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All the roads made up to class A standard and all roads which have been reduced to bumpy tracks resurfaced, especially The Uplands.Because we are a rundown village, completely lacking in infrastructure.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSParking Restrictions - Church LaneMore restrictions for parking on the bend at the top of Church Lane BS48 4NG - by Holy Trinity Church + The Tithe Barn.The lane suddenly becomes very narrow on the bend and viewing (with all the parked cars) is very restricted for drivers who approach from either direction.
Obviously there is a safety issue for pedestrians.
Costs would be minimal.People who use the Barn + the Church should be encouraged to use the car parks of both establishments. The Barn has a small car park. The Church has a large car park further down the lane. Both are often empty while the lane is blocked causing difficulties for residents, tradesmen + dustbin lorries etc.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSNo Parking - Church LanePlease put a 'NO PARKING' sign at the bottom of CHURCH LANE - BS48-4NG. As a dead end lane this area is intended to be a 'turn around' for all the lorries, vans, cars (including dustbin lorries) who service the lane.AT the DEAD END of CHURCH LANE (between 42 and 43)The price of a sign + its installation.To enable all the services to get to the various house holders - particularly - rubbish collection1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSSpeed Reduction - Queens RoadReduce speeds along Queens Road to 30mph to create a sustainable and safe transport route for all users through our town.Queens RoadDepends what you do but reckon with some road markings the carriageway width could be reduced and signage installed (the islands already exist) - £50,000??This is a major route through our town. It is used by many, particularly school children crossing at different points, but cars and lorries hurtle along it. It bisects the town. there is no need for such a fast road through a residential area. Slowing down traffic along this road, which will get busier as a result of new development, will encourage more walking and cycling. Not only will this improve the health and wellbeing of people, but it will be better for the planet and the general environment of Nailsea.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - Pedestrian CrossingsPavements and pedestrian crossings on the busiest section of road in Nailsea, along with traffic calming. If the 20mph and HGV route is being introduced in central Nailsea this road needs calming.Between Nailsea Park Junction and roundabout at Tesco along B3130. A A crossing at the bus stops by Nailsea Park B Pavement created along the length from bus stop to Webbs Autos (between 9-15 High Street) C Speed limit reduced to 20mph also and/or speed bumps. D Review of dangers at junction at top of The Willows. Bearing in mind rules of Highway code seem to be about to change giving pedestrians priority and this junction is crazy busy with commercial and domestic trafficNo idea 100k ? Knowing that crossings seem to be ridiculously expensiveIt is only going to get busier with new housing, something needs to be done now to protect more vulnerable road users, cyclists, children, other pedestrians. Road is far too fast for its width.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - Zebra CrossingZebra or other safe crossing really needed.At entrance to millennium park on nailsea Park end near the Masonic Hall.A lot of people of all ages and with children and dogs try to cross there to Trendlewood and the traffic is too fast and busy. When the schools come out people park all along that road and at all other times it’s like a race trackIt’s near a junction so that makes it even more busy with a lot of traffic using that junction to get to the main road from Trendlewood area.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - North StreetIntroduce traffic calming measures on North Street. With the introduction of the new estates at the top of Engine Lane the street on the West End side is now dangerous. Heavy goods, overflow from the development should be directed through the industrial estate permanently and not down the one lane street with no pavements.
More speed ramps to slow down traffic especially where there are no pavements ie parts of North street. and near schools.
Cut access to North Street from Engine LaneNo detail on how to cost thisSafety first and foremost, North Street is no equipt for large levels of traffic/ HGV2No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - Clevedon RoadA pedestrian crossing - this is urgent - I have been asking for 35+ yrs.On the Clevedon Road outside Greenfield Crescent. - There are 2 schools/park/playgroundl across this road, in Pound Lane etc.A tin of white paint etc: - cheaper than a swimming pool.To protect the predestrians crossing to Junior + infant to the 2 schools, playground and park. - One person has already been killed on this stretch of road,
To provide safe route to school and also safe route to the park for families and children.
My granddaughter wrote to the Council when she was 8 years old - she is now nearly 22 yrs old. - Portishead & Backwell get priority.2No
I suggest TRAFFIC LIGHTSat thge top of Wraxall HillWhy? we avoid near misses.......1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Lights - Queens RoadTraffic lightsJunction of Queens Rd, Mizzymead and Perrings.Measures are insufficient currently, huge number of children cross this junction for school and I have witnessed many near misses of traffic collisions and children at this hazardous junction.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic LightsTraffic lights at the junction of Nailsea Park and High Street with a right turn filter1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSYoungwood Lane - Access onlyMake Youngwood Lane access only. Ban all motor vehicles except for resident and business access.Entire length of Youngwood Lane from Netherton Wood Lane to The Perrings.Cost of new signage. New traffic order.Youngwood Lane is a well used area of recreation for Nailsea residents of all ages. Walking, cycling, and horse- riding are all popular activities using the Lane. However, the Lane already suffers from rat-running of vehicles between Nailsea and the surrounding area. This is likely to increase as higher numbers of people move into the new housing developments in the area. Conversely, the new residents are likely to want to use Youngwood Lane for the recreational purposes the current population already enjoys. I would remove vehicle access from the entire length of Youngwood Lane and restrict its use to recreation, and access only to the businesses and homes along its length. This will help to manage conflicting uses of the Lane, health and safety of users and reduce wear and tear of the road surface. It would also help to maintain the rural and historic character of the Lane by keeping motor vehicle use low. The Lane is only usable for one lane of traffic. An increase in motor vehicle use would create congestion and risk an unsafe environment for all users of the Lane.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSWraxall to Backwell BypassMajor road improvements. Exit from the town is limited with pinch points at Nailsea/Backwell Station Railway arch, B3130 just before junction with B3128 and certain points on B3130 through Wraxall. An 'A' road quality road needs to be developed from the Long Ashton By-pass through to the M5 Clevedon junction to provide a quality egress from Nailsea to Bristol and the M5. This has been discussed for many years and action needs to be taken NOW. This road will provide a much needed reduction of traffic volume on the A370 and at the same time as effecting a by pass for the villages of Flax Bourton, Wraxall, Tickenham, Backwell, Cleeve, Claverham, Yatton, Congresbury and Hewish.On a route from the end of the existing A370 Long Ashton by-pass at Flax Bourton, across land between Wraxall and Backwell, through Nailsea before all routes are blocked with further housing developments and joining up with the existing M5 Clevedon exit roundabout.Millions of poundsSo we can get out of Nailsea sensibly.1No
3) The mini roundabout by Iceland for the Station Road car park is very badly damaged surface-wise and has no
paint markings. This should be improved.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Connections/ Safety - West EndImprove road connections by avoiding single track country lanes - A new road or improved wider roads between Nailsea and Clevedon to the motorway. The traffic through West End and Tickenham is only going to get busier with the new housing developments. Currently the narrow single track roads are not fit for the volume of traffic. A road that could connect Nailsea to Clevedon via a bi-pass of the West End and Tickenham would take the pressure off narrow lanes, reduce the risk of large HGVs getting stuck and causing major disruptions and it would stop residents paying thousands each year to rebuild garden walls that have been knocked down by cars/vans/lorries trying to pass each other or navigate tight corners. Widening the existing roads would be an option and providing a small footpath would make walking safer.
Widen some of the country roads to the West End.
Spend something - anything - on safety in West End, that's the area of Nailsea which is totally forgotten about unless it involves house building plans by Nailsea Town Council, North Somerset Council, Developers, Land owners. I've read your Council Minutes, West End is never mentioned apart from building houses. It's already a nightmare for local residents who might want to walk out of their own gate without the risk of being run down by speeding cyclists and traffic which is only going to worsen every time another house is built on the west side of Nailsea. It's not just dangerous for local residents but all the people who walk, cycle and ride horses around the lanes.
Access Only and speed restriction signs on both roads leading out of Nailsea to the West End. Also at the Clevedon junction for traffic coming in from the Motorway
A new road is required to take all the extra traffic from new houses being built on west side of Nailsea.
West end of Nailsea connected directly to the M5 junction 20 roundabout/slip road.Lots!It would make Nailsea a more desirable commuter town with better and faster links to the motorway. It would entice businesses to the trading estates with direct links to the motorway via safer routes for HGVs. It would allow for quicker bus links between From Weston and Clevedon. There are lots of nervous drivers who won’t travel at night or in the dark if it means a journey down single track roads. Having footpath access would allow people to walk safely between the neighbouring towns and villages.Widening of existing single track roads and adding footpaths to links out of Nailsea to Clevedon and Tickenham would make journeys safer for vehicles and pedestrians5No
A link road to the motorway junction at Clevedon from the end of Queens Road running approximately parallel to the
road through Tickenham
1NoThe Council Voted No because traffic and Roads are the remit of North Somerset Distrcit council. However it was agreed that all of the comments will be passed to NSDC for consideration.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSSpeed Reduction - Sawyers Arms2) There needs to be either Speed reduction measures such as road bumps or a speed camera, as well as a zebra crossing on the high street (part between Tesco and the Sawyers arms pub)1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSQuiet Lanes - Netherton Wood LaneQuiet Lanes for Netherton Wood Lane, West End (hamlet) Nailsea, North Somerset. would benefit everyone who lives in, works in and visits West End, by creating Quiet Lanes we could encourage more active forms of travel such as walking, cycling and horse-riding. Not only will this improve people’s wellbeing it will support the drive towards making Nailsea carbon neutral by 2030 in response to the climate emergency.Netherton Wood Lane is a single-track road (i.e. no line markings), typically with less than 1,000 vehicles using it per day in West End hamlet. It is a routes where visitors and locals can enjoy the natural surroundings and use them for activities such as cycling, horse- riding, jogging and walking. The idea is not to restrict motor vehicles on these rural routes, but to encourage considerate use of the road, so they can be shared and enjoyed by
A 'Quiet Lane' will encourage drivers to exercise caution when travelling along it to respect other users, it isn’t a traffic calming measure.
The 'Quiet Lane' is a signed road where there are no speed restrictions. Is it safe for walkers/cyclists/horse riders to use. 'Quiet Lane' designation does not impose traffic calming or create access restrictions for any residents or businesses along the route. 1,760 additional homes are being built adjacent to Netherton Wood Lane 'Quiet Lanes' would prevent it becoming a Rat Run.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - Netherton Wood LaneEnsure Netherton Wood lane is modernised to the very least that two vehicles can pass throughout it length.
Widen Netherton Wood Lane etc. from Engine Lane right down to the A370. It is too narrow and needs more room to accommodate the extra traffic caused by this housing
Signage for West End Lane and Netherton Wood Lane indicating that it is unsuitable for lorries, that it is single track with passing places. Also imposing a speed limit.
Signage for West End Lane and Netherton Wood Lane indicating that it is unsuitable for lorries, that it is single track with passing places. Also imposing a speed limit
Netherton Wood LaneNothing if Taylor Wimpey carry out. £100 to 200K if carried out by councilMain West exit from South West Nailsea by new developments
If not improved, there will be collisions & jams down these lanes - used by tractors. Other traffic will use White Oak Way, causing issues past schools and at The Perrings/Queens Rd junction
This road infrastructure improvement has always needed doing, even more so now to avoid congestion throughout Nailsea.5No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSCrossing - Trendlewood/Festival WayZebra or light signal pedestrian crossing. Can council invest in safety by improving pedestrian crossing on Trendlewood way meeting Festival Way footpath. There were previous public requests including residential petition to improved this crossing for children but it has been turned down due to lack of funding. The current crossing is on a slight bend which doesn’t allow children to cross safely and slowly. You need to run across the road during rush hour , while the cars are speeding through. This is the main crossing for children from Trendlewood and Elms area to Golden Valley school/ Nailsea school while it’s also frequently used by public visiting Wraxall countryside.
Additionally the housing development at west end of Nailsea will increase traffic through the area, for people reaching exit roads from Nailsea. This would make this pedestrian crossing even more risky.
Trendlewood way /festival way crossingDirectly improving safety of public through the better road/path management.2No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSEastway SquareBecause the road in Eastway Square us very bad I find it hard going on my mobility scooter. Please look at the right hand side as well = thank you.(Road) Eastway Square Nailsea.?1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Calming - St Francis SchoolFor a pedestrian crossing to be installed outside St Francis Catholic Primary school.
A pelican crossing outside St Francis school. This is a very busy road in the mornings and would be made much safer with a more defined crossing
I would like to see traffic calming measures and speed limit reductions on Station Road between Golden Valley Primary School and St Francis Primary School for safety and to encourage walking and cycling to both schools. At present, it's unsafe and the speed of traffic, layout and lack of traffic calming measures are dangerous for children and parents to cycle and walk. This is also the case along Trendlewood
For safety reasons, a zebra crossing or pedestrian crossing is needed outside St Francis' School on Station Road. This route is used by many people every day, especially school children and their parents. It is particularly difficult to cross from the Nailsea town centre side of Station Road because of the bend in the road which prevents pedestrians seeing what is approaching. The lack of pedestrian crossing is, put simply, a serious accident waiting to happen.
School drop off times correspond with peak commute times and pedestrians are left battling a constant stream of traffic, with parents and children having to take it into their own hands to enable safe passage across the road. The provision for pedestrians near to this junction is woefully inadequate, not only for schoolchildren and parents alike, but also for the many residents of Station Road who may be looking to cross Station Road as they head towards/back from town. Vehicles regularly travel along this road at higher than the national speed limit which makes crossing the road even more dangerous.
To be installed at a safe and suitable location on Station Road near St Francis SchoolCurrently the school does not have a dedicated crossing location. Station road is a main through road between the towns of Nailsea and Backwell. The volume of traffic is very heavy throughout the day and on this part of the road there is a slight bend, which makes crossing of the road for pedestrians very unsafe.
Safer way for parents and children to cross road into school.
Many parents at the school (including myself) are conscious that the speed of cars is far too high on this road (especially near the blind corner near Ash Hayes road) and it is not very safe especially with younger children. A small school in a small town deserves better help with this issue before we see a serious accident. Sinusoidal speed humps and signage has reduced speeds near Backwell school and traffic calming measures here would help greatly. This is the only school in the town without adequate road safety controls.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic Control - Silver StreetAdditionally as I live facing Silver Street, the speed the traffic from the traffic lights to the turning opposite the Care Home is uncontrolled, several accidents have happened. Although not of personal interest perhaps1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSVisibility MirrorIdea 1. Visibility mirror opposite public footpath next to 41 Whitesfield Road Idea1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSResurfacing - Station Road2. Resurfacing of Station Road near St F school (between Ash Hayes Rd and St F school) Idea1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRights of WayA tweak to the rights of way in a couple of places around town. Specifically, changing Youngwood Lane to an access only road to motor vehicles (and adding a 20mph speed limit), changing Quarry Way to a bridleway, lowering the speed limit on Silver Street/Kingshill/ Union Street/North Street to 20mph, as well as the road past the social club and converting the paths in the "open" parts of the park to the south of Kingshill school over to shared use path. I'm also going to suggest converting part of Whitesfield Road over to 20mph and allowing cycling through the bottom end of Church Lane.Youngwood Lane, Quarry Way, Silver Street, Union Street (North of Yew Tree Gardens), Kingshill, North Street, Watery Lane. Whitesfield road, Church Lane and the park to the south of Kingshill School.Unknown to me, but whatever the cost of changing the rights of way, plus ~£50 per sign needed.Youngwood lane needs to become an access only road to motor vehicles because it is very narrow, the bends are blind and to protect it's other users (primarily equestrians and walkers, but also cyclists). It's generally ill- suited to being anything more than access only for motor vehicles. A 20mph speed limit would also improve safety somewhat. Converting Quarry Way over to bridleway would offer a potentially more convenient, faster and quieter route into the heart of town by bike for anyone living in the roads behind Quarry Way. Nailsea Town council even proposed this as a part of the potential route for NCR 33's missing link between Nailsea and Weston. This could be converted over to shared use path instead, but, given how wide the footpath end of Quarry Way is, it appears practical to me for it to be converted to bridleway. Three of these streets (Union Street, Silver Street, Kingshill) are narrow and the pavements are too, when they exist, particularly in the case of Union Street. A 20mph speed limit could help discourage through motor traffic to an extent, improving safety in itself by reducing the volume of traffic, but also improve safety for pedestrians and unmotorised road users in the event of a collision, which is particularly important, given that there are two pubs on these streets and that drunk people are poorly coordinated and can be erratic. North Street, east of the junction with Queens Road, and Watery Lane should be added into this, as should the road down the side of the social club. The paths in the park to the south of Kingshill should become shared use primarily because it would then legitimise the use of bicycles by the kids going to school in part of the school's immediate catchment zone, integrating with the shared use path on their grounds or entering the park to use the play facilities there. It would also provide another way of getting into town for the people who's houses back on to that park. It's open enough that it shouldn't be an issue. There is a short segment of Whitesfield Road between it's most southerly exit onto Ridgeway and Goss Lane with no pavement. As there are going to be pedestrians in the road on an otherwise residential street, it would make sense to lower the speed limit here for ~70 metres. The bottom of Church Lane seems like a prime candidate to be opened up to cycling. Indeed, it may already be legal to cycle there, but I cannot find any information as to what kind of right of way it is. If it was down to me, I would convert it to bridleway if it was anything less than that already. This will offer another low-traffic route to the tithe barn, as you only have to cross Queens Road. These promote cycling, walking and increased safety for all road users, which both make Nailsea safer and make sense, given that we've declared a climate emergency.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - Greenfield CrescentCan someone resurface the roads in my area (greenfield crescent) as it looks like we’re neglected …it’s embarrassing when we have visitors. It doesn’t reflect on Nailsea well. We are homeowners and the houses are worth well over £260 000 but you’d never know looking at the state of the roads!Greenfield Crescent1No
Engine Lane, Chelvey
Better road infrastructor - to cater for increased housing.Engine Lane, Chelvey, Youngwood Lane, also in and
out of Nailsea.
No idea - over to you.Over development with existing road structure - schools, doctors, dentist, NHS services.1No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - PrecinctRepairs and improvements to the ‘public realm’ especially along the service road and car park behind the high st (station road side, and the area out under the tunnel alongside MayNews out onto Stockway where School Togs is.
Including making treacherous uneven pavements safe, and ensuring more dropped kerb crossing places for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs.
Improved pedestrian safety.
All pavements need re doing around the shops they are a dangerous disgrace.
Repair the main road in the High Street
Within the overall budgetBecause the town needs smartening up to be more attractive to potential businesses, residents and those who visit for leisure purposes. Because Nailsea is and has been for decades the ‘poor relation’ to Weston, Portishead and Clevedon, massively under invested.4No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSRoad Improvements - GeneralDeal with pot holes and poor road surfaces, some side streets are worse than a third world country and are dangerous (Vynes Way for example)
(1) Road repairs ( not just patches) are long overdue, especially Pound Lane and many other locations. (2) With all the new houses being built an improved road system is definitely required.
Decent roads to get into and out of Nailsea safely. Station Rd is not fit for purpose, the Wraxall/Bristol road is narrow and dangerous and the lanes are not the way to enter a town the size of Nailsea.
3. The road surfaces on our Local Roads are a disgrace especially the one I live in Ash Hayes Drive, also the pavements.
Improve the condition of the roads which are worse than roads in the third world
Station Road5No
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic control - Engine LaneThe problems being created by extra traffic from the Engine Lane housing and Netherton Grange. Following more proposed housing from Netherton Lane and Grove Farm. We live on Chelvey Road and the already increased traffic is a real problem. The houses I have stated aren't even finished yet. I shudder to think what it will be like when it is.
Introduction of bollards to the south end of engine lane from the trading estate to prevent industrial vehicles using North Street also to reduce traffic from the new developements using this road where there are not pavements.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSResurfacing - Engine LaneA complete re-surfacing of Engine Lane, the pavements and construction of speed ramps and speed limit. Similar to what was done in Station Road, Backwell.The entire length of Engine Lane.I don't know but as some of this large amount of money has come from the sale of land in Engine Lane, why not let Engine Lane have some of the benefits as was previously quoted in North Somerset Times.The Head of the Town Council was quoted in the North Somerset Times saying this development should have happened years ago. Well he appears to have got his wish but he can also see from his visits to site along with other Councilors, that the lane is taking a considerable bashing from the construction. Therefore, if the infrastructure is just muddy badly maintained roads, who will want to live in Nailsea? A further encouragement to new families will be the installing of speed ramps and a 20 MPH limit as the lane will return as the rat run shortcut to Chelvey when this is all completed.1No

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