Love Your Local Open Green Space

Is there, near where you live, an area of open green space, however small, that you value, either because you can walk there, or for the open views it has, or just the oxygen and wildlife it provides for our urban environment?

Did you know that almost all such spaces in and around Nailsea are under the threat of development because of government and local authority housing targets and options builders hold on many of these areas?

New houses may well be needed, but green space is needed too. The powers that be, namely North Somerset Council driven by government policy and targets, make it very difficult to prevent builders’ proposals to develop even when on clearly unsuitable sites in terms of transport, employment opportunities, ecology etc..

Open green space is currently disappearing under 171 houses off Engine Lane, 450 off Youngwood Lane, 52 behind The Uplands and 14 at the top of The Perrings. North Somerset Council has recently indicated that it is prepared to consider yet 600 more houses in the area bounded by Youngwood Lane. These developments are not accompanied by any significant infrastructure improvements or additional public open space to replace that which is being built over.

Frequently plans are very well laid long before they come into the public domain. This gives local residents no time to prepare a defence, and propose other options.

If any of the above applies to you there is a lot you can do to give yourself the best chance of success should you find that your favourite piece of open space is intended for housing development.

For example, if you can, get to know the area really well, who owns it, who rents it maybe, who uses and for what, who else lives close by and values it as you do, what if any, agricultural value does it have, what essential services run through it eg water, sewerage, gas, electricity, telecommunications etc., who currently cares for it, what are the characteristics of the ecology of the area (eg newts, bats, badgers, special plant types etc.), and archaeological/heritage aspects of the site.

Get together with like minds to share knowledge and ideas. Let Nailsea Action Group know too as we want to liaise with and help local people and other groups. Ask if you can be added to the list of NAG supporters and we will keep you in touch.

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2023 @ 7:31 pm