Nailsea Town Council ‘Ask Nailsea’ Extraordinary Meeting at 7pm 9th November 2022


  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Opening and introduction – Cllr Miller

Format of the meeting for each working party will be :-

  • Provide a verbal report with recommendations (10 mins)
  • Receive questions from the public (5 mins)
  • Receive questions from the Council (5 mins)
  • Meeting to vote on recommendations brought forward by the Working Party (5 mins)

This will guide the Council on what it should explore further or dismiss.

The order for the Working Parties is:

  1. Green Schemes (7.05pm)
  2. Community Hub (7.30pm)
  3. Arts and Culture (7.55pm)
  4. Community Transport (8.20pm)
  5. Green Spaces (8.45pm)
  6. Sports and Leisure (9.10pm)

Summary of decisions and next steps – Cllr Miller (5 mins)

If the timing is adhered as laid out above the meeting is expected to finish at approximately 9.40pm.