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OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAdventure PlaygroundAdventure playground with various playing areas / equipment for a wide range of ages. Potentially even to include an outdoor fitness area with outdoor gym equipment. There should also be picnic areas with benches/tables. I am thinking something along the lines of Hengrove Park, Pitville Park (in Cheltenham), Blaise Castle playground, the playground/splash park by the seafront at Weston Super Mare or even further a field - the amazing Princess Diana memorial playground in Kensington Gardens, London. Maybe even to include a small splash park area. I envisage this to be a beautiful, natural space with equipment made from sustainable materials which will last, where families (and anyone!) could go and enjoy nature, listen to the birds, look at beautiful tree's and flowers, meet friends and have fun outside and spend the whole day. The scheme would importantly include areas of natural landscaping, think
...swaying bamboo, grasses, shrubs, hidden stepping stones and also areas for wildflowers and areas for pollinators.
I do not know which areas of land in Nailsea belong to the council and what restrictions / clauses would be on areas but off the top of my head; - The land behind Budgens - off Lodge Lane - The rear of Golden Valley fields which is under utilised (Trendlewood side) - The land off The Perrings - Land behind the Uplands - Land behind Sedgemoor Close - Land off youngwood Lane - Land the other side of Engine Lane (behind rugby club) Land behind Causeway View - Land the other side of Pound LaneI really have no idea but it should be relatively easy for the council to work out a Rough Order of Costs based on information shared by other councils who have created similar schemes such as the examples given in section one.
I imagine circa £100k - £200k depending on the scope but that is a guestimate.
We have so many families in Nailsea and only a few small playgrounds, many of which are very small so only appeal to perhaps young children and do not take much time for children to get bored (and are tired and not overly appealing). There is particularly limited to no play areas for children of 8/9 years and over. I would absolutely love for somewhere we could go, in our own town, where we could spend the day (my kids are 5, 7 and 11) - take a picnic and that has something for all ages of children. There could even be a small café or at least the opportunity for a pop up café in peak season / school holidays etc. People often move to Nailsea from Bristol , London etc because of it's convenience, in terms of commuting and being close to the city, but then they get here and there is not much here. It's not a place people 'love to live' because of whats here. This is an incredible opportunity to make Nailsea into a town where people want to live.. because of the town (not just because 'it's close to Bristol and has a train station')! We already have brilliant schools, so we attract families; lets give all these children somewhere special and exciting to spend their days and create happy memories. Lets give all the Grandparents in Nailsea a place to take their grandchildren, a place where their grandchildren and children of the family look forward to visiting. I envisage this to be a central and integral place in the community, where you would always see someone / many people you know. Children would interact with eachother and play alongside children from different schools. You could arrange to meet friends and other families there. Parents and grandparents could enjoy the surroundings whilst watching their children play. And children would have the freedom to play and explore in a relatively safe environment. As well as the huge benefit to residents of Nailsea, there would also be a benefit to the neighbouring towns and villages. It would also bring people into Nailsea and give them a reason to visit. Visitors would then go on to spend money in the town, so would have a knock on effect on the local economy. It would make the town a more desirable place to live as well as the neighbouring towns and villages.2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSAge Restricted Skate ParkA smaller age restricted skate park for younger age children.Scotch horn playing fields or the Grove sports ground.No ideaBecause the younger children going in the skate park irritate the older children by getting in their way. It can be dangerous. Also it will provide a safe space for younger children to enjoy without the bad language and other things happening around them. This will spit the younger children feeling intimated and can enjoy themselves more.1NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined with the intention that the Council should work harder to make our
skatepark more inclusive.
OUTDOOR LEISURE / PLAYGROUNDSCommunity GardenA community garden/space with areas for children to have free play and for community to get together to grow flowers/vegetables etc. (case study- redcatch park in Bristol)- brining sustainable living to the forefront and making it accessibile for groups that currently meet at no.65 - mental health/bereavement, disabled groups/those who are lonely….. a place to care for and be part of. Or a play park/cafe area like the ones developed at hengrove, Bristol- for all ages and abilities with on site facilities (toilets/cafe)
Community garden(s) with space for people to relax, gather in small groups and learn about nature and growing food and plants.
A community garden/allotment would be great for those who don't have access to much outdoor space, and it would be great to see someone teaching gardening skills
I’m not sure what lane is available- but somewhere easily accessible for allNo idea- but I’d guess £100k plus maintenanceThe parks in nailsea aren’t the most accessible. None have on site cafe/toilets, and most are in need of a spruce up.
These gardens can benefit people of all ages. They can be a place to relax, learn new skills, socialise and make new connections. They provide a home for nature and equipping people with the knowledge and skills to grow some of their own food is good for the environment as a whole. They help people improve their physical and mental health.
I think research would be needed as to the groups in the community that are currently not catered for, or where the current provision is inadequate. The upkeep or replacement/staffing of any new projects needs to be considered as it’s always a shame when capital investment it made but no funds available for maintenance.5YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
TRANSPORTCycle RouteA connection of NCR 410 and NCR 33 through the south-west of Nailsea using a non-NCN cycle route created by Nailsea Town Council. This will require only one hard tweak to the infrastructure on Beckets Lane, opposite the entrance to Ash Hayes Road on Queen's Road, to allow through-riding.This will start at the Junction between Chelvey Road and Netherton Wood Lane and will follow Netherton Wood Lane Eastwards, then along St. Mary's Grove, Old Church Road, Haslands, Beckets Lane, Ash Hayes Road and then, Finally, North along Station Road until it reaches NCR 33 next to Golden Valley School.NCR 410 and 33 are in relatively close proximity to each other, yet haven't been linked. By putting in this link, people who have followed NCR 33 from Bristol will now have another option to continue cycling, other than turning back. It will also cut a corner for people who don't know the area well or aren't particularly confident when NCR 33 is extended to effectively meet with 410, if they want to make for Nailsea from the direction of Chelvey or vice versa without having to head towards Clevedon. It also offers another route up to the tithe barn by bike without needing to cycling up Queen's Road or climb the Perrings.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTCycle RouteI'm going to suggest hard tweaks to some of the infrastructure in Nailsea to both improve the convenience of cycling around Nailsea, but to also legitimise it in some areas. Some roads in Nailsea have been blocked off at some point to prevent through-driving, but I see no reason not to open them up to cycling, particularly if it makes cycling more convenient or perceivably safer to an inexperienced (and therefore unconfident) rider. The way I'm going to suggest achieving most of these is to effectively cut and paste what has been implemented where Whitesfield Road meets Queens Road, which allows cycling straight across Queens Road, all the way up to Old Church Road. Farler's End and the current end of NCR 33 being the two exceptions to this rule. Farler's End only needs a RoW change (maybe; it could legally already be cycle-able in full, but I don't know for sure), but could also do with being made a bit smoother for cycling at the point where the bollard is. In fact, taking out that kerb-bollard combo and just having a bollard would be the way to go in my eyes. The current end of NCR 33, where it meets with Brockway, only needs a drop kerb, as the only way to access it NCR 33 through that avenue is to mount the kerb, which isn't necessarily practical on, say, a road bike with skinny 23mm tyres (23 is supposed to be dead, but there will always be that one guy who still runs it) or by mounting the drop kerb at the entrance to Scotch Horn's car park, which would technically be illegal because the pavement there isn't designated shared use (and never should; shared use pavements are terrible and should be avoided at almost all cost), as well as less-than-optimal from the point of view of actually having one of the few decent sections of an otherwise not-very-good cycle route, nor is it as safe as it could be for pedestrians. Signposting for NCR 33 there would be a good idea too. The point at which NCR 33 crosses Trendlewood also needs some changes, me thinks. Replacing the barriers there (or moving them around) with bollards may be a good idea, as well as implementing a full drop kerb. At the moment, the Golden Valley side of Trendlewood has you ride onto the pavement at a point where you're blind to anything coming along that pavement to your right. Similarly, the Wraxall side has you come at the pavement at a point where your blind to everything coming along that pavement to your left. I will acknowledge that the odds of you colliding with something are lower because that set up does slow you down a lot, but slowness is one of the enemies of convenience and convenience is key to get Nailsea cycling. With bollards, most riders will tend to stay fairly central rather than heading towards the "blind" points at this crossing, improving safety for pedestrians walking along Trendlewood, while improving the quality of our segment of NRC 33.- At the current end of cycle route 33 on Brockway. - The end of Becket's Lane, opposite the junction between Queens Road and Ash Hayes Road. - Fosse Lane, where the road is split into two halves by a kerb- bollard combo. - Station Road, where Station Road meets Brockway. - Nailsea Park, opposite the entrance to Golden Valley bridleway. - Little Meadow End, where is meets Wedmore Road and Rickford Road. - Farler's End - NCR 33 crossing TrendlewoodI think this needs to be implemented in Nailsea in order to improve the convenience of cycling and therefore make perceivable strides towards actually looking like we, as a town, are actually taking action on the climate emergency we have declared, as well as reducing the number of cars on the road in Nailsea, reducing demand for car parking, which will only be getting greater with the new developments around Engine Lane and helping to improve the health of our residents. It will also help promote a form of transport that is very, very cheap to run compared to a car, which is going to be very important, given the cost of living crisis this country is going through. As for each suggestion, I will go through the rationale behind each. - The tail end of NCR 33 has no dropped kerb, which makes no sense, given that it's meant to be part of a continuing cycle route, which, if the plans from 10 years ago are still valid, is meant to carry on through Nailsea through the Highstreet service road and Stockway South before leaving town via North Drove. In the short term, putting in a dropped kerb will allow for legal, safer and more convenient accessibility by bike - The end of Becket's lane would benefit from having bike access put in, as it would enable the potential creation of a relatively convenient and relatively fast-flowing non-NRC link cycle route from NCR 33 to NCR 410 through the South-West of Nailsea, as well as offering an alternative, lower traffic, route into the commercial part of Nailsea by bike without having to cycling along either Queen's Road or Mizzymead, or, alternatively, making access to the Tithe Barn, the seat of Government in Nailsea, or the Grove (once it has either been pushed over or had it's lid taped back on) from the North and East of Town a whole lot quieter by bike. It could also give a much nicer route to the southern side of Queens Road from the east of Nailsea in particular if combined with changes to Farler's End and Little Meadow End, because it will allow cyclists to take a Road that is quieter than Queen's Road and that is less steep than both Queen's Road and the Perrings. It will also make cycling to the station or, indeed, Backwell (dare I say Backwell pool?) more palitable, as the return journey wont need to involve Queens Road or the Perrings as much. - Fosse Lane is mainly to give a very low traffic alternative to an already relatively low traffic road. That being said, it would allow residents on that road easy access to the opposite end of it on which they live, as well as giving residents near the Pound Lane end of Fosse Lane (on Pound Lane, Causeway View, Godwin Drive etc) a slightly shorter route to the shops on the High Street by bike. This is more of a "why not?" than anything else, but I wouldn't over look it. - With where Station Road meets Brockway, this is primarily to legitimise access from the part of Station Road behind Nailsea School onto the part that joins with Brockway, but also make cycling into the school more attractive through either it's front entrance or through it's Station Road entrance. Whatever is put in here will need to be considered carefully, as vision for oncoming traffic from the Lane closest to the Car Park is not very good coming around the corner in the road. - With Nailsea Park, opposite the Golden Valley bridleway, this is to help make our sections of NCR 33 one of the better sections by making it faster and improving safety, mainly for pedestrians, but also for cyclists. How does this work? Well, basically, by having a bike entrance into the park opposite the Golden Valley bridleway, you eliminate the need for cyclists to use the lights (most of the time), reducing the odds of a cyclist-on-pedestrian or cyclist-on-cyclist crash, while giving good vision of what is coming along the bridleway, hopefully reducing the odds of getting your front wheel bent in by a car that just happened to be exiting the road to the vets at the wrong moment. It will also offer a more direct route, improving the speed, and therefore quality, on our section of NCR 33. - Little Meadow End and Farler's End I've covered above. - NCR 33 crossing Trendlewood is to improve the quality, speed, convenience and safety of our segment of NCR 331YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts, but liaison with North Somerset Council will need to be involved to progress.
TRANSPORTBicycle ParkingBicycle parking
More cycle storage around Nailsea would help with this too.
At the Grove, on the high street near John Brown's/Posh Spice etc, between the skatepark and the path on the camera side, next to most of the benches in the millennium park "ring", at the allotments and outside the Premier on Old Church Road.I've seen bike parking of the type that have been put in by the council, be that NTC or NSC, going for ~£75 per hoop, including VAT.NTC have declared a climate emergency and encouraging cycling is a cost-effective way to help combat climate change. Nailsea is a fairly cycle-able place, depending on who you are and how confident you are on a bike in Nailsea-level traffic. This suggestion doesn't seek to change the to-and-from side of things; this aims to make cycling places more convenient through providing place to lock up you bike. I will go through the individual locations now. The Grove lacks bike parking altogether (I think; there does seem to be some metal stuff bolted into the wall, but it doesn't look like it's actually designed for bikes, being too high and not giving a secure fit.
Dogs, maybe?), which seems very odd for a sports centre. Thankfully, I know that NTC own the land there, so NTC may be able to rectify that problem. One end of the high street has a reasonable amount of bike parking, but there is a distinct lack of parking between the giant clock and Tesco, which is a shame, but can also make shopping in any of the shops there (or going into PS or the Oak) inconvenient if you're riding a bike rather than driving or walking. I would suggest putting quite a bit in here, including at least one dedicated hoop outside of John Browns, as well as as many as you can fit on the undeveloped "indent" in the road outside of and across from New Garden. Bike parking next to the skatepark is aimed at both Skatepark users and non-skatepark users. Sure, you could just lock your bike to the railings in the skatepark, but what if you're not a skatepark user and you don't trust those kiddos or you want to keep your bike out of the way? That's where that bike rack comes in. It also helps that it's right under a camera. It will also give people who do things like "boot camp" in the park another alternative to driving. Putting in a singular hoop next to most of the benches on the "ring" in Millennium park seems like a good idea to me, as it will allow NCR 33 users to go off to Tesco (other stores are available) and get food, then come back and consume it while sitting next to their secured pride and joy. It will also hopefully stop bikes from falling over when leant against benches, as well as giving people who do things like "boot camp" in the park another alternative to driving. Putting bike parking at the allotments will allow allotment tenants to cycle up to the allotment to do lighter work, rather than getting in the car to do it. It will also be helpful for those who would go and, say, water their potato crop or check on something else on their way back from something they were biking for anyway. As for by the premier on Old Church Road, there is simply no bike parking there for those shops. Not even railings. Yes, there is bike parking by the Tithe Barn, but it's A.) primarily meant for barn-users, B.) potentially not always accessible and C.) 80 metres from the shops. It would make sense if the convenience store was convenient to cycle to and park up.
2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESRunning TrackRunning trackGrove Sports CentreIncreased populations need things to do. Current facilities are either old, non-existant and cannot cope with the additional population.8YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESAll Weather Sports SurfaceAll purpose Sports pitch suitable for hockey, football, rugby, etc. This idea is particularly aimed at bringing ‘home’ Nailsea Ladies Hockey Club, back to Nailsea.The Grove or other suitable location within Nailsea - new or existing.£250,000.00 (surface only) assuming an existing location can be utilised.The only all purpose, all weather sports pitches are at Nailsea school and these are in greater demand than is currently available, and used mainly by our local football and rugby teams of all ages. Nailsea Ladies Hockey Club have been exiled to Gordano school for many years now and this is a great opportunity to bring them home. The club has a junior action and two ladies senior team and play to a high standard in the local leagues.
As it approached its centenary, it would be great to have a plan to accommodate them locally where they are still well supported even though it means a trek to a lovely new facility at Gordano school. Since the surface at the Nailsea school facility does not meet fully the league requirements, a new facility that could be used by other clubs/sports would be much utilised.
2YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
SPORTS FACILITIESFunding for Sports/Social ClubsThe social and sporting clubs and facilities within Nailsea should be encouraged to bid for part of the funds for upkeep/improvement projects.
More sports facilities
There is an opportunity to use the money to make a generational change to sports and recreation facilities in the Town. There are numerous projects that are proposed online in various forums. These should be assessed in terms of need and a strategy for the Town produced. The strategy should link to other local, regional and national strategies which would enable funding options to be explored and attract additional investment to Nailsea. An example of this is in relation to the football facilities for all (girls, boys, men and women) which need to be improved at a number of sites. Some of these are identified in the North Somerset Local Football Facilities Plan, which can be found here - plan/#tab-section-introduction. This could lead to potential funding from the Football Foundation.
I would like the money to be divided up between all the existing youth & childrens clubs/groups in Nailsea, ie sports clubs/scouts & guides/youth club etc
There are various locations in the Town including The Grove, Millennium Park, Golden Valley Playing Fields, Greenfield Crescent, Nailsea School where investment is needed. This would increase the capacity at some of these sites as well as improving the variety of activities on offer in Nailsea.Costs will vary and need to be developed.Nailsea has some fantastic clubs and organisations however the quality of the facilities does not meet the required standards or in some cases even exist. The new housing will put further pressure on the current facilities. The Town Council has an opportunity to help deliver transformational change for the Town. Many Town Councils are now playing proactive roles in helping to facilitate investment in their areas and this is an opportunity to do this.4NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as it does not fall under the remit of capital expenses and so is not something that the money can be spent on.
SPORTS FACILITIESPadel Tennis CourtsInstallation of 1 or 2 Padel Tennis courts (possibly at the Grove?)Grove Sports Centre , or other available Nailsea Council owned siteApproximate cost for 1 court (excluding groundworks) is £25 to £28000Padel Tennis is a sport that is suitable for all ages . It has social and therapeutic benefits. It has a low land use
footprint. Padel Tenis is growing at great pace in the South east of the country, Nailsea would be at the forefront of Padel tennis development in the South west.
Padel is good for your brain Your brain is challenged Padel tennis is a ball game and that means the sport contains speed. The speed of tactical changes between players and the speed of different ball exchanges are all much more than in tennis. That has a lot to do with the fact that the court is smaller and you are closer to each other. Also, the ball has less speed than in tennis so there is a much better chance that your opponents can return the ball. Third, the walls may be used, this means the ball is in play much longer, with less dull moments.
In tennis, the ball is often out and has to be fetched which creates a lot of pauses. Mentally, the higher speed of changes in padel means that the brain has to calculate more and quicker where the ball will come and what has to be done to return the ball. Padel clearly is more dynamic than tennis. Your brain is challenged more than in tennis. Padel is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical capacities are demanded and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily as accurately as in tennis. Your brain is rewarded So there are more challenges in padel but you don’t have to have extreme technical skills and so the challenges are more easily met. More challenges means more adrenaline in your brain. More challenges met means more dopamine (reward center) and endorphines in your brain. You will get more rewards in padel than with other ball games which are technically more difficult. That is the simple reason that once you have played padel you get hooked to it much more easily. It is no coincidence that people who try padel play it more often and for longer than any other sport they used to play. Padel is one of the easiest ball games to pick up, everyone can learn padel in less than an hour. With tennis you will need several lessons taking up to several months to play it to a reasonable level. So padel gives you self confidence much quicker than tennis. Increased hand eye coordination In padel a lot of hand eye coordination is required, therefore the visuo-spatial capacities of your brain are trained, of course this is the case with tennis as well. However, padel is easier than tennis so the visuo-spatial training is more intense and frequent than in tennis simply because you get more rallies between players. Because the padel racket is shorter than the tennis racket (so closer to your body and hand) it is closer to your reaching space. This personal space is very well represented and trained in your brain because of its frequent use everyday.
Therefore it is handled much more easy than the extra-personal space in which the tennis racket is moved in. It takes considerable more practice to hit a high velocity ball correctly with a longer tennis racket and smaller blade than with a padel racket. Another factor intensifies the visuo-spatial training in padel more than in tennis; the use of the walls. In padel there are many more bouncing effects and calculations for your brain to make than in tennis, so it is more challenging for the brain. This makes it more exciting as well, more adrenaline and alertness is called for than with just a lost ball out or in the net. In padel with a strong ball of your opponent you always have two chances; Hitting the ball directly after it has hit the ground Hitting the ball after it bounces off the back or side wall The second option gives you more time to react and is especially used by somewhat slower people
(e.g. elderly, children). That’s why padel is very friendly for elderly and younger children. Better concentration As
In padel, the velocity of the ball is less, the blade is much closer to your wrist and body so there is less force on these parts of your body. There are much less known reports of padel players having problems with their wrists or elbows. Of course, when playing extremely frequently even in padel these problems can occur, but less often than with tennis. Better for the elderly and people with injuries Padel puts much less strain on your body parts than tennis, squash or even hockey. Whereas in these sports a lot of ankle, back or shoulder injuries are seen, in padel this is hardly the case. Up till a very advanced age you could play padel without serious physical problems.
At the same time it still challenges your total body, all muscles are involved and your heart/lung condtion is being challenged as well. Better for your eyes Although eye injuries are rare in tennis as well, in padel due to the slower ball speed, there is a lesser chance of a serious eye injury. Furthermore, control of emotions and more emphasis on ball placement even make it harder to hit someone in the eye.
1MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESRefurbish and expand The Grove Sports & Social Club to bring improvements for the benefit of the general public to encourage sport social intercourse and good health.
£4m is a lot of money but in terms of large projects I dont think it would go very far. The Grove Sports centre is clearly in need of a refurb but do NTC own it? If so perhaps buy some additional land and develop i
Improve Grove sports centre, include day time coffee bar possible swimming pool.
New Building at the Grove - somewhere that can house all the stuff that already happens there but also new things for the community too
The cricket club needs investment in facility's and these Sports hubs with modern day facility would be a needed to support the new family's moving to the area as part of the new homes. I think a facility to included everybody (not just one club or sport) with different sporting interest would be the way forward. The grove would be prime site to redevelop - it would support - The cricket club, The football club, add a gym and a swimming pool,outdoor astroturf
As original para.Maybe
SPORTS FACILITIESThe Grovepitch for hire plus a decent facility for the pre school a social entertaining/Bar space and a kids play area - It would
bring the community together and create a income for the council to fund more works around the area.
The Grove Sports Club is a rather old and dilapidated building that has served Nailsea well since the 70's/80's. As there is already a number of housing projects approved in the South-West of Nailsea and will probably be more on the south and west sides of Nailsea over the next 10 years then it would be good to see a plan for replacing this with a more modern facility to meet the needs of the increasing population. I'm not suggesting replacing it with a like for like facility but rather something that widens the offering for all and includes some of the offerings currently available at Scotch Horn (eg health club) which may not be able to cope with increased demand within a growing town. I'm also not suggesting that it be all done at once but rather over a period of no more than 10 years and as and when funds become available including section 106 funding. There should be opportunities for additional funding to come from other financial streams including the National Lottery as it would be a community facility.
My suggestion is to make better use of The Grove and use the money to rebuild/create better facilities which can benefit a much wide range of local people and groups. It would be great to see a revamped/new multi use site which encompasses sports (a recreational facility for use by local clubs), space for workshops/courses, art / craft gallery, a meeting place for anti natal groups, community groups, a small business centre for people who work on their own but would like contact with other sole workers, as well as changing rooms and facilities for teams. This could be a real local hub with a cafe during the daytime / bar in the evening.
I support the idea of improving facilities at The Grove Sports Club, to include a swimming pool, in order to make it THE sports centre for Nailsea. With the predicted increase in the population, due to the various house building projects in the area, a state of the art sports/leisure centre would be of a benefit to all, improving the overall health & well-being of Nailsea residents - both young and old.
With all the new houses at West end Nailsea I would like to see the Grove sports centre rebuilt so it fit for purpose for the expanding population
Nailsea is crying out for a sports and social hub facility to replace the existing dilapidated and tired facilities.
Essentially, a large and modern contemporary building to incorporate changing rooms, showers and plant rooms, internal flexible open plan space for functions, bars, cellar and meeting/conference rooms. Should funds accommodate further facilities, an outdoor all weather floodlit sports area at the same location. Despite commendable and 'against the odds' efforts of the various clubs and societies, in terms of community sporting and social facilities, Nailsea has significantly fallen behind towns of similar size and prosperity over the past 30 - 40 years.
A lack of Town Council action/support, Ill conceived local authority schemes and a total lack of consultation with local clubs and organisations has produced a very fractured approach and complete lack of long term sporting strategy for the town. Here is a fantastic opportunity to put this right and provide a facility the people of Nailsea (of all ages) can fully utilise, enjoy and be proud of, rather than the make do approach of the past.
Grove Sports Centre
The Grove Sports Centre would seem to be an ideal site. The existing building (Grove Sports & Social Club) is dilapidated, well past its sale by date and a complete eyesore. Its interior layout is not fit for purpose and has very limited scope to raise revenue and self fund.
Demolish the existing building and build a new one, consulting local Clubs and Societies about layout. Nailsea deserves better - it has thriving Adult and Junior Sports Clubs who do great things despite the proliferation of of poor facilities - this needs to change. The existing users would be increased by many with new and additional sports and pastimes evolving. The location would also compliment the new housing development adjacent to the site.
Who knows? this is a bit of a silly question isnt it!
£3 million ish
It would depend on the building design and what you included but it could be in the region of £20m and it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume a 1st phase cost of £10m. I realise the town council doesn't have this amount of money to invest but it could make a commitment of £2m towards the project providing funding can be raised elsewhere as well as requesting a % of section 106 money from future developments also goes towards this.
I have no trusted idea, but I wouldn't estimate at least circa
If developing Grove is in any way realistic NTC would then need to come back to the community to ask what they would like inside it
The Grove building needs updating/rebuild and with all the new houses on this side of town improved facilities for all ages.
The Grove is falling down and it is a huge eyesore - with all the new houses it needs a new building that will serve everyone
The town will have a growing population over the next 10 years and this facility would be ideally located to where the majority of this growth is likely to be. It would also hopefully reduce car journeys to Nailsea's other facilities including Scotch Horn.
This area has so much potential but seems to be under promoted and under used by local groups but this might be due to its condition. I think what it offers and how it offers it, needs to be brought up to date. With the Town growing and trying to attract new younger residents, a multi use venue like this would be a real draw, especially if all the groups were promoted centrally through one website.
Multi-use community sports/activity facility.
1. The Grove Centre is probably near the end of its useful and sustainable life. It will either need a massive re- furbishment or replacement anyway in the near future.
Updated preschool for new families18MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
SPORTS FACILITIESNailsea Jr Football ClubGive Nailsea Junior Fc a permanent fixed home , like the rugby club, so we can can grow our current 378 membership wider to encourage more girls to join. Also to provide a safe, fun environment for kids to play football in the town ages 5-18 with FA qualified coaches. Need a building with changing rooms facilities and storage, some car parking and football pitches that range from full size to junior pitches. To have the club on one site rather than across 4/5 sites like it is currently would be great. We are miles behind other towns like Clevedon, Weston and Portishead. Currently as we do not own a home or have a long term lease we miss out on funding every year. its depressing especially as we play such a huge role in the community to 378 kids to give them physical and mental health wellbeing. Please help.
I’d like to see a location for Nailsea Juniors FC to call their own. With over 300 players registered it would be great to have a ground dedicated to them.
A permanent home and clubhouse with appropriate facilities for Nailsea juniors football club including enough pitches for all teams to use
Nailsea Junior football club has 378 kids signed on but no permanent home and miss out on funding every year. Nailsea Juniors are looking to set up a clubhouse with pitches for the whole club in one location. This is something that would benefit the children of Nailsea now, and for years to come
Nailsea could do with a decent football clubhouse complete with pitches in one location that the whole club can use A permanent football club location with clubhouse to benefit Nailsea JFC and the thousands of local people involved.
The clubhouse should be large enough to double up as a conference venue and have enough space for 6 grass
pitches and an all weather Court similar to Nailsea School to allow professional clubs to scout the many talented youngsters our town produces all year round. We have the enthusiasm and talent from both people who have grown up here and also the thousands of new families who have relocated here. The club is a big reason why families continue to move here and we welcome all new kids, wherever they come from.
Appropriate pitches, storage and equipment for Nailsea Junior Football Club. This would need to include all weather, floodlit training facilities, grass pitches and storage facilities for goalposts and nets, ride on lawn mower, line painters etc.
Golden valley playing fields or Grove sport centre or any other location that suits in BS48.£400,000-£500,000 building costs and pitch preperation.Physical and mental health of our children in Nailsea should be top priority, especially after the last two years
during covid. Our community football club provide this to all kids 5-18 of any gender. We are run by a volunteer workforce.
Nailsea Jfc are a big part of Nailsea community
For the football team to have there own base where they can have a changing room clubhouse for after wards.
The club is a very popular part of the Nailsea community and fantastic for young kids to find joy in a hobby that is great for both their health and social skills. The club is Expanding year on year & needs its own place for the whole club to be together
I think that Nailsea Junior FC need to be given a permanent home in Nailsea and a share of the money available. We have 378 kids signed on but no permanent home and miss out on funding every year. It would be great to have a clubhouse with pitches for the whole club in one location.
Currently Nailsea juniors play in positions all over Nailsea and rely on the good will of other clubs etc.
There are many children that play football in Nailsea, without the permanent facilities that most other local towns and villages enjoy.
Nailsea junior football club has been in Nailsea for over 40 years but has no permanent home. There are hundreds of lads. It would be so much nicer if there was a permanent home.
My daughter is football mad and started playing for the mixed Boys and girls U6's team, then just before covid struck an all girls team was set up and she joined that and still attends NJ GIRLS U11's now. The only problem had been pitches for training seasons and games. sadly there are not enough in Nailsea and our girls (& I'm
sure boys teams too) miss out on training/games/tournaments due to lack of pitches. Also in winter / autumn we have the problem with well lit up areas to continue playing outside, so then have to use our fundraising/funds to pay for the outside flooded pitch at Nailsea School which is not cheap & takes a large chunk of the money which could be used for the girls equipment etc. Football has got bigger over the years and Nailsea Junior are really lucky to have so much support by the parents. It has a great name and when ever we travel away they talk about NJ club and how well all ages / teams are doing.
We moved to the area about 4 years ago. Soon as my little Boy was old enough we signed him up to nailsea juniors football club. It’s been brilliant for him but also for us to get to know people as we were new residents. A permanent home for the club would be beneficial to a lot of different age groups in the local area. The under 7’s who I’m involved with don’t really know the history or that there are other age groups involved in the football club as they are all training or playing matches in different locations of nailsea. An all weather pitch will be massively beneficial not only for football but for all kinds of activities.
The creation of an areas with enough space and pitches where the junior football teams of Nailsea can play at the same 'home' venue at the same time, with a club house and facilities to promote a greater sense of community and fun for the boys and girls of Nailsea. The current situation is that the matches are played at different locations across Nailsea with different standards of playing conditions for the children and no facilities at some of the venues. One of the impacts of this is that there is no sense of community across the age groups
and no heart to the junior footballing community which encompasses hundreds of boys and girls from across
Please feel free to speak to me Ben watts NJFC - Vice chair124YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSOpen SpacesInvest all in land to protect open spaces for future generations.
Protcted green spaces, free from development
Preserve/conserve remaining greenbelt habitats. (by not selling further land for development) please
I and many friends and neighbours would like you to stop selling off lush green fields to housing developments. It will not be long before there will not be any fields between Nailsea, Backwell, Clevedon, Yatton, Bristol etc. Nailsea infrastructure cannot cope with the current amount of cars and juggerbauts using its narrow roads. Every house being built now will result in a minimum average of two extra cars per house. The council members are also extremely hypocritical. On one hand telling residents how caring they are by planting trees (many of which do not survive) and stopping grass cutting (probably meaning the laying off of low paid workers.) This supposed happening for the preservation of wild life and the natural environment, whilst selling off hundreds of acres of lush green fields to building developers. This is an obscene way to "come into a large amount of money."
What Nailsea now needs is some public open space to replace all the open spaces being built on at present and planned. This space needs to have a covenant put on it to protect for future generations so that it can never be sold or built on. Buying agricultural land is far cheaper than land earmarked for building and should be number one for the future of Nailsea. There is no where safe from developers now that the land adjacent to Engine Lane has been sold and is being developed. The park land behind the Uplands is going to be built on despite the population of Nailsea and the local Council being against it. If we don’t have a say or any power to stop these unwanted developments then we need protected land that will stay in the community for the community.
I think Nailsea needs more open green spaces to walk in. Ideally fenced off so safe for dogs and children. We’re losing public land to developers, I want more green space: it’s the reason I moved to Nailsea!
A private small piece of land for organisations to enjoy outdoor space. - I run guides and we have nowhere to practice putting up tents, outdoor sports, teaching if nature and wildlife. This is just one example for an organisation. Many elderly groups would use it for safe outdoor space for members Other youth organisations can use it / safeguarding is so important - using a general open files isn’t always an option.
Park with lake and flower beds.
First point is please don’t waste it on some vanity project! It would be really good if it could somehow be used to safeguard the remaining green countryside that surrounds Nailsea that makes it that special place to live. For example could there be some engagement or partnership with the rugby club for use as an outdoor active space / outdoor gym / for outdoor clubs etc that would allow the wider Nailsea population to use as well as secure the land from any future development? The rugby club is a great asset to the town but maybe needs better publicity and overall use.
buy some land that is not sport related where people can walk and children can play
2) Buy land to create a landscaped park and help replace at least some of the open spaces we have lost to developers who are gradually choking off Nailsea from the surrounding countryside which was always its most
desirable feature - the two fields below The Grove down to Youngwood Lane Farm containing public rights of way would be a good start.
The town needs to keep open spaces for walking, especially as so many more people have dogs.
We need cleaner parks,
maintaining public open spaces like the 'Tesco park', 'the grove' , hannah more park and so on We are so lucky to have plenty of open spaces and footpaths away from roads - we need to maintain these to keep our town such a pleasant place to be. Some towns have allowed some communal areas to grow wilder with wild flowers etc. This is a great idea. There are plenty of spaces where this could be done.
better to keep the green fields than build on them + then "nod" to conservation e.g. planters + other token gestures.16YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSPark WardenHow about a warden in the parks, to monitor the dogs not kept on leads . This would enable people like myself being able to take a walk around the Millennium Park and Grove Park, without having dogs run up to people like myself who are very afraid of dogs.1NoThis item was declined as the Council are legally unable to fund projects which pay for a salary.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSActivity ParkA Comprehensive and Free to use activity park for everyone- e.g tennis courts; outdoor gym; bowling green; golf putting green: designated outdoor activity space (eg for yoga classes or boot camps): archery; climbing wall; climbing boulder; table tennis, basketball court, 5 a side football pitch.Scotch horn/the grove/fields by clevedon Rd2MaybeThe Council voted this item as 'Maybe'.
There is potential for this item to be taken on as a project, but more research will need to be done on this.
OPEN SPACE/ PARKSDog ParkPlease could we have a properly enclosed field safe for dogs to run freely? The fields in the middle of the town are often very busy with young children or football pitches and surrounded by busy roads. The fields on the outskirts often have access to farm animals. A safe enclosed field would give dog walkers the freedom to let dogs off lead without the worry of the above.
Secure dog field
A Bark Park , free run fenced of areas with undulating grass for dogs to play in , an example can be found in Bedminster , Bristol next to South Street Park , very little.uo.keep required just a reasonable size bit of land ,fencing and Dog bins
Bordering development west or south west Nailsea. Close to a footpath but with no footpath going through so access was solely intended (but not limited to) exercising and training dogs.
A secure dog exercise area with bins and something like a sand/ very fine gravel floor
Hi, I would like a dedicated dog walking field in Nailsea. Somewhere that is fenced and with a dog bin, parking would also be useful for those of us who want to exercise our dogs but can't walk long distances to the dog walking area, depending where we live. There are more and more places that are banning dogs or where dogs can only be walked on 1m leads and there are no dedicated dog walking fields around Nailsea where dogs can safely roam free without encountering sheep, cows or horses.
Perhaps the area of land in the corner of Golden Valley field? (next to Station Road end)? In line with the pedestrian gate.
Anywhere with sufficient space and perhaps room for parking
Areas to consider could be land near /rear of Ravenswood and the otherbscools off pound lane or a section of land within millennium park
A few public park locations that could be made secure
What about the grass area next to the children's play park opposite the maples?
No idea 🙂 Whatever it costs to securely fence in the area, ensure there are no big holes for dogs to run safely without breaking ankles and probably situate and the upkeep to empty a couple of dog waste bins.
I would imagine £5000 for fencing /landscaping and Bina but to be fair that's total guess work and is based on land being provided for free
I guess the cost would be fencing, extra poo bins, substrate and labour... £2k?
There is currently nothing like this in the area and I often see people asking for suggestions on safe places to walk dogs off lead on Facebook. Unfortunately, there are not many places in the middle of the town.
These are popping up all over the place but the closest seems to be clevedon. They are very popular especially with owners of dogs who are anxious around other dogs or young dogs who need a secure area to work on recall. This is a really nice way to be able to let your dog off the lead without any worries.
A free fun fenced if dog park allows dogs more natural excecise it also prevents dog incidents of the running around child based areas of leads so is better for safety , it helps with dog training and developa a dogs social behaviour . The amount if dog owners seems to have exploded after the lockdowns and having seen it at 1st hand in Bedminster I can't express enough how brilliant it is and great to watch , kids watch and learn dogs natural behaviour and again this helps both filys and dog owners , a few benches over looking the park is a good idea and can provide some entertainment for those who can sometime need something to watch and do it's great for mental health to watch a dog having fun
There’s a large demand for local dogs only parks, as in Southville’s Bark Park. If there was a coffee van there it would bring in revenue. It would keep dogs out of other spaces where children are more likely to be disturbed by them. We’re losing a lot of previously useful dog walking space over by Engine Lane and the Uplands due to planned development.
There has been an increase in dog ownership and a safe space to train them would benefit dog, owner, and community. Amenity land previously used for dog walking has been sold (Uplands); the Grove is lead only, Backwell Lake is lead only; Nailsea/Tichenham Football club has restricted access to a previously very popular site. Dog ownership has increased so too have people's dislike/fear of them off-leads near children. However, dogs need to be off leads for exercise and not everyone has the luxury of a vehicle to travel out of the town. We spend council funds on play equipment for families with children to socialise and exercise, a space to do so with a pet would be a credit to the town. At present, the nearest enclosed field to hire is in Kingston Seymour and is in demand.
There could be a small charge involved in using the fried which could be put back into maintanance and perhaps other worthy causes. Shows great view of its benefits
The site could include wildlife initiatives and trees/shrubs for rewilding which benefit the environment and also provide stimuli for dogs.
A few leveled logs or tractor tires could provide basic agility courses.
9NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined as it was felt that the logistics of maintaining the asset would deem to be too great.
TRAFFIC CALMING/ ROAD IMPROVEMENTSTraffic control - Engine LaneThe problems being created by extra traffic from the Engine Lane housing and Netherton Grange. Following more proposed housing from Netherton Lane and Grove Farm. We live on Chelvey Road and the already increased traffic is a real problem. The houses I have stated aren't even finished yet. I shudder to think what it will be like when it is.
Introduction of bollards to the south end of engine lane from the trading estate to prevent industrial vehicles using North Street also to reduce traffic from the new developements using this road where there are not pavements.
ARTS, CULTURE AND ENTERTAINMENTConcert HallThis is the ideal opportunity for Nailsea to blaze a trail and put its name on the local map, by using the money for a single large-scale project providing a facility which is not available in other local towns. What we need is a concert hall!
You may think we have a number of suitable performance venues in Nailsea, but you could not be more wrong. They are either set up as a theatre, so much of the sound is absorbed by the curtaining or disappears into the roof, or as a church where the acoustic is patchy, or where the capacity too small to accommodate a choir and/or an orchestra and a decent sized audience (sufficient to make a concert self-supporting). Neither Clevedon or Portishead have anything ideally suitable, so with the right building it would be possible to attract hirers from these two towns, and further afield.
We need a concert hall. That is a hall without a traditional theatre stage where the sound is lost upwards and not projected outwards. We need a hall that is designed with appropriate acoustics to enhance the natural sound made by musicians who do not use microphones. It should be capable of seating an audience of at least 300 (not counting choir and orchestra).
There are many thriving choirs in Nailsea, of which Nailsea Choral Society is probably the largest with 60+ members. We are hampered in performing large works by not having enough space in any venue to accommodate this large choir, full orchestra and then have space for 250+ tickets we would need to sell to break even. Nailsea Concert Orchestra is developing quite a name for itself with its new conductor, Ben England BEM. There are several other community choirs, all commanding a large following, as well as smaller, highly professional groups needing a suitable venue to perform. The Folk Club are well based at the intimate venue of the Tithe Barn but could book some bigger names if they knew they had a larger space to sell more tickets.
We recognise that a stand-alone capital build is probably out of the question but are raising this issue now as all sorts of refurbishments and future plans may be being considered as a result of this windfall. For example, if Scotch Horn or Grove Sports Centre were to be redesigned and improved could an extension for a concert hall be considered there. If there is a new school or community centre to be built as part of the housing developments in Nailsea then could consideration be given to a concert hall as part of that development. A simple open hall space without fixed stage or seating but with appropriate acoustic and either moveable stage blocks or some sort of raised platform could lend itself to many different layouts and different moods. A large but mellow indoor space could support not only different performance arts but many varying community activities.
With a bespoke hall of this description, we could invite full size orchestras, big name bands, Bristol Vic actors, regional singers like Welsh Male Voice Choirs or touring companies to perform. Our choirs could sing larger works with orchestras and instead of having to go to Bristol to perform we could perhaps even draw Bristol audiences out here to Nailsea. Choirs and orchestras from Congresbury and Long Ashton as well as Clevedon and Portishead could well be attracted to Nailsea by the right performance space. We are all asking that you please look most seriously at this need and these proposals.
1. A concert, performance venue (audience capacity >200), cultural space, to include cafe/restaurant, for choirs, orchestras, musicals, films etc (available for hire as income stream)
2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
The size required makes this unfeasible.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSCommunity Hall/Centre/HubAlso community hall on the Trendlewood Estate. We have no community base there. Trendlewood Church would like a building. Buy the field at the top of Trendlewood Way (near Station Road), build a community centre and let Trendlewood Church meet there and run various activities for the community from there.
A community centre for all ages to use with a big hall for roller disco and youth clubs that will appeal to the mid teen age where they can hang out and eat sweets and slush puppies. Like in the 1990s
A meeting place much on the lines of a 'Village Hall'
More social activites/community meeting areas for all ages. More entertainment ~ a hub of activity.
A flexible space that can provide essential services during daytime and evenings - this could include bootable space for exercise classes, arts and crafts/ wellness sessions. Societies such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes etc as well as some children’s groups could use the rooms. Mental health has become a big issue, the space could also be home to youth activities and act as a drop in centre. Refreshments could be supplied through a grab and go or coffee shop outlet.
Citizens Advice / dance classes / adult learning (languages) etc could use the space
To provide a community space, relocate the Local Libray an use the Nailsea Libray as a museum space to dhow the history of Coal Mining and Glass Making in Nailsea. The Community space and Library relocation is where the current dilapidated Weston College is locate, 2 stoey with multipe paces and areas for Local Librays for children and adults, this would be much safer than the current childrens section located in the basement of the current libray.
Design would be for coal museum to be in the baseet represneting the atmospeher of a coal mine with a lift (clanking chains) to take a person down. The top would be part of a bottle kiln which used to be on the current glasmakers Mews site, (pity that wa sold off for housing ideal muesum space) The community space would be split so smaller spaces could be made as well as making th bookshelves movable to increase the space.
Field at top of Trendlewood Way by Station Road end
Remodel the Grove Sports centre. The whole place can be knocked down and restructured with better facilities.
No community base in Trendlewood area.
Teenagers are regularly reprimanded for ‘hanging around the skate park’ or Tesco park and for causing trouble and making noise. They need somewhere to go to have a bit of freedom and fun.
Tithe Barn has two rooms one to large and other small for a group of around 35-40. No car parking.
6NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This item was declined due to it being outside of the Council's gift and the land having been purchased by a developer.
COMMUNITY SPACES/ BUILDINGSSocial and Skills ExchangeDevelop a social and skills exchange centre of excellence, embedding recycling into everything we do.The Mound within Groves Sports Centre£100kClimate change, wars, famine, will bring with it severe economic consequences and constraints. Even in the absence of these, Nationally just under 3m are using foodbanks, we in Nailsea are not immune to these socioeconomic trends. We need to build a hub where we learn how to reuse things better, how to better protect our local economy through saving energy, developing ideas and support new and innovative economies.This was proposed and on behalf of the Local Environmental Committee, rejected by Rod Lees.1YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESBenchesBenches along popular walking routes in Nailsea.
The benches that the town currently has are all kept in groups in their respective areas. It would be nice to see more spread out across Nailsea
More benches/seats for us oldies to sit and watch the world go by More benches around the edge of Grove Sports Field
North Drove and green field area with public footpaths near the Grove School.To encourage and facilitate walking activities for Nailsea residents with mild to moderate mobility issues. Currently there is nowhere for people to sit to either catch their breath or take in the view. We need to be supporting people to take part in activities that boost their health and well-being.3YesThe Council voted this item as 'Yes' as a potential use for funds from Capital Receipts.
BINS AND BENCHESRubbish/Litter BinsReplace all the litter bins which were removed about three years ago with no consultation.
More bins for rubbish, especially along main routes and walkways
I think the main problem with living in Nailsea currently is the rubbish in around the paths, roads, verges and hedgerows. There is loads of it and it is disgusting and actually quite depressing to live in such a place. Nailsea is a decent town but is currently plagued by rubbish. We need more bins, an urgent plan to clean this mess up and if possible regular litter/rubbish collecting. Can the Town council do its bit alongside a volunteer group please (I am happy to volunteer & am sure they would be enough like-minded residents)?
A bin by the link road bus shelter
Extra bins along Station Road between schools and also near to Pound Lane schools More dog/litter bins on West side of Town.
More litter collection all around Nailsea - it has become a dirty town * More bins around the edge of Grove Sports Field
Main walkways and roads
The paths, streets, verges and hedgerows of Nailsea.
Link road
Station Road and Pound Lane
Within the overall budgetBecause the town needs smartening up to be more attractive to potential businesses, residents and those who visit for leisure purposes. Because Nailsea is and has been for decades the ‘poor relation’ to Weston, Portishead and Clevedon, massively under invested.
As much as possible we should be able to walk in and around Nailsea without being surrounded by rubbish (including plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, drink cans, takeaway packaging, cardboard packaging, face-masks and full dog-poo bags.
A lot of litter accumulates near that bus shelter, which has lacked a bin since North Somerset made the decision not to reinstate their bin there. A new bin may significantly reduce the amount of litter the accumulates there
Regular littering in hedges close to schools, also dog mess, but no bins nearby to put it in instead.
11NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
NSDC are responsible for emptying bins and due to cost , have an embargo on new sites for bins.
HEALTH AND SAFETYDefibrillatorto have a defibrillator located in the grove area of wraxall this would be a outdoor wall mounted devise for use for all that need the end of fryth house the grove wraxallapprox £2000we need this in wraxall our closest one is nailsea, long ashton and flax bourton, these are only assessable by car, when in a emergency this is time waisted and emotions running wraxall we are a growing community especially in the grove with many families this devise would also serve the main Bristol road and surrounding areas.2NoThe Council voted this item as 'No'. It will not be looked into further.
This is not within the Naisea Town Council Area

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