Nailsea Town Council Projects October 2022

Tithe Barn Office Windows This project is now complete!

Noticeboards This project is now complete!

Wellbeing Officer Vacancy

This position has now been filled and Jessica Brown will be starting with the Council on 7 November.

Wedding and Events Coordinator

This position has now been filled by Natalie Stadon.

Comms and Media Officer

This position is being reviewed before being re-advertised.

Sound System

Deposit of 50% has been paid and the equipment ordered. An installation date is TBC.

Golden Valley Bridleway

A contractor has been assigned to fill the pot holes and install posts for erection of ‘shared bridleway’ signage, and a date is awaited.

Solar Panels for 65/Tithe Barn

A new scheme is available for potential funding. The Clerk is looking into this and will be applying for it if we are eligible.

Skate Park Wall

The Assistant Clerk has escalated to the problem to head office and they have now visited the sight and agreed their concerns. They have removed the problem pillar which was the biggest Health + Safety risk, and Tesco are arranging for a contractor to come and reinstate it as well as any other problem sections. The skatepark will need to be closed during this time, and a date to do so is TBC.

Spilsbury Wood

A contractor has quoted for the badly eroded and hazardous public footpath which runs through the woodland, and has provided a quote for repairs and water diversions to help prevent further future erosion/washing away of materials. A date is TBC.

The Woodland Trust who own the adjoining Tower House Wood advised that dormice have not been seen in the area for a number of years now, however this does not mean that they are not there. The Assistant Clerk has contacted a local Ecologist to ask advice on proceeding.

Alterations to No. 65

Architect is drawing up plans for the alterations needed for the stairs at No. 65, and builders are to quote for the works.

How will this enhance the use of No. 65?

From evidence available it seems that No.65 is expensive.

Garden of Rest

Planning Application has been submitted, and discussions are to be had on how to the maintenance of the extension will be undertaken.


Professional legal adjustments are required to be made to the website, and an expert should be sought.

Telephone Box

Quote from our handyman to undertake the works has been received, and required replacement items sought. It is estimated that from these the total cost for resorting the phone box (minus conversions) will be circa £3,000.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Equipment ordered, installation date TBC.

Heritage Trail

The Clerk and Assistant Clerk to meet with Hannah More Infant School to discuss the plinth outside the facility. Matt Hanley from One2One is to repair vandalised plinths.

Dog Bins

Replacement bins ordered and are being manufactured. Once received then damaged/undersized bins will be replaced.

Allotment Renewals

Renewals have been sent out and monies coming in. Presently around 72% Whitesfield Rd and 58% Engine Lane have been paid. 3 plots will not be renewed, and 2 plots have been split to produce new ones.

Health and Safety

Audit booked in for 2nd December.

Tithe Barn Wall

The perimeter walls need re-pointing in a number of places, and is failing at the front of the property.

Tithe Barn Boiler
The boiler system is to be replaced as it is corroded and failing.

Gold Quality Council Status
The Clerk is looking into how this can be achieved.

Five Year Plan
Draft plan is being considered and how it is to be progressed is to be discussed. Ask

Nailsea Consultation

Research groups are due to present their feasibility findings shortly.

Rainwater Collection

Water butts are to be installed at the Tithe Barn for rainwater collection. Number to be confirmed and then ordered.