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TREES/ REWILDINGTree PlantingLarge numbers of trees should be planted as one of the Council’s climate change emergency activities Tree planting is capital spending as the planting of an individual tree is non-recurrent cost. As part of North Somerset Council’s rewilding project, many small whips were planted but relatively few have survived the rushed handling by volunteers.
I feel that more mature specimens should be planted by professionals. Larger trees will make a more significant contribution to carbon capture and the use of professionals will ensure more effective use of funds.
If we can't have a pool then how about replacing the trees lost in recent storms, but with good sized specimens not saplings, would also tick Queen's P Jubilee tree planting box
1) Plant more trees all round the town or replace where these have been blown down following recent storms - these will also help camouflage the rear view of the Churchill retirement block
Wide road verges and other green spaces within the town e.g. Pound Lane.
All over Nailsea
The Council has declared a climate emergency. Tree planting is one of the few effective contributions that the council can make to countering this emergency.Further funding may be available from The Queen’s Green Canopy. See Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.

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