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OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAllotments - East EndA new allotment for the East end of Nailsea.The East end of Nailsea. Or failing that, there are lots of small patches of land in housing estates which are "breaks" between houses which if unused by immediate residents could be designated allotment spaces.
Trendlewood Way - field for sale
The cost to purchase or rent land (potentially the field at the junction of trendlewood / Station road). If this field has planning permission I suspect it will cost more.The waiting list for allotment space is years long, especially now after covid. There was never any allotment provision made the this side of Nailsea, only the older part. A previous project to get a Wraxall/ elms allotment started failed some years ago.2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAllotmentsIMPROVEMENTS TO THE ALLOTMENTS The following ideas are submitted by Nailsea Allotments Association on behalf of their members who are all residents of Nailsea (except those living in Wraxall who have a specific approval to hold allotments in Nailsea). Proposal 1) The installation of a disabled-friendly composting W.C. at the Engine Lane Site. Proposal 2) The installation of additional mains flow and pipework to feed additional water tanks at the Whitesfield Road Site. Proposal 3) The provision of 2x lockable metal sheds; one each at Whitesfield Road and Engine Lane to provide storage for high-value electrical and petrol equipment used by members at the two allotment sites. Proposal 4) The provision of secure perimeter fencing to prevent/deter thefts such as happened recently at both the Whitesfield Road and Engine Lane sites. Proposal 5) Applying a tarmac surface to the internal road and carpark at the Engine Lane site.
As the money that is now available has come about through the sale of land that was to be used for allotments, I suggest that NTC should re-use some of the funds to provide more allotments. There is a long waiting list at the moment, and this can only get longer when the new housing becomes active (most of the new houses will have small gardens, or no gardens at all). Were the Council to purchase one and a half acres of agricultural land (ie not allocated as suitable for housing development), this would provide space for approximately 50 small plots (8m x 12m) plus access and parking for cars.
7. Retain & up grade allotments
Proposal 1) The composting toilet will be within the curtilage of the Engine Lane site, on or near the car park. Proposal 2) The proposal is to have 9 additional water tanks at the Whitesfield Road Site of which 4 will be adjacent to the south (Wareham Close)boundary and 5 will be adjacent to the north (Whitesfield Road cul de sac) boundary. Proposal 3) The sheds will be located in a visible position within the curtilage of their respective Allotment Sites. Proposal 4) The secure perimeter fencing is envisaged along a) the west boundary of the Whitesfield Road Site and b) most of the Engine Lane Site boundary where access is possible from public land or the roadside/pavement.
Proposal 5) Engine Lane allotment site existing internal road and parking area.
This is difficult to specify, as I have no idea what land the Council currently own or have purchase options, but geographically, it would be best located to the north or east of the town, possible off Causeway View or Pound Lane (the most sensible site at the end of Lodge Lane having already been vetoed)
Proposal 1) c£5,000.00 inc. installation Proposal 2) c£10,000 inc. a new mains connection pipework laying and water tank purchase/installation. Proposal 3) c£10,000 covering 1x medium unit (for WR) and 1xsmaller unit (for EL) with enhanced self-locking mechanisms or similar and installation costs. Proposal 4) c£15,000. A very rough guess based on installing a total of 250m of 6’ chain link fencing and posts at two sites. Proposal 5) c£13,000. A rough guess based on road surface of 250m2 and carpark of 50m2 at
£45 per m2. It is assumed that the current surface will need some modest repair (undertaken by plot holders) to make it fit for taking a tarmac top surface. These are lay estimates, not competitiverly priced quotes.
With fencing, preparation and car parking etc this would cost approx £20k
Proposal 1) This will provide a convenience facility for use by those Nailsea residents holding allotment plots at Engine Lane. The proposal is for a disabled-friendly facility. Proposal 2) The current 6x water troughs at Whitesfield Road are some distance from a significant number of plots and are linked in series. This means that during the warm months the usage is high resulting in a slow fill at the furthest tanks in the chain. This is exacerbated by the inadequate size of the existing pipework. As a result many of the Nailsea residents holding plots have to spend a significant time transporting water to their plots not to mention visiting early in the morning in order to obtain water. It also limits the water inflow provided to the on-site WC potentially causing a health hazard. Proposal 3) Recently, there have been two separate theft attacks of high-value machinery, one each at the Engine Lane and Whitesfield Road sites. In the case of WR, this involved multiple break-ins to a significant number of sheds resulting in a number of equipment thefts as well as damage to sheds. This proposal asks for two metal units (e.g. Shipping Containers) of a size appropriate to the expect usage. There is an alternative of using one of the two existing buildings close to the Wareham Close entrance should either tenant wish to move.
Proposal 4) Over the years there have been several incursions to the WR site over the wall from Whitesfield Road such that appeals to allotment members to ensure the gate is locked at night has been met with the rather cynical (but accurate) response that people simply climb over so what is the point? It may be that the recent thefts may galvanise members to be a bit more thoughtful but the point about easy access over the existing wall is well made. The alternative of automatic site lighting and CCTV would probably be difficult to manage, would require electricity to site and is probably unacceptable to neighbours in Wareham Close and Whitesfield Road.
Another possible alternative would be to plant a substantial hedge of spikey plants but this would require the agreement of a number of plotholders. The Engine Lane site has also suffered from site thefts accessed through minimal security protection. Better and higher fence protection will help and, like Whitesfield Road, the alternatives may be equally problematic. Proposal 5) The current road and parking area surfaces consist of loose gravel and bare earth and should be improved to ensure that cars are not damaged and vehicles (particularly heavier commercial vehicles such as those delivering maure and compost by the lorry-load) don’t cause further damage to the already inadequate surfaces.
The existing allotment space in Nailsea is obviously inadequate. It is universally recognised that outdoor activity is beneficial for one's well being, and allotments provide recreation and relaxation, with some physical exercise thrown in for free. The current waiting list demonstrates that current facilities are inadequate, and the situation can only get worse.
3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSSplash ParkAddition of splash park splash pool/fountainMillennium park£50,000Very few splash pads ocally, water play shown to improve child development, would also bring visitors to the town in the summer from surrounding areas- currently summer visitors tend to go to Weston/clevedon1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the negative environmental impact and risk of waterborne illnesses due to the rat problem faced in Millennium Park.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSLakeA lake for recreation/ wildlife/ swimming Boating LakeOn one of the areas of flood land around Nailsea, for example the field overlooked by causeway view, or down by jacklands lakeNot really sure on the cost of the land, maybe up to 2 million in totalThese areas are too wet to build on without drainage, and draining causes flooding further down the rivers, so a lake will improve the natural environment as well as providing a beautiful outdoor space for residents health and well-being, a sanctuary for wildlife encouraging better biodiversity, and provide wild swimming for those who really want a pool in Nailsea but it’s not really affordable2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAdventure PlaygroundAdventure playground with various playing areas / equipment for a wide range of ages. Potentially even to include an outdoor fitness area with outdoor gym equipment. There should also be picnic areas with benches/tables. I am thinking something along the lines of Hengrove Park, Pitville Park (in Cheltenham), Blaise Castle playground, the playground/splash park by the seafront at Weston Super Mare or even further a field - the amazing Princess Diana memorial playground in Kensington Gardens, London. Maybe even to include a small splash park area. I envisage this to be a beautiful, natural space with equipment made from sustainable materials which will last, where families (and anyone!) could go and enjoy nature, listen to the birds, look at beautiful tree's and flowers, meet friends and have fun outside and spend the whole day. The scheme would importantly include areas of natural landscaping, think
...swaying bamboo, grasses, shrubs, hidden stepping stones and also areas for wildflowers and areas for pollinators.
I do not know which areas of land in Nailsea belong to the council and what restrictions / clauses would be on areas but off the top of my head; - The land behind Budgens - off Lodge Lane - The rear of Golden Valley fields which is under utilised (Trendlewood side) - The land off The Perrings - Land behind the Uplands - Land behind Sedgemoor Close - Land off youngwood Lane - Land the other side of Engine Lane (behind rugby club) Land behind Causeway View - Land the other side of Pound LaneI really have no idea but it should be relatively easy for the council to work out a Rough Order of Costs based on information shared by other councils who have created similar schemes such as the examples given in section one.
I imagine circa £100k - £200k depending on the scope but that is a guestimate.
We have so many families in Nailsea and only a few small playgrounds, many of which are very small so only appeal to perhaps young children and do not take much time for children to get bored (and are tired and not overly appealing). There is particularly limited to no play areas for children of 8/9 years and over. I would absolutely love for somewhere we could go, in our own town, where we could spend the day (my kids are 5, 7 and 11) - take a picnic and that has something for all ages of children. There could even be a small café or at least the opportunity for a pop up café in peak season / school holidays etc. People often move to Nailsea from Bristol , London etc because of it's convenience, in terms of commuting and being close to the city, but then they get here and there is not much here. It's not a place people 'love to live' because of whats here. This is an incredible opportunity to make Nailsea into a town where people want to live.. because of the town (not just because 'it's close to Bristol and has a train station')! We already have brilliant schools, so we attract families; lets give all these children somewhere special and exciting to spend their days and create happy memories. Lets give all the Grandparents in Nailsea a place to take their grandchildren, a place where their grandchildren and children of the family look forward to visiting. I envisage this to be a central and integral place in the community, where you would always see someone / many people you know. Children would interact with eachother and play alongside children from different schools. You could arrange to meet friends and other families there. Parents and grandparents could enjoy the surroundings whilst watching their children play. And children would have the freedom to play and explore in a relatively safe environment. As well as the huge benefit to residents of Nailsea, there would also be a benefit to the neighbouring towns and villages. It would also bring people into Nailsea and give them a reason to visit. Visitors would then go on to spend money in the town, so would have a knock on effect on the local economy. It would make the town a more desirable place to live as well as the neighbouring towns and villages.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlayrgrounds - generalImprove children's parks
Improve the condition of the play areas in Nailsea which are in a sad state of repair.
To encourage young families to live in Nailsea, the children’s play areas need a total revamp. Many more pieces of equipment are required to encourage outdoor play, but key to this would be to fund a small team to maintain the equipment and keep the areas tidy and well maintained. More seating for parents is also required. I’m a grandparent and don’t find sitting on picnic benches very comfortable, or standing around because there is nowhere to sit.
Improve the condition of the play areas in Nailsea which are in a sad state of repair.
1. Upgrade all existing children's playgrounds to current safety standards - many are in poor and dangerous conditions 2. Add, where feasible, new play equipment to highest standard
Improve all the play parks in the area. The one by tesco and behind Kingshill school are very old and could do with an freshen up with new play equipment .
Our town’s playgrounds and open spaces desperately need investment. Everything is old and broken and dirty. More equipment in our playgrounds would be very welcome to make our outdoor areas more user friendly and attractive to young families. More facilities for children in general would be great. Some of our open spaces and playgrounds feel rather run down. Please please invest in some new equipment and enjoyable play space to help us have free family fun and enjoy the outdoors.
Better playground equipment in all playgrounds.
Design two seperate playgrounds, one for nursery/preschool children and the second one for older children. These playareas should be adjacent to one and another with a fence between the two to prevent small children running into the path of older children/play area.
Park for older children
To encourage young families to live in Nailsea, the children’s play areas need a total revamp. Many more pieces of equipment are required to encourage outdoor play, but key to this would be to fund a small team to maintain the equipment and keep the areas tidy and well maintained. More seating for parents is also required. I’m a grandparent and don’t find sitting on picnic benches very comfortable, or standing around because there is nowhere to sit.
I think the play equipment for young children and the immediate surrounding areas could really benefit from improvement and expansion. A focus on access to sports for young people would also be welcome.
Whilst visiting San Sebastian de los reyes, Madrid recently i came across an amazing new children's play area which had only just opened last September. This play area consisted of flume style slides as well as traditional slides of various sizes for different age groups. Swings of different designs from traditional to double swings and circular ones for a number of children to use at once.There was also sit on toy cars, rocking toys, trampolines, rock climbing, tunnels, roundabouts, puzzles.Climbing frames etc. This facility was constructed with the use of EU money, and is being used by the local community with great enthusiasm, despite having numerous very high quality play areas nearby. Nailsea has a very poor record of providing suitable facilities for younger children. The play area opposite where i live has one piece of equipment only. The Scotch Horn Site is the best in town, and has very limited equipment as well. I would propose that funds are now spent on providing a very upmarket play area that is modern, high quality and safe for children to use. I have taken a number of photographs of the Madrid play area and would be happy to share them with you to demonstrate what could be done
I have also noticed the lack of outdoor play areas for children to play in I really would of thought there would be more local parks. It would be fantastic to have a large play area with a good age range of equipment. I know parks do tend to see anti social behaviour with older children on weekends and evenings where they can gather but I feel a play park is something people with young children would really appreciate. A great location which I’ve heard previously did have a park there was on the perrings. I think this location is fantastic as you get visitors to Backwell lake and this would encourage families to venture up to the play park whilst walking around the lake.
2. The children's pay areas I.e local parks need updating and cleaning. Expand the park in town centre a bit
The ideal place for a new play area would be at The Scotch Horn Site. The size of the play area would accommodate a similar design to Madrid. The layout i would estimate would be about 100yds by 30 ydsAccording to signage at the Madrid site the new play area cost E408,073. So i would hope that a project like this would be approximately £500,000There is very little for young families here. Both parents and children could be better catered for.
Good quality children,s play area is desperately needed in the town. This equipment would be very well used i am sure, With suitable additional seating for parent etc this would provide a good meeting area for families and friends as wewll.
22YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - Millenium ParkPlaygrounds, spaces for teenagers, outdoor sports Parks, play areas, less rat-infested play parks.
An upgrade to millennium Park play Park. This will include new more challenging play equipment, a new upgraded surface as well as a new boundary (hopefully a permanent structure) to eradicate rats.
Improve all of our parks, they appear run down and old. Would be great to include more toddler climbing frames too.
New adventure play equipment for older children (wooden) in millennium park.
Replace sand in scotch horn play area with safety ground cover
Different parts of Nailsea to encourage people to walk rather than drive
Where the existing millennium play Park is. An upgrade to existing Park.
I'm not sure, but a Google search shows a case study of this park was £240k as an example. gb/case-studies/faye-elizabeth-park-bensonChildren need extra safe spaces to play and exercise. Teenagers also need safe areas to socialise. Outdoor sports facilities would benefit everyone.
A great central park is a must and my family and others use this space alot. But it's hard to see rats running through the play area with your children and see them fall over the cracks in the existing play surface or into mud piles where the existing surface is dipped. There is a big age gap of equipment between 4 upwards apart from the giant climbing frame which is so grimy that it is hard for smaller climbers (with low confidence who do want to try it) to tackle it and grip it.
7YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - PerringsImproved playgrounds/indoor play equipment for children, including replacing the playground missing from the Perrings.
Replace the park at the perrings
Sports and recreational facilities, access to green spaces are great for child development and fitness for all3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlayground Improvement - PrecinctMy idea is to put coloured paving slabs around the children's play area and troughs of flowers around Nailsea.Somerset Squarec £20,000Somerset Square can feel quite dull with all the grey paving/concrete - this will help brighten up the area.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlay Park - Toby RileyFor you to help build the park for remembering Toby Riley, kids need more space to enjoy their life’sIt will help the children in the community1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - KingshillOur local park by kingshill school is very much used and loved by kids of all ages in the community, from the preschoolers at Greenslade to to older year 5s and 6s at Kingshill. Its been a great source of fun (and relief for parents) all across the area. However it’s in need of a refurb. Some of the activities are often out of action, swings are missing, most is either damaged or rusting, and most are getting quite dilapidated as time goes on. It’s a large space so perhaps we could include a basketball hoop or football goal as many of the kids play football in amongst the space anyway.
Some investment into the play parks particularly the park behind Kingshill school. There is a lot of broken equipment. It’s missing a larger slide for the older children. And some more benches for parents around the perimeter would be nice
We are in desperate need of a proper clean and fun play area. With that kind of money we could go big.
A new playpark to replace the broken one at Pound Lane. Equipment has broken over the years but never replaced. The main climbing object has had tape around it for at least six months, the roundabout also has tape on it for well over a year. One toddler 'seat on a spring' has snapped off altogether so that leaves just 2 out of 4 swings and the seesaw for my 2 year old to place on!
The existing park outside kingshill Church School.
Pound Lane playpark
Without much knowledge of how much parks cost, I would hope between £20-50k at most (that being said I’m not an expert in park construction!)
£5,000 depending on which items where chosen
It’s vital that our young children and older children have outdoor spaces to call their own, to occupy themselves, play, have fun, but also to keep themselves fit and healthy. Parks can be such centre of the community, and if we leave this park to progress further into a worse state of disrepair not only will families abandon it, worse still a child could get hurt on the older units. I know that the families and children in the area would be incredibly grateful if we were able to give this park a new lease of life.
The park behind Kingshill school is used daily by lots of children, it is very tired looking and run down. The equipment in there is breaking and has not been repaired.
The existing one is old and mostly broken!
7YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSPlaygrounds - The ElmsImprove children playground in Elms development. The Yeo Valley Way playground (which is off the public footpath) has only two aged see-saw swings . It would be nice to have more equipment which children can enjoy while using the park.Yeo Valley Way Playpark5KThe playground is on the public footpath frequently used by families at the weekend.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSOutdoor Education siteBuild outdoor education site in Nailsea, with a building / classrooms and outdoor area with woodland if possible. This could be utilised by schools on a rota basis with education staff available to help onsite or to visit schools . In addition to educational resources the site could be utilised to run family days and holiday clubs during school holidays, getting child and adults outside and away from screens. Outdoor activities have a huge benefit for physical and mental health.most likely on the edge of town, subject to suitbale site
e.g. off youngwood lane, by rugby club, near nailsea dn Tickenham football club, near Touts PFS,
unsureSchools have limited resources and providing this would help all of them, being able to access provision without the cost of travel via coach which typically exceeds the price for a course. Understanding the benefits for getting outdoors is great for all ages / abilities and its free.1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects for education or religious establishments.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSZip Wire - Morgan's HillAs the cost of maintaining a swimming pool is high unless a trust was formed once it had been built suggest a zip wire installed at the top of Morgan Hill to the bottom for children to experience some uncossested thrills.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the site being an unsuitable location for a zip wire.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAge Restricted Skate ParkA smaller age restricted skate park for younger age children.Scotch horn playing fields or the Grove sports ground.No ideaBecause the younger children going in the skate park irritate the older children by getting in their way. It can be dangerous. Also it will provide a safe space for younger children to enjoy without the bad language and other things happening around them. This will spit the younger children feeling intimated and can enjoy themselves more.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined with the intention that the Council should work harder to make our
skatepark more inclusive.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSCommunity GardenA community garden/space with areas for children to have free play and for community to get together to grow flowers/vegetables etc. (case study- redcatch park in Bristol)- brining sustainable living to the forefront and making it accessibile for groups that currently meet at no.65 - mental health/bereavement, disabled groups/those who are lonely….. a place to care for and be part of. Or a play park/cafe area like the ones developed at hengrove, Bristol- for all ages and abilities with on site facilities (toilets/cafe)
Community garden(s) with space for people to relax, gather in small groups and learn about nature and growing food and plants.
A community garden/allotment would be great for those who don't have access to much outdoor space, and it would be great to see someone teaching gardening skills
I’m not sure what lane is available- but somewhere easily accessible for allNo idea- but I’d guess £100k plus maintenanceThe parks in nailsea aren’t the most accessible. None have on site cafe/toilets, and most are in need of a spruce up.
These gardens can benefit people of all ages. They can be a place to relax, learn new skills, socialise and make new connections. They provide a home for nature and equipping people with the knowledge and skills to grow some of their own food is good for the environment as a whole. They help people improve their physical and mental health.
I think research would be needed as to the groups in the community that are currently not catered for, or where the current provision is inadequate. The upkeep or replacement/staffing of any new projects needs to be considered as it’s always a shame when capital investment it made but no funds available for maintenance.5YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.

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