Nailsea Annual Town Meeting 2023


The agenda for the meeting comprised the following main items:

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held on 11 May 2022
  2. Report from the Chair of Council – Cllr Bird
  3. Statement of Accounts
  4. Comments and questions from the public
  5. Brief presentation by representatives of local groups receiving grants


Nailsea Town Council’s Annual Town meeting was held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 10th May 2023 in Nailsea Tithe Barn. Some 55 people were present including a number of Nailsea Action Group (N.A.G.) supporters and three of the core group (committee).

The draft minutes from the 2022 annual meeting were agreed, a reproduction of these can be found here.

The Nailsea Town Council (NTC) Chair, Mike Bird, reported on the achievements and activities of the Council 2022-3. He particularly mentioned the following:

  • The installation of the flood lighting for the skatepark,
  • The setting up of Outdoor Gym equipment in Millennium park,
  • In association with Suzy Riley, to the memory of her son Toby, a new play area at the Grove, 
  • The end to the use of the High Street by huge articulated lorries, with the installation of a weight limit and speed restrictions,
  • The upgrade of the pedestrian access to Station Road Car park and the adjoining service road is in progress,
  • Installation of the new crossing on Clevedon Road is just a month or so away.
  • The Farmers Market has gone from strength to strength,
  • We’ve purchased of a new set of LED festive lights for the Town centre,
  • The Council hosted a Big Green Weekend here in the Tithe Barn last year,
  • The council has purchased of two electric buses for Nailsea and District Community Transport, 
  • During the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we provided the beacon that sat on top the church Tower,
  • A great celebration was had this last weekend for the Kings Coronation,
  • Other events have included a celebration of Black History month and a Holocaust memorial event.

Cllr Bird’s full report can be read here.

Three of the many beneficiaries of the Town’s Council’s patronage spoke to record their gratitude and how the money received was spent:

Some dozen of those attending spoke in agenda item 5 ‘Comments and Questions from the public’ including N.A.G. supporters. Responding to councillors’ aspirations that the public might show more interest in the work of the Council, Antony Evans made a number of suggestions he felt would improve this. A resident from Greenfield Crescent expressed her concern at the large proposed development in ‘north Nailsea’, which is actually within Wraxall’s boundaries, and deplored the positioning of bollards on the upgraded pedestrian area in the Station Road car park which prevents access by wheel chairs, mobility scooters and double buggies. A keen advocate of the PUMP track and other sporting facilities in the town regretted the poor communication he had experienced from the Council. Two other residents claimed that they had been misled by councillors over planning matters. Matt Thomas disagreed with ex-Councillor Hunt’s account of the communication and negotiation between National Grid, the Council and Barratts over the easement required over the underground cabling.  Concern was expressed at the slow progress made with the ‘Ask Nailsea’ process.

Light refreshments were available for those who stayed after the meeting was closed by the Chair.