BENCHESDog BinsA couple of dog waste bins
Dog poo bins need emptying more regularly. They are often overflowing which is disgusting. They end up on the floor!
Along the queen's roadAbout £500Lots of people walk there dogs a long this road would save any mess6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpath - Engine Lane/Blackfriars Road into the Rugby Club3) Footpath from Engine Lane/Blackfriars Road into the Rugby ClubTo encourage rugby club members to park on Blackfriars Road, or use parking available on sites along Blackfriars Road. Many of these sponsor the rugby club so I would assume would allow people to use there car parks ratehr than park onEngine Lane, The Bramleys, Worcester Gardens as at present. When the housing development on Engine Lane starts to become occupied the number of potential vehicles using Engine Lane will more than DOUBLE present usage. This is going to be an increasing problem brought about by NTC's willingness to developing site so must do something to calm the issues on Engine Lane.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
PAVEMENTS/ PATHSFootpaths - GeneralTo put hardcore (similar to that at Backwell lake) on popular footpaths that surround the town
Repairing roads and footpaths. In general footpaths in Nailsea are appalling and a danger especially disabled people.
key footpaths through/ on the outskirts the town which run through fields and are susceptible to becoming very muddy during the winter.Nailsea is an active town, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Many people enjoy walking, a solitary or social, relaxed or energetic, activity with no expectation to spend money and which benefits both physical and mental health, but may be put off in wet weather. The two groups most impacted by the muddy winter paths are; More physically vulnerable people who become concerned about slipping and hurting themselves as the paths that cross fields become mud ice rinks. More financially vulnerable people who may have limited footwear and so are more concerned about ruining their only pair of shoes. This group is also more vulnerable to slipping as their footwear may not have particularly good grips or ankle support. Farmers will also benefit as when the footpaths become muddy people step off the path to bypass the worst effected areas. The path then becomes wider and starts to encroach on cropped areas. By putting some hardcore down the footpaths will remain more accessible all year round and walkers will be far less tempted to step off the designated path and inadvertently damage crops.3MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREWest End FacilitiesFacilities in the West end, coffee bar etc, Aldi/Lidl type shopWest end Somewhere with easy access for all of NailseaNo IdeaCoffee bar somewhere other than the for families/older people, walkers to meet during the week without having to walk into the town centre. So many people travel out of Nailsea for their shopping at one of these stores and then use other towns for additional shopping.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREHeritage TrailTo make it easier for all ages to read + follow the new trail. * Outside Aaron pets - either a step or handrail to help step up the 18"/20" to read the placque. * Glassworks - needs a narrow path inside the small wall to reach the placque. At present have to walk on edge of muddy grass around the 'cocks & hens' small wall.By each of the lovely plinths.Minimal - but I guess at present none of the plinths have easy access for 70+ yr olds who are only 5'2"!!Nailsea has many interesting features and profress has been made to bring the history to the attention of many, but we can't all physically reach to plinth to read the info.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREBand StandsCovered area with a raised floor for meeting friends , bands, playing dominoes with friends Tai Chi etc. Similar to China where all retired people meet for activities.MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
FACILITIES AND INFRSTRUCTUREFootpath MapsFootpath maps around Nailsea. In plastic coated frame on plinths.MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
JOBS AND OPPORTUNITIESCompanionship OpportunitiesCompanionship opportunities for people who feel the pressure of four walls and who would really like to feel part of their community but have barriers preventing their visibility and engagement. Creation of a dedicated, professionally run, local face-to-face befriending service. Like the brilliant Nailsea Community Group has started. Many people wish someone to visit them in their own homes - this is not easy to facilitate. Any suggestions very very welcome.Our contribution from Tyntesfield Medical Group: BIKE BUDDIES Trishaw social rides - pedal or be pedalled around Nailsea (1 pilot, 2 passengers)) For people who do not necessarily wish to join in larger group activities (Nailsea has many) but who would like to go out for a short time, a short distance from their home into their local town and surroundings, and chat to a friendly other. Get collected from your own front door, enjoy a ride out in nature, talking, observing, boosting your wellbeing. Get dropped back home. By trained volunteers who get fit in the process - aligned to the fabulous Nailsea Active agendaWe already have a trishaw and insurance - just need volunteers to run it. In future we will need perhaps another Triobike Taxi trishaw (£10,000), storage space, spare rechargeable batteries, plus servicing, incidentals and not insubstantial ongoing insurance costsIt is easy in a relatively affluent area to feel even more shut out if you are living with adversities of all kinds - financial, social, caring, bereavement, mental health, environmental, emotional or cultural. Cycling is a leveller. Like Nature. On a bike you are both passenger and engine. We all want to have agency, drive our own lives, but we do require accessible support available to carry us when we need it. It's fun, it's green, it's adaptable. We can.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. This is already carried out by the buddy service with the community group
ACTIVITIESCapture the FlagMake a kids capture the flag game around Nailsea using pedestrian paths and common grounds. One off event.All around Nailsea, maybe a day or a week. It would help get the community out and have a communal game. Maybe have an event at the end to celebrate.£10,000After the pandemic we need to get the community come into contact. It could help people get back into exercise and make for social interaction. Have the inhabitants get into teams and work together and get to know other inhabitants too. It would also help Nailsea inhabitants to learn more about their town and all the footpaths around us. It’s a great maze and perfect emplacement for a game like this. It would be great publicity for Nailsea and the Town Council.I am a Game Designer and have studied Gamification at a Masters. We could do a trial run and then run it every year. You don’t need to be supper fit, as it could be done walking pace. But he bigger the number of people the quicker they could “grab “ the flag! I would need to know what the main aims of the Townhall would be and make it fun. There are other designers too that we could propose the idea to. I could provide contacts if you wished several options.1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this. This is already carried out by the buddy service with the community group

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