N.A.G. Aspirations

  1. N.A.G. will seek to become an overarching/umbrella organisation that co-ordinates Nailsea-wide concerns over the future of its green spaces, and strives to contextualise and, where relevant, prevent their loss.
  2. N.A.G. will become a lead player in the local area campaigning for infrastructure, roads, public transport and communication that matches the needs of a growing resident population and any incoming employers to increasing job opportunities.
  3. N.A.G. will seek to promote environmental strategies that diminish waste and pollution of all kinds.
  4. N.A.G. will seek to promote plans to enhance mental and physical well-being not least via the three previous aspirations.
  5. N.A.G. will seek to become a hub for the exchange of information on the matters outlined above.
  6. N.A.G. will recruit a legal adviser
  7. N.A.G. will establish closer links to, regular contact with and better understanding of the relevance  England (CPRE), the Backwell Residents’ Association (BRA), Claverham Residents’ Action Group (CRAG), Tickenham Road Action Group (TRAG), the defenders of Netcott’s Meadow, and the Morgans Hill Protection Association (MHPA).

Last Updated: Jun 8, 2023 @ 9:58 pm