Searching the Land Registry

N.A.G. has been encouraging people to find out about the ownership details of land near them, this is relatively easy to do using the Land Registry website. Be careful using search engines there are dozens of commercial websites that will charge you a premium for the same information! Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the HM Land Registry site.

The official HM Land Registry site can be found at

This has links at the top of the page to the search facility:

Follow the link for the search:

Scroll down and you should find a green button like below:

If you’re searching for ownership of a property then using the postcode is simplest, but in our case when we’re looking for ownership of land using the map is the best option, scroll down until you find the Search by map link.

After that you can choose to use a Post Code / Address to find the approximate area, this is the simplest, start with your own address or post code if you don’t know one nearer to the particular piece of land you’re looking for. Answer Yes in response to the “Do you know some of the address?” and click on the Green continue button. You should then get a map like below with a search box in the top right hand corner:

Enter the Post Code/Address for the general area you want to search:

Once you have found the address for the general area you want to search Click on the Green Continue button at the bottom of the page and you should get to a page asking you to confirm your search area:

Adjusting the slider on the Radius you can increase the blue search area.

If you answer No then you get taken back to the previous Search page. If you have found the right area then you can click Yes.

Confirm you’re not a Robot and continue. Hopefully you get some search results which include the bit of land you are trying to search for.

Once you click on the link you can then see what information and documents are available and pay to download them if you want to. If you’ve not used the site before you will need to register.

You should then be able to download the Title Register.