Ask Nailsea – Public Toilets

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PUBLIC TOILETSPublic Toilets - GeneralBetter maintenance of Public Toilets (and long due removal of out of use toilets West of the town centre).
1) Public toilets. Either reopened and refurbished or new. For a town the se of Nailsea to have no public toilets for residents and visitors to the town to use is very poor and very inconvenient , you could say.
3. Update the public toilets.
Where they are.I am not particularly sure.It's more hygienic.No Additional Information3NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined because there are privately owned public toilets in the precinct. It is felt that there is adequate provision in retail and hospitality venues that due to location are kept clean and in working order.
PUBLIC TOILETSPublic Toilets - N&B StationMine is not so much an idea but a request for toilets at Nailsea and Backwell Station.Nailsea and Backwell StationQuite frankly I am not bothered how much it costs to provide these facilities. They are basic needs and could be secured by using a key code or swipe card to access them.We need these because there are no facilities at the station and many people have a long walk and wait before the train arrives. Many of the travellers are in the older age group, but there are not even disbled facilities!!!!I look forward to receiving a favourable reply.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to the land not
being owned by the town council.

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