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SPORTS FACILITIESWomen's SportI would like to see more facilities prioritised for womens sport, e.g. football. This could be upgrading already built stands but womens sport always seems to be looked over whenever another group comes into play (mens or children prominently). I am also aware of a new womens football team in Nailsea, ‘Woodsprings Womens FC,’ and as a supporter of the mens rugby and football teams in Nailsea, I can honestly say, for home games, the ladies football team has more spectators than any mens team I’m aware of.
Have sporting facilities dedicated for women. Ideally a sporting ground where womens sport get prioritised along with changing rooms
This could be in the fields by the fire station around where the other pitch is (Nailsea and Tickenham FC) or a new pitch built entirely that focuses on hosting more womens sports. I truly believe it would build more of a community in Naileea if we all support each other.I think depending on whether it’s a new pitch or just adapting current ones, the price could range hugely.
However, I think even the smallest amount of money would make a difference to womens sport.
All sport in Nailsea have their priorities towards mens sport. I think this is old-fashioned and when womens sport is raising just as much of a crowd as mens, there is no reason for Nailsea as a whole not to support both.
No current space for women and girls to engage in sport or outdoor activities such as football, netball, hockey etc
Sport amongst women is becoming increasingly popular, specially with a new successful women's football team, thats just about to be promoted in its first ever year. Over 30 plus women train weekly. There is not one site they are permanently based because men's clubs take priority.
Womens sport have always been demonetised and over tan with mens sports. Examples including how little womens football teams get priories within nailsea and surrounding areas, this has happened because of the lack of sporting facilities dedicated to womens sport.
6MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESRunning TrackRunning trackGrove Sports CentreIncreased populations need things to do. Current facilities are either old, non-existant and cannot cope with the additional population.8YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESAll Weather Sports SurfaceAll purpose Sports pitch suitable for hockey, football, rugby, etc. This idea is particularly aimed at bringing ‘home’ Nailsea Ladies Hockey Club, back to Nailsea.The Grove or other suitable location within Nailsea - new or existing.£250,000.00 (surface only) assuming an existing location can be utilised.The only all purpose, all weather sports pitches are at Nailsea school and these are in greater demand than is currently available, and used mainly by our local football and rugby teams of all ages. Nailsea Ladies Hockey Club have been exiled to Gordano school for many years now and this is a great opportunity to bring them home. The club has a junior action and two ladies senior team and play to a high standard in the local leagues.
As it approached its centenary, it would be great to have a plan to accommodate them locally where they are still well supported even though it means a trek to a lovely new facility at Gordano school. Since the surface at the Nailsea school facility does not meet fully the league requirements, a new facility that could be used by other clubs/sports would be much utilised.
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea Tennis ClubNailsea tennis club , replacement of old lights with more energy efficient led lights , and purchase of a ball machine for training
Nailsea tennis club needs new floodlights, a ball machine and rebound wall to help the coaching programme
The Nailsea Tennis club has seen a recent growth in members, with more people working from home it’s become a really important social connection for those who’s lifestyles have changed. My idea would be to help the tennis club grow and continue to thrive. One aspect of growth is to do with peoples comfort in their ability to play with others. Training can be expensive but something as simple as a ball machine gives new and existing members a chance to improve in their own time and subsequently feel more confident about playing in teams. Additionally the floodlights are well below the standard of f neighbouring clubs like backwell for example. All three courts are used in group sessions and on one side particular the lights are the old style.
Mizzymead clubBetween £10k and £20k
£60 - 70k
Tennis club membership at nailsea has declined in recent years these measures will help to revitalise the club.
Tennis is well documented as greatly improving mental and physical wellbeing for all ages
The tennis club is currently thriving after years of stagnation with a large coaching programme. The lights are old, expensive to run and cause light spill problems for the neighbours). The investment will benefit generations to come
6NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the money needs to be spent on facilities that would benefit the whole town and not just a private club, but this does not exclude the club from applying for a grant.
SPORTS FACILITIESTennis CourtsImproved leisure facilities, such as a multiple purpose basketball/ football court. Free tennis courts. Similar to what is available in Clevedon.These courts could be in one or more of the many parks in Nailsea.To provide freely available sporting facilities. At present these are not available in Nailsea, unless you have the funds to join the tennis club. The courts would also brilliant for families and adults, providing a place to meet, be active and most importantly have some fun. At present, we have to drive from Nailsea to Clevedon to play basketball and tennis and the courts are often full. Therefore, these popular activities would be a very welcome addition to Nailsea.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESSkatepark - lightsit would also be a good idea to have lights for the skatepark too so they don’t get hurt when it’s dark1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESMizzymead Recreation CentreMizzymead Recreation Centre is an established social and sports club in the centre of Nailsea supporting active tennis, bowls, skittles, table tennis, snooker, and bridge clubs, etc. I am the treasurer of the Nailsea Lawn Tennis Club and we have recently resurfaced our three tennis courts which we have paid for out of members subscriptions and a loan from the LTA. However our club building is in a deteriorating state and needs major investment in the roof.
The whole place is now overdue for a facelift so that it can continue to flourish and attract new members.
6) investment in the struggling Mizzymead recreation centre. Again a good facility for attracting people to Nailsea with tennis courts , Bowling club, table tennis and snooker.
Mizzymead£100kThere is only one tennis club in Nailsea. We have an active junior coaching section. It is very important to encourage sport for young people. The Mizzymead Recreation Centre, with its variety of clubs, attracts people of all ages. There was a risk of it folding last year due to lack of a viable financial plan. A recent change of management has rescued the centre, which is a registered charity. It needs to improve its facilities to continue attract members and thrive.4NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the money needs to be spent on facilities that would benefit the whole town and not just a private club, but this does not exclude the club from applying for a grant.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea and Tickenham FC
- Car Park
Expand the existing car park and include a dedicated bicycle parking area. Also improve the surfaces of the access lane to the ground and the pedestrian footpath to the pitch perimeter pathwayNailsea and Tickenham Football Club, Fryth Way, Nailsea, BS48 2ASAn estimate from a local Civil Engineering Company indicates cost will be circa £30,000 (Vat Ex).The number of home and away supporters visiting the club has grown steadily over the past few years. When the car park is full, supporters have no option but to park on the public roads around the club. This puts pressure on the amount of parking available for our neighbour’s and their families and friends on match days. We have received a number of complaints from our neighbour’s bringing this to our attention and feel it would greatly alleviate the problem if funding to improve car parking, access lane and the pedestrian footpath was approved.
It should also be noted that we have applied for promotion to play in the prestigious Western League next season. If this is approved, far greater numbers of home and away fans will be visiting the ground thereby exacerbating an already unsatisfactory situation.
The improvements to the surfaces of the access lane and pedestrian footpath will help wheelchair users and disabled supporters get into and out of the ground more safely. The provision of a dedicated bicycle parking area will encourage greater use of bike transport with the net gain of both reducing pollution and keeping people fitter.
It should also be noted that this project only requires Capital Expenditure to be approved without the need for any further year on year maintenance costs to be factored in.
25NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as the land is owned by North Somerset Council and is listed as a potential development site. Previously a loan has been provided to the club to undertake works on the site.
SPORTS FACILITIESFunding for Sports/Social ClubsThe social and sporting clubs and facilities within Nailsea should be encouraged to bid for part of the funds for upkeep/improvement projects.
More sports facilities
There is an opportunity to use the money to make a generational change to sports and recreation facilities in the Town. There are numerous projects that are proposed online in various forums. These should be assessed in terms of need and a strategy for the Town produced. The strategy should link to other local, regional and national strategies which would enable funding options to be explored and attract additional investment to Nailsea. An example of this is in relation to the football facilities for all (girls, boys, men and women) which need to be improved at a number of sites. Some of these are identified in the North Somerset Local Football Facilities Plan, which can be found here - plan/#tab-section-introduction. This could lead to potential funding from the Football Foundation.
I would like the money to be divided up between all the existing youth & childrens clubs/groups in Nailsea, ie sports clubs/scouts & guides/youth club etc
There are various locations in the Town including The Grove, Millennium Park, Golden Valley Playing Fields, Greenfield Crescent, Nailsea School where investment is needed. This would increase the capacity at some of these sites as well as improving the variety of activities on offer in Nailsea.Costs will vary and need to be developed.Nailsea has some fantastic clubs and organisations however the quality of the facilities does not meet the required standards or in some cases even exist. The new housing will put further pressure on the current facilities. The Town Council has an opportunity to help deliver transformational change for the Town. Many Town Councils are now playing proactive roles in helping to facilitate investment in their areas and this is an opportunity to do this.4NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as it does not fall under the remit of capital expenses and so is not something that the money can be spent on.
SPORTS FACILITIESOutdoor GymOutdoor gym Outdoor exercise equipment.
A callisthenics park built to support excercise for all ages It should include an athletics track
To provide several outdoor public gym areas for free exercise with weather resistant gym equipment, with information boards showing correct ways to use the equipment safely.
For example could there be some engagement or partnership with the rugby club for use as an outdoor active space
/ outdoor gym / for outdoor clubs etc that would allow the wider Nailsea population to use as well as secure the land from any future development?
Tesco Park
Only needs a small square area so can be placed in any of the parks in nailsea
In park areas, ie. 1, Millenium Park or Golden Valley fields, 2.Clevedon Road green by the Police/ambulance stations, 3.Green space near Lodge Lane roundabout,
4. the green space near Hannah Moore Scout hut. 5. The Perrings park.
About £10k for a good all around facility
A total guess , may be £15k per site? The project could be extended if necessary depending on popularity and available open spaces. Money should also be put a side for the future maintenance and up keep of the facility.
It would be something for older children and the whole community
Supports outdoor activities, it can be used by all ages, no other equipment is needed as it's about using your own body weight to exercise. There is a lack of facilities for ALL ages in nailsea and we have a very active outdoor community. As this can be used by all ages it supports the demographics for nailsea
To encourage more people to get active, without the costs of expensive gym memberships.
Many other countries have these outdoor exercise activity areas, where people can use gym equipment for free all year round. To name a few Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand. Providing this facility to Nailsea people will help improve and maintain their physical and mental health and also benefit the NHS in the long term.10YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' - a project is currently underway for outdoor fitness equipment to be installed around the town.
SPORTS FACILITIESPadel Tennis CourtsInstallation of 1 or 2 Padel Tennis courts (possibly at the Grove?)Grove Sports Centre , or other available Nailsea Council owned siteApproximate cost for 1 court (excluding groundworks) is £25 to £28000Padel Tennis is a sport that is suitable for all ages . It has social and therapeutic benefits. It has a low land use
footprint. Padel Tenis is growing at great pace in the South east of the country, Nailsea would be at the forefront of Padel tennis development in the South west.
Padel is good for your brain Your brain is challenged Padel tennis is a ball game and that means the sport contains speed. The speed of tactical changes between players and the speed of different ball exchanges are all much more than in tennis. That has a lot to do with the fact that the court is smaller and you are closer to each other. Also, the ball has less speed than in tennis so there is a much better chance that your opponents can return the ball. Third, the walls may be used, this means the ball is in play much longer, with less dull moments.
In tennis, the ball is often out and has to be fetched which creates a lot of pauses. Mentally, the higher speed of changes in padel means that the brain has to calculate more and quicker where the ball will come and what has to be done to return the ball. Padel clearly is more dynamic than tennis. Your brain is challenged more than in tennis. Padel is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical capacities are demanded and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily as accurately as in tennis. Your brain is rewarded So there are more challenges in padel but you don’t have to have extreme technical skills and so the challenges are more easily met. More challenges means more adrenaline in your brain. More challenges met means more dopamine (reward center) and endorphines in your brain. You will get more rewards in padel than with other ball games which are technically more difficult. That is the simple reason that once you have played padel you get hooked to it much more easily. It is no coincidence that people who try padel play it more often and for longer than any other sport they used to play. Padel is one of the easiest ball games to pick up, everyone can learn padel in less than an hour. With tennis you will need several lessons taking up to several months to play it to a reasonable level. So padel gives you self confidence much quicker than tennis. Increased hand eye coordination In padel a lot of hand eye coordination is required, therefore the visuo-spatial capacities of your brain are trained, of course this is the case with tennis as well. However, padel is easier than tennis so the visuo-spatial training is more intense and frequent than in tennis simply because you get more rallies between players. Because the padel racket is shorter than the tennis racket (so closer to your body and hand) it is closer to your reaching space. This personal space is very well represented and trained in your brain because of its frequent use everyday.
Therefore it is handled much more easy than the extra-personal space in which the tennis racket is moved in. It takes considerable more practice to hit a high velocity ball correctly with a longer tennis racket and smaller blade than with a padel racket. Another factor intensifies the visuo-spatial training in padel more than in tennis; the use of the walls. In padel there are many more bouncing effects and calculations for your brain to make than in tennis, so it is more challenging for the brain. This makes it more exciting as well, more adrenaline and alertness is called for than with just a lost ball out or in the net. In padel with a strong ball of your opponent you always have two chances; Hitting the ball directly after it has hit the ground Hitting the ball after it bounces off the back or side wall The second option gives you more time to react and is especially used by somewhat slower people
(e.g. elderly, children). That’s why padel is very friendly for elderly and younger children. Better concentration As
In padel, the velocity of the ball is less, the blade is much closer to your wrist and body so there is less force on these parts of your body. There are much less known reports of padel players having problems with their wrists or elbows. Of course, when playing extremely frequently even in padel these problems can occur, but less often than with tennis. Better for the elderly and people with injuries Padel puts much less strain on your body parts than tennis, squash or even hockey. Whereas in these sports a lot of ankle, back or shoulder injuries are seen, in padel this is hardly the case. Up till a very advanced age you could play padel without serious physical problems.
At the same time it still challenges your total body, all muscles are involved and your heart/lung condtion is being challenged as well. Better for your eyes Although eye injuries are rare in tennis as well, in padel due to the slower ball speed, there is a lesser chance of a serious eye injury. Furthermore, control of emotions and more emphasis on ball placement even make it harder to hit someone in the eye.
1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESPump TrackAn all-weather 'pump track'. Initially designed for push bikes, these asphalted tracks are both a playground and training facility for BMX riders, mountain bike riders, skateboards and scooters at any level. The track can be used to practice the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed pump around the track - perfect for young and or new to the sport riders. This would be a landmark for the bike community locally and within the region, appealing to adults and kids and for people of all abilities.
All-weather asphalt pump track designed for bicycles, skateboards and scooters.
There is a large bike community of all ages in Nailsea, Backwell and the surrounding area. There is also a large amount of bicycle through-traffic in the town due to its location on the National cycleway. Not only would an all- weather pump track appeal to the bicycle community, but it would be also be useable by skateboarders and scooter riders. It will be a location where anyone is welcome, children learning to ride, adults new to the sport, through to more accomplished and experienced riders. The NSP (Nailsea Skate Park) has been extremely popular and is busy throughout the day. The pump track would extend the offering the town/park has to skaters and scooter riders, but would also open Nailsea to mountain bikers and BMX riders, of all ages. The dirt jumps/mud ramps currently situated in Millennium Park, although built with good intentions have not been maintained, have deteriorated and are now dangerous (even for accomplished riders). Not only are they hazordous for more experienced riders but have nettles, brambles and puddles in certain area's meaning they are not welcoming for younger riders. Ideally they need removing and this location would be ideal for a new, clean and safely designed pump track that doesn't require frequent maintenance.
Millennium Park. Where the deteriorating and dangerous dirt jumps/mud ramps are currently situated. Between the parks circular path and the Nailsea Park main road.£100k (including vat)My husband, son and lots of our friends are big biking fans. It's an excellent outdoor activity to keep the children active and away from screens! We visited the pump track at the Cumberland basin on the weekend and loved it.
One in Nailsea would be absolutely brilliant.
We really need facilities for our young folk. Also something that encourages outside activity. The skate park is busy so this woudk be great as an addition to encourage more outside.
Bikes have been a big part of growing up for my children & family. It is such a healthy, active hobby. Gets people outside enjoying the fresh air. Great for all ages. Something my husband and son can do together. We’ve visited pump tracks across the uk. Also been to quite a few across Europe. I think all small towns should have these facilities to get people outside and enjoying the fresh air.
Nailsea is a comunity of young cycling families and on the national cycle route. The current track needs to be removed as it has fallen into disrepair.
There isn't enough outdoor activities for young children for active outdoor play. The skate park often full with teenagers means it gives more places for both children and teenagers to keep fit
This would be wonderful and I’m sire many youngsters would use it and be encouraged to spend more time outside being active. We have a rich culture of cycling, happily aided by Olympic success. Let’s build on our strengths and encourage a free-flowing space for people to exercise and be creative
It would be widely accessible and utilised by the community. The skate park is already well used by all ages, and this would extend the outdoor activities in the same area. There is already a large bike community in Nailsea.
Healthy outdoor activities for young people, getting them outside and away from screens, socialising in person.
The skate park proves the popularity of this kind of facility.
I've always had to travel to get to a decent pump track. The one in the Cumberland basin is good and tends to be in use the majority of the time. The jumps that are currently in Millennium Park are good fun, but don't encourage pump technique. My 4 year old and 9 year old both love the jumps that are there currently but would be even better if replaced with a permanent all weather solution.
Amazing outdoor space idea for children and adults to use. It would be a pull to bring more people to nailsea and celebrate the area. There is a real lack of outdoor space that can be used in Nailsea other than for walking and running
Kids if all ages need this so badly in Nailsea My toddler loves the one the other side of Bristol but it’s so far to go, this is perfect for all ages and right in the cycle path also for older people to have some fun!!
Help kids get into cycling and exercise A place for them to go and enjoy away from the skatepark
As mountain biking is a growing sport in and around nailsea this will be a great way for people to learn and progress at any age and in all wethers
Nailsea has an active population of young families that like to explore, love the outdoors and adventure. There is increasing interest in the pump track from the Nailsea Active facebook community, as well as other local cycling facebook pages and people are excited about the prospect of the addition to the leisure facilities and the improvement of the Millennium Park area. Information and research regarding the pump track has been done with the help of Architrail Velosolutions an international company with a home in Bristol, who are also extremely passionate about working within the local community.
Younger generation really need something to do in nailsea as the town provides very little for them
44 (14 responses copied and pasted)MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESLeisure Centre - Scotch HornBetter leisure centre accessible for all with more children’s activities. Investment in to children’s outdoor play areas - improving parks and maintaining some.
The town needs more sporting facilities and a rejuvenates children's play park. There is a resurgence in exercise that gets back to nature so perhaps an outdoor lido with an attached nature play park for children and splash park and a community room that could be used for a number of activities, art shows, yoga classes, childrens groups, dancing etc.
A public sports centre and arts centre with theatre. New leisure centre to include a swimming pool.
To develop the auditorium at Scotch Horn Leisure Centre for local drama, dance, musical theatre and choir groups to perform. The auditorium requires pack away retractable raked seating, redevelopment of dressing rooms, updating the stage, replacing curtains and space to house costumes and props.
Demolish present Scotch Horn Centre + build 1. Swimming pool + sport centre, using land behind include 2. Cafe & garden for locals
build on and expand Scotch Horn Centre to provide a swimming pool for both exercise and recreation, including children's learning pool. This could be used by all schools in Nailsea and form base for swimming clubs, hire for parties etc. Could be positioned to overlook Millennium Park with cafe, lavatories etc
Scotch Horn
Scotch Horn Centre demolished and rebuilt
Current parks are falling apart and do not have half the items in even of some nearby smaller villages. There is very little for kids or families to do within nailsea. It’s impossible to get booked on to swimming in outlying pools due to oversubscription (been on a waiting list for nearly 3 years for toddler sessions at backwell)
Nailsea has been promised better leisure facilities for a long time, the facilities need improving a pool is needed. An arts centre would be of great benefit , the town has lots of heritage to celebrate. Both these ideas combined enable locals to spend their money in their community and draw in people from neighbouring towns to spend their money in ours!
18YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESSwimming PoolSwimming Pool
Swimming pool / better facility with maybe a diving pool.
We need a swimming pool- backwell pool is not fit for purpose and nailsea is the only NS town without it's own pool.
A new leisure centre that has a swimming pool in it. This would be a valuable asset to Nailsea and be available for everyone, without the need to travel to Portishead, David Lloyd etc. the pool at Backwell is so old and dated. In the 21 years I have lived in Nailsea this has been discussed so many times and now with £4 million pounds available this has to be the time for it.
swimming pool hot tub relaxation area
A swimming pool with a cafe on any school grounds where there is room to build it open it to all school children for lessons in school time After school swimming lessons and open to the public evenings and all weekends .Also for birthday parties .Do 2 pools one large and one small for younger children with activities.The cafe just basic not expensive for families to afford.
Nailsea could do with a swimming pool. It has been talked about on a number of occasions to be situated at Scotch Horn but nothing done. It would cover all age groups and seems unbelievable it hasn't happened so far. Backwell has one and is a smaller village than Nailsea. It could also service local schools.
Build a swimming pool with good access to the water for people with disabilities.
A swimming pool please, but one with good easy access into the water for less mobile, older/ disabled people, ie steps with rail, and a strong hoist. Pools are the only truly inclusive sports facility, catering to tiny babies to those on late 90s plus, and enable many who can't exercise by walking, cycling, running etc to stay active. If Backwell pool was sold by NSC running costs could be affordable if the large part of construction funding came from the £4M . Help keep the people of Nailsea ( and surrounding areas) fit, engaged, and healthier! Thank you for considering this idea.
Swimming pool with sauna, steam room & jacuzzi
New, improve sports centre with swimming pool and cater for more Olympicsports.
The obvious need is a leisure pool with slides. There is nothing like this in the local area even extending to Bristol.
Outdoor heated Swimming pool
We've been promised a decent swimming pool for many years. The pool at Backwell has served its purpose and is now not a pleasant place to visit - poor changing facilities, recent structural challenges, etc. Maintain it for the use of local schools but rather than spend money on future refurbishment for a local population of 4,250 it is time a new pool was constructed for Nailsea's much larger population of 16,000 (and growing)
A pool with flume's and waves this would be more popular and bring in more money (like Bridgewater Splash).
4. A new swimming baths saunas, and streamrooms would be good not a gym as we can use Scotch horn.
Scotch Horn
Scotchorn the industrial estate, even revamp the current pool in backwell.
Not sure where the swimming pool would go but if we can find space for hundreds of new houses. ?
Whereever you can find a sensible site- hopefully Scotch horn Alternatively the north of the town, potentially taking advantage of the geothermal springs in that area to provide outsdie swimming as well as inside- a real destination
The pool on any free land at a school or scotchorn
Approx 12 million Here is a similiar idea which cost 10 million. work/leisure/haverfordwest-leisure- centre/#:~:text=The%20project%20was%20completed%20a t,the%20slope%20of%20the%20site.
No idea but well within the money £4 million you have.
Affordable Sports Centres with Community 25 m Pool Options - Sport England 2015. An essential reference for community sports centre projects. The review follows on from previous Sport England publications on ‘Affordable’ swimming pools and sports halls. Indicative Base Construction Cost to Sport England standards from £1,749 / m2 Base construction costs for 'Affordable' sports centres (4Q2014): 25 m swimming pool + sports hall + health and fitness gym + studios £5.44m - £7.89m Typical procurement period 2 - 2½ years from inception to operation Potential community use income from £1.07m - £1.88m / year1 Potential throughput over 560,000 users / year . However, it might cost less if built as an addition to Scotch Horn centre as the sports hall and health and fitness facilities already exist.
If the pool is done correctly then monies will come in and pay for itself.if every school child paid so much a year even as low as 10 pound a child that would add up plus adults paying plus parties the cafe could be run by volunteers with 1 paying manager.Also include outside seating .you could ask local builders to help with the build include the locals keep the price down make it a community project
A swimming pool is desperately needed. A leisure fun pool would be fantastic and an additional lanes pool (i.e. separate from the leisure section) for those wishing to exercise during the day and for school children to learn to swim. It is awful that they still have to get buses to Backwell pool when Nailsea serves a significantly larger population.
Good for exercise, swimming lessons for children, swimming clubs etc
Backwell pool has most certainly had its day I feel and is in desperate need of some TLC, perhaps a nice new swimming pool in Nailsea would be of benefit to the town.
To enable the community to have the facilities to hand without having to travel, thus reducing air pollution and further impact on climate change .
Nailsea had a swimming pool adjoining Nailsea school in the 70’s.! Christ have we gone backwards!
For the heath and fitness of the whole community. Backwell pool is very dated and hard to reach on busy roads for the younger and older generation by foot.
Definitely especially as buses don't run on weekends to Backwell pool. The growing population needs its own pool. Local kids and adults alike could walk there.
Swimming is a skill for life and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Much need facility for the whole community but in particular to encourage youth participation in swimming. Most towns the size of Nailsea already have a swimming pool. Although the Backwell pool is only one mile away it is a 1970's structure and requires a lot of investment
We always needed a pool the school children will get lessons and it's somewhere local for families to go parties would be welcome for the children the cafe would do well to get a drink after and a lunch. All swimming pools near have waiting lists for school children to go.
To help keep the people of Nailsea fit and active, but a facility that potentially caters to everyone, not just a limited group of age/ability/interest.
Backwell pool is dated and Cadbury club too far and too expensive
Backwell leisure centre is in dire need of knocking down or refurbishing. Nailsea is such a big town now, lots of new houses being built, more people in the area. By having a new swim centre, you would also be getting people from neighbouring towns to visit
I would love to see a sports hub to included a swimming pool and fairly priced gym ( gyms membership in Bristol is from £9.99 but Nailsea its £40.00) for all local sports clubs to have a home,
147YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESRefurbish and expand The Grove Sports & Social Club to bring improvements for the benefit of the general public to encourage sport social intercourse and good health.
£4m is a lot of money but in terms of large projects I dont think it would go very far. The Grove Sports centre is clearly in need of a refurb but do NTC own it? If so perhaps buy some additional land and develop i
Improve Grove sports centre, include day time coffee bar possible swimming pool.
New Building at the Grove - somewhere that can house all the stuff that already happens there but also new things for the community too
The cricket club needs investment in facility's and these Sports hubs with modern day facility would be a needed to support the new family's moving to the area as part of the new homes. I think a facility to included everybody (not just one club or sport) with different sporting interest would be the way forward. The grove would be prime site to redevelop - it would support - The cricket club, The football club, add a gym and a swimming pool,outdoor astroturf
As original para.Maybe
SPORTS FACILITIESThe Grovepitch for hire plus a decent facility for the pre school a social entertaining/Bar space and a kids play area - It would
bring the community together and create a income for the council to fund more works around the area.
The Grove Sports Club is a rather old and dilapidated building that has served Nailsea well since the 70's/80's. As there is already a number of housing projects approved in the South-West of Nailsea and will probably be more on the south and west sides of Nailsea over the next 10 years then it would be good to see a plan for replacing this with a more modern facility to meet the needs of the increasing population. I'm not suggesting replacing it with a like for like facility but rather something that widens the offering for all and includes some of the offerings currently available at Scotch Horn (eg health club) which may not be able to cope with increased demand within a growing town. I'm also not suggesting that it be all done at once but rather over a period of no more than 10 years and as and when funds become available including section 106 funding. There should be opportunities for additional funding to come from other financial streams including the National Lottery as it would be a community facility.
My suggestion is to make better use of The Grove and use the money to rebuild/create better facilities which can benefit a much wide range of local people and groups. It would be great to see a revamped/new multi use site which encompasses sports (a recreational facility for use by local clubs), space for workshops/courses, art / craft gallery, a meeting place for anti natal groups, community groups, a small business centre for people who work on their own but would like contact with other sole workers, as well as changing rooms and facilities for teams. This could be a real local hub with a cafe during the daytime / bar in the evening.
I support the idea of improving facilities at The Grove Sports Club, to include a swimming pool, in order to make it THE sports centre for Nailsea. With the predicted increase in the population, due to the various house building projects in the area, a state of the art sports/leisure centre would be of a benefit to all, improving the overall health & well-being of Nailsea residents - both young and old.
With all the new houses at West end Nailsea I would like to see the Grove sports centre rebuilt so it fit for purpose for the expanding population
Nailsea is crying out for a sports and social hub facility to replace the existing dilapidated and tired facilities.
Essentially, a large and modern contemporary building to incorporate changing rooms, showers and plant rooms, internal flexible open plan space for functions, bars, cellar and meeting/conference rooms. Should funds accommodate further facilities, an outdoor all weather floodlit sports area at the same location. Despite commendable and 'against the odds' efforts of the various clubs and societies, in terms of community sporting and social facilities, Nailsea has significantly fallen behind towns of similar size and prosperity over the past 30 - 40 years.
A lack of Town Council action/support, Ill conceived local authority schemes and a total lack of consultation with local clubs and organisations has produced a very fractured approach and complete lack of long term sporting strategy for the town. Here is a fantastic opportunity to put this right and provide a facility the people of Nailsea (of all ages) can fully utilise, enjoy and be proud of, rather than the make do approach of the past.
Grove Sports Centre
The Grove Sports Centre would seem to be an ideal site. The existing building (Grove Sports & Social Club) is dilapidated, well past its sale by date and a complete eyesore. Its interior layout is not fit for purpose and has very limited scope to raise revenue and self fund.
Demolish the existing building and build a new one, consulting local Clubs and Societies about layout. Nailsea deserves better - it has thriving Adult and Junior Sports Clubs who do great things despite the proliferation of of poor facilities - this needs to change. The existing users would be increased by many with new and additional sports and pastimes evolving. The location would also compliment the new housing development adjacent to the site.
Who knows? this is a bit of a silly question isnt it!
£3 million ish
It would depend on the building design and what you included but it could be in the region of £20m and it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume a 1st phase cost of £10m. I realise the town council doesn't have this amount of money to invest but it could make a commitment of £2m towards the project providing funding can be raised elsewhere as well as requesting a % of section 106 money from future developments also goes towards this.
I have no trusted idea, but I wouldn't estimate at least circa
If developing Grove is in any way realistic NTC would then need to come back to the community to ask what they would like inside it
The Grove building needs updating/rebuild and with all the new houses on this side of town improved facilities for all ages.
The Grove is falling down and it is a huge eyesore - with all the new houses it needs a new building that will serve everyone
The town will have a growing population over the next 10 years and this facility would be ideally located to where the majority of this growth is likely to be. It would also hopefully reduce car journeys to Nailsea's other facilities including Scotch Horn.
This area has so much potential but seems to be under promoted and under used by local groups but this might be due to its condition. I think what it offers and how it offers it, needs to be brought up to date. With the Town growing and trying to attract new younger residents, a multi use venue like this would be a real draw, especially if all the groups were promoted centrally through one website.
Multi-use community sports/activity facility.
1. The Grove Centre is probably near the end of its useful and sustainable life. It will either need a massive re- furbishment or replacement anyway in the near future.
Updated preschool for new families18MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESCommunity Sportshall/Hydrotherapy Pool - Ravenswood SchoolA new community sports hall / hydrotherapy pool
To build a dual use sports centre. Ravenswood School has a large field space and has been for a while trying to build a new sports hall. The idea would be that the young people could run the space during the day and it could be used for both school community use. The facility could support the whole community as it could be used weekends and evenings as well as a community sports centre. Ideally it would have a large sports hall that could be used for football, badminton etc, a hydro pool for swimming lessons and a community cafe. It would be an ideal place for young people to build their employability skills, whilst helping them feel part of the community whilst providing a much needed sports facility for the people of Nailsea.
I think more sports and leisure facilities would be good. Something for older people , mums with babies, dog owners and everyone else. I know that Ravenswood school are hoping to build a sports centre and this could be a community facility. Add a dog swimming pool somehow and you'd be inundated with bookings. There are many funds that could help with funding that look to support community projects, If you opened up the parameters to include the elderly and lonely in the area, then again you would be providing something that could make a huge difference to so many people. The idea is for the older children in Ravenswood to work in the sports centre and therefore gain useful work experience. Maybe Weston college would also like to be involved and use it for training on other courses.
Ravenswood school has a big pond area and this could be used for community groups to use for Brownies etc. Preschool groups could use it as a forest school. I think the site of Ravenswood is undeveloped and is not currently part of the community.
A bigger community centre for groups in Nailsea. In particular for a youth centre, which provides a youth and young adult service which includes youth clubs, advice services for young people eg post 16 options, counselling, support groups, drug:alcohol support , support for mental health. A non-judgemental hub where all teenagers and young adults are welcome to come and explore the way forward in their lives.
It would be good to have a Sports Centre at the Fire Station end of the town, to increase the leisure facilities in the town as a whole and to provide facilities for that part of Nailsea
Hydrotherapy pool
Ravenswood School
Ravenswood school site. Pound Lane . This site would be free with no land purchase. It is land belonging to school and North Somerset
Possible sites:- Scotch Horn Blackfriars trading estate Southfield trading estate Weston College building
2.5 to 3 million
£2.5million (excluding vat)
The school is in desperate need for an upgraded sports hall. The local town is in need of a top of the range facilitie, that would not only benefit the school but the local community It would be open 7 days a week and provide opportunities for the pupils to support with the running of the facilities. This would help people in the wider community understand more about pupils with disabilities and break barriers. Adding a hydrotherapy pool would also offer local groups to access swimming therapy for babies and a exercise intervention for older residents or rehabilitation for those who need recovery
We have a small sports centre at scotch horn, but it is not large enough for the growing Nailsea community. The local community also lack any swimming facilities and have to travel to clevedon or Blackwell for this. The Venture would be a joint one between the local special schools and the community so would increase links between the two and provide employment options for young people with learning difficulties who currently struggle to gain voluntary or employment jobs within the community. It would also provide a safe community cafe type space for mother and baby groups etc to meet and relax.
The sports centre at Backwell and the Scotch Horn centre in Nailsea are not modern and do not bring the community together like this project could. As previously mentioned it would be designed with a café hub where Mums with toddlers, older people and maybe even business people could meet . There is an example of the café part working well at 3 ways school in Bath. Families are struggling to keep their children healthy and a skate park or outdoor fitness trail could also be included for those who wanted a more cost efficient option. I think older people could be bussed in for regular events to combat loneliness. A hydrotherapy pool could be included which would support the physical health of the most vulnerable, Dog owners spend so much money pampering their pets so if you could add in a dog swimming pool, I am sure you would make a profit. I have looked for such a thing but it is not available locally.
I continually see large groups of teenagers hanging around Nailsea, smoking cannabis in and around the skate park or shouting, playing loud music in Nailsea town centre close to older persons residence s. There’s nowhere for teenagers to go, they are unsupervised and bored. Provide a positive place for them to go, appropriate people for them to talk with. Mental health problems have risen hugely in young people over the last few years, we are constantly hearing about the suicides of young people. Nailsea could support young people by providing them with a place to go, people to talk with and information and suggestions of how to achieve their goals and ambitions.
I am happy to be contacted at the school to discuss this proposal and visits to the school would be most welcome. Mark Senior Headteacher
Prior to covid the school started fundraising for this project and has raised some money towards it. The basic plans have already been drawn up and the project had a lot of local support. A new sports centre is regularly discussed/asked for in Nailsea community groups so would be an invaluable resource for the school and the local community.
6NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects for education or religious establishments.
SPORTS FACILITIESTown PavillionA town pavillion to increase opportunities for physical activities and sport within the town, with at least part of it having specific target of giving women a protected space for activities. A pavilion would allow people to change, use toilets and store maintenance equipment on the the site allowing access for all members of the community and its ensured upkeep. This would allow more activities and sport groups to invest and grow in the town and also become a centre for community out door events and festivals held throughout the year.There are two ideal sites. The first is golden valley which has plumbing and electric under the surface as there used to be a changing block there. The school and north Somerset are also keen for its use provided the current lease can be looked at. The other obvious site are the fields behind budgens which are currently controlled by North Somerset Council. This will cost slightly more to level off the field, but both these sites would have the added bonus of protecting them from future housing development. There are other sites in Nailsea but these are the two obvious options.The average cost of a pavilion of this size is between
£250,000-£400,000. However, there are various grants and funds available for such projects. Sport England, National Lottery, Football Foundation and local sport charities such as Wesport are all able to contribute, support and develop projects of this nature. Football foundation and Wesport also have employees who live within the community who would be keen to provide extra support for such a project
It is needed for a few reasons. Firstly the town has a lack of outdoor space for organised outdoor activities. Nailsea junior football club are a great example of this where they are struggling to meet the needs of their users. The fact that there is a long waiting list for the Nailsea school 3g pitch further shows how there is a lack of supply to meet the local demand for sport. More importantly, Nailsea hockey no longer are a Nailsea club, Nailsea and Backwell women's rugby no longer exist, which is also true for Nailsea united women and Nailsea rounders. There is now only one outdoor women's sport group left in the town, so a women's space will stop the decline in female participation and provide a fairer access and opportunities to girls and womenI the person writing this, have had to spend almost £10,000 of my personal money to get the remaining women's sport group up and running. The lack of access or easy access accounts for around 60% of this cost and is a huge reason why other groups haven't been set up. I work for a sport charity and have the knowledge of how get such projects running and find financial and physical support. What I can't do, is act without the support and permission of either the local or county councils.2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESBasketball CourtsA basketball court
Basketball hoops in a few of the playparks or atleast the Millennium Park. Where you can just come with your kid and throw a ball. Doesn't have to be a full size pitch. I am a mum of 2 and I would go with my boys to throw a ball
As a PE coach at one of the town primary schools I would love to see the money invested in the children of our town.
Namely something sporty for them to do. At my school a lot of the children are desperate to play basketball but unless the join a club, which is expensive and can involve a lot of travelling, they don’t get the opportunity. So some outdoor basketball courts would be an amazing addition to the community. I for one would take my kids there a lot!
Thanks in advance…
a larger outdoor playing courts with basket ball hoops and football post for everyone to play i hope they could also have lights so you can still play when it gets dark earlier in the evening
Caged football/basketball area (like at Clevedon Front).
Millennium park, Hannah more park, kings hill parkNo idea. Not much more than a concrete tennis court. But you’d have to have the rims fixed in the concrete to avoid thefBecause Nailsea needs more spaces for children to do sports.
See above. Kids need the opportunity to play sports without being supervised. As a sports coach of 30+ years it’s a great way for the kids to learn on their own. It would also encourage some people to try something new…
7MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea Jr Football ClubGive Nailsea Junior Fc a permanent fixed home , like the rugby club, so we can can grow our current 378 membership wider to encourage more girls to join. Also to provide a safe, fun environment for kids to play football in the town ages 5-18 with FA qualified coaches. Need a building with changing rooms facilities and storage, some car parking and football pitches that range from full size to junior pitches. To have the club on one site rather than across 4/5 sites like it is currently would be great. We are miles behind other towns like Clevedon, Weston and Portishead. Currently as we do not own a home or have a long term lease we miss out on funding every year. its depressing especially as we play such a huge role in the community to 378 kids to give them physical and mental health wellbeing. Please help.
I’d like to see a location for Nailsea Juniors FC to call their own. With over 300 players registered it would be great to have a ground dedicated to them.
A permanent home and clubhouse with appropriate facilities for Nailsea juniors football club including enough pitches for all teams to use
Nailsea Junior football club has 378 kids signed on but no permanent home and miss out on funding every year. Nailsea Juniors are looking to set up a clubhouse with pitches for the whole club in one location. This is something that would benefit the children of Nailsea now, and for years to come
Nailsea could do with a decent football clubhouse complete with pitches in one location that the whole club can use A permanent football club location with clubhouse to benefit Nailsea JFC and the thousands of local people involved.
The clubhouse should be large enough to double up as a conference venue and have enough space for 6 grass
pitches and an all weather Court similar to Nailsea School to allow professional clubs to scout the many talented youngsters our town produces all year round. We have the enthusiasm and talent from both people who have grown up here and also the thousands of new families who have relocated here. The club is a big reason why families continue to move here and we welcome all new kids, wherever they come from.
Appropriate pitches, storage and equipment for Nailsea Junior Football Club. This would need to include all weather, floodlit training facilities, grass pitches and storage facilities for goalposts and nets, ride on lawn mower, line painters etc.
Golden valley playing fields or Grove sport centre or any other location that suits in BS48.£400,000-£500,000 building costs and pitch preperation.Physical and mental health of our children in Nailsea should be top priority, especially after the last two years
during covid. Our community football club provide this to all kids 5-18 of any gender. We are run by a volunteer workforce.
Nailsea Jfc are a big part of Nailsea community
For the football team to have there own base where they can have a changing room clubhouse for after wards.
The club is a very popular part of the Nailsea community and fantastic for young kids to find joy in a hobby that is great for both their health and social skills. The club is Expanding year on year & needs its own place for the whole club to be together
I think that Nailsea Junior FC need to be given a permanent home in Nailsea and a share of the money available. We have 378 kids signed on but no permanent home and miss out on funding every year. It would be great to have a clubhouse with pitches for the whole club in one location.
Currently Nailsea juniors play in positions all over Nailsea and rely on the good will of other clubs etc.
There are many children that play football in Nailsea, without the permanent facilities that most other local towns and villages enjoy.
Nailsea junior football club has been in Nailsea for over 40 years but has no permanent home. There are hundreds of lads. It would be so much nicer if there was a permanent home.
My daughter is football mad and started playing for the mixed Boys and girls U6's team, then just before covid struck an all girls team was set up and she joined that and still attends NJ GIRLS U11's now. The only problem had been pitches for training seasons and games. sadly there are not enough in Nailsea and our girls (& I'm
sure boys teams too) miss out on training/games/tournaments due to lack of pitches. Also in winter / autumn we have the problem with well lit up areas to continue playing outside, so then have to use our fundraising/funds to pay for the outside flooded pitch at Nailsea School which is not cheap & takes a large chunk of the money which could be used for the girls equipment etc. Football has got bigger over the years and Nailsea Junior are really lucky to have so much support by the parents. It has a great name and when ever we travel away they talk about NJ club and how well all ages / teams are doing.
We moved to the area about 4 years ago. Soon as my little Boy was old enough we signed him up to nailsea juniors football club. It’s been brilliant for him but also for us to get to know people as we were new residents. A permanent home for the club would be beneficial to a lot of different age groups in the local area. The under 7’s who I’m involved with don’t really know the history or that there are other age groups involved in the football club as they are all training or playing matches in different locations of nailsea. An all weather pitch will be massively beneficial not only for football but for all kinds of activities.
The creation of an areas with enough space and pitches where the junior football teams of Nailsea can play at the same 'home' venue at the same time, with a club house and facilities to promote a greater sense of community and fun for the boys and girls of Nailsea. The current situation is that the matches are played at different locations across Nailsea with different standards of playing conditions for the children and no facilities at some of the venues. One of the impacts of this is that there is no sense of community across the age groups
and no heart to the junior footballing community which encompasses hundreds of boys and girls from across
Please feel free to speak to me Ben watts NJFC - Vice chair124YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESPetanque CourtCouple petanque courtAnywhere. Just need 4x15m per court£2k per courtGreat community game, can be played at any age and will make us feel like we are in Provence on sunny days.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as there are already 12 available and free to use at the Ring o' Bells,.

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